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Government Of India — use of hindi as official language for all communication

 girirajgupta on Dec 27, 2017
Please make compulsory use of hindi language for all official communication, govt. Department, institution, public sector organisations, medical and health service providers, tax and revenue department, as it is national language and most of people know it. It has been observed that people specially showing educated are using english language for there communication and most of the common people don't understand it and they take its advantage and cheat the people by any way. Specially medical and health service sector are using it for their own advantage and cheat the people...
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Government Of India — jio app otp issue on 72 days

 sssdevaraj on Nov 25, 2017
I have problem with jio device and mobile otp in jio 4g vocice application.

I have communicated with jio customer care officer and explained the problem. On 10 sep 2017.

But problem is contiuning didn't resolved. So i requested a complaint for otp issue.

I have communicated multiple times with jio customer care officers for more then 13 times 5 hours.

Withe jio customer guidence i went to jio service centere 2 times.

1. Ambatur chennai
2. Thirumullaiwayal chennai

Service center also didn't resolved...
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Government Of India — refuse to take rs 10 coin at petrol pump (station)

 Mohitag11 on Nov 20, 2017
When i had gone to fill petrol in by vehicle the salesman at petrol station has refused to take 10 rs coin and said that bank is not accepting the rs.10 coin for depositing cash. So he can not accept. I told call manager but they told that he is not present at that moment and manager has only told to not accept 10 rs coin from customer. So help me out by suggesting right method to handle this case and help other customers for inconvenience faced for petrol pumps...
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Government Of India — who are the lucky winner in this bmw automobile 31st annual anniversary program 2017.

 Boollam Rajasekhar on Nov 9, 2017
I want full details about bmw automobile 31st annual anniversary program 2017.
How many person are win the price
I want full details please give me sir /mam
My complaint is i am selected are not in this programme you send the email to me
I can't believe this how can i select in scheme please clear my doubts i will request you please send the details....
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Government Of India — indigo airlines

 Naiswita Dharmen Shah on Nov 9, 2017
I have flight booked from hyderabad to mumbai at 4.00 am on 9/11/17 pnr wirj2u. I reached there by 3 am. I have pdf of my ticket and still they force me to have print of that ticket. And when i finally reached for check in they said it is not possible and
I have catch next flight. But still it is only 3.20. Boarding gates close before 45 mins, i wasted my time on getting print of ticket though i had pdf my flight. It was just matter of 5 minutes. I have to pay more than double price for my next flight. And there are many passenger like me. Next flight is at 5.30 and still i am boarding right...
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Government Of India — air asia airlines

 Rohan Saran on Oct 26, 2017
I booked my flight from air asia airlines from jaipur-hyderabad-bangalore dated: 25/10/17. The flight was delayed unnecessarily and without any prior information i had my meetings and also some important works which i was not able to complete because of carelessness of the authority. There managers and other personnel were too carefree providing no assistance.
We do jot expect such kind of behaviour with such behaviour.. How will i now compensate my loss?...
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Government Of India — amazon is promoting his inhouse vendors like cloudtail

 Amitgupa6119 on Oct 7, 2017
We are distrbutor of brand omron and are billed at same rates as the amazon in house vendors like cloudtail but amazon gives rebates/ promotion to there in house vendors because of it they are able to sell the products less then there billing rates on ecommerce website and we are left only to watch them how they are doing so.
As an indian business man this is a cheating which the amazon is doing with us.
Please help an indian business man aginst this type of frauds of these ecommerce website....
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Government Of India — flawed aadhar bank account linkage initiative

 diff_2013 on Oct 6, 2017
There’s this initiative of linking aadhar number with bank account number and it’s now become mandatory to do so, else banks shall freeze your accounts after 31-dec-2016. There might be some great purpose behind this initiative but it has flawed and inconsiderate implementation

1. There’s no single easy to use form and procedure for the same. Each bank has its own procedure, forms and formats making it difficult for customers to do timely linking
2. Some banks take biometrics, others just take copy of aadhar some are okay with xerox others ask for originals, some accept...
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Government Of India — cpwd officer

 Gayatri Kanade on Oct 5, 2017
From one year i am going to cpw office whenever i go there and tell them my problem they will say me go here and there then, so i am going there where they say i have meet cpw officer who name was rathod he say me i will see so after few days again i go to rathod sir he say me i dnt know anything about this he change his mind then i say everyone room work has done but my have not done why, i say him you have keep my house to black list he say no, then i say only my house work why have not done he say i dnt have time so you can go, so i come to other office and meet other officer who name was venkat...
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Government Of India — too high adani gas bill.

 lalitbhai guna on Oct 2, 2017
My normal adani gas bill come at average of 300-800 rs. But they send me more then 4200rs in may - 17 bill. I raised complaint to there customers care and they even understand and believe that something is wrong with my bill but didn't resolve my problem and my due date was passed now they send me new invoice with penalties.
I have all prof, lots of emails which clearly mentioned that was adani gas own problem and they changed and reduce bill around 2800 rs. After my due date.
Now in latest invoice they send me more amount then they send me in email.
Given me threats of my...
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