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Initially asked to pay 2500 rupees then 6000 rupees for certificate verification and then 4500 for medical. I paid all the amount at the time they told and informed me that i will get a call for medicals after visa confirmation at february mid, then i called and told me at february last week, then i called and informed i will get call at march 20, but know the call is not going these are the following number they call me.
This her number name sneha:
Paytm number:[protected]
Other number:[protected]
Please let me know how i can move legally against them
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    I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment
    I was recived mail from them regarding job in dubai based company and told to pay 2500/- for interview, after attending telephonic...
    It was informed to pay amount of rs.2550 for attending an interview. I have also paid and the interview for the overseas job...


    help me this guy asking for money for dubai based jobs.

    Thanks and Regards
    Kunal choudhary

    this guy called me my cv is short listed and shud pay 5442 rs for applicatin fee and its one time fee and final payment.
    after that he will arrange telephonic interview,

    so please find is this is fraud or not.
    Hi this Dr Saravanan R C, the Same guy called me and said there is a vacancy in Dubai and asked me to pay5220, . I paid, and he arranged the telephonic interview, and I was told that I would be placed in the job. It's almost 2weeks, but there's nil response from that person. When I called up +[protected] the number which he provided, it's switched off. So it's totally fraud and scam.
    Swaram's reply, Nov 11, 2018
    Hi this Dr Ram, the guy(Mr.Rohan) called me and said there is a vacancy in Dubai and asked me to pay5220, . I paid, and he arranged the telephonic interview, and I was told that I would be placed in the job. Later asked to pay Rs.9950 for Primary source verification, I paid. Later he told needs to attend for face to face delegation with hospital HR and need to pay Rs.20000 for security basis. I paid the amount, later no response and the phone switched off. So it's totally fraud and scam.
    Hello ...This is Ramakant I am also getting call from same guy Mr.Rohan and said same thing .He is telling there is vacancy in “”American Hospital, Armada Medical Center Hospital located in( Dubai, )demanding money for process.

    This mail i received from Him...


    This Mail is in the reference to the job posted on job portals and applied by you for the same .
    We are pleased to inform you that your CV has been Shortlisted for the Interview with our esteemed client“”American Hospital, Armada Medical Center Hospital located in( Dubai, )
    Kindly provide the below mentioned details for your final confirmation of the Interview.

    Pleas find the below details and please shire updated CV and passport Scan copy and complied payment part for DHA application charger so we can arrange telephonic interview asap

    Salary (INR 25.7 LPA to 36.7 LPA ) Negotiable EXP:- Reg+5 years

    1. Position Applied : ( Senior Transplant coordinator)
    2. Qualification :
    3. Total Experience ( ):
    4. last 2 month salary slip:
    5. Education & Exp:
    6. Place of Interview :
    7. Mobile No :
    8. Email ID:
    9.Licence Certificates & photo copy 1 set.
    10.One set of resumes.
    11. Colored passport size photographs white background.
    12 Passport 1 set of copy


    1. 2 Year Work visa (with family).
    2. Fooding and accommodation.
    3. Medical and Insurance.
    4. All the travelling fare.
    5. 2 Months Leave etc.

    For the process of your recruitment you have to complete 4 process.

    1. You will have to pay Application charges.(300AED, 5200)
    2. Linkup with the H.R.(telephonic interview)
    3. Primary Source Verification (PSV):
    4. Visa and certification (DHA Assessment:)

    you resume has been shortlisted by companies HR manger .Please tell me when you are comfortable for your interview.
    If you are comfortable with the amount then you have to click on the link below:-
    Job Search Management is one of the premium offering from Team jobway Get your own personalized Relationship Manager to search the right and appropriate vacancies for you. Our Relationship Managers will search vacancies on your behalf; these professionals will get in touch with the latest openings and will help you to connect with these vacancies instantly.Once you share your job requirement with our Relationship Manager, you sit back and relax. With complete secrecy and professional approach our Relationship Manager will search vacancies over and will provide you the most suitable vacancies.

    Interview Assistance: Get interview assistance when you require it the most. Be it company research or interviewer profiling. In other words, if they have your profile, make sure you have theirs.

    We are always here to assist you. For any furtherhelp, kindly feel free to contact us.

