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 Harmeitra Jenkins
Im a K-Mart shopper and I love it. The workers are nice and helpful. The prices are reasonable also. I will continue to be a shopper there. My reciept number is 0706212170707004161.
Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-13 23:36:24
No web for $2500.00 store #7455 #[protected]
there is no website for the receipt says you could win a $2500 gift card. yeah right!
unable to find a website for trying for the $2500 gift card.
Today Dec 08, 2008, I visit your store in Vega Baja Shopping Mall.
I' m happy with muy purchase as in past visits. I like the prices, but almost never I can't find an employee to ask questions or help.

The last time I intented to locate this website it was imposible.
My receipt # is[protected].
Doesnt K-Mart have the courage to answeran d take care of there customers?? No wonder there going down the tube.
Where is the site for the survey? Marilyn
dated 12/11/07
unable to find th survey site.
Kmart has good prices, but you can't find any sales person to ask anything to, and there is never anyone in the layaway department, you have to go to the service dask, that is all the way to the front of we have to go to, since you are now mergednwith them? it's a shame you can't go to the website, that you offer & can't find it, a offer that is no offer???.
Where is the site?????
Receipt #[protected]
Dated: 12/16/07
K Mart has some good sales, but I agree with above comments. You can never find a sales person to help. The service desk, jewelry dept waiting time is so long, people just give up. My poor cashier had never worked the cash register before and had to keep asking for help. But, he was trying very hard and was very pleasant. Where is the survey website?
you ares a so big liar ,never i can't find it
receipt #[protected]
receipt #[protected]
I did the survey but was not asked for my name or address. How will I know if I won if I can't be located?b75
Feedback No. 04067 [protected] On 12/21/07

No website, Is this a false statement of survey or what?

