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Autorickshaw Complaints & Reviews

Autorickshaw — Misbehaviour of auto rickshaw driver

 Tushita Pandey
Hello there,

This is to register a complaint against the driver of autorickshaw KA-05 AA 1003.

Autorickshaw — High fare...

Why are autorickshaws in kerala dont switch on the meter ???? Why there are no rules regarding this ??? I feel pity for the...
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 Jayanthi P
Today(24/11/2008) I travelled on an auto from instersection of Swagath Road & East End Main Road to Shanthi Theatre-South End circle which is almost 3 kms(exactly 2.9 kms). The meter is showing Rs:22.50 where it is supposed to be Rs.20. When I asked the driver about the wrong meter reading, he started behaving badly.
The auto registration number is KA03 A 3124. Driver has some problem with his left eye(probably partial visibility).

This is not my first experience. I have numerous experience and everytime I send mail to [email protected] providing the registration number. I do not see any response.

If a driver can make Rs.3 extra for every 3 Kms, imagine how much the driver cheats the public. Can traffic police at Bangalore take some action against these cheating/rude drivers.


Autorickshaw — False Meter in auto rickshaw

As i heard ,

for forst 2 km 12 km and from 3rd km it is 5rs. but iam using auto rickshaw daily for office, They charge more, in few autos the meter runs faster than the auto .

for eg : i went 7 km , which is supposed to be 37 , but it is costing me 53rs..

could some to guide me how to launch a complaint , so that we can have to end point to these kind of cheating happening to the public.

Autorickshaw - Baner,PUNE — Overcharging Auto Rickshaw

Autorikchshaw in Baner overcharged much when we need to travel long distance.
Their meter dont gives correct reading.
These autowalas make a gang and fixed a price among themselves which is much more than that of according to meter.
It hardly matters us giving 10-20 rs extra.But why to give them extra money if they dnt deserve it.
My humble request to all people,plz donot give them extra money.

AUTO RICKSHAW Bangalore — Asking above meter fare+abusive behavior.

Respected sir/madam,
this is to bring to your notice about the auto rickshaws in bangalore who inspite of installing digital meters are asking for higher amount of money and disagree to use the meter. Kindly registor a complaint agianst Auto with reg No KA 05 A3285 and driver who refused to take our ride agianst meter and demanded higher on 18th july 2008 at Kormangala. rgds U

Autorickshaw(bangalore) — Auto Rickshaw fellow in Bangalore duped

I wanted to take an Auto from Jayadeva hospital in Bangalore to Indiranagar. I boarded an Auto and that fellow took me near Infantry road and then to Indiranagr. Usually the cot would have been 65-70 bucks. But this was 103 bucks. He refused to pay me the amount and duped me. Everybody is going through this everyday. Why are auto fellows let so loose to cheat people. Why is there any action not taken. Is police in Bangalore sleeping???
DL No of Auto:12028/08
Name : Mohan Kumar V.L
i am also this type of problem when i am coming from majestic to Silk Board.
auto riks number-KA-01-A-7949

Autorickshaw — Loss of Property

Hi All,

I took a rickshaw from Santacruz (W) on Jan 17th, Saturday at about 6.30 in the evening to go to Saki Naka where I got dropped at about 7.30 pm. I was accompanied by two more people. We were carrying my wedding album (new with orange cover & reddish bag) which we kept behind in the rick. Unfortunately, we missed collecting it due to haste.

We have lodged a complaint at Santacruz (W) and Saki Naka police station. It would be great if someone who might come across our album please inform us on [protected].

Do help, as its quite depresing to have happened to a newly wed!!:-(

Warm Regards,
As stated by Ms. P Jayanthi, it is very true that some of the Bangalore autorickshaws have tampered meters. Today again I had the same experience. Normally from 10th Banashankari I stage, the auto fare to BSK II Stage BDA complex is normally Rs.16 to Rs.17/-. However, the auto bearing no KA05 D5289 showed Rs.16/- at Channammanakere BBMP office itself (opposite to SSM School), which is nearly 3/4th of a km from BDA complex. On enquiry, the driver quarrelled with me and stopped the auto. I had to walk from there after paying the exhorbitant fare. It is necessary to randomly check the meters of autos by officers of the Department of Metrology, RTO and traffic police. That apart, action should be taken for installation of digital meters in all autos.
Today ie 12th March'09 I hired an auto Rikshaw No. KA 41 6466 and told the driver to go to Mysore bank quickly. On the way he parked at petrol pump and keep waiting for his turn. I adviced him to keep sufficient fuel before they offer services to customers instead of wasting their time. He sharted shouting with unparlimentory words at petrol pump. I complained to traffic police who was closeby. He cooly replied to produce written complaint to any police station. This is totally irresponsible.
Today ( 07/04/2009) myself and my inlaws are harrassed by an auto rickshaw driver. My parents live in j p nagar and hence i travel often through from vijaya bank layout (near bilkhalli) to j P nagar 6th phase. Normally am charged Rs. 38 to Rs. 40. Auto driver demanded Rs. 10/- extra on the meter before getting into the auto which was denied to pay. Finally he agreed to take us on meter charge. after a certain distance i noticed that the meter is not working and informed the driver about the same. he said the meter is not working... after reaching the destination i paid him 40/- and he demanded rs. 55/-. We had a major arguement and he was trying to push me. when my inlaws tried to save me and fought back he used abusive language and asked them to get out of the state just because they couldnt speak in kannada.

