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Gmail — Gmail cannot be opened

 getman on Mar 9, 2017
Respected Sir/Madam,
Ours is a school gmail. New Headmistress changed the password but cannot remember it. If we try to open, it asks for the verification code that is sent to the registered mobile which was deactivated by the mobile company due to non-payment of mobile bill by the previous Headmaster. Due to these issues that are created by the Heads, as a clerk I cannot open the school gmail and I miss so many important information that are sent by officials. Please, please, please, please help me to open our school gmail (
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Gmail — Mail Sent By Go Airlines of Cancellation of Flight Not received

Hi this is Ms. Khurshid Khandhadia i have an account

On 26th February 2017 Go Airlines had emailed us from their IVR System details about their cancellation of flight. We checked our inbox as well as our spam but did not receive any such mails.

They have shared a report with us stating that the mail has been delivered. Hence I would like to know from you'll if you also can check from your end in your system if any such mail has been received by us on the above mentioned email address.

Also attached is the report shared by...
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Gmail — Password issue

 Kuldeeprathor6 on Feb 19, 2017
Team my name is Kuldeep Rathor my concerned is i am having account with you
But I forgot my password even i lost my mobile number now I won't able to access my account in this account so many mails are most crucial fo me to access so please I request you help me out with my another account with you
Mobile number 8860691741
My old password of this account
These are the password which i made many times for my account
So please do needful...
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Gmail — 2 step verification used for civil rights violation

 Matt04043 on Feb 15, 2017
I have been the recipient of several civil rights violations which will be dealt with in the correct agencies. However, gmail has been included in these to keep me from the information that I need in an accessible and verifying capacity since October when I changed my password and that was used to interrupt my access.

I have talked to multiple departments and no one is able to give me a number to the person to send me a scratch code or acess to my email I pay 2$ a month for.

As you will be included in my civil rights violation reporting, Please return access to my...
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Gmail — Password changing simultaneously by someone else

 neeraj0614 on Dec 7, 2016


Please send me some tips so that i can recover my account . my recovery mobile no.& email id is also changed.
My alternate & recovery email id is
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Gmail — Person sending fraud phishing mails

 mahesh7772 on Nov 12, 2016
A person named suraj jagtap, whith his mail id, mobile number 9762936395, is sending a phishing, fraudulent link -
which when the recipient opens it, it shows to fill the GF/BF relationship names and calculate the love percentage, but instead of doing that, the filled up names go to the sender, and it flashes fooled you on the screen. This is stealing the privacy completely, harming the relation and identities at high risk. Plz somebody needs to take an action about this, or it will definately breach more people's secret relations...
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Gmail — I cant access the account

 saikiran56 on Oct 11, 2016
Hello sir,
I have an account 3 years back. And i forgot the password and recovery mail. But it is very imp mail as i have many important files. So please enable that account. And now i will keep my account in safe .please solve my query. This account is very important for me. Please activate my account.
Thank u
Mail id :
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Gmail — Regarding gmail account hacked

 Santosh208 on Oct 7, 2016
Dear Admin,

On 3rd October 2016 my two gmail account hacked - and I communicate with gmail about this but still it didin't get resolved.r
Hackers changed its alternate settings but I'm unable to login it.
I don't want any fraudsters take it's bad advantage. I already informed to facebook for closing of all those Facebook accounts. I shared linked to public

My main purpose is ither get back my accounts or else closed or block these accounts immeditely and avoid its misuse. it have my data.
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Gmail — Email data

 kalavp on Sep 26, 2016
I have gmail id On Friday I was surprised to see that all my mails are missing except 50 mails were available in my email box. Kindly help me in retrieving my earlier mails as some important mails and data is available in those mails.

I would be thankful if you could help me in the matter. I tried to contact your customer care nos general and also in bangalore nos.

Matter most urgent....
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Gmail — Can't access my gmail account

 trichysundarrajan on Aug 21, 2016

The following gmail account has been disabled. This is is so important mail id for me which i have given to my company, company name : virchow laboratories. I can log in from many places and device but without any clarification how can they disable my account?

Kindly reopen the following account as i know the password of it.

I have important data in it. Kindly reopen the mail

I am not recollecting the information that's been asked by the gmail team (Which are hopeless questions that no one can...
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