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[Resolved]  Airtel - Broadband Connection — Airtel - Money not refunded yet on FAILURE of service

I am writing this to complain on the airtel services and the irresponsible behaviour of the airtel staffs.

I applied for an airtel broadband connection about three months ago. I called up this number [protected] and a person explained about the tariff plans.

I chose the plan where I have to pay Rs.5000 for 5 months which gives a free usage for the sixth month inclusive of a wifi modem.

The very next moment a person came and asked to fill in the form and collected the money. His number is [protected].

After that they never responded for a long time and I was not able to reach them either. Then one day when I was able to get them over the phone they said it is not possible to give a broadband connection in my area as the allocated bandwidth for my area is already filled.

So I asked them to cancel my application and refund the money.

As per my request the application was cancelled on March 23rd - 2013.

They said the money will be refunded through check to my address within 2 weeks time.

The two weeks is long gone and still I dint get my money back.

If I call those two numbers about it they say it will be refunded within two or three days everytime but I really lost hope in them and decided to complain about it.

The manager who spoke to me claims to be Prakash from the Kodambakkam branch. I don't know how far it is true.

He is too lethargic in his reply and he doesnt seem to care about anything I tell him.

I am very very unhappy about this whole incedent and regret calling airtel for a broadband connection.

I would like you to take this complaint very seriously and get my money back as soon as possible.

Application form (Serial NO: TNPA444213)
Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-14 04:10:19
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aitel, broadband — for broadband packages

hello sir,
plz give me some knowldge about broadband pacakages for business use .

Airtel Broadband Connection — Refund of Money

Dear Airtel,

I wanted airtel connection in chennai, Ashok Nagar.I applied it in january 08. After 2 days as they wanted to drill in my appartment to give connection, i have withdrawn my request so i applied for refund after two days.The person who collected money from me didnot show interest to accept my next decision.He delayed it and i got a check after 3 months with a wrong name on the check with a refund of 1500/-. So when i went to Airtel Guindy office, i hardly found any person who can solve this issue except security guard involvement.Atlast i submitted bank statement proof, a letter and HR letter from my Company again. Till now i didnt receive any sort of mail or call from ur Airtel department. The Airtel employee who approched me for this in the beginning and was invisible later is Mr. Eliyaas (chennai). How can i proceed.? I even registered a complaint No:9288434. What is the status of my check or use of this complaint. Too frustrated to hardly recieve ur apologies.Pls give apt service to ur customers.

Airtel / Broadband service — Connection has not been provided and money not refunded

Dear sir
I am Chandrika Prasad Yadav from Greater Noida..I have applied for the airtel broadband connection in the month of march this year 2008. They assured us to provide connection within 3 days after taking the payment of rupees 1350.

They have given us the reciept No. 138540 of this amount. After 1 week of the payment we asked them for the delay in the connection and they just said that it will take some days.After some weeks we decided to withdraw the connection application. They told us that we will get the cheque of our amount within 45 days..till now we havnt got any cheque..

We have tried our best to know the reason for the delay in the repayment but they just ignored us every time.Now they dont have any intention to return our money.

So we request to please take some appropriate action so that we can get our money back..We are very hopeful to you..

Chandrika Prasad Yadav
Flat no. 302, Gharonda Appartment,
Alpha-1, Gr.Noida, U.P. 201310

airtel telephone connection including broadband — very poor service & irresponsible behavior by executives

1.Telephone was installed along with Broadband on 18/04/08. Account No.13733880 & Phone No[protected].
2.Very poor sevice since first day regarding modem and connectivity.
3.Executives kept assuring of rectification.
4.Stopped working from 01/06/08 modem failed.
5.Executives on phone personally promised that it will be set right and hence I didnot complain believing them. (Telephonic conversation is recorded)
6.Finally request for disconnection was made and on 10/07/08 disconnection was promised vide request no. 395470.
7.It was promised by Airtel that usage charge for months of June & July will be waived as phone was not working.
8.On 02/10/08 at 10:00 am, disconnection was confirmed.
9.Now Airtel executives are telephonically asking me to pay the outstanding amounts falsely levied against me because all payments were settled before disconnection.
10.I am left with no option than to move to court.

Airtel telephone/broadband — very poor service

I have requested for disconnection of my telephone with broadband connection 0n 24th december 2008 effcective from 31st december. When i enquired the status of disconnection on 31st december i am told that this will take 7 days from today ie., 31st december. I have already made a request on 24th decmber 2008 at 20.46 hrs which airtel can verywell retrive their voice records.

This type of irresponsible and poor service to the customers is intolerable.

Airtel — Not transferring my connection to new address nor giving me the refund.

