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tashan.co.in — unsubscribe from tashan.co.in

 birendra guru on Jun 16, 2012
sir' tashan.co.in deduct Rs20 form my mian balance every week,please unsubscribe the service i.e pokker girls & kingfisher babes from my mobile no 09862449391....
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tashan.co.in — request for unsubscribe my service

 komal10 on Aug 25, 2011
Am loosing Rs.20/- per 2 days due to the "link" "http://tashan.co.in/3pt/indexall.wml?tid=videotas

I want to unsubscribe the tashan.co.in as Rs.20/- deducted from my pre paid balance. Now iot show your subscription to video Tashan will be renewed in 2 days@20. To unsubscribe sms UNSUB VIDEO to 57775.
when I send sms it show error.
Dear Sir please unsubsrcibe this service my mobile no is 7702335334...
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tashan.co.in — Unsubscribe

 narendramalviya on Jun 10, 2011
by mistake i subscribed tashan.co.in.I want to unsubscribe this service, but the links available on site are not supporting therefore I am anable to unsubscribe the services of this site and my balance is deducted periodically by them . kindly help me.My mobile no. is 9753043165
thanking you
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tashan.co.in — i want to unsubscribe from tashan game

 dr.surendra on Feb 14, 2011
i am dr.surendra
i subscribe game tashan game that time they offer that game will be free, but they dedected 20 rupees every week. Many time i tried to unsubscribe the game tashan but page was not open, proper link for unsubscribe was not found on the site of tashan.co.in

sir i requested to u please unsubscribe my no. 9926250789 from tashan...
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tashan.co.in — to unsubcribe tashan.co.in

 roshanhada on Jan 7, 2011
i want to unsubscribe tashan.co.in on my current mobile no-8000254427. pls unsubscribe it immediately....
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tashan.co.in — Deactivate services

RESPECTED Sir, my wap services is activated from the beginning with DUS KA GANG scheme. So at spare time i done surfing on my mobile so by mistakenly i went to atcafe.loopmobile.in & something was download from me by mistakenly, which i came to now from Customer Services Representative so now i want deactivated that services because of that i cant able to make call & cant able to make recharge also, this my humble request to consumer complaint to take action against on that organisation & pls release me from charges.MY MOB NO --9870945754
Chintan Patil
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tashan.co.in — unsubscribing of tashan

Dear Sir/Mam,
This is Mukul Mittal. Since the last three or four weeks, my mobile a/c is debited by around Rs. 80/-. i want to unsubscribe for tashan.co.in.


Mukul Mittal...
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tashan.co.in — unsubscribe from MYTASHAN services

I immiediately want to unsubscribe from MYTASHAN services as it deducts Rs-20 for a week.
I want to have it unsubscribed as soon as possible.
My mobile no is- 9937111425...
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tashan.co.in — Unsubscribe ASAP

 Arun Parmar
i want your help to immediately unsubscribe from services of MY tashanwebsite.They charge Rs 20 rupees weekly from my mobile balance.my mobile number is 9805116385.I have acidentaly joined it.I want to unsubscribe.There is no link for unsubscrition on the website.Kindly take an action and unsubscribe my cell number 9805116385 from the site immediately..
Arun Parmar...
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tashan.co.in — i wanna unsubscribe tashan.co.in

i wanna unsubscribe tashan.co.in
i wanna unsubscribe tashan.co.in
by mistake i subscribed tashan.co.in, it deducted 20 Rs. that time. but now i wanna unsubscribe this service. and there is no unsubscribe link available on this site. kindly help me to get rid of this wasteful service. my mobile no. is 9815557083
thanking you
puneet thapar...
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