How am i going to have a chance to win $2,500.00 ?
I like Kmart the employees are very nice ,they are very helpful in finding what you need.The store is a very clean place to shop.I will be shoping there receipt number is [protected].
Where is the website?? i was very pleased with my recent shopping trip to kmart and found an original style Big Wheel for a very good price. receipt#[protected].
shoping at k-mart was a good experiance i found what i was looking for with the help of your employes help . I will be back shopping at your store.. my rec. #[protected] thank you.
I like Kmart service is alot better than Walmart
I usually do not shop at kmart as prices are mostly more then wal-mart, but do get a few buys now and then. They do not have enough cash registers open not enough cashiers. The store is nice and clean and laid out nicely. I think it would go over really better if they had blue light sales like they had in years past and had drawings every half hour or so for gift certificates. They had a ble light set up by an item and really had a big sale for so long and moved on to anouther item. There was always a crowd then, now you do not have to worry about crowds at k-mart. I guess that is good for customer but does not do much for the store.
I made a big mistake trying to shop at k-mart. After filling a cart full of things, I went to check out and only 1 cashier working . With a line of 10 people waiting,no one else wanted to open up a new line when asked. I left my full and walked out. I went to walmart, and was in and out in no time......
And as for, good luck.
I like shopping at Kmart,due to its reasonable price, location close to my house, most of my needs I can get from this store.
My receipt #[protected] 12/31/07
I thank kmart is the best store out because there are grate prices and the workers are very good to shopers i thank this the #1 store and america that i why i chose kmart.
my receipt#[protected]
The SuperKmart store is so close to the house and the hours are [protected]@24/7. The place is
clean and organized when I arrive that morning to shop. The lady at the door took time
to greet me inspite of being on her knees arranging some merchandise. The presence of price scanners were convinient. The prices are very affordable and the ads are true except that
the merchandise are gone so quickly...what do you expect with prices that low.....
The cashier was polite and checks that you get all your merchandise before she takes
care of the next customer. My overall experience is very good that is why I keep returning
for more bargains.
The employees at KMart in Plainfield are always helpful with whatever we are looking for.
The KMart by our house is so convenient and the employees are always helpful. #[protected]
I do not go to K mart very often because I can usually get things cheaper at WalMart but they do have great sales on Infant clothing and that is what I usually go to get. There is usually not very many cashiers and if there are a few people you need to wait for them. But I understand without a lot of customers you can not pay people to stand around just in case. If they had the blue lights and I got ads in the mail I may shop there more often.
I went there twice in one day the receipt #s were
[protected] email [protected]
I am 49 years old and hav been shoppingat k-mart since
I was old enought to drive my self. I like the sales they
have and their jewlry Is always on sale. whenever I
need something 9 out of 10 times k-mart will have It
thank you for being there.[protected].
I love to shop at kmart they always have good sales
the products are always available if not you could get a
Hi i'm Wanda Jenkins and i have been shopping at Kmart since they have opened up here in Canton, Ga. I love shopping at kmart they have good sell's and very good prices. I do all of my major holiday shopping there. I bought a shirt the other day for my daughter-in-law's birthday and it was on sell for $3.00. My other daughter-in-law bought all of her baby stuff there. I love how they have a little of every thing for everyone. Furnitur, house hold appliances, paint, and even decoration. Well keep up the good work Kmart i love the store and the friendly enviroment, and your enployees are greet. My receipt # is[protected]
What a sale at Kmart, 50% off on all winter clothing and shoes. Plus size bloses for have price and jeans,shirts,pj"s ,kids clothing,mens ware also (WOW) Thank for the sale.
I am an avid shopper at K-Mart. I get all of my medications there. And when I am waiting for the RX, i shop in the store and always find a great number of bargains (i.e., Scott tissue (and coffee, not to mention other items which I find on the clearance row.) I love and appreciate K-Mart. It is a wonderful alternative to Wal-Mart. Teresa and Robin in the pharmacy have been SO good to me. Please never get rid of them!!! Sincerely, Adra E. Trout
I am an avid shopper at K-Mart. I get all of my medications there. And when I am waiting for the RX, i shop in the store and always find a great number of bargains (i.e., Scott tissue (and coffee, not to mention other items which I find on the clearance row.) I love and appreciate K-Mart. It is a wonderful alternative to Wal-Mart. Teresa and Robin in the pharmacy have been SO good to me. Please never get rid of them!!! Reciept #[protected] Adra E. Trout
I like shopping at Kmart and I get all my med's there too. I have found many great bargains at blue light specials. I just really like the employees they have always been very nice and helpful. Cathy is my favorite employee in the pharmacy she treats you like a good friend. Receipt#[protected].

2500 kmart gift card — survay would not work for me

I tried to use your survay for a $2500 kmart gift card but after doing step one the survay would not continue.
I shop there when I get over in that area. Have always liked Kmart. Found some good buys lately and went back for more, and found them. People friendly and helpful. Have never had a bad experience. Receipt[protected]
I am trully greatfull for kmarts prices I allways shop for my children for the home. Everything I need is at kmart and is close to my home. THANK YOU
i have no problems with kmart. it is a clean and friendly store' my reciept #[protected]
I have been a Kmart customer for many years, I grew up shopping at Kmart stores for everthing I need, I"m a Michigan born customer that has always loved the things that I can get by shopping at stores that are originally born in Michigan, Kmart stores are a Michigan blessing. Receipt #[protected]
Your garden shop personel were helpfull and it was very pleasent shopping at this store.
I love shopping at Kmart, great prices, the workers are very helpful to shopers. I will be shoping there often.My receipt number is[protected].
Shopping at Kmart, is great, I always find whatever I need.Employees are always, polite and helpful.My receipt number is[protected].
hi Kmart-
I had
a nice
experience. reciept#[protected]
I lovr kmart, I have had many experiernce was outstanding. There is always a friendy and even when my fiancee came, we
hada awsome we had somuch fun inhtegardeduuuuuu