I am writing this complaint against Bharti Airtel Limited. I had the approached the company for a broad band (Internet) connection. Company agreed to give me a connection and my Account No:14430694 and my Telephone no is[protected] this number is compulsory with the connection. The company gave me the connection under a HP laptop/ Compaq laptop scheme where I had to make the payment of Rs.4800 and Rs.600 approx. as taxes for the full year, this connection was taken on my old address 1st Floor, C-24, Sector -41, Noida 2 (two) months ago now due some reasons I had to shift into a new house as I was living on rent. My new address is Ground Floor, E-48, Sector -41, Noida. On changing my address I had the asked the company to shift my connection to the new address and I had asked the company before taking the connection that if I changed my address will the company shift my connection? and the company executive who gave me the connection said “Yes sir aaram se hojayega”. Now when I asked the company to change my address they said they will change it in 6 working days. I had registered the complaint on 29th March and it has been 30 days now but no action by the company yet. On calling the company again and again they said that there was no free point in the area I was living in and that I will not get a connection till the time one gets free. On asking the company to refund my payment the company said that there was no refund policy and that if no point gets free before 1 year I will neither get a connection nor a refund. Now how is this fair? I am a student and I want regular access to the internet. I ask for your help.
Thank You.
Uday Shroff
Phone No: [protected]

Airtel Broadband Connection — Money not refunded

I have applied for new airtel boradband connection(
Form F750252) but my connection was not provided and cancelled by the company but the cheque given by me of 850RS for this has been cleared which has not been refunded by the airtel after so many requests/complaints so i want the money back.

Pradeep Kumar

Broadband — Broadband connection

I have deposited Rs. 1276 on 30/5/09 for broad band connection, No-[protected] EXG-Code-TNGR
D/N no-N260506 RJUPR[protected]
so far nothing is been done or informed to me about the same, however when money was depoisted it was told that connection would be given in one week time.

Airtel Broadband Connection — complaint againts air tel broad band payement collector


Dear Sir,

This is to inform you that i ( pradeep nair r/o D/2A 79 B janak puri new delhi -110058 ) have an broad band connection wide ph. No.[protected] unfortunately it is not working for last 50 days.
I got a call from your airtel office that non payment of Rs.2900/-. Although this was a plan of Rs.799. But i already submitted a written letter through your collection agent mr. Jasmit singh for change a plan of Rs.250/- in the month of march 09.
But no correction has been made.
Finally mr jasmit came to me and asked for RS.1760/- a final amount after waving and adjusted a bill plane for Rs.250/- from changed plan of Rs.799/-.
I paid him Rs.1800/- in cash but without taking any receipt in good faith. But till date my phone and network not re-started.
I am totally frustrated as not getting any positive reply from your end. Your agent mr. Jasmeet is trying to make me fool by giving me wrong commitments. Now a days he is not picking up my phone.

Sir kindly do the need full and oblige.


Airtel Broadband Services — Not a lot my broadband connection after collecting cash of rs 1000 for installation

i applied for AIRTEL Broadband connection.on monday, executive of Airtel is come for verification and collect amount of rs 1000 for installation charges but now they refuse to give connection and refund money.they said that i am a student and they do not allot connection to the student.if this matter is there, than why they dont tell me at the time of verification and he collect money..

AirTel — Broadband connection Complaint

I have applied for a Broadband internet connection on 3rd July 2009 by paying Rs.2000 in advance to an Airtel executive, who gave me a receipt for the same. I was told that the connection would be given in weeks time. No one turned up till the 13th of July, that too only after my complaints to the Airtel customer care daily. On the 13th a wire man was sent to lay the connection, since they needed to lay a 300mt cable to reach my home, he asked me to contact the customer care again. The next day when i called up the customer care they said the connection will be canceled with in 10 working days and my money will be repaid. It has be 18 days since then, no one has contacted us. Yesterday when i went to the Airtel Relationship centre in AnnaNagar, they didnt respond properly and said they couldnt do anything. I am attaching the details of the booking below. I Request you to take an action against the company as soon as possible.

Connection booked on the Name: S.SaiKiran
Receipt Reference Number :ZC61185.
Amount paid: Rs.2000.
Date:3rd July 2009.

Complaint Number Registered with Airtel: 21856694.

Airtel-Broadband Connection — Broadband Connection

I am Anil.I worked in Delhi.I applied for Airtel Broadband in Delhi on[protected].
I paid 1500 cash for WiFi Modum to Airtel Coordinator(Anand-[protected]).At that time they
said that they will give the connection after 2 days.But they can't provide me internet connection
till the date and also they are not attend my call.i gave my id proff, photo and agreement copy.
So please tell me what i do.