Finally i had no other choice left than paying him rs. 50/- but yes i am not ready to forget this incident. I am taking this up with the ACP and DCP of bangalore and the rto officer of bangalore south. As i firmly we all are indians and we dont need a passport to travel to different states. I am from karnataka and i am ashamed by the behaviour the auto driver.

name of the driver: lokesh
Auto no: KA-01 S 8345

Autorickshaw — Autorickshaw tampered meter

I took an auto from Vidyaranyapura (opposite to reliance fresh) to Bel circle (Bus stop) on 9th April 9.00 AM. The auto no is KA 05 7624. The distance from Vidyaranyapura to Bel circle is 4.7 kms. I travel everyday so I know certainly that it charges about 30 Rs in auto from Vidyaranyapura to Bel circle. But this autorickshaw (KA 05 7624) meter showed 50Rs. The meter is highly tampered. When I told the driver about it, he refused to accept and behaved very rudely. I request that strict action be taken against the auto driver, and protect citizen from such defrauders.
1 / km is understatement
I paid 150 for 15 km
(trust me I know it is 15 km because I have walked that distance...)

Autorickshaw — Tampered meter and overcharge

I took an auto from Residency Road (opp Gateway Hotel) where I work to Frazer Town. The driver asked me for double the meter and that should have told me something was wrong as they normally asked for a fixed amount, likely to be twice the normal fare coming to Rs.50.

The meter reading said Rs.89.00 and he took Rs.180 from me. I had no choice but to pay him as this was 10:20pm and I had no support around.

The auto number is KA02 D6054. Driver Venkatesh. He did laugh at me when I said I would complain and that really does show the complete lack of control the authorities have over the situation.
Dear readers

I take this oppurtunity to take out my anguish against the demented auto ricshaw drivers of Banaglore. Most os them have tampered meters, they misbehave and ask for exhorbitant fares for the smallest of distances. Inspite of having a meter they would alway ask for atleast a Rs 10 extra over what the fare should be. They will take passengers only if they feel like, and route suits them. Every commuter in Bangalore I feel is facing the same nonsense every day. But I dont know about any public forum where you can raise a protest against this. But I hope there will be some way to teach these people some good lesson.
I commute by auto to my office daily.I have had many such experiences where i am asked atleast 10 rs extra every time, be it in the morning or while returning back home.And also if there are rains some day the extra money raises upto 20 rs. This is just cheating.
Hi guys,
I agree that all this happens in Bangalore as this has happened to me several times too.
But isn't there any way out of the problem?
These autos are emitting smoke like hell, which is going to make the things worse.
Example of Delhi is in front of you, where autos has come to CNG.
We should boycott these autos not for personal shake but for Nature and environment.
If you are not going to do that now then we will be forced to do the same after 5 years or so.

I have started walking down to my office (3Kms) daily instead o[censored]sing these crooks. This will also reduce the attitude shown by these .
Suggestions and criticism is invited. Do tell me the place where complaints are entertained against these autowalas.

Thanks and regards,
Deepak Garg

Autorickshaw — Reckless driving and accident

Today morning one auto rickshaw driver banged into my car, broke my side view mirror and instead of stopping ran away. I tried to chase him up from Andheri to OShiwara but he still ran away. His no. is MH 02 Z 7181. I understand after speaking to some helpful rickshaw wallah he was from Oshiwara and stands near Anand Nagar, my family doesnt want me lodge a police complain. please help.

Auto Rickshaw Improper Meter — Auto Rickshaw Improper Meter

Auto bearing registration number- KA 04 2162 is having improper meter. I travel to and fro same place daily.
These auto meter broke all boundaries o[censored]niformity in meter reading. On asking the driver, he

Please take care of the above auto meter and save people from fraud.

Autorickshaw — Autorickshaw refuses to take to destination

I work in Malad west in Mindspace complex. The autorickshaw over there refuse to take us to Malad station. We waste 45 mins in hunting for one. When told we will complain they donot bother still.

Please look into this urgently as they are becoming very rude and it become highly inconvinient to us. We literally have to beg them to take us.
i read a comment on insisting to use digital meter. i always take digital meter auto from jp nagar 7th phase to btm layout 1st stage. it comes to 45 0r 46 rs in digital meter. today again i took a digital meter auto and can u believe even that was tampered. i had to give 60 rs.
Auto meters are tampered. There is no standard way of checking and certifying. Governement should put the standard guidelines on how people can identify the tampered meters. Any PC on road should be trained to detect the faults in meter and book case immidiately.

Any one identifying the faulty meter or helping to identify should be awarded with Rs. 100/- by Government and identity of the person complained should be kept secret. Let it be a police constable or any genl public. This will completely stop the corrupt auto meters in city. Auto people if they found that it is not correct on police about the fine they can challenge in court and court will take action on corrupt police. Unless Govt brings that kind of systems you can see improper meters. Do the Governement has that determination to do it? I will really appriciate if the ministry is ready to take such decisions and we will support that minister in all election he faces.

I have shifted from JP Nagar to AECS layout about 3 months ago, and I find that none of the Auto in these areas ie from Kundalahalli Gate to ITPL ply based on meters.Auto guys decide the rate by themselves .Even if the distance is less than a KM the charge is Rs 20 where as in the city its about Rs 14 /KM .

They charge double the amount that would have costed by meters.

I guess everybody in and around these areas have the same problem.

