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 Gayatri Sura on Jun 7, 2013
I have given order after given order they have contacted me within 2-3 days. I have completely decided to buy. But there is little bit confusion in my mind that "is this site trustable or not?" So i completely made effort and came to know that this site is not trustable. All this fellows were playing with the careers of students.
Some one have posted that i got money by doing online work in bharat-net-jobs. But i think these rubbish site fellows only commented above that this is trustable. If this happens like this then we all will take a severe action.
If u have knowledge in creating such type of sites u please utilize ur knowledge in right way. By spoiling students career what u all will gain??

................................SO FRIENDS DONT BE CONFUSED THIS SITE IS NOT TRUSTABLE SITE...................................

.................................AVOID PAYING MONEY IF ORDER IS GIVEN NO PROBLEM DONT TAKE...................................

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I want to join Bharat site for home based jobs, but just now I saw that this site, is bogus. Then what I have to do, whether I should join or not to join, I have seen other peoples comments. They say it is a fraud site. One more thing if I pay money for some kit, if they don't send me then my amount will be loss for me. If there is option that after home based job kit comes, after delivery of the items, I can pay the amount. It is better then only.
guys this is totally fake..i have reviewed the payment proof page..these are all false cheques shown..kindly notice any two cheques with similar signature, and date of cheque, as in proof 1 and proof 4, also proof 10 and proof 13, you will find a lot of differences..even the 9 digit routing number at the bottom of the cheque(the 9 digit number written in magnetic ink) is different in both the cheques issued by the same bank...i am sure if you try to have a close look at some of the similar bank cheques of same date and same signature you will find much difference..these are all fake copied and paste cheques can verify verify routing no of a particular bank know here
oru thevidiaya mondai pasun 1450/- cash kattina nengal pama caru agalammu

I ordered today. Can I buy it or not. totally confused.
This site is total fake.When I received the demo CD n tried to play it, its not wo
rking at all.I cant understand how people can cheat others like this.When I tried to contact those people, no reply from their end.Iam going to put a case on consumer court n will see hwmy money willnot be reimbursed.Iam sure even the court will take action as elections are nearing.
guys. this site is totally fake. yesterday i had word with lady of this company and i was totally in trust and wanted to join this company but as i want to see that this site is trust able or not, lots of cofustion on my mind and i have checked it complaints of this company than i realise that this company is totally fraud and illegal.


Many of people were cheated through Lottery, Jobs, such sites., There will be trusted sites also.But this is FAAAKE.Trust us.Struggle for eradicate these frauds
like this all site is fake so don't trust like this site...and don't use Ur credit card on like this fate site...first this people ask for kit u order kit from us ..and than kit come to Ur house, they ask for registered money 10000 re's and after they will give u work, , , , when u see that kit u get only 1 cad and my all dear friend don't waist Ur time and money on all this f***ing site
Guys if any of you planning to invest on this... it is totally waste of time.. This is a fraud site cheating innocent people who have urge for money. Seeing this review if you are planning to buy then its totally burden to Ur wallet please be careful guys and the income proof which they have showed in their website that are totally fake . The concerned companies which they have mentioned in their package its totally fake and i am telling they are totally fake the package contain en number of information which it wont be able understand for common people if you register to those concerned companies and start doing their they wont even pay u single penny... so guys i am requesting you all that please be aware of this fraudsters and think twice before investing on any thing . & check their reviews on the sites so guys think wisely and act smartly .
Totally fraud company
Totally fraud company, So don"t believe the site
dear frnds plz give me your contect no. my cont no is [protected]
bharatonlinejob site is fake site there is no contect no for support
my cont no is [protected]
Hi All,

Let me Thank you all by giving the feed back on Bharathonline! .

Recently we order Online CD pack for Home based Work and the presentation good in Web site, Here I did Small mistake is that, I haven't though with the reviews.

I suppose to receive CD pack on 15th May 2014, Luckily I have to go to Home town I have informed to Courier team to deliver to my office address and they are objected. This is also one of the Good situation that they rejected my request.

Then I tried to call @[protected] many time's Monday & Tuesday, No response I have send mail to Bharth Sales & Admin Team requesting to arrange call back. (;

But Please see what is the reply

Mail has been sent to the respective courier company for the delivery of the cd kit at given address
They will contact you and deliver the package soon.

I have been working on some official work suddenly (now the time is 3:44 AM, Hyderabad, India ),
I thought to look at the reviews OMG, I am safe and I am not going to accept courrier in the morning.

This is my feed back above No response ! Nothing simply we have to accept the CD packed...

After getting the CD what is the 70 MM our Friends scripts are plenty.

Thank you guys

hi friend's is totally fake and fraud site please dont wast your time and money my contact no.[protected]
Does anyone knows which one is reliable site for online work???. Every time when I planned to go for with any sites that offers online work, there will be many reviews that those sites are fake and fraud. Dear friends, Please help me to choose good site for doing online work
AM wondering, why still no one is taking any action against for this website and company. So many peoples are affected with their fraud, then why no actions. Still there are continuing with their fake site
Ok guys if this site is also a fraud one, then any one plz say which site is 100% trustable... Any one seriously earn money in onlinejib sites...if anyone know any good onlinejob site please inform us...

My contact number


No doubt it is a fake website !!!


looks similar !!!

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