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Those who are planning to buy flat from this builder please spend time in reading it and decide.

before making the comment let me give the information of the bulider

Construction Company : ABHIRAJ CONSTRUCTIONS
Builder Name : Mr Sankara Subramanian
Phone Number : [protected], [protected]

I have bought a flat from him and have been facing lot of problem from the day of purchase. let me list out one by one.

1. Cracks in the wall - these are not air crack, these are cracks due to structural and material defect. they dont have a proper mixer of

materials. in my home i have these kind of crack all over the places. i tried to fix it but still its extending. still i dont know what to do. this doesnt

stops in my home , cracks are available all over the buliding (again I am mentioning here that these are NOT AIR CRACK !!)

2. Low cost materials in Bathoom & Kitchen: you will see very low cost materials in bathroom and kitchen. materials get rust in few days. Wall

Tiles that will be used in bathroom and kitchen will be breaking soon after the handover (sometime before handover you can see the tiles

breaking). taps will mostly will cost around 90 - 120 rs.

3. shaking floor tiles : floor tiles will be shaking which will cause other floor tiles to shake one by one.

4. poor doors : very low cost doors which will be spoiled in a few days of handover.

5. worst carpentry works : in our flat none of the windows can be locked without probelm. none fits properly.

6. poor customer service : when we explained all these probelm and asked the builder to take care , none of them are taken care properly and

most of them are never taken care.

they will respect you only till they get the money, once they get all the money they will not consider the customers. all these problem happened in

the few months of purchace . so dont even think to buy from him.

we are looking to gather all the flat owners and file a case against him and blacklist him. so never ever buy from this builder and suffer for ever.

if you would like to visit the flat you can very well come and talk to any flat owners. I mean you can talk to any owner , becuase everyone will give

the same comment about him.

Flat 1 address :


Flat 2 address :

Urapakkam Iyanjeri Village
he has constructed 3 flats in this area. you can have look at any building.

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suresh_1957 - I completely agree with the above comment "His pricing may be cheap, BUT YOU WILL LOOSE YOUR PEACE OF MIND FOREVER" 100% correct.

I heard he has started a new project in Urapakkam, dont even think of booking it. you will suffer forever !!!
We are the Flat owners association of the " Koushik Flats" constcructed by ARC, Abhirak Constructions run by Shankar Subramaniam
We all purchased the flats from him during the years[protected] and right from that very day, we have hell a lot of problems

He promised a good lift, but the lift inner portion was not plastered, leading to short circuit, without any battery back up, the lift is quite useless and up for SCRAP
The upper tank leaks
The whole ceiling leaked, He did a over haul of the upper floow ceiling and re-laid the tiles, , the problem jas now been solved by 60 percent
But even now in rainy seasons, all the walls are DAMP and WET.
All the walls have cracks
The car parking HAS NOT BEEN PLASTERED. When we asked it, he told and dismissed the same as new model.
He promised and advertised a lawn in the car park area and did not do it
The sun shades are so narrow so that all windows steck out during rainy seasons and thereby get wet
You can come and verify these allegations for yourself in the below mentioned address

Koushik Flats, ARC Constructions
Plot No 112B, T.R Mani Street, V.O.C Nagar, Pammal
Chennai - 600075
Our humble address is
Abhiraj - Kousihk Flat Owners Association
ABHIRAJ CONSTRUCTIONS/Brigu Apartments/Godavari Nagar Main Road/Urapakkam – Worst ever Builder and Worst Constructions
It’s a dream of any middle class family to own at least a small flat even if it’s outside the city to live independently and we get stuck with WORST builder like him to shatter our dreams just to spend our time and money to struggle with these people. He should never be spared. I can see lot of posts on lots of his constructed flats, never did anyone came forward to raise a complaint against him. WE NEED JUSTICE/He should have corrected his mistake atleast after these many complaints but he is happily enjoying his cheaply laundered money from his customers and living happily.
From Godavari Nagar Main Road – Urapakkam (It has 16 flats, 13 has been sold out), 9 of the flat owners have lodged a case against him. Case details and Flat Address below. Flat Owners affected by him, please share this news with your fellow flat mates and if you require any details please feel free to reach out to us. Other middle class family like us looking for flats if you see any name like ARC/Abhiraj Constructions/ Sankara Subramanian (WORST Builder Name), please do not buy and suffer like us.
Apartment Address:
No:192, 193 ARC Flats, Brigu Apartments, Godavari Nagar Main Road Urapakkam (Landmark: Iyyancherry Police Booth)
Case Details:
Case Number SR412/16 is pending with State Consumer Court Chennai-03(Abhiraj Constructions/Sankara Subramanian Vs ARC Flats Association Urapakkam)
I completely agree with the above comment. In single word, Worst construction. Interior is totall worst..
All complaint mentioned above are true, we bought aparam in urapakkam.. ARC THUMBURU Apparments..

He will speak like responsible person until you pay money after that you will be in trouble
Construction work very power.. always leakage problem we are facing.. pillers are very power quality

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