Could somebody help as to where such grievences can be lodged

Thanks in advance

Auto Rickshaw — Harrasment & abusive Language

I took a auto on hosur road for outer ring road Bellandur, driver asked me for Rs 70 where it should be Rs 50 by meter. I confirmed several time the amount before taking it, which he did confirmed. After I reached bellandur my destination and when i paid him Rs 70 he refused to take the money & demanded Rs 170/-
On my refusal he started using abusive language & threating me to life. He was not in his uniform nor his identity card was stick in the auto which i believe is by law. I have noted his auto No. i.e KA51- 8828
It was very embarrasing & pathetic to face this kind of situation when you are not at fault.
Arfin Ahmad

Auto Rickshaw Complaints - Bangalore autorickshaw - tampered meters — Auto Rickshaw Complaints - Bangalore autorickshaw - tampered meters

Today(18/08/2009) I travelled on an auto from Ulsoor Police Station to Hotel Leela Palace which is almost 3.6 kms. The meter is showing Rs:32.00 where it is supposed to be Rs.25. When I asked the driver about the wrong meter reading, he agreed and start laughing.
The auto registration number is KA03 B 6864.

Autorickshaw — Tamperred meter

Rickshaw number : KA-02 7065
Journey : Dairy Circle to JP Nagar (Bangalore)
I catch a ricksahw from same place daily to the same destination... daily the meter reads 25 rs.
But in this ricksahw it read 30 rs . the road was clear with no traffic. so i think the meter was tamperred.
If i have posted the complain at the right palce do take action against the person or please do suggest me the place where I can lodge a complain.
It not a matter of 5 rs but a matter of honesty and proper service.

Thank you
today the autorickshaw charged me 150% of the normal charge. I normally take a rickshaw from HAL2nd stage to outer ring road - the amt varies between Rs. 60-70 but today it showed Rs90. The autorickshaw details are given below:
Name: vijay kumar
No: KA03 A8550
Address: Hesargatta main Road

I hope some action is taken either by the police or RTO to prevent such day light robbery, else this will become a daily affair and everybody suffers.

dear sir

9 out of 10 auto rikshaw's meter hve been tempered..they are charging double then a regular fare..

its heartly request to u to take some legal actions against this auto drivers...we have to protect our india and its people...hope after short time i will able to see some changes.

jai hind

thank you
Today I travelled from Forum Koramangala to Mugeshpaya..the auto driver charged 67.50RS..Maximum it can go upto 55RS..
Auto NO:-KA05 M5238

Strict action has to be taken against such drivers who use tampered meters else get ready to be looted again.

Bangalore auto rickshaw — Bangalore auto rickshaw - tampered meters

Today morning I took a autorickshaw from Majestic to Koramangala.It was around 5 am in the morning.Inititally he asked for double of meter charges but finally agreed for one and a half.We hardly crossed railway station mark (before racecourse flyover) and the meter already showed 3 km..On crossing flyover,it was almost 5 km.Actual distance is close to 2 km(max). We asked the driver about the quick running meter but he insisted it is correct and started arguing.We asked him to take the auto to the nearest police station then he started heated arguments and took us back to Majestic.The autorickshaw did not had the "Driver Details" which is mandatory in Bangalore.The number plate in kanadda read "KA02 6147"(as told by the driver himself).
Kindly do take some strict actions aginst such complaints otherwise this will give undue advantage to such drivers. There have been many such complaints before but no action seems to be taken by the authority.

Autorickshaw — rude and refusing to ply

I halted a rickshaw at Ghatkopar and started towards Kurla.When i reached near my colony gate i asked him to take the rickshaw inside the colony as it was raining but he flatly refused to do so. On the more he became rude. So i decided to get down . The meter read 23 rs which is 3-4 rs more than normal.As he saw the fare he waited and after some time the meter read 24. So i told him that he has to take the money as it read when the rickshaw had stopped but he started saying things. I told him that ill complaint but he said to do my worse.Date 22nd September, time-9.30.Please do the needful.

Auto rickshaw - driver charging more fare — Auto rickshaw driver - cheating to customer

From :- Satya Prakash .V. Singh
Airoli, Navi Mumbai-400708

Date :- 29/09/2009


Sub :- To take necessary action against Auto rickshaw drives for charging more. ( Self decided fare )


I Mr. Satya Prakash .V. Singh here, Yesterday I took rikshaw from airoli sector -8 , Rickshaw number Mh43c - 7441.

I told him to go to airoli bridge and come back to sector-8.

I didn’t notice he didn’t start the meter.

After reaching to airoli sector-8 , he told me pay 40 rupees. I have paid him 40 rupees , but I want to punish this man for his wrong attitude and behaviour.

If really law and order is working in our country you will take action against above auto- rickshaw number , and inform me on below e-mail id .

My e mail id is :- [protected]

Waiting for your early and positive reply.



I travel regularly from Vijayanagar (Near food world) to Sadashivanagar (KC Reddy Swimming pool) and the auto rickshaw fare is normally 65Rs for the route Vijayanagar Food world->Pipeline->6th Block Rajajinagar->Bhashyam circle->Dr. Rajkumar Road->17th cross->18th cross bustand->Sankey tank road -> Sadashivanagar( Bashayam Circle) with the current minimum fair of 14Rs.

This Auto Rickshaw with No. Plate: KA-05 AA 3167 in which I traveled on 10th October 2009, has already exceeded 32Rs for Rajajinagar Bashyam circle and that guy charged me 85Rs for Sadashivanagar, not ready to accept the fault in his meter even though I kept reminding him of the faulty meter during the journey. He just vanished before I could argue with him when I alighted.