    Rohan verma

    Please find the below details for DHA License processes;

    DHA exam general guidelines:

    The applicant should consider the following while filling the application to avoid any delay in the licensee process or application rejection:

    Name should be exactly like the passport.
    Upload all documents "JPEG/PDF format only” in the required fields.
    Name the scanned documents according to the certificate. For example: Passport, Picture, Experience (Kindly do not give numbers to the documents such as 1, 2, 3 etc).
    For Surgeons, a log book must be submitted in the experience field.
    In case if the applicant doesn't have any of the required documents: he/she will need to upload a justification letter. For example: if he/she doesn't have Good Standing Certificate or License, they need to upload an explanation letter to the Licensing section.
    In case if Primary Source Verification (PSV) from dataflow was done: a receipt or report must be uploaded.
    In case the applicant has successfully passed the DHA exam: he/she needs to upload the related document (at the Additional Documents Details section).

    Kindly note, that failure to provide the required documents after 3 attempts will result in application rejection.
    Submitting Application

    The applicant may save the application by clicking on the "Save as Draft" option at the bottom of the page in order not to lose the input information.
    Once the application is submitted a reference number is automatically generated. The applicant should keep a note of this number to be used for tracking the application status.
    Payment task will be generated automatically after application submission.
    The applicant needs to check the Sheryan account frequently after submitting the application to check if there is any feedback from DHA ( in the pending task section)


    Application fees for all professionals: 260 AED
    Payment must be done online using local credit card

    Review application by DHA "credentialing":
    Professional applications will be checked and verified by The Licensing and Accreditation Section in the HRD. Application reviewing (Credentialing) may take up to 6 weeks.
    Primary Source Verification (PSV):

    After approving the application the certificates will be sent for Primary Source Verification "PSV": a process of verifying the applicant's documents directly from the original or primary source". An email from Data Flow Company will be sent to the applicant for PSV payment.
    The applicant should check email regularly for PSV payment link
    PSV fees:
    Physicians and Dentists starting from AED 1000.
    Other categories starting from AED 700

    DHA Assessment:

    Health care professionals applying for DHA license should pass the assessment "except for applicant holding certain qualifications".
    Assessment is conducted either orally at DHA or online
    Assessments fees:
    Physicians and Dentists (Normal: AED 510, Urgent: AED 2010, Prometric).
    Other categories (Normal: AED 260, Urgent: AED 2010, Prometric).
    A notification about assessment result will reach the applicant's account inbox.

    Issue eligibility letter
    Once the applicant successfully passes the exam, an eligibility letter will be issued through the online system which the applicant will find in his/her online Sheryan account. This letter can be used by the applicant to search for a job at different healthcare facilities in Dubai. Moreover, a pending task will be shown in the applicant account to upload job offer and malpractice insurance.
    Upload job offer "labor card" and malpractice insurance:
    The applicant has one year after passing the exam to find a suitable recruitment at a healthcare facility in Dubai. The applicant needs to upload the job offer and malpractice insurance "once available" in Sheryan account.
    Issue license:

    The Health regulation Department at DHA will review and verify the applicant's job offer and malpractice insurance within two days after submission. Once verified, a pending task will appear in the applicant account in order to pay issue license fees "except for applicant included in DHA exempted policy".
    The applicant is required to visit the HRD to collect the DHA license after 2 days of payment
    Issue license fees:
    Physicians and Dentists: AED 3010.
    Others: AED 1010

    DHA exam documents requirement for Physicians:

    To complete the online application via the DHA online licensing system, scanned copies of the following documents must be uploaded along with the application form:

    Primary Medical degree
    Recognized Specialty certificate (if applying for specialist/consultant title).
    Valid license to practice in country of graduation and/or country of last employment.
    Letter(s) of all clinical experience or certificate(s) issued by the facility of practice and signed by the Human Resources Department, or Medical Director.
    Good Standing Certificate (GSC) issued by the medical council/association from the country of last employment (Certificates are only valid for six (6) months from date of issue).
    Log book (for surgical specialties only).
    Passport copy
    One (1) colored passport photograph

    Qualifications attestation by the UAE embassy and/or Ministry of Foreign Affairs is not required
    To complete your online DHA exam registration, please go through to DHA exam general guideline

    DHA exam exemption conditions for GPs:
    For General Practitioners (GPs) who successfully completed any of the below listed international examinations or hold an active registration/license to practice with certain regulatory bodies will be exempted from the DHA exam.

