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Fair Deals / Orkia Tablet OK-PP555 — Supplied Product Not as advertised

 Syed Nisar Ahmed on Sep 11, 2012
Orkia Tablet PC delivered on 6/9/2012 is not as advertised on their website. They say on website that it contains 4+8=12 GB memory, 1GB of internal memory. In reality it is 256 MB internal memory and no other memory card. It has a very weak camera (not 2MP as advertised). In total it is a very basic model tablet which is available for less that Rs. 4000 on various online shops including Ebay. They do not have any take back policy and the heading TAKE BACK" AND "WARRANTY" contains some junk trext on their website. Anyone can check their web site "www.fairdealplaza.com" and...
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