I would request concerned authorities to take strict action against such drives with tampered meters to avoid such untrustworthy experiences recurring again.
Can anyone is there to help us

Dear sir we are the peoples of the town called nelamangala which lies 30 kms far from Bangalore city our town is fully devoleped many rich and middleclass peoples are living happy lifes here but but from several months our life became burden because some criminals called <<bethenagere seena and shankara & others called manja, raju etc these local gundas were calling to our mobile phones ant demanding for money the fact is right now they are in bellary jail through mobile phones only they are doing these crimes some incidents

Those peoples who already gave money as follows
1 maruthi jawali depot nelamangala
2 manjunatha shamiyan < jayaram>
3 mathru shree clinic <vajarahalli>
4 pillapa counselor
5 puttaraju
6 aal many un countable members but the thing is they wont come front to give complant because in nelamangala the police system is life NO 9 the IMPOTENT PERSONS they all are also mingeled with these gundas

sir here in day itself there mens comes with weapons for roll call if we fail to give then they are ready to do any thing to us

7 alredy they attacked manjunatha shamiyan < jayaram>
mathru shree clinic <vajarahalli>

so I request those sincear officers and media persons to help us by these …. Our mail id is [protected]
He denied and auto person started quarreling. Auto driver started threatening and called other auto drivers to no. KA 03A 8467
autodriver with the above registered vehicle no. used abusive language to me

took extra money illegally n threated to kill when i objected.

As of nw m filing a complaint with n also have registered a FIR in mico layout police station.
PLease took appropriate action againt this autodriver...
m desperately luking 4 yr cooperation...
please cont me i[censored] want any further information...

Thank u ...
I took an autorickshaw from Sheshadripuram to Navrang Circle (Rajajinagar 2nd Stage) and when we reached the destination, the meter was showing 4.8 kms !!! where as it is hardly 3 kms from there. We had to pay Rs 35 as the fare instead of the normal fare being Rs.21-22. This shows how corrupt the auto wallahs of bangalore are and even the government doesn't do anything. (May be they also have some vested interest in that).

The auto number was KA 05 AB 6091.
I too had such an experience. I was not well that day and the autorickshaw driver was noticing me from the mirror and I got
doubt when I checked the meter it showed 40 rupees it does not go beyond 17-20 for the distance between JalBhavan to
Sanjay Gandhi Hospital from the route next to Mazjid on Bannergatta Road. When I asked he was like from Jalbhavan to
Jayanagar the meter is 200 rupees. But actually I had travelled many times at at max it will be 24 rupees.

Auto Number KA02-2264. These people stand infront of IBm Subramanya Arcade
This is to further state that these kind of behaviors have become very rampant. The Rickshaw drivers are over charging the customers by tampering the meters and use abusive language when we disagree to pay. Thanks to our so called authorities that nothing is done about such daylight robberies done by these drivers. To add to this abusive language is used by the drivers. I travel by an auto rickshaw most of the times from my residence to office and vice versa and come across different meter readings every time. I do not understand that how is is possible that most of the times the fare is somewhere around Rs.60 and at times it is Rs.90. It is shocking as well as disgusting as to how we are robbed of our hard earned money. Today as i was travelling back from my office to my residence the meter reading came to Rs. 87.The umber of the auto rickshaw is MH 03 AK 5527. I hope some action would be taken against such people.

Twinkle Shah
I aslo had a similar experiance. The auto fellow when he started the meter he showed 14.50. we then told him to start the meter again. The meter reading showed around 40 when it takes at the maximum 30 (as we travel through the route normally it never shows above 30). Also he was driving quite rashly and did not have a driver's identity name plate. I guess there is something faluty about the meter reading in some autos and wish that the authorites take appropriate action to it.

Autorickshaw — Autorickshaw MH03 AA 7837

Today, at 9.30 am, I took an auto - MH03 AA 7837 from the highway at Jogeshwari Vikhroli Link Road till Mehboob Studios, Bandra, which normally comes to about Rs. 85. There was very little trafic, and we reached at 9.55 am. The meter reading was 105, and when I tried to tell him that his meter was fast, he gto out of the auto, began shouting and abusing me, and insisted I pay him the full amount. I did. This is not about the money, it's about the fact that these guys get away scot-free with tampered meters and rude behaviour.

Would the authorities please look into the matter? Thank you.
Name of the Driver: Ramesha
DL Number: 15750/07
Police SI : 110829/08
Badge - 80048

This driver has his meter rigged. I daily come to the office in an auto and I know what is the exact distance. The meter of this auto is rigged to an extent that it shows 2 kms more than the normal one. On top of that, this shameless auto driver charges Rs. 10 over the metered amount.

If there exists anything like a Bangalore RTO which I truly doubt, then I hope some action is taken over this.

I want to compalin against auto with number
KA-01, B.3374

His meter is fake, his meter running fast. His meter charge is more than 14 rs for a km.
For 20 rs charge distance it became 30 rs. when i asked he gave non- sense answer.
Took action on him.

I have complaint against the auto number KA-02 A 5164.

I was travelling from Rammurthy Nagar to Marathalli. His meter showed difference of more than 15 rupees and on the top of that the driver is demanding more money. The driver does not have the auto driver identification also.

I urge Bangalore RTO to take action against these type of bandit autos which

1. does not have ID
2. has a faulty meter.
3. demanding more money on the top of faulty meter's fare.

Earlier there used to be tampered meters when the autos had old meters...but now there is a new problem with the auto rickshaws having the latest digital far i have come across only a couple of guys who have not asked me for extra money on the meter charges..But 90% of the times, these guys ask for a 20 or 30 bucks more than the meter charge stating tat its a new meter...does any of the complaints here on this forum attended?if not please provide the right website or contact no.s for such complaints..some action needs to be taken inorder to curb such nuisance in the city..
Earlier, in bangalore, there used to be tampered meters when the autos had old meters...but now there is a new problem with the auto rickshaws having the latest digital far i have come across only a couple of guys who have not asked me for extra money on the meter charges..But 90% of the times, these guys ask for a 20 or 30 bucks more than the meter charge stating tat its a new meter...does any of the complaints here on this forum attended?if not please provide the right website or contact no.s for such complaints..some action needs to be taken inorder to curb such nuisance in the city..
Usually I travel by auto to office. Fare varies from 50 to 55. But the following autos charging more:


I m asking the Regional Transport Authority to take proper action .