Airtel Broadband application — Application fee not refunded

I have applied for a broadband connection on 10/07/09.application no:CH859913

I have not got my connection as yet.The Manager- visited my house and I filled in the application.He was in touch with me over the phone and later on no response.I tried calling his number and it was switched off.I got his new no from the person who came along to my house.When I tried on his new no, he apologized to me and said that there is no feasibility in my area.I then requested him to refund the Rs1000 which he collected as an application fee.He asked me for some reference as he claimed that if he has got more than 3 application in my area, he would process the request.I referred my neighbor and I again waited for one week thinking that he will give me connection.

Due to the delay from Airtel, I was frustrated and phoned the manager saying that I have taken another connection and asked for the refund.He said that he cant give cash, he will have to send it by dd.I agreed for it and waited for one week and later when I tried on his no it says switched off.I am so dissatisfied with the service.

Broadband — i gave to many rs.1000 but not connecting from air tel

i gave to Rs.1000 money mr,ram annanagar branch.AIR TEL. no response and i think he did not connect for, please help me.i give mr.ram mobile number. [protected] pls contact and connect with broadband .

airtel net connection — no person turning up for the connection after taking the money

i called up airtel for net connection. Some Mr. Prem turned up at my place in thiruvanmiyur and i did all the formalities and filled all the documents with the id proof. he charged me all the money for the plan and connection and promised to turn the next day with technitians for the connection. as it was very urgent we gave him the complete payment and asked him to come postively by tommorow. from the next day he din turn up and also nvr picked up our cals.

once in a while he picked up and promosed to come again, but since then its 10 days and we called him 100 times but he cuts dd call or doesnt pick up...its so irritating and pissing off to get such sick service from such renowned companies.

i would like you totake some strict action against the same. this is a breech of contract in a way since we signed the terms already, and have nothing in hand.
hello sir,
plz give me some knowldge about broadband pacakages for .[franchiese]
business use ...
The services of Airtel is very bad in terms of making false promises, not responding, refund of money and rude behaviour.I have the same experience with them and there need to put a tab on the ISP like this.Bharti Airtel is a big barnd and this kind of services does not go with this brand name.

n/a — broadband services

Respected Sir/Ma'am,

I am Tushank Jawa and My no. is 26641950. I would request you to
please help me out with my broadband connection, from past few days i
have been having a lot of connection problems, sometimes the net is
down and half of the time i don't get even this much speed that i can
open even 2 sites con-currently. I would like to tell that i am from a
networking background and i am a MCSE so i know that everything is
alright at my end. My internet connection is so slow that i couldn't
open my this gmail account in 10 minutes. I wished to send you print
screen file of the internet speed but that website didn't even load as
my internet connection is so slow.

So i would really appreciate i can help me otherwise i may have to opt
for so other broadband connection i hope you can understand.

Thanking You,

Tushank Jawa
Mob No.-[protected]

Airtel Broadband — No Refund Money

Hello Dear Sir.

Myself Imdad from Bangalore. I applied for 2 separate Airtel Broadband internet connections (wired) last month (one on sep 12-2009 & another on 15-sep 2009) . But they were unable to provide me the connection due to some technical issues (according to them) . But my concern is that I have not got the refund of the money which i paid for application (sum total of 6242.00). I even called up airtel customer care and issued a complaint last week. However, i m yet to get the money back. As per regualations , refund of the money (in case of their failure to provide connection) should be made in 1~2 weeks time. But its already 4 weeks.
This has caused lot of inconvenience and problem for me.

Please guide me ...

Thanks n Regards

Airtel Broadband Connection — Broadband

Respected Sir/Madam,

In the month of Dec 2008 I received a phone call from Airtel executive for a Broadband Connection with a special scheme. He told me that If I pay six months advance rent of Rs.3594.00 (for 599 unlimited plan) than company will provide me a broad band connection for the period of one year along with free wi-fi modem and installation. I attracted with the scheme and withdrawn my old BSNL internet connection.

On 05/01/09 the executive visited to my home and collected all necessary documents i.e ID proof,resident proof,photograph and cheque vide no 335169 of Rs.3594.00 dated 05/01/09 drawn on PNB and filled a application form vide reference no 503080. He gave me a receipt vide reference no 2803 dated 05/01/09 which is attached is herewith. Further he told me that the connection will be installed within 3-4 days but the connection is not installed by the company.

After the end of one month the connection is not installed by the company I contacted to call center they assured me that the query will be resolved shortly and gave me a service request no 15606108. But till today neither the connection has been installed or the documents and cheque is returned back to me. Although the cheque is still not cleared from my account.

Request you to kindly look into the matter and order to Airtel to provide me with the said above scheme along with compensation for mentally harassment and unfair trade practice with heavy cost.

Manoj Rawat
H.No 2777
Sector 40/C
Mobile -[protected]

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