my fiancee and ihad somuch fun in the GARDRN AREA. WE




Kmart — return complaint

Today I purchased a pair of pants for my son. Later I found similar pair, somewhere else, that fit him better and came to the store to return the pair I had purchased earlier. I had used a credit card, not a debit card. I wanted the money credited to my card, since I had used it to make the purchase. The lady that rang up the return gave me cash back instead and said she couldn't putit on my card. I was VERY DISSATISFIED with that transaction. She went as far as to tell me to re-buy the pants on the card and then she could credit it. I tried to explain that I would still have a charge on my card. She was NOT very helpful and I went away frustrated and discouraged. I'm not sure if I'll go back to KMart or not again. The number on my receipt is
[protected] cost of item returned was $16.99.
Me gusta comprar en Kmar ya que tiene buenos especiales sobre todo en ropa y calzado que me gusta mucho y de una vez puedo hacer compra para el hogar en un mismo lugar. Mi número de recibo es el[protected].
RECIEPT #[protected]
Living on Maui is not easy. My wife and I shop the deals and have found that over all K-Mart has the best buys. We wish that K-Mart would start saleing produce and other groceries. For the most part the employee's have been very friendy but we have ran into an employee that was having a bad day. My Receipt # is[protected]
Me gustan los productos, marcas y los precios razonables. pero en mi recibo decia que tendria la oportunidad de ganar una tarjeta de regalo con la cantidad de $2, 500 dolares y en su pagina no explica nada de esto y me parece que eso afecta su credibilidad y la imagen que tenemos todos sus clientes sobre la seriedad de la compañia. (Recibo) #[protected]
K-mart is a-okay. Shop very often/ Can get in and out much better than other stores. [protected] Thanks. W.C.
i enjoy shopping at kmart, the sales are great.
margie receipt#[protected]
We were looking for a brand new wide screen new husband insisted K-MART to be the best place to look. The parking lot was quite empty which suprised me, I wondered where everyone was??? We found the electronics, found a couple of named TV's and a perfect one on sale. after looking quite a while for brackets etc, asking each other many questions, finally had to leave because no one EVER came to help us. We bought two Martha Stewart pillows on our way out. I like a certain line of ladies panties and they never seem to be on hand when I am shopping for them either. but I love K-Mart..My grandma worked at the down-town Kreskee's in the notions department in South Bend, In My very first job was $1.00 an hour at the lunch counter in the store in Mt. Clemens, Mi. my receipt #[protected] When I win the gift card please call me What a wedding present ...spending it at K-mart..Thank You C. Mantz [protected]
I go to K-Mart as often as I need supplies. They are always very helpful and have the items I use. Target is closer to my home but they don't carry all the brands I use and K-Mart does.
Thank you so very very much for staying in our town.
I'd rather shop at K-mart than at Wal-mart, but sometimes the service makes it hard to continue to do so. My mother used to always shop at K-mart and never ever shopped at Wal-mart, but lately she has felt she had to go to Wal-mart. It is hard to get a cashier to the register and not always convenient to purchase items at the service desk. I've seen customers walk out because they couldn't get cigarettes and no one to help them. We had to 20 minutes in electronics today because the sales clerk had to go up front to help employees sign in and out. During that time I witnessed three other customers walk in and out. The employees are very nice and friendly, but expected to spread to far and expected to do more than help the customer. It is good to have the items on the shelves, the store clean, and the sale tags on the right items, but if there is no at the registers to add the items up and take the money, then the rest doesn't matter much. My receipt number is[protected].
when i shop i always check out at the garden shop exil the parking aera is closes to the entrance love it, no problem .i also gat the oil in my truck change at kmart .
