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Modiant Technology — payment problem

 Bs vaishnav on Sep 6, 2018
I have completed the work as per the agreement and finished it within the time limit of 8 days. Today they call me and said that you have not achieve the accuracy of 90% but i again check all the forms there were hardly 15 mistakes in 800 those days they block my id and said that you have to pay the extension charges 4500 (Refundable as they said in email.), by mistake i pay the amount, they activate my id i worked and now they refuse for payment.
I am going to file a case in court.
Please help me and suggest me what should i do....
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Modiant Technology — online ms-excel work

 Masthan Lee on Jul 14, 2018
Hello sir, they call me and side we have a online work as part time.if u not complete work u have to pay penalty as 4100rs on phone.but, in the legal agreement we have pay penalty 5100rs.I didn't notice it.after that they contact me I have to pay penalty.from that ok .after that, they mail some sections and legal notice as pay penalty 7100rs.and now they send massage notice as hard copy to my it fake company.because I don't understand single thing.I send so many emails.but I got only one reply .check Ur QC report.I done some work .they showing different work.if company is really send...
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Modiant Technology — part time job problem

 Devanand Sandipogu on Feb 15, 2018
Sir my name is devanand. I cannot understand your terms and conditions. I cannot understand the english. I have understand : after work is complete then pay the money 5100 rupees. But your terms and condition is work is complete or not complete pay the money, but cannot understanding. Sir. Please save my life because iam coming from very poor family. Now iam prepare competitive exam. Sir iam not pay the money. Iam received letter yesterday. Part time job is simple but this work taken 10 hour above daily. I don't have computer, i don't have money for go to cybercafe. Now iam own preparation because...
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Modiant Technology — modiant technology fraud

 Prasanna Angel on Feb 3, 2018
Hi sir i have also face same problem. Actuaaly 1st am accptance the wrk but after i told them dont send the wrk, but they said already we sent wrk and also the days count. I am not finishe the work it is complicated. It take more than 10hr they said it is part time. I can't finish the work within time. Theni have a call from modiant technology. They said pay the money otherwise we will punish u they said. And also they mail the legal notice pay d money with gst 18%. I dont want to pay d money to them. Any body help me plz....
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Modiant Technology — online work from home

 priyanka6433 on Jan 17, 2018
It is a excel typing work contains 150 excel sheets having 48 rows with 15 columns and we need to enter the numerical data provided by them and the work process was simple and thought can do it but the thing after accepting the agreement they said that after complition of each we need to submit the data it takes 3-5 mins only for submission of that data and as per the time daily 10 charts should be done but that was not possible because of their stupid every row submission rule and couldn't complete the work in time and now they sent me mail mentioning all the laws and section of the juridisction...
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Modiant Technology — regarding a company asking to pay the money

 [email protected] on Jan 16, 2018
I found a online company named MODIANT TECHNOLOGY which is providing work from home and the made a online agreement that the work should be completed in 15 days and if not done they are actually asking to pay amount of rs 5100 or else they are saying that they are going to file a complaint in the court under criminal. and cheating case so if plz check out whether it's fake or real...
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Modiant Technology — online frauds

 Prathyupradeep on Jan 16, 2018
Sir by mistake I signed up an agreement for online work from home and found it is a fraud company.if ill not complete the work witj in given time now they're asking me to pay 5100 as per agreement .IM helpless plz help me what to do..IF ill not pay the amount asked by them will there be any legal actions as i signed the aggrement(just online aggrement )....
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