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Deals4all and SBI Cards Polo watch offer

Deals4all and SBI Cards Polo watch offer Complaints & Reviews

I recently ordered a Polo watch under the Grab a polo offer from SBI Cards. The watch looked pretty good online and so i went ahead and ordered. Even after ordering the watch, getting it delivered wasn't easy. After several calls to the sellers, Deals4all, it was finally delivered.
But i was greatly disappointed to see that the watch looked different from what was displayed online. As it is the so called brand, Polo BHCP was unheard of. But what really frustrated me is that the watch looks like a cheap replica of even the displayed watch! You can actually spot the differences when compared with the online image. The leather belt is cheap as well. Also the dial is too large. Its by no means worth Rs.600..
Btw, the same watch is availabe on rediff from Deals4all for Rs.750 (

So dont fall for the claims that its worth Rs.3090, its not worth even 600 bucks coz its a FAKE!!

Planning to contact the sellers to see if somethin can be done :S

DEALS4ALL — Card Offers

i[censored] ever have a problem of deals4all products...


this way you will get the money back form the bank in 15 working days for the product. Deals4all will loose the money andthe product. They cant do anything then. Then let them behind you.


I have paid the cost of giordano watch - offered for sbi card holders by deals4all at a concessional rate. The amount was debited on 21.10.2007 and the same was debited to my card account. It is already paid. In the sbi website, it is stated that the item will be delivered within 21 days. I trusted SBI site, but so far i hve not received the ordered item. If I seek the help of sbi through call center, they inform that we have to contact the dealer at delhi phone number. If we try that number, after 30 minutes of music and initial IVRS, we get stock answer that our item will be delivered within 10days. I spent more than 150 rupees to make these calls.
Even the email sent to [protected] are returned.
Neither SBI nor the dealer is owning any responsibility.

If you can check in rediff auction, you will get so many nice watches for 100-200

I agree to the argument that the polo watch offered by deals4all is a fake and it unfortunate that a bank of national repute SBI has been used to peddle the same.
I have been using the polo watch since 2 weeks now and the external polish on the rim has come out and it looks filty to wear the same. The watch is not even worth Rs 200.
I ordered the polo watch about three weeks ago I have not recieved yet . do the needful and please deliver as quickly as possible AWAITING YOUR QUICK RESPONSE


SBI — SBI POLO Watch Offer

This has reference to the order no.[protected] I placed for one polo watch offered by SBI. In the order confirmation it was written that "Deliveries will be done within 21 working days.
Almost one and half month over and it has still not yet delivered.

I called up customer care of deals4all at [protected] for at least five times and every time got reply that it would be dispatched within one week.

SBI is a reputed organization and they should not mislead their customers like this.

So be aware, don't be trapped by this offer.

DEALS4ALL — Deals4all Crooks (imate offer)

I had ordered the imate phone from deals4all for Rs.5990. The handset turned out to be a defective one. It simply didnt work.
Initially, when i complained about the product, they acted as if they were very professional and promised me a refund.
I returned the piece by courier. But thereafter they simply cutoff all communications. They dont respond to mails and no one responsible is ready to speak on their helpline.

When i searched on internet about deals4all, i was surprised that there were already so many complaints against the cheats. Only if i had searched bout them before, i would have never ordered the item from them in the first place..

SBI — SBI Cards Polo watch offer

I ordered the polo watch about a month ago I have not recieved yet . do the needful and please deliver as quickly as possible AWAITING YOUR QUICK RESPONSE

thanking u
I ordered the polo watch about a month ago I have not recieved yet . do the needful and please deliver as quickly as possible AWAITING YOUR QUICK RESPONSE

thanking u
Guys, please beware of these crooks..

I too was delivered a replica watch of whats displayed online,
See for yourself, there are 7 differences.
Image link:

The watch is indeed ORIGNAL and genuine, we can provide you the certificate of authenticity if required.

We do no indluge in selling fake watches.

Please contact me for any further clarification


@Ujjval from deals4all,

The image below speaks for itself. Its indeed a fake.

How can your so called certificate granted by god-knows-who be trusted.