when i shop i always check out at the garden shop exil the parking aera is closes to the entrance love it, no problem .i also gat the oil in my truck change at kmart .
I am not a frequent shopper and the treatment I received proved the very reason why-their customer service. I went to K-mart in Fayetteville on Jun 9, 2008 and asked to use the bathroom. Being that I am 8 months pregnant, I had to use the bathroom really bad. I saw two managers and asked was the bathroom still out of order due to a sign that was posted. They both replied it was still out of order. I was about to leave the store when another Kmart employee-Hassan told me there was a bathroom in the layaway department. I thanked the young man. I thought that was very helpful of him because the two managers stood there as if this was not an issue to them. I asked the cashier if they could be a sign on the dor saying there was another bathroom in the store and her reply was it would have to go through the managers. I will continue to shop other stores.
I am Kmart shopper. I think its agreat place to shop. Every one is very nice and very helpful. my #[protected].
I enjoy shopping at KMART, low prices and lots to choose from. My recite # is[protected]
I go to kmart right often. I have 4 grandkids they are allways needing something. It is easy for> me to go to the big k the price is right there. The salepeople are very helpful.I just like going there.[protected]o[protected]
I purchased a 75 ft garden hose from Kmart a few years ago. It was supposed to be guaranteed for life, it was a Kgro. At time I was told that if I lost the receipt not to worry the store name was on the hose. It started leaking and upon going to the store I find the this hose is not carried any longer. When I asked a clerk about it? She said, I needed a receipt and to contact the main office and walked away. When I worked retail I always tried to help the customer especially if the item had our logo on it. I know Items change, however if I knew it was guarenteed for life at the time of purchase I stood behind that guarentee.
I enjoy shopping at kmart. It is always clean and neat and seems well stocked. Employees are helpful and pleasant.
Receipt #[protected]
My receipt number is[protected] I shopped at KMART on 6/14/03. I found everything needed for a great celebration of Father's Day at great prices. The store is very clean and not overwhelming with loud music, rude service people, and high prices like some other local retail stores. I also think the lighting is better in KMART. I actually observed one KMART employee taking items off of a shelve cleaning beneath products. All employees were busy assisting customers or working their departments. Great job Owensboro K-Mart!
I am a regular Kmart shopper. I have been able to purchase a few of the best golf clubs at the lowest prices antwhere. I do most of my golf supply shopping at Kmart. When golfing partners are quite surprised at my bargains and are overwhelmed by their performance. I, ve caught by them surprise buying the same clubs in Kmart. How about that?
I like shopping at K-Mart, they have good prices and the store is always clean, also the aisles are wide and easy to shop. There are a lots of stores that you can't get down the aisles because of product displays sitting in the aisle with no room to get by, but not K-Mart. I think the check out could be improved on, there is never enough cashieers on duty, you don't go to K-Mart unless you have plenty of time to stand in line and wait. I have always had good experience with K-Mart employees, they are usually always ready to assist you if you need assistance with purchase.
I have been a K-Mart shopper for years, just recently I began using the pharmacy and I am very well satisfied, they are helpful and courteous and get my prescriptions promptly, That is the reason I switched from Walgreens...
My receipt # is [protected]
I enjoy shopping at K-Mart for my gardening supplies. There are always great prices on soil, ceramic pots, wire garden vine forms, tools and garden gloves. Seeing all the beautiful Martha Stewart outdoor furniture and accessories makes me that more anxious to make our yard beautiful!Thank you for carrying such a wonderful variety of items!

When it is not time to garden, the K-Mart hardware selection helps us get everything we need for our indoor projects. We have also found that our local K-Mart carries the best selection (and the best prices) on T-shirts and sweatshirts for our favorite team. Go Bucks!!
I enjoyed my shopping experience but have found this web site not user friendly!! Where is the survey I was led to believe I could fill out????
I love going shopping at the K-MART store they always have what I need for me and my family they always have great deals I'm always here . Your employees are the best they greet you at the door and help when needed or just because I love that instead of finding them on your own. Your store is great and I'm glad you guys are still here. Thanks For everything K-MART
im shop at kmart always but never leave any Complaint, im thank the products are always available, and good price i love this store...

Reciept #[protected]

Kmart — jewelry purchased

I use to love shopping at kmart I recently bought a piece of jewlery from them that I have bought in the past and now they have doubled the price of that item in the past 2wks. Its bad enough that we have to pay alot more for things over hear in Hawaii and it is not as great as the mainland people think is is over the here. The jewlery item was a 10k anklet the price has doubled to $41.99. The girl at the counter Jessica was very helpful. She went out her way to make sure this price was corret but that still does not change the fact that they are saying the items sent from the coporate office will be sold at a higher price?

thank you,

Tamara Hood
I like to shop at kmarts for the shoes, clothes they have very resonable discounts there. The people are pleasant, polite, and very helpful.
Ilike to shop at kmarts their store is clean the people that work their are pleasant, politeand very helpful. The prices on shoesand clothes are good. Thanks for being their for us.
digit no..[protected]
My experience at KMart tonight was something I had never experience before, and I thought it might be worth sharing.
I selected a check-out with only one person standing at the cashier. A clean cut young man was the cashier. He demonstrated such amazing courtesy to a customer, who did not deserve it. His professional manner towards the customer was to the level that is rare these days, and he was only about 16! The insensitive customer held up each item trying to decide if she wanted to buy it or not, asking him to scan every item before she decided. And one of her items, a pair of shoes, did not have a complete ticket. The cashier entered the numbers manually, but it did not work so he called the department to inquire. The call came in shortly, giving him the correct numbers, which he put into the register and it came up $3.00 (sale price). The customer felt they should have another 40% taken off. The cashier maintained his cool, and asked her if she wanted him to call the department again. At this point, (about 10 minutes in line waiting for her) I got involved suggesting the discount could come up at the end. She told me it was none of my business! I thought I had better get out of there before this escalates. So, I picked up my 2dozen items, put them back in the cart, and moved to another check-out. I hope I never encounter that shopper again. But, you should commend your cashier for keeping his cool in a demanding situation.
C. Varga, KMart shopper
receipt #[protected]
Hello. I was a Wal-Mart shopper until they tricked me into a credit agreement. Now I'm back shopping at K-Mart. I have found that you have better quaility of cloths. I have had a little problem finding my size in my favorite jeans, Route66 low rise size 10 short in the store, And when I tried to order on line the order page didn't let me pick Low Rise. What's up? I need my jeans. Thanks Marilyn
kmart has been my store for years, i love going there, the people are nice, and take time with me.i well always be a k mart shopper! thanks, to all at K MART
I have been a K mart customer for many many years the prices are unbeatable, the employees are outstanding, i will continue to use kmart for as long as i shall live and tell everyone i know to use kmart I especailly love the outdoor and sporting goods department they always have the best hunting and fishing equipment around anywhere with the best prices in town i will never shop anywhere else keep up the good work thank you and have a great day

my receipt number is[protected]
I have had both good and bad experiences with KMart. That being said, the same can be true with most retail stores these days as good employees are difficult to find. KMart does offer good prices, so I do shop there when I need certain things. Receipt[protected].
Too many times they are out of sale items. they give rain checks but with the cosst of gasoline, it taakes away the savings when you have to return to the store.

Receipt #[protected]
after waiting 10 min in line, my turn came up but had to move to another line because the debit card reader did not work in the first line
en kmart hay muchas ofertas la malloria de tiempo casi todo esta cone 50% poreso cuando ay que comprar algo prefiro gastarlo en kmart mi dinero rinde mas que en otras tiendas puedo comprar mucho con poquito dinero...sigan asi con sus muy bajos precios...
I shop at Kmart frequently due to the sales and find their personel friendly and helpfull. I will continue to shop at Kmart stores.
no tenian mercancia que anunciaban disponible
i do not have a complaint i like kmart always have and my daughter loves joe boxer clothing that is where i get the clothes she likes i have been shopping at kmart sence i was old enough to say where i wanted to shop and my daughter has been as well the service is good the things we want are there and the prices are good and if it is cheaper some where else they match the sale price so we will continue to shop at kmart thanks so much
reciept #[protected]
I was born and raised in michigan the closest town from my house was a 45 minute drive and kmart is where we shopped 2 times a month and thats where my parents bought all of my school clothes and x-mas presents. Now kmart is only a couple of blocks away i probably shop there 2-3 times a week I just bought a swimminpool a couple days ago, yes i certainly have spent alot of money in kmart over the years, i have no complaints.thanx.receipt number[protected].
I had a pleasant trip to Kmart, this time, my cashier was friendly and polite. No lines this time. Sometimes that isn't what happens. Kmart is close to my place and I love the clearance rack. I shop alot off the clearance rack. My last stop at Kmart I got a leather coat for 35 dollars. I couldn't believe it. Keep up the good work. I also like the Jackie Smith line.
My receipt # is[protected]
a mi me gusta comprar en big kmart tiene unos precio competitivos
I do not shop K-mart too often. I find the prices on clothing fair but seldom find anything I like.
I do shop K-mart for toys. Sometimes I can find toys there that I can not find at the other department stores.
I do not feel that the store schedules enough cashiers, most anytime I have gone it is a longer than usual wait in line, and the lines are really not that long. Just not enough registers open.
My receipt#[protected]
dated 7/4/08
Nice people. friendly place to shop.
i like shopping at kmart heres my receipt #[protected]
was at kmart in conover, n.c...went to jewelrycounter and no one was working at the counter..I looked and looked around for jewelry one was around to ask for assistance. so I had to go all the way to the back where the electronics are and asked a sales lady for help in finding the cleaner. She called 2 different people up front and no one would answer her to call her back..Then I waited another 10 minutes...Finally someone from jewelry counter called back and the lady in electronics told her I was coming up front...We found it..Finally...She didn't say have a good day or anything to me...What a lousy bunch of employees...And only 2 girls up front to wait on customers...You should get more help up front at the registers...People don't enjoy standing in line with only 2 girls working ...Try to do better at this Conover, N.C. the future..!Or people are just going to go to Wal-Mart...
We visited the Kmart in Cabot Arkansas on July 7th 2008, around 1:00 p.m.There did not seem to be very many employees on the floor, and when we got ready to check out there was only one person standing at the registers. We were able to find the things we needed but only after we looked for them, there was noone on the floor to ask for help. I work in retail so I know and understand how important it is to have employees out on the floor to help with anything the customer may need help with. Also, it slows down the shoplifting. The store was not in stock of alot of things we came in there to buy. And the store was kind of in a mess. The shelves were not faced and it was kind of a chore to find the things we bought.

I know we get mystery shops where I work (not sure if you do or not) but if you do and they came in there today you probably would not have had a good report.

My reciept number is[protected]
DATE 07/07/2008 TIME 1:34 P.M.
Cashier Christine

Also I was not sure on how to register to win the 2, 500.00 gift card for the survey.?.?
I have been shopping at K-marts for many years. I have no problems finding what I am looking for if it is an item they keep in stock. I have always received friendly, courteous service. The only problem I have is that I do not believe anyone ever receives a $2, 500 gift card.
I love k mart cause there easy to shop at the employees are very helpful and they always have the things i need
I like shopping at Kmart. I do find some pretty good sales. The staff is very friendly and helpful. MY receipt # is[protected]
I ask you, what complaint are you referring to in the above line? Thank you for having this feedback survey, and for offering the prize gift card, I can see many possibilities with the use of it if my name should be drawn. I rarely shop so when I do it is usually for a particular item and there have been times that I found it at K-mart, the employees that have served me were helpful and obliging, so thank you for this opportunity. G. Crognale receipt number is[protected]
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