(As per the Proceedings of the Meeting held on[protected] of the Regional Transport Authority, Bangalore Urban District, Bangalore)

1. For ever;y Kilometer - Rs. 7-00 (for 3 passengers)

2. The Minimum Fare - Rs. 14-00 (for 3 passengers)
(for the first 2.00 Kms.)

3. Waiting charges for first Five Minutes - FREE

4. After Five Minutes
For every Fiteen Minutes or part thereof - Rs. 1-00

5. Luggage charges for First 20 Kgs. - FREE

6. After 20 Kgs. For every; 20 Kgs. Or part thereof - Rs. 2-00

7. Maximum passenger Luggage to be carried is - 50 Kgs.

Fare at Night- One and half times of prescribed fare to be charged from 10.00 pm to 5.00 am.

I hired an auto rickshaw on 5/3/10 at 8.45 am to travel from Chandivali to Andheri(E) western express highway via Jogeshwari-Vikhroli link road. Since I travel on this route on a daily basis I am aware that the cost is not more than Rs. 60, but this rickshaw's meter reading was Rs.80. When I complained to the driver regarding the meter being fast, he vehemently denied it and blamed the high charges on traffic though the traffic was at normal level. The rickshaw number is MH 03 R 9952, the driver didn't give me his name.

I hope this driver is penalized so that he doesn't continue to take his passenger for a ride...
Similar thing happened in my case, my bike is in repair and I have been taking an auto to work in the mean time. Every day I spend Rs.50-55 for the auto. Today, for the same distance, the meter came to Rs.77. I do not want to waste my time over Rs.20 and if I go behind this, I will lose 5 times what I was cheated off with no guarantees on results and probably my address will be in the hands of the auto driver who will be waiting for me with his goons for giving the complaints as has been in known cases of Taxi drivers. Or for Rs.20, I will have to take him to the police station, waste time there, get a pay cut for being late to work and await the auto drivers revenge. So I do not want to pursue it any further. This is the case in lakhs of other people but I feel bad that I know somebody is openly cheating me and I cannot do anything about it. If I start to question the driver, I can be verbally abused by professionals and as they do not give bills, they will demand proof. There should be a portal where we can give these numbers and the auto should be inspected in surprise and the meter checked. There are enough and more numbers of people who are cheated here with auto numbers, but is there a use? The best way that I see it is that all auto meters should be made government property and autos have to give a deposit for it, equal to its cost . And tampering with govt. property is a criminal offence leading to hefty penalty. I am still hoping somebody will someday do something about it. So my ric number was KA 04 C 3684.
This is regarding travelling by auto from bannerghatta main road to Jambu savari dinne.. It is just 1-2 km travel..If i catch auto during morning time to bannerghatta main rd, it will be 15-18 only meter charge, but while coming back they will not accept meter charge, they are asking for 40-50 rs. They are justifying by saying that they will not get people for return. so 30 rs maximum is the amount public can give, but what about more than that??? This is also cheating r8... They will start shouting if we don't give, then how ladies can travel by auto???

This is what is happening in all over the Bangalore places especially out of city... These drivers cheat public without any justification. They will not accept meter charge and they will charge triple the amount of actual reading... Normal people cannot afford this amount if they are forced to travel regularly by auto (in case of no other transportation availability or some physical problem).

Kindly do some needful with regards to this matter.

Autorickshaw — Tampered Auto Rickshaw Meter & Rude behavior by driver

Today I took the auto (reg # KA05 AA6876) from Silk board to J P Nagar 8th phase. I travel this route almost every day and pay in the range of Rs. 60 to 65. His meter showed Rs. 87. I told him nicely that the actual meter charges are 60 - 65 and he cannot charge so much. He started talking badly and refused to give my 100 rupee note back. I called the security of our building and asked for help. But this driver started talking very badly in Kanadda. I did tell him that we'll inform the police with his auto number - to which he laughed saying that the police will do nothing about such matters.

Infact thats the plight of our city and I feel very sorry about this!!! None of the auto drivers are even bothered when we say that we will call the police or for that matter frightened of the police men in our city. Its a pathetic condition where such callous drivers get away with cheating normal public every single day without being penalised by our law. I wonder if any one would take action this complain.

I called the auto complain section and filed and case against this auto. But I also know for sure that they will hardly take any action againt this auto guy.

I regularly commute from south-end circle to East-end main road. The digital meters wil usuaaly show around 28-30 bucks, i.e it s exactly 4 Kms. An auto with number KA-05 A 8815 showed 37 bucks, i.e 5.3 KMs. When i refused to pay he started following me and threatened me that he will follow me till my office and will collect the amount by entering my company premises. I didnt budge an inch and argued with him and started walking away and boarded another bus from there.

That driver didn't have any license stuck behind his seat.