Thanx for your comments ppl.
I was going to order this watch but now i have changed my mind.
I ordered 3 watches and one had a scratch and other watch's chrome is coming off.. how can a watch worth 3k be so bad... as people mentioned before its a clear fake.. I had a heated discussion wid the customer service regarding it
can people please also share as too what they did and how they resolved the matter.. if possible also mention some contact numbers so I can call regarding some help..
Its time for us to raise our voice against such corporate cheats..
I also paid for polo watch with my cr card. It has been long time I was waiting for watch. Today got mail that polo watch is out of stock and got a new offer of different model with a model which is not at all comparable with earlier model.
I had ordered 1 polo watch on 25 june 2008 through SBI card, till date i have not received it. Awaiting its delivery at the earliest.

Thanks in anticipation
This is not about Polo. I ordered an HP M22 digital camera, through Deals4all which arrived promptly. It was working fine, but one day it stopped working. The screen was going off whenever I depressed the shutter button. Since it happened within two months of purchase (warranty was for 6 months), I gave it to the service centre in Chennai. They had to send it to Mumbai for repair. I got the camera back in working condition (no money paid) in about a month's time. Now the same problem has come back again and the warranty is over! I have yet to find out if they will repair it free of cost again. I think I have gambled with my money (Rs. 4000) and got head ache in return. I should have gone to a regular shop and bought a Nikon, Canon or Sony by paying a little extra! Poor me!
Even i have ordered the same polo sport watch and it looks really horrible...
not sure about the quality till now..
i order wireless headphones it is waist of mony

Polo watch offer — SBI card Polo watch offer

I also paid Rs. 599/- for a polo watch from sbi card offer. Received the watch and after 3 months, now it is not working. The offer is a cheating & Watch is a fake

--kurian c m
hi ppl,
i have used the polo watch for 6 months now and it is not fake. it is a original watch which is perfectly working n i have not got ne scratches or ne thing of that sought . it is a truly awsome watch nd a complete value for money . the watch is legend... wait for it dary... it is tooooooo gooddddd ... so keep buying from deals4all it is an awsome company.
i have had a totally diff xpeience frm all of the above . the watch nd company and its products is original and very very very gooodddd. keeeepppp buying .

sachin agarwal.
my own experience is i had made some purchases in the first fortnight of December 2008. From 20th December i started receiving calls from SBI saying my payments are due and when i will be making the payment. till the due date for payment i received at least 50 calls from SBI.. Even after making the full payment before the due date their calls have not ceased and still haunting me saying my payments are due.
Yes. They are the cheater no 1. My friend also purchased a mobile phone. And when the phone failed and went to repair center, was surprised to find all junk parts inside.
I have not expected this from SBI atleast.
You people are cheating with customers hard earned money,
Hi Friends,

Anyone who says that the watch is "NOT A FAKE".. knows nothing about watches..
I am a watch collector..and i have Esprit, Guess & Swatch in my collection..
However I was asinine enough to believe that there was a 600 rs polo watch..
S.B.I. should be charged for fraudulence..
Hello SBI and Deals4all,

I have place order for about a month "order No is[protected]".
Still no sign of getting the watch which was promised to be delivered within 21 days upon placing the order. The amount has been charged to the card.

We should not pay SBI the amount till we receive the watch. Then only SBI would be serious about these kind of harrasments. I emails support desk and it bounced back.

Need an URGENT resolution
Hi Guys,

I'm also sufferring from SBI Polo watch offer. I have ordered for the watch about a month and still not received the same (it said that this would be delivered within 21 days). My watch order No is[protected].

I emailed their customer care and ohhh ... all emails bounced. Complete fraud. I agree SBI should be charged as encouraging fraud. Watch amount has been charged to my credit card ... but SBI, I make it clear. If I do not get the watch .. don't expect me to pay ...

Need URGENT resolution
Hi All

Today, I got the same POLO watch offer through sms from SBI, good that I reviewed these comments so thanks to all. I changed my mind and decided not buy. Its serious to think why company will sell in 10% of actual cost. No one sells the product for loss so wake up. I also see the site where we order is not secure site and it does not ask for CVV number...
Hello Deals4All and SBI,

Till date (18th Aug 2009) I have not received the watch. Order No is[protected]. I got some emails from support of seald4all, that it has been dispatched and with the courior and I would get it by 1 week, after 1 week I got another mail that I would get the watch in another 15-20 days ... So post dispatch courior guys are taking months now ...

More funny part they sent email that you can track your order and gave the courior site URL, but never gave my Waybill/ AWB number. With an URL anyone can track order? When i replied asking for consignment number, mail bounced. Then deals4All replied, since it was despatched in bulk, consignment number cannot be given ... they don't even think before sending mails for tracking order. Any mails sent to them .. bounces ...

Net result, after 1 1/2 month, no sign of my POLO Watch .. From the review I got it that it's fake .. so even delivering a fake watch is the problem now.

Deals4All, can you refund the money please before I take legal steps.
Thanks a lot guys, it was really helpful to know about this "FAKE" Deals.
I was about to buy it, but this posts really provided great deal of information to make decision, They should reallly be dragged leagally for manupulating and figiting with orignality if this products and playing around with ppls hard earned money, ...

thnks and regards
Thanks a lot guys... to post comment about Fake Watches... I am getting married in Next month & got Polo wrist watch as a gift on a Scratch card !!
I was suppose to pay 500/- & get the POLO watch... Have I not read this, would have ordered !! Also one thing suprised me that, what is being offered on SBI does not have any references !!
It is shame that SBI the largest bank of India has tie up with deal4all, ( company that sells only fake items) I was posted scratch n win by SBI cards which listed from watchs to laptop etc.I won polo watch which says Rs 499/- for delievy services.I paid through SBI free tool free number.I am shocked to get fake polo club watch [protected] from s s trading mumbai.there is no details of country made or number on back side.I am shocked that SBI like company is fooling the public.PLEASE DONT FOOL YOURSELF.It is fake polo watch.
Thanks a lot guys, it was really helpful to know about this "FAKE" Deals.
I was about to buy it, but this posts really provided great deal of information to make decision, They should reallly be dragged leagally for manupulating and figiting with orignality if this products and playing around with ppls hard earned money, ...
regards samir
Seriously its a shame on SBI and deals4all.
The watch is really a cheap fake, you can check out its image on the link below:
guys i already ordered this watch and was just browsing google to find the picture of the polo watch i have ordered, in return i got all your above mails . I hope i am not the next in line to abuse this scheme and the watch after i recieve it. il surely comeback with the report pakka
Guys this post is really helpfull. I was about to order the watch, i donno why i thought to crosscheck this once online. But i got a very good result. I am not going to order now.

Why cant we or who has cheated take steps against SBI?
i have recently ordered a polo watch, but affortunately you hve send me 2 polo watches and the amount another watch had been deducted from my account .PLEASE! take back 1 polo watch from me and return back my money also Rs.499.kindly do the needful and oblige.
polo watch dated was on 19/9/2009 and another on 21/9/2009.
I had received the watch from deals4all n its same as that showing on promos. also its working properly atleast till date. i had recd it a month ago. also people who say that they hav not recd way bill no. or any reference no.., , sorry to say but i hav rdecd everything n exactly as per the details given.. n also completely satisfied.
sorry to everyone who fails to receive their parcels...
good day
I have orderd the watch and not received till now ...SBI will do such fraud things ??if its so i will reject the card ...thats alll final
I had ordered the polo watch long back in the end of sept, but I am yet to receive the watch. I am very surprised to learn such a delay
And now its turn of HSBC to con their customers with the fake watch offer! Whats more, they are offering the same SBI-Polo sham for a higher price than SBI! Careful HSBC card owners!
Thank god I saw this comments thread. I was just about to place an order from my HSBC credit card for the Polo watch..
Hello all,
Thanks a lot for your inputs. There has been a recent email from HSBC promoting the same watch.
I am writing to HSBC regarding the same.


Reputed National bank like SBI is doing such cheap deal with thier customers by offering Polo watches which is not even looks like normal watches can get in market for Inr200/- to Inr300 will reduce the brand image in the market.Even their hotel cost is also not justifiying thier offer. If you compare the cost, you will get the package including Food in those hotels provided in the list for 4500/-5500/-. Whereas they are providing us without food... Soo, , , neither Watch nor hotel package is worth for 6500/- they are offering us...

So... Am Requsting you to please cancel my order...& advice me the cancellation procedure..
Am not going to pay for such offer...

Please be aware of the recently launched "SBI Cards-Privilege Circle Program". This is also a misleading offer which you will later realise that its a mistake going for it.
Go through the below link for more details on this.
This is like padmavyuham. You can only get in to it. You can't get out of it.

Regards, Prasad
I had called up the customer service of the SBI credit card and told them that I am not interested in the offer and explained the discussion I had with the executive on Privileged circle customer service no. I told that I will not be paying until it is resolved. The complaint was taken. In less than a week, the executive from Privileged circle called me and spoke to me. I told that I am not interested due to the way it is dealt and information being hidden. They advised me to send the package back to them. They have credited the amount back to my card after deducting Rs.500/- towards cancellation. I am happy that I din't lose 6, 000. Others may try this.
I got offer to buy Polo Watch for free(Rs 499 toward courier/Tax charges) through Sodexo.But after seeing comment and feedback from ppl I have decided not to go for it.
I had an offer very similar to the above said from HSBC Premium circle. But after going through all these comments I decided to drop out. Thnx to all who commented...
Yeah...SBI totally sucks in outsourcing such offers. In case of Priviledge Circle membership they have outsourced it to some company. And when i searched for Polo Sport watches on Google, there is no mention of a company manufacturing Polo Club San Diego watches.

Dear All,
Today, I received an email from Heritage Group/Plat5 Consultancy in relation to my Ticket Bookings. I had already paid Rs. 6055 on 30th January, 2010 by debit of my credit card amount. At that time, I was promised to give a watch worth INR 4000/-, a two nights three days stay in some resorts which I choose from the list and to and fro air ticket to certain destination. At that time, I was not told any extra payments required to be done. However, when I got a reply for ticket booking Hyderabad-Delhi and Delhi-Hyderabad, I was told to email an authorization to Heritage Holidays to bill Rs 5, 640/- ( Rs 5, 640/- towards Airport Tax/Surcharges ) on my HSBC credit card.
I not only got a shock but almost fainted by looking at such a massive fraud.
I have replied them saying that I will not authorize them to debit my credit card account and not to proceed with the ticket booking. I am also contemplating to initiate legal actions against HSBC Bank, and Heritage Group.
I agree with the Complainant. The service is pathetic. The paltinum5 Premium offer of HSBC Bank Credit card offer is a fraudulent offer. They make so many tall promises when they call you up but when you get to know details, it will be too late as the options are very limited. In fact, regarding hotels and resorts, they say that it is 4 stars and 5 star but they are not. For example, recently, I stayed in a Resort called Logoa Azul in Goa on self expense which is one of the resorts selected under this programme of Premium offer. This resort is NOT a 4 star one. Rather, this is not a resort which deserves any star. Similarly, there are many conditions and terms and very stupid policies they have which makes the offer useless most of the time. Like, there are restrictions on utilization offer like some months depending on places are excluded during which you cannot utilize your voucher. Another funniest thing for example is you can fly Kolkata to Hyderabad and from Hyderabad to Kolkata, but you cannot fly Hyderabad to Kolkata and Kolkata to Hyderabad on which point I am still fighting with them.
The whole scheme looks like a scam orchestrated by HSBC Bank in connivance with some private company. I am soon lodging a complaint on this with HSBC Bank or its banking ombudsman and if no satisfactory reply is received, I am thinking to complain it to RBI. I am not sure and do not know if there will be anything positive, but I think we must try not to let this scam happen.
Another irritating aspect is their call center heritage. Most of the time, they do not receive the calls despite phone ringing, and ask in typical Hindi accent and in a very monotonous sound and frequently say 'Haan ji' in Hindi without anything caring about whether the person calling knows Hindi. While customer will be talking in English, they start immediately talking in Hindi, sometimes leaving the customers wondering what she is saying.
Another absolutely disgusting thing about them is that it looks they are shortage of men power or have been crowded with cheap labour in the markets who do not have enough energy to respond calls. Even when phones are ringing, no one picks up the phone and bothers to respond. It happens 9 out of 10 times and this will make a really frustrating experience to you.
We must protest against this corporate scam.
I think that nobody would ever post such comments if they would have got their moneys worth. I was seriously considering buying this watch, but after reading the reviews given by so many people, I have decided against it. I strongly feel that I should rather go to an authorized shop and purchase a branded watch than going in for a fake. A bank of SBI's repute should immediately suspend any association with such fraudsters like deals4all and stop advertising and promoting them on their website and making gullible consumers fall into such traps. What a SHAME.
Thanks very much. You people have saved my money. SBI CARD Suks!
Hi All

I was about to buy Ed Hardy Watch, but i though first to check review and i was shocked to see the response of you guys and the replica of watch which SBI is selling. This is one of the most trusted bank of india which indians blindly trust.

How a esteem and reputed bank do such fraud things and that too to there own customer. I guess the companies sould file a case against SBI who sell there duplicate product with there brand name.

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