    1) USMLE part 3
    2) PLAB 2
    3) AMC/MCQ
    4) MCCQE Part 2
    5) TRAS
    6) NZREX.

    DHA license renewal procedure:

    An online application for professional license renewal must be submitted through (Sheryan System) to the HRD within three months prior to license expiry date.
    Required documents:
    Renewed Malpractice Insurance
    New education/ experience/CME can be added
    Medical fitness report for applicant above the age of 65
    Renewal application will be reviewed by Professional Registration Unit at HRD within two working days. Applicant will be notified "through the online account" about any missing or wrong documents.
    Renewal fees:
    Physicians and dentists : 3010 AED
    Other categories: 1010 AED
    The applicant's failure to renew license on time will result in late renewal penalty and might lead to license cancellation "if exceed 6 months"
    Applicant should visit HRD to collect the license. DHA health professional license will be renewed for one year.
    Required documents:
    Malpractice Insurance
    New education/ experience/CME can be added
    Application can be submitted within 3 months before expiry
    All documents must be attached in JPG or PDF format only,

    The pharmacists have to apply online Pharmacist fall in Allied Health category, initially the online application will be reviewed (takes approximately 15 days). They call you for dataflow of document verification called Primary Source of Verification (PSV). After PSV, collect Pharmacy 1000 MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) Book sold at the DHA (Dubai Health Authority). The exams are held on every Sunday. No law or arabic test only pharmacy subject test mainly Pharmacology.

    Create DHA (Sheryan Account), Go to Click New User Registration and after filling profile click Create User. There is no Fee for this

    Login in to your DHA account, click for Individual/Individual Home and then click Health Licensing Services then go to New Professional License. At first they will ask you to fill online Application form, select Allied Health in “I am looking for field” and complete remaining profile.

    Upload required scanned documents to your DHA Account:

    A. Passport

    B. Degree (PharmD)

    C. Transcript or DMC Final Year

    D. Photograph

    E. Category

    F. Experience Certificate (Must be recent and from Retail or Hospital)

    G. Dataflow Authorization Letter Scanned copy (Download Authorization letter then take print with your name and passport number signed it and then scan it and upload the singed scanned copy)

    Click to Download Authorization Letter

    NOTE: The attestation of documents is not necessary DHA (Dubai Health Authority) will do all the process itself if somebody do it. So well and good.

    Once your application will be approved, check your DHA (Dubai Health Authority) website inbox, they will ask you to submit 210 Darham (AED) online. Pay 210 Darham (AED) by Credit card. (Pay by someone in Dubai having DHA account and credit card), So managed someone there who can pay on behalf of you.

    Within 5 to 6 working days or more after submitting 210 Darham, DHA (Dubai Health Authority) will send you an email in your DHA (Dubai Health Authority) website inbox and update your DHA (Sheryan Account) then they will tell you to pay PSV (Primary Source Verification) fee which is 725 Darham (AED). PSV fee is for Verification of your three documents PharmD Degree, Category and Experience Certificate, if you upload extra documents they will ask you for more fee.

    After submitting PSV fee (Dubai Health Authority) DHA will take 30 to 60 days for verification. Once verification completed, DHA (Dubai Health Authority) will send you Data Flow Report of PSV. After paying PSV fee they will send you an Eligibility ID for Prometrics but it will be active and work after 5 working days.

    After 5 working days you can visit Prometrics website and select your date for exam. Visit Prometrics website and follow the step by step process and Pay 170 USD Test fee.

    They will send you complete details and a confirmation email. You must print that confirmation email.

    You need to bring following documents at Test Day.

    A. Email Print

    B. Original NIC Card

    C. Original Passport

    DHA (Dubai Health Authority) conduct exam online in the country that you have selected for appearance. DHA (Dubai Health Authority) will confirm your exam date after receiving DHA Exam fee online. DHA exam is computer based test. Passing score is 60%.

    Appear in test and wait for result. It may take 2 to 8 working days.

    After Passing exam DHA (Dubai Health Authority) will issue you Eligibility Letter for searching employment within few days (10 to 15 days). Then after getting Job on the basis of that eligibility Letter, last step will be to upload your Labor Card on DHA (Dubai Health Authority) website and lastly the DHA License will be issued in your name at the cost of 3000 Darham (AED) that will be paid by your employer :)
    beedkar's reply, Jun 14, 2019
    His mobile no is 7838284659
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      I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment