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Idea Netsetter 3g — Internet Issues

I am on a post paid 3G Netsetter connection with 10GB dataplan a month. My netsetter number is [protected](can't contact me at this number since it's connected to my Netseeter) and my phone number to contact is [protected]. I keep getting the message below and it drops to crawling speed right after this message is sent to me. I have only used about 2.5Gb/10Gb and this keeps happening. I've tried to contact support and all they do is some gibberish and I am tired of going back to them. NONE of the support staff knows how to resolve this issue. All they keep telling me is to do some settings...
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Idea Netsetter 3g — Idea Cellular 3G Netsetter issues

This is the second time this has happened to my 3G connection speed just being capped at 40kbps inspite of paying my bills well before time. My idea 3G number is [protected] and brought their 10GB pack for Rs. 1500/- and sick and tired of calling their support to be transferred 20 times in a loop and finally no call from their side. Just got a message from idea that my speed was reduced to 40kbps and when i call them they say 3G not activate which I've had for about 4 months now or I've already used up my 10GB data usage which is again wrong since I've only used about 2.5GB and the...
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Idea Netsetter 3g — VPN connectivity issues

I'm facing VPN connectivity issues with idea 3G netsetter,
Error 619: A connection to the remote computer could not be established. So the port used for this connection was closed.
While, I can access from other providers.
Type: netsetter 3G
Let me know the technical person to contact....
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I am ZA Ahmed, Idea Netsetter No: [protected] (Delhi & NCR), earlier whenever I used to connect or disconnect the device the balance data used to be displayed but since last one month the balance data is not displayed neither while connecting nor disconnecting. I have talked to customer care on [protected] but of no use.

Please help me to rectify and tell me how to check the balance data left in my idea net setter

ZA Ahmed
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Idea Netsetter 3g — low speed

 githin s mohan
I've bought this idea netsetter after getting trapped with their adds promising a speed upto 2.3 mbps , well for my surprice i don't even get that speed that they have promised; i don't even get a speed of 50 kbps even the time while i was typing my net connection just was upto its last breath fighting for even a 1kbps well even though i knew this is not gonna help in any sense well its all for the fellows that by accidental happen to read this , it happens so like when i watch you tube videos of time 6 min it takes for my so called "idea netsetter " about 60 min...
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Idea Netsetter 3g — EXCESS BILLING, Totally cheating

 Mr. Sahu

I have been a customer of idea netsetter 2G for last one year in raipur( CG),Right from the first day they have been giving me pains. They have a terrible services and poor response. Even a small file of 3-4 MB upload or download eats up entire day. The signal breaks in the middle. For any change in plan/service one has to visit atleast 2 -3 times to there customer care offices to get heard and that will take at least another week's time for implementation.

Recently i had requested for 3G plan , for which i called up several times, visited 3 times to there...
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