Autorickshaw — Tampered auto rickshaw meter

I travel daily from Mulund (E) to High Street, Powai, in morning at 8:35-8:40 am. Generally, the fare comes to be between Rs. 60 to 65. I prefer to take an MH02 rickshaw, as I have found the MH03 rickshaw meters to be tampered on most occasions. However, recently I took MH03 AA rickshaw twice, and the meter to my surprise showed Rs 80 to 85 for the same distance! Both times the drivers said that this is the correct reading, that it touches 100 in other rickshaws. I paid Rs 75 after much heated argument. It is the harrasment and frustration at the hands of auto rickshaw drivers that causes more pain than the extra money we have to shell out. Below are the registration numbers of the ricks -

MH03 AA 2117
MH03 AA 1271

I request the authorities to take strict action against these rickshaws.

Thanks and regards,
Swati Agarwal
Today I was traveling in an auto from lake road BTM to silk board and none of the auto driver was ready to go, they gave excuse that lot's of rush is there on silk board.At last I found one auto driver who was ready but he told that he will not go on meter and fix he will take Rs30, as I was getting late for office I took that auto and after reaching to silk board he told that he will not go towards EC where Madivala flyover ends because he will not find a near by u turn.
when I forced him to go, he started shouting in Kanada and behaved very rudely. I gave him Rs30 and got down of Auto, when I started noting his registration no he told that you can note it and if you want my phone number I can also give you that, you go and do whatever you want even police cannot do any thing to me.
He gave threatning that I will see you.
Kindly tell some RTO office where we can do complain about this and never they are ready to go by meter, so what's the use of keeping meter in Auto.

what is the use of posting our comments when no action is taken against the auto drivers. We are simply wasting our time. These ACP/DCP just useless

Autorickshaw — AUTO Rickshaw Tampered meter

I have taken an auto from Domlur to Race course usually it shows only Rs.56- 60 . today i have paid Rs.71 and the auto driver is telling that "whatever you want u can do - this is the meter". Please take action against the auto driver. its fake meter...

Auto number : KA-02 B 2201
Police no : 18135/06

auto rickshaw meters — tampered rickshaw meters

I live in pump house andheri east and we residents have a tough time finding an auto from staion to ply us back home, In the event we get one, their meters are tampered. On compaining to cops they send us from one place to another to lodge complaints. and increase our harrasment. How do we control this?.
Now that the auto fare has increased as per the autodrivers demands, we as commuters demand a fair policy fare to ensure we dont end up paying extra money each time we take a auto ride.
Driver name: Akail Pasha.
Driving License: Number 1297/89
Badge Number: 9860/88

Auto Number: KA-02-4456

This driver had charged me Rs.100/- at 6:30 pm. for a distance of merely 4 kilometers. I did not beat him just to check if there is any system which takes care about law and order in bangalore by lodging a complaint. I had tried calling many numbers posted online but to no profit.

If issue prevails god save them and me ;-)


Auto Rickshaw - Fare bangalore — Auto Rickshaw - Fare Bangalore

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is regarding Auto Rikshaw drivers daily harassment to consumers at Subramanya Arcade IBM office.

They demand Rs. 30/- (somtime Rs. 60/-) to take ppl from IBM office in Bannerghatta Road to Udupi Garden signal/Tavarekere bus stop which will not cross 2 kms distance. They never user metre..

Though the place is like heart of the city this is the audocity they show demanding any fare they like without using metre.. Tried couple of times to reach Autorikshaw complaint cell no. available on net[protected] but getting fax tone, no one answered my call on that no.

Kindly action on these Autorikshaw drivers.

Thanks & Regards,
Mobile no. +91 [protected]
Dear All,

This is purely the mistake of our own Government i can say. Here every day we travel by auto they ask for more money & double charges extra amount, meter problem & the place where we ask they will not come. Then wat for we must pay them the aggred amount in the Auto hike charges. I strongly recommand our Transportation Minister Mr.Ashok to take serious action on all the above mentioned auto driver. No body is bothered to solve the issue of the public. All our ministers want to take care of them self expect the problems of public.We need to teach all the auto driver a lesson so requesting to call immeditly this particular Tel:[protected] for all your problems.

Auto rickshaw tampered meter — Tampered meter

I took an auto no KA 02 8816 today from R T Nagar to Kasturi Nagar. For every km the meter jumped three Rs more and the fare was 89 Rs.

With the new fares getting implemented tomorrow and with these tampered meters it is going to be difficult for commuters like me.

this is a complaint against auto with reg no KA 05 AB 6100. After lookin around for ten mins for an auto from IIMB banerghatta road i finaly found one fellow.. he said he l charge me 30 bucks for 16th main btm 2nd stage.. i asked him to put the meter he refused and i still got on cos i was terribly late... on reachin the destination he straight away took cut 40 bucks from the 100 i gave him... look at the audacity of these cheaters... first they dont put the meter inspite of hiked min and top of t they cheat left right centre... i wud recommend RTO to take up autos for travel a couple of days to really understand the harrassment of autodrivers...maybe some action wud come off t then atleast...

I am feeling very bad with this incident. On 10.08.2010 i was going on my bike near Bangalore City railway station, unfortunately i hitted an auto (Nothing is happened to any vehicle), due to he is stopped his vehicle all of sudden, I asked him why he did like, he started to talk very roughly with very bad language, since my wife is also sits back to me she said, there is no meaning in speking to this uncultrued guy, let we move.

So i felt right, so i moved, but i don't know what intention he(Auto Driver) had, he started to chasing me, and he came rashly infront of my vehicle and stopped near Okalipuram, i forcefully applied the break, we fell down on the road.

That Driver(Probably he is drunken) came back and started hitting me, i was so shocked for his behavior all of sudden many people surrounded and they started abusing that rude stupid Driver.

Then he started telling so many stories, i felt so bad, i planned 2 take him 2 Police station, but it was already 10 PM on that time and my wife is in very much shock, so i went from there(Peoples forced me to leave that place).

