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Gmail — gmail not verifying my ac

 Ashquan Anwar on Jul 21, 2017
I forgot my gmail password and trying to reset it but it is not verifying me after giving all the proofs my gmail ac is
Please help me or provide me any helpline line no. Of gmail. It is very important ac for me all my important mails comes to this ac and it is connected everywhere i have tried toreset many times but it is showing (Google couldn't verify this account belongs to you) after giving all the proofs it is not verifying me. I will be thankful to you....
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Gmail — Holding my email hostage

 babylulu on Jul 14, 2017
I tried logging into my gmail account several times and was denied access called tech support and was told in order to delete the account since i can't get into it they want to charge me over a 100 dollars to remove it. It also seems that the account is being used by someone else tech support again were absolutely no help at all. I called 3 times and before i could finish explaining the issue i was hung up on not once but 3 times....
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Gmail — Can't login to my account

 Riya Richard Shawel on Jul 7, 2017
I forgot my password . i tried verification process around 8 times and i typed all verifications codes correctly but at last what i came to see is could not verify this is you. pls help me out as soon as possible because i am using this id since 6 yrs and i can not have a new gmail account because this id i have given every where required .and currently i dont have backup codes with me to verify through another process....
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Gmail — Accessing My Account

 nicka_mars on Jul 6, 2017
I would just like to enquire how it is possible for gmail to be this incompetent with logging in. I don't have my phone with me, I've chosen that option and yet they keep sending me on the SAME loop to log into my account. Surely there are other options for logging in apart from using my phone? When I use recovery email there is nowhere for me to put in the code they've sent me. I am highly frustrated, please fix this because this is a lot of effort just to log into my email account....
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Gmail — Regarding password

 Sneha Rathod on Jul 1, 2017
I cant access my account due to i reset my cellphone and now i forget my account is .my all data lost due to this.i tried ao much to recover the pasword but i unable to do it ..i tried with the phone number added in my gmail id and add the code i get stil i cant recover my gmail id.m so woried so please help me as soon as possible .
My name:sneha rathod
Birthdate :10january 1992...
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Gmail — Otp not generated by my mobile number

 VenkatesanG on May 26, 2017
I m using gmail account.. May be i forgot password.. I m trying to reset my password. Otp is not generate to my mobile number 8015679349
My mail i'd is
Now i changed my password through voice call otp.. Then i changed my recover mobile this number otp is not generated.. So check the google account only this problem...
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Gmail — Gmail account password changes

 Nameeta Goyal on May 24, 2017

My Gmail account is I stay in Pune city in Maharashtra, India. On 18th May I reset the password on my company's computer as I have been using it on my HTC phone for few years and did not remember it. The Same day, someone from Banglore changed it and I got a notification stating someone using Samsung Galaxy note 3 has changed the password. The recovery email is and I do not have access to it now. I am unable to reset the password. Can you please help. My alternate id is Please check who hacked and changed...
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Gmail — Not my gmail account

 o0kii.shimai on Apr 29, 2017
Dear Google,

I just opened an account with AT&T and all of a sudden I received an account notification in my message app that says: The password for your Google Account was recently changed.

I received another notification on Thursday, April 6, 2017 @ 03:54 PM. The message says that someone just used your password for See:

I talked to AT&T and they say that it is not an AT&T problem. I need to contact Gmail. Can you please find out what is going on? Thank you....
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Gmail — Gmail cannot be opened

 getman on Mar 9, 2017
Respected Sir/Madam,
Ours is a school gmail. New Headmistress changed the password but cannot remember it. If we try to open, it asks for the verification code that is sent to the registered mobile which was deactivated by the mobile company due to non-payment of mobile bill by the previous Headmaster. Due to these issues that are created by the Heads, as a clerk I cannot open the school gmail and I miss so many important information that are sent by officials. Please, please, please, please help me to open our school gmail (
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Gmail — Mail Sent By Go Airlines of Cancellation of Flight Not received

Hi this is Ms. Khurshid Khandhadia i have an account

On 26th February 2017 Go Airlines had emailed us from their IVR System details about their cancellation of flight. We checked our inbox as well as our spam but did not receive any such mails.

They have shared a report with us stating that the mail has been delivered. Hence I would like to know from you'll if you also can check from your end in your system if any such mail has been received by us on the above mentioned email address.

Also attached is the report shared by...
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