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AGS Gold Souk Grande Chennai — GAUVRAV gupta , rajamani , sunil, raveendra gupta - have cheated the shop owners by not handing over the shops nd the rental for the shops

 mithunbharathi on Nov 19, 2014
shops sold are not handed over to owners Hi i have been cheated by AGS group gold souke grande mall chennai 91 [protected]/ we are already a group of 6 people. we are trying to mobilise people. the person who already complained below in tis website has told that even after completing the shop and the shop which has business currently running on ... they will not pay you the rent. please contact . to mobilise more people...
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AGS Gold Souk Grande Chennai — Rajamani, Sunil Gaurav Gupta Ravindra Gupta are cheating mall investors- chennai

 mithunbharathi on Nov 19, 2014
This company is a con company. They put forward a rental business model and said we will pay you the rent form the day you buy the shop till the day shop is handed over to you. The rental agreement signed was in 2011 and for over 3 years they have not paid the rent for the shop. They have been delaying the construction of this shop and every year they tell next year they will finish the construction of mall. Gold souke is started to use strong arm tactics against people who are asking questions and raising issues against them. They are using one mr.dhandapani as middle man in trying to discourage...
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AGS Gold Souk Grande Chennai — Not paying returns as agreed

 ssks on Jan 27, 2013
Yes, Pls be VERY careful in buying property from Gold Souk.

I have bought a shop in Chennai, but Gold souk is not paying returns for a very long time and not providing proper response when asked when they will pay returns.

Also, Gold souk construction in chennai is proceeding with snail's pace.

Be careful with Gold Souk investments....
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AGS Gold Souk Grande Chennai — Cheating on Returns

 prashantsadasivan on Oct 5, 2012
AGS is building a mall at vandalur in Chennai. The construction is going on at very slow space. They had sold the shops to investors, stating that they will provide returns from the day when we pay shops cost. They paid returns for the few months. They haven't paid rent for the last 10 months.

We had borrowed at high interest rates, with the expectation that the loan EMI can be paid with the returns they provide. But now we are in a very spot with them not paying returns...
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