So my question is can i lodge a complain on that rude auto driver. The Auto No. was KA-05 C 1213.

Even i found out in the Traffic violation site that there is a 5 complaints lodged on him for signal jump and violating traffic rules.

So can any one help me to teach this rude guy a lesson, i don't know how he may be acting with his customer. He looks like an Criminal.

Hoping for your suggestions. I don't want the same situation should come to some other Victim.

Autorickshaw refuses to take to destination from DINDOSHI Infinity Park.
In j.p nagar 7th phase there is no auto rickshaw which is going by meter. In morning office time no one is going by meter.

I am facing problem to get a auto to go shopper stop also.
For shopper stop there are charging 50 or 60 min.

So we have to go nandini hotel they can get a auto.
SIR, ive had the pleasure of taking 2 tampered meters with owners that have pushed me to make special notes of their demand, both who coughed up a pre-demanded price of 20 rupees extra on top of the metre fare .

For the first incident, the usual fare is about 47 rupees on a 7rs/km meter, that comes to about 60 rupees on the new metre with 9 rs/km(this is from JYOTHI NIVAS COLLEGE TO BELLANDUR GATE, BANGALORE), so the fare comes abt Rs 80 . I did warn him about his meter being tampered way on time with my knowledge of certain landmarks en route, but with the magician son of a 's tampered meter it came Rs 60 on the normal meter and he demanded a cocky price of Rs 100, which is certainly awe taking! ...had he shut his mouth and not pushed me i would have paid a mutual Rs 90 but then again he started calling me names not worth mentioning in a forum for even the lower class . AUTO RICKSHAW
NO. KA 05 1349

For the second so called incident, an auto driver took me to my bus station ( AT MADIWALA FROM BELLANDUR GATE, BANGALORE) .. the fair being abt Rs 55, this being the time when the meter fare was Rs 7 a kilometre, he demanded a fair of 70 which i was ready to give, but then he started doing these sulking disgusting acts which i believe belongs to them carnivores and with his partners there in crime(other rickshaw buttheads), they made me believe that the road there was under construction and he had to take an awful round route which on metre would be another two km after all the annoying and insane driving tribal acts he did with his costars and not to mention the time of mine he wasted, we set on a fare of 90 rupees. He then took me the normal route and as obvious to you there was no construction going on in the interjection he had addressed earlier ...and finally charged me the 90 rupees. I was so pissed i raised my voice to which he called my parents words again i couldnt mention and i noted his
NO. KA 05 B4466

Auto Driver — meter running extra

Auto with reg. no. KA 30 4430 has a meter which goes very fast and we have to pay 10 Rs extra for 4km distance.
File a complaint at
i want to complaint against auto rickshaw driver whose Number is
KA-02, A7001.

I ask him for ragavendra colony behind IIM-B and he was not ready to come on meter.. and whn i gave him 50 ruppes he did not gave me change back ..not only he was scolding in kannada... he overcharged me...
pls pls..take some action against that auto rickshaw driver...

I hope police will take some action...


Autorickshaw — Meter too Fast - Cheating

I complaint abou Rickshaw No MH 02 - TA 3011...His meter was very fast...
He said his meter was fine and fought with me.The normal fare from Vile Parle to Goregaon Hub is Rs. 70 and he said it was Rs. 97...Its very unethical to cheat consumers like this...I hope some strict action is taken against such drivers....Please look into the same and update me on [protected]
November 27th 2010, Autorickshaw with the the license plate
KA 02 A5 705 committed the following offenses

- Demanding excess fare- Old meter (14) read 62.5
- Faulty meter- still running on 14
- Rude behavior- extremely rude behavior.

Route from Frazer town (Mosque road) to Jeevan Bhima Nagar.

p.s- i have been sending complaints to transcom for the past 3 months now, i would like to know if anything is being done, as this problem is a reoccurring one.

Auto Rickshaw service — Taken Extra money instead of following meter rules

AutoRikshaw no: MH-03 AK1189

has taken extra money and dint follow the meter rules, and before we argue he ran away

This problem is faced by many people in d area of kamani (kurla-w) to vidyavihar station

Autorickshaw — overcharging

I was looking for an auto to come to office in the morning at 9. I was in baner and had to come to till pune station which otherwise takes about 80 bucks. All the auto-rickshaw's on the baner stand were already overcharging, one auto which came by with the registration number mh-12 3425 asked for a whopping 200 and when i said i'll complain he started shouting and created a scene on the road. I think it is high time something is done about such nuisance, if they are not ready to work there are lots of other people who would be willing to do it earnestly.


today i was travelling from santacruz depot to marol church rd by MH02 SA 8385 THE FARE IS NORMALLY 52RS AS I AM TRAVELLING DAILY TODAY THE FARE WAS 62RS HIS METER WAS TAMPERED



I want to complain against Auto driver of KA-05 D-6609

I took this auto from HSR to Shantinagar on 21st March in the morning. Since I travelled regularly by this route I realised this auto meter is tampered so I asked auto driver to stop the auto. I gave him amount shown on meter (even though it was more than the regular fare) . He took that amount and started abusing me in Kannada. When I tried to get down he did not stop auto and he continued shouting in Kannada. He finally stopped auto after repeated requests. He was extremely rude and arrogant.

I hope Bangalore Police will take some strong action against such shameless and cheating auto drivers. I hope in future no one face such horrible situation like me.


I want to add to this list by saying there are various SEVERE problems faced by public today with regard to the auto rickshaw service. Major ones are :

1) Refusal to come to most destinations.
2) Rude behavior ( whether you are a passenger or you are driving on the roads of the city).
3) Excess charge levied for no rhyme or reason ( lame excuse given is they will not get any passenger in return, rains etc...)

Lets remember this is a PUBLIC TRANSPORT SERVICE and these drivers cannot act or demand as per their whims and fancies. We all should make the RTO complaint system against autos more stronger by giving their auto numbers to the following numbers.

# KA-01 Koramangala[protected]
# KA-02 Rajajinagar[protected]
# KA-03 Indiranagar[protected]
# KA-04 Yeshwantpur[protected]
# KA-05 Jayanagar[protected]
# KA-41 Gyanabharthi[protected]
# KA-50 Yelahanka[protected]
# KA-51 Electronic City[protected]
# KA-52 NeelaMangala[protected]
# KA-53 KR Puram[protected]

Hope this system really works !

Thank you.

BAngalore transport — Auto rickshaw not ready to play

Dear Sir,

I have a complaint against bangalore's autorickshaw drivers. Today i had bad experience with few auto drivers.
1) Driver of auto no. KA-03 C 7761 asked for Rs.250 though the auto's meter was working at 9 AM today to travel from banaswadi to basavangudi - lalbagh west gate. When i questioned he said that the traffic is heavy and that is why he is charging. He also challenged that the distance is 18 kms though it is only 15 kms.
2)Auto nos.
KA05-AA7502, KA03 B5578, KA02 AA4628 also refused to come from banaswadi to basavangudi.
When i questioned as to which route does your autos go, they replied that their autos will only stand in the auto stand but not ready to travel anywhere. Another citizen of bangalore asked the same drivers to travel from banaswadi to brigade road, they are asking for 170 rupees outright.
Request you to take suitable action against these drivers.

Bangalore citizen
now you can report excess fare and other auto complaints here on this website

you can either report by SMS or by visiting this website ...but this is only unofficial website, and not from traffic police.

Autorickshaw — refusal to go

i wud like to bring to notice that many auto rickshaws standing outside gangaram hospital and hindu rao hospital who trouble all cumuters who have no other means of transport but auto....i am a doctor in gangaram and i pass the stand very often.these auto drivers have the odasity to ask for huge fares without lowering the meter reading and refuse to go to the place concerned giving false excuses or simply saying no.i have also noted some auto numbers which include----DL 1R H 2368 and DL 1R D 0627.......and i really want some action to be taken against them and that too sooon.
Today around 8.25 AM I requested an auto waiting near Shantipark, Jayanagar 9th Block main gate facing the Woodys restaurant, to tkae me to M G Road. Auatorickshaw regn no; is KA03 9621. It was parked on the footpath.

Initially he declined to take me to M G Road. After wards he demanded Rs 110. Though I requested him to run the meter and demand the charges he refused. Further up on the road I took another auto and he dropped me at M G Road and charged Rs 70.

Why is the indifferent attotude of some autodrivers? Why cant the authorities initiate action?

auto rickshaw meters — Tampering with meters

I reside at Ghatkoper East and my work place is at Andheri Seepz. Most of the time I take a Rickshaw to work and the meter comes around 70-75 INR; with moderate traffic and an appropriate meter - the route being Ghatkoper East - Shreyas - Kailas - Hiranandani - Seepz JVLR Gate. But, everytime the meter is 100 INR without much traffick on the way. When I disagree and tell the driver that meter is tampered, reading is extravagant, they start arguing falsely and use offensive words despite giving them the extra-meter reading fare !
Had a Constable been around, I would have complained about it. Request you to depute a Constable at major spots since a lot of common man travel to such places via rickshaws and most of the time meteres are Tampered.
Also, request the RTO to check the meters at the time of giving oput licenses to Auto Rickshaws and keep a Check on it Randomly to curb the issue.

Autorickshaw — Charging more

I have very bad experience with Pune auto driver, specially viman nagar. They always overcharge plus refuses to go local. Auto MH31 A330 told me he will take rs 30 from viman nagar hdfc to Maruti showroom nagar road which is hardly a KM as they have to return empty. When I asked for his badge no he refused n told me to go complain where've I want as "koi Hamada kuch nahi bigaad sakta".
What is authority doingas we are really fed up of this autorickshaw gundaraj.
Hi, today i travelled from Jaynagar to Jp nagar. I sat in the auto and told him to take me to ragi guda temple JP nagar, he stopped the vehicle opposite to Central Mall at JP nagar saying there is no gas in the auto and i have to get down. The meter showed Rs 42 and I gave him 500, he suddenly changed the note while i was looking for a change of 2 rs in my bag and then he said that I did not give him Rs 500 and instead gave him a 10 rupee note. I could not ask for help as I got panic and left the rick. The auto number was KA05 9860.

Autorickshaw — autorickshaw driver charging high fare

This is to infrom you that we took a Auto from noida sector 62 near fortis
Auto number (UP 14DT7015) to gazipur border the auto guy charged us 120 rs.
Which is very high and when we denied to pay such a High charges he
Started misbehaving with us .we were two girls.
Today (23rd Nov 2014) I travelled from majestic to HSR layout sector 2 by Auto. Meter charge was INR 417. I was socked to see how fast meter was running. Earlier also I have come from majestic to HSR sector 2. Meter charge used to be around INR 250.

Since it was early in morning 4:30, he charged 1.5 of meter + 20 extra. total INR 650.

Total distance travelled is around 15km. Total meter charge should be 25+1(4*15) = 235

Since it was dark inside I could not see his name.

Auto reg no is: KA02 AB 6682
It had digital meter.

So even digital meter can be tempered.
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