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I today morning around 10:15 am, I was crossing the traffic signal at Karishma Chowk, Karve Road. The signal was green when suddenly a traffic cop jumped in front of me and asked me to park my bike in side. He then took my license and asked me to pay fien of Rs 200 for violating the traffic rules. And finelly let me go after taking Rs 50 without giving any Receipt of challan.

I was getting late to office so i gave him what he wanted. this was my third bad experience with the traffice police.
I want the concerned person to please take necessary action to stop such activities.
Aug 14, 2020
Complaint marked as Resolved 
नमस्कार सर मी संदीप धनगर मला एरंडोल येथे मला पकडले गेले ट्राफिक पोलीस आणि मला पकडले आणि माझ्यासोबत गैरव्यवहार केले त्यांनी कारण मी एक हॅंडीकॅप व्यक्ती असून त्यांनी माझ्यासोबत व्यवस्थित पणाने बोलणं केलं नाही कारण माझ्याकडे लायसन नव्हतं आणि माझ्या बद्दल अपशब्द वापरले त्यांनी हॅन्ड बद्दल असे करणे हे तुम्हाला योग्य वाटतं आम्हाला खूप वाईट वाटत असल्यामुळे आम्हाला लवकरात लवकर याच्यासाठी मला काहीतरी निर्णय द्यावा अशी मागणी माझ्याजवळ सातशे रुपयांची पावती फाडली त्यांनी मला एसेमेस आला आणि ती पावतीचा sms माझ्या मोबाईल नंबर वर आलेला आहे सर मी एवढे पैसे भरू शकत नाही 700 रुपये मी गरीब व्यक्ती ये माझ्या नाही झाली चुकी मी त्यांचे पायाही पडले तरी त्याने माझ्यासोबत अपशब्द बोलून मला अपमान करण्यात आला आणी मला खूप काही बोलण्यात आला तर प्लीज प्लीज मला काहीतरी इन्साफ मेळावा माझी नम्र विनंती एकसमान होत नसेल तर या पुण्यामध्ये काय पोलिसांची काय हे करण्यासाठी करण्यासारखी गोष्ट आहे तुम्ही निर्णय घ्या आणि मला कॉल करा सर Mo [protected]

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    I had parked my two-wheeler on FC Road, Pune (near Deccan) in a no-parking zone. I returned after some time and was taking my bike out. At the same time Towing vehicle MH-12 AU 6534 arrived. It was 7.30 PM on 5th Oct, 08. The traffic police officer asked me to show all papers. I showed him original license, original PUC, original tax payment receipt, and photo copy of valide insurance. The officer asked me to pay Rs. 200/- for parking in a no-parking zone. I told him that the offence attracts only Rs. 100/- and I was ready to pay the same. He didn't give me any reason, kept sitting in the front seat of the towing tempo, and insisted me to pay Rs. 200. I told him if the vehicle is not towed, the fine is Rs. 100 and if it is towed away the fine is Rs. 150. He then said rudely if that was the case then he would tow away my vehicle and I should go to the police station and take the possession back by paying Rs. 150. Then he forcibly took away the vehicle from me.

    When I went to the police station near Modern College and complained another officer over there, he didn't heed to my complaint. When the officer who had towed away my vehicle reached there and I asked him the same question why he was overcharging, he refused that he was asking me to pay Rs. 200. Then he started boasting about himself that he was a diploma graduate and has worked on computer hardware. He showed me the business card of a politician and threatened me by telling that he had made that politician as well as an advocate pay the fine. He then said that he could charge me extra because I was not carrying the "original" copy of insurance. I don't know if carrying original copy of insurance is really required. Then he said that the number plate of my bike was written in fancy alphabets and he could fine me extra for that as well. But he didn't tell me all these things while towing away my vehicle. Finally, he charged me Rs. 150 after I spent Rs. 20 for auto to reach the police station.

    It is a glaring example of corruption and mental and physical harrassment by traffic police.

    I don't know his name, but it can be found out by concerned authorities using the date, time, and tempo # that I have provided above.

    I would like a stern action against that officer.
    Aug 14, 2020
    Complaint marked as Resolved 

    PUne traffic — traffic Advice

    I was wondering about people driving in the early morning to Office time. recenlty was juss escaped from an accident . The car was driving in over speed(MH 12 DY 2139).iam luckly escaped and many people on the road are scared and ran away.

    This was happend in Ghorpadi.

    i suggest traffic Police to be alert in those timings(8 am- 9 am & 5 pm - 7 pm) and should punish the peole strictly.

    and also Speed Breakers tobe arranged

    f d — misbehaviour & bribe


    Traffic Police Pune — Rude Behaviour and Corruption charges

    Traffic Police, doesn't have manners to talk with public. Insted of helping public they cheat them and there is nobody take action against them. Please let me know, how to complain for their duty.


    I presented a personal banking : savings account Cheque Number - 289204 DATED[protected] around 6-630PM - SBGEN A/C NO.[protected]Rs.6000/-)payable at G1-G7, STAR CITY MALL, DISTRICT CENTER, MAYUR VIHAR PHASE-1, DELHI- 110091. Branch Manager in particular and his two associates misbehaved and did not make payment. Complainant proved before him that exactly congruent cheque of Rs.10, 000/- were paid on[protected] and very large number of cheques were paid before[protected] as well. Having felt defeated in arguments, he crossed the potential limits of decency in resorting to unauthorised official conduct and he went on shouting that even Prime Minister MANMOHAN SINGH can not help me to secure the payment. He failed to give written reason of nonpayment. Such administrative affronts can be tackled even with force, legal force at the first instance but I could not seriously evaluate, whether the BM is mentally deranged. I had to leave because I had no time left to settle the scores. Non payment has grievously hurt me due to abusive use of banking bureaucracy unauthorisedly. Only most immediate remedy can resolve such abusive misbehaviour officially.
    Fully agree. Similar experience today.

    All I will say is that many people within Pune Traffic Police are arrogant, corrupt and racist lawbreakers themselves. It is clear to me why India is still in the dark ages in so many regards, when it has the potential to be a respected society globally. Until such corrupt practises are removed, India will continue to struggle in its real battles against terrorism, poverty, sanitation, education and other important requirements.
    respected sir,

    i just want u to be aware of the traffic police stand on blue nile signal for their duty, there was an incident on 22nd feb, the police caught one student for standing ahead in the signal, he did appologise and agreed to pay the fine but police was so rude to him and said to surrender the licence, and made him stand atlleast for half an hour as that student started crying he asked for 200rs and said him to go.

    in this manner what u prefer we have to do .

    Traffic Police — Unnecessary making the no entry at Nagar road

    I working at Nagar Road area in well reputed company, few days back, at weikfield company chowk the traffic signal has been installed but they have make the No- Entry to come to Wadgaon sheri from Weikfield IT park & from Wadgaon sheri to Weikfiled IT park.

    It become so difficult for us to take a route from Viman Nagar Chowk its un-ncessary westage of Petrol, but the traffice police allowing Ladies to go to Wadgoan sheri

    Can sombody take some action on this?
    Today, I found that in front of State Bank of India, Aundh Branch Traffic Police is behaving like Gunda's. It seems that one constable is daily standing there and watching the parking area. If any one parks a 2 wheeler not correctly on the markings which is even not visible, he does not correct the person but he coolly calls his tempo for lifting it. I personally saw that a boy is along with his vehicle but forcibly his vehicle was being lifted. That poor chap was made to quarrel with the boys of that tempo. Lastly, he sometimes paid some money and got the vehicle back.

    At this juncture, is the traffic police not a public servants? Are they not suppose to educate the people ?
    Higher authority should justify and stop this type of mis behavior of the Traffic staff. This is totally not justified.

    i want to know where can we complain about the traffic police, and will someone take action against them...are they for our protection or just to extract money un nessary...and i dont know why they have kept some boys (gundas) to ask people money who has given these people authority that is the boys to ask us money, i have come across very often with the traffic their any one who can take action against them...any organisation or any other way which is possible,
    i want to know where can we complain about the traffic police, they are just going out of hand, they thing they can do anything they want, i was caugt yesterday and the traffic cop asked me to pay 200, i had my licence, car registration card, puc, then he told me to show insurance papers which i didnt carry, i told him that 100 rupees is okay, he agreeed then i asked for receit he told then pay 200, i had an agrument with him and atlast i paid him 100...It is a glaring example of corruption and mental and physical harrassment are the cops for our safety to extract money from us, why is the government not taking any action against them...Traffic Police are arrogant, corrupt and racist lawbreakers themselves.
    this happend near poolgate signal...i thing the people on top are corrupt themself that way the people dare to this...
    5th july 09,
    It was a sunday evening and I was going to kalayani nagar with my freind after picking him up from vimannagar. I stay in Lullanagar.While crossing Ramwadi signal the traffic police assistant caught me.
    One who are from political parties seen in white and blue dress. Actually the road is having its zebra crossing much before the road ends and I crossed that with a green signal and preparing to turn left towards gold adlabs when he caught me.
    as i was at a speed of around 40kmph I wasnt able to stop immediatly as he tried to stop me. so i took my vehicle to him and stooped near him. After I crossed the zebra crossing the light got orange.
    The assistant stopped me and claimed that I broked th signal. I tried to explain him but without giving any explanation he went to the officer who was busy having chat with 2-3 of his freinds. He came up to me and started asking for all legelities. While taking the licence out, I was explaining him the situation nicely and calmly but he shouted at me.
    After showing all legalities, he started writing memo, when i told him not to do so, as I wasnt in any fault. so he said" what would you do If I dont stop". he shouted and insulted me. And when I replied how could a person stop when it is green and even if he shows his hand how could one stop his vehicle then and there."
    He then added 3 accusements instead of one. Today my father got licence after paying 600rs. because he added that I abused him, I tried to stop him frocefully. If that reciept would got to the court than I would had been arrested without any reason. Heights of corruption!!!
    Today ( 31 july 2009 friday)
    I was going to my office which is in Hijewadi, at the crossing near Phase1 i was stopped by one of the traffic police becouse my registration was not local, and then he asked me for all the douments (i.e driving license, R C book, NOC from previouc RTO, PUC, and prrof of date when i transfered my vechile in pune ) and i gave him all the documents but they were Xerox copies not orignals. first he asked me to pay Rs.3000 as fine becouse i have not paid the road tax for Maharastra, upon this i show him a printed page from minstry of transport central gov.(which i had printed once) it states that you need not to pay any thing if you are not staying with your vechile for less than 12 months, and after having a look at that papaer he started givining me gyan about rules and laws. and told me that only NOC is not enogh you should also carry a letter from previous RTO that you are going to next place for this time period and all. I told him that i don't knowthis all and even no one told me about this and am not going to pay Rs 3000 atall. then he told me that i should pay him Rs.200 and that is because am not carrying orignals. then i told ki give me five-ten minutes as, i stay near by i will bring the documents. then he told no you have to collect ur vehicle from court after 7days and took me to his office near buy, where he show me some kind of form and sarted telling that if i feel this form you will have to collect your vehicle from court only and there is no other way out even if you bring origanal documents i will not release your bike as i have cought you without originals. he went giving me all wired examples how "kasab" is having a ID of a college from bangalore and ration card from puna. finally i told him am not carrying enogh cash and cannot pay him the amount, and some how manged to Rs.50 and got out.

    this all nonsenese toook arround more than 45 minutes and i was considerably late for my office. and while letting me go out with keys of vehicle he made few comments which i felt is rediulus to face of our system, he told me laughing that i have objected Rs.3000(firstley he was asking for Rs.3000 challan) of Govt, and then also commented "rules se chalega to jindgi bhar gadi wapas nahi milegi" i came out frustated and with a question in mind can't we do something stop this corroption.
    these traffic police are really chor (thief) they taking government money in thier pocket
    they are in abundance here these chor(traffic police ) donot issue white cards
    white card is solution of these problems
    hope so
    if they change thier attitude and work of traffic management
    not for stealing govt money.

    Police — Police didn't take any action

    i am Amitava Nandi. i live in kolkata for my education. on 14th december morning 3 mobile phones are lost from our mess, in dumdum. we went to police on the same day noon. but till today police didn't take any action on it. if it was a mobile of any politician, then the process should be processed much much earlier, but what should we do? it was a brand new phone of nokia. the model is nokia 7210 supernova. its imei no. is [protected]. i can't get a phone from my father. we r not from like that type family.
    if police did'nt do their job, so why are they? what is there job if they can't try to find the thieves?

    My dairy no is-967 on 14/11/09, at dumdum police station, North 24 pgns, west bengal.

    i'm very pleased to u, if you try to verify this matter.
    I was waiting for signal, traffic police Mr. Gayakwad (Pune base) come n ask me licence, when I show him then he ask PUC I show him, I wear helmate also, My all documents are clear still, he says your no. plate is fancy ( which was not ) then he prepare starting challan, I apologise n will update my no. plate as per govt. rule very next hour, but he said that we have to also complete our target of 31st march-19, I told him to make challan then he ask for Rs.100/- without any receipt .
    Total system is system.
    Those are mere showrooms of corruption collecting 50 - 200 rupees, on the road, like bhikaris, beggers. Govt. authorised beggers. We are responsible for this.
    Dont give them bribe. possibly shoot them wid ur mobile camera, record their conversations.
    We have founded Two wheeler association to counter those probs.
    its just handful of frenz are here, want u ppl thousands of citizens to unite n fight against those .
    plz send ur complaints, with proofs like recordings, n shootings to my email so that i can publish it .
    Join ur hands together to form a united power to make them honest policemen.
    plz mail at [protected]

    hemant mali,
    Hi Frens,
    Please refer below amounts..for any details regarding the fine which you gave to the police...its not more then 100 in any case..

    Please call to human rites if somebody take your license or money (more then mention above) without giving receipt.

    Here are many other charges as well / so enjoy be safe n conscious from Pune police..they are beggars..they can charge you if you do not speak Marathi n if they misbehave or talk rudely just call to below numbers from human rites and launch FIR in Human Rites then in Police station..
    According to Human Rites you can see his ID, so Please check and Note down ID of every member who make you fine without any reason..
    There are many case of fake ID of Police as well... be aware ...Pune is not so safe now..Police is on street only to make money...

    Human Rites
    F14, World of Mother Jai ganesh Vision,
    Pune - 411035
    # 91- [protected]

    S. No. / Offenses / Motor Vehicle Act Sections / Charges Rs.
    1 . Parking in 'No Parking' Zone. /MVA - 119/177 / 100
    2. Parking at a corner/turning. / MVA - 119/177 / 100
    3. Double Parking of Vehicle. /MVA - 119/177 / 100
    4. Vehicle entering in a 'No Entry' Zone. / MVA - 119/177 / 100
    5. No 'U' Turn. / MVA - 119/177 / 100
    6. Obstruction to other vehicle or Pedestrians. / MVA- 122/177 / 100
    7. Driving on the wrong side. / MVA- 119/177 / 100
    8. Overtaking a vehicle from left side. / MVA-119/177 / 100
    9. Disobeying traffic signs or signals. / MVA-119/177 / 100
    10. Carrying passenger on footboard./ MVA-123/177 / 100
    11. Licence not in possession. / MVA-130/177 / 100
    12. Owner not giving information about his / her driving License. / MVA- 133/177 / 100
    13. Using unsafe vehicle. / MVA- 190(1)/177 / 100
    14. Driving under influence of Alcohol. / MVA- 185(1) / Non Compoundable
    15. Driving two wheeler without a Helmet / MVA- 129/177 / 100
    16. Carrying passengers on Bonnet/Cabin/running Board. / MVA- 123(2)/177 / 100
    17. Driving without Licence. / MVA- 3(1)/181 / 300
    18. Giving vehicle to a person who has no driving licence. / MVA- 5/180 / 300
    19. Rash Driving./ MVA- 184 / 500
    20. Underage person (below 18 Yrs of age) driving geared vehicle. / MVA- 4(1)/181 / 300
    21. Underage person (below 16 Yrs of age) driving non- geared vehicle. / MVA- 4(1)/181 / 300
    22. Speeding or Lane cutting. / MVA- 112/183 / 200
    23. Driving or giving out for use uninsured vehicle. / MVA- 146/196 / 300
    24. Triple seat driving. / MVA-128 / 100
    25. Driving or giving out for use unregistered vehicle. / MVA- 39/192 / 1000
    26. Unauthorised transport of passengers or goods without valid permit./ MVA- 66(1)/192 / Non Compoundable
    27. Ignoring Traffic Officer's Signal. / MVA- 132(1)a/179 / 200
    28. Parking Rickshaw/Taxi not in an Authorised Rickshaw Stand. / MVR-21(5)/177 / 50
    29. Demanding excess Auto / Taxi meter charges. / MMVR- 21(12)/177 / 50
    30. Auto or Taxi driver refusing to carry passenger(s) to nearby destination. / MMVR- 22(d)/177 / 50
    31. Demanding Auto / Taxi fare beyond the Meter Charges applicable. / MMVR-21(d)/177 / 50
    32. Dazzling/Glaring Light. / MMVR- 235/177 / 100
    33. llegal/Fancy Number Plate./ MMVR- 235(2)/177 / 100
    34. Parking On Footpath. / MMVR- 237(1)/177 / 100
    35. Auto / Taxi driver deliberately not taking the shortest route to a passenger's destination. / MMVR- 21(8)/177 / 50
    36. Auto / Taxi drivers soliciting passengers. / MMVR-21(13)/177 / 50
    37. Auto / Taxi driver smoking while driving. / MMVR- 21(16)/177 / 50
    37. Auto / Taxi driver not in uniform while driving. / MMVR- 31(1)/177 / 50
    38. Carrying persons or articles causing obstruction to the driver's seat. / MMVR- 23(1)/177 / 50
    39. Blowing horn in a Silence Zone. / MMVR- 231/177 / 100
    40. Driving Auto/Taxi without valid badge. / MMVR- 24(2)/177 / 50
    41. Carrying Goods of more than 12 feet in height. / MMVR- 229/177 / 100
    42. Driving heavy vehicle with Back Door or Latch Open. / MMVR- 229(2)/177 / 100
    43. Not having Light on Number Plate / MMVR- 236(1)/177 / 100
    44. Negligence while reversing your vehicle. / MMVR- 233/177 / 100
    45. Filling of less petrol by Taxi/Auto driver while carrying passenger(s). / MMVR- 21(14)/177 / 50
    46. Not keeping Auto / Taxi Clean. / MMVR- 21(29)/177 / 50
    47. Carrying excess passengers in Auto/Taxi... / MMVR- 21(20)/177 / 50
    48. Not having side or rear view mirror. / MMVR- 161/177 / 100
    49. Keeping TV set or Video on Dash Board. / MMVR- 162/177 / 100
    50. Using mobile phone while driving. / MMVR- 250(a)/177 / 100
    51. Stopping on Zebra crossing. / MMVR- 237(1)/177 / 100
    52. Driving without Mud Guard. / MMVR- 165/177 / 100
    53. Driving without wiper in rainy season (3/4 Wheelers). / CMVR-101/177 / 100
    54. Driving with worn out or torn tyres. / CMVR-94(2)/177 / 100
    55. Driving without reflector light. / CMVR-104(1)/177 / 100
    56. No Head/Tail Lamps. / CMVR- 105/177 / 100
    57. Vehicle stopping without flashing parking light at night. / CMVR- 109/177 / 100
    58. Blowing or installing of Pressure/Multisound Horn. / CMVR -119(2)/190(2)MVA / 500
    59. Dark tinted glasses (less than 75% Visibility from outside). / CMVR-100/177 / 100
    60. Not displaying 'L' Board (Front & Rear) incase of learner's License. / CMVR- 3(c)/177 / 100
    61. Offence under Emission Control Act. / CMVR-115(2)/190(2)MVA / 500
    62. Parking on wrong side. / RRR[protected]/177 / 100
    63.Parking or stopping within 10 mtrs of a Bus Stop. / RRR[protected]/177 / 100
    64. Stopping on a Bridge. / RRR[protected]/177 / 100
    65. Stopping within an Island. / RRR[protected]/177 / 100
    66. Driving on wrong side. / RRR[protected]/177 / 100
    67. Lane Cutting while driving. / RRR-18(2)/177 / 100
    68. Ignoring rules of Road Marking or Lane Marking. / RRR-18(2)/177 / 100
    69. Parking in front of a Gate. / RRR[protected]/177 / 100


    Sr. No. /Type Of Vehicle / Lifting Charges (Rs) / (Charges for 'No Parking' are not included)
    1. Heavy Vehicle (Truck /Tanker/Trailers/Bus) / 1, 000
    2. Medium Vehicle (Tempo) / 500
    3. Light Vehicle (Car/Jeep) / 250
    4. Three Wheeler Vehicles / 100
    5. Two Wheeler Vehicles / 50

    Gaurav Kumar
    # [protected] (only Mess)

    Traffic Police — charged without reason

    my reciept no is 9158755,just how much fine he took from me ,it was rs300 for just looking at my mobile ,but he told u were talking ,then i ask him to check my mobile call durations and see,then he told sabke liye we charge rs100 but for u it is rs 300,now do justice ,incidence took place now 26th apr2011 at 6.25pm at kalewadiphata opposite woods society.
    i know this is site made only for the sake.system will not change because of these kind of people
    I also have experienced irritating behavior of traffic police at puad phata (Karve road). He charged me Rs. 350/- without any receipt. I had all documents except my insurance was expired in 2010.
    Hello Friends,

    Today, I unintentionally parked my activa in non-parking zone near Deccan Post Office Pune and was charged 250 Rs and that too without a receipt. All these things happened in modern police station pune under the nose of corrupt police officers. Also, they warned me that if I did not pay fine then they will take higher amount and take my vehicle into police custody.

    I was not aware of the fine which is 100 Rs and when I asked for receipt they refused to give it. As such, I have no proof of their wrongdoings.

    Just want to say that it is better to take a print out of all fine-able offences and be aware. Don't want to comment on corruption because I find myself helpless to fight against it. :(

    Today morning I also had a bad experience with one of the traffic police at DNYAN PRABODHANI SIGNAL PUNE. I was just standing by the one way towrds dnyan prabodhani and one traffic police came and charged me RS. 100/- Without any receipt. His name is Aarif Attar, along with him there was a lady who was also part of that money.

    Expecting the the rightfull and needful. because as above mentioned even i feel helpless to find against corruotion.

    As a responsible citizen of india, i just want to visualize the level and way of corruption by pune traffic police. One of my friend break the traffic rule by entering the time based no-entry. Traffic police present there catch him and asked for the challan. He initially beg apologized for his mistake and then agree for the fines. 1st the traffic police forcefully took his phone and then asked him for 25, 000 rs. When he asked to traffic police about the fine amount and why he is charging so much... Suddenly a group of 4-5 traffic police start heckling with him and also threatening him that they will book him in any criminal case of offence. They also threaten to him that if he will not pay that amount then they will file the case on his name for attacking and misbehaving to traffic police.

    Finally my friend paid them 11, 500 rs after which the traffic office there just return his mobile phone along with a receipt to rs. 135 only against traffic rule breaking challan.

    Really how shame we are. We are fighting for corruption against india. How we will stop the corruption, if the public protectors will behave like this. I think the thieves are better, at least they are stranger to us. How we will believe on this type of public servant. Please stop this... Hope you understand and pull those stupid who are doing this nonsense with common man.
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      I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


      Hi Sandeep..

      May be you can mail India TV...
      Aug 13, 2020
      Complaint marked as Resolved 

      Traffic Police — Corrupt word is too small for Pune's Traffic Police

      Corrupt word is too small for Pune's Trafic Police

      On 21st October 2007, I halt my car at kalyani nagar area near Mariplex and standing outside of my car as waiting for someone.

      In few minutes one towing vehicle arrived near to my car, I got conscious and found that I am at “No Parking location”- No Parking Board was hardly visible.

      Traffic Constable (Mr. Santosh Mahtre, shastri Nagar Choky) jumped out of Towing truck (MH 12 BB 9331) and was keen to settle case without paper, As a responsible citizen I refused and as I was ready to pay fine, I asked him to write receipt. He wrote 2 receipt of Rs 100/- (No Parking fine), Rs 200/- Towing charges. Same he did for another car owner nearby who got jammer at his car and was ready to pay fine.

      We both victims realized and raised concern that without physical towing how can they charged with Towing charges. Now the driver of towing vehicle became leader of all, said “Let me show you what is called towing” and put anchors at my front bumper fiber fins (not at regular towing points) and rapidly raised towing m/c, resulting good damage to my car. Till this point we were surrounded by huge public, everyone supported us as towing receipt was fraud (no signature/ no printed serial numbers), no towing was done, no parking challan also has signature of some other officer. The moment we demanded to call senior officer to complain about and resolve the matter, constable and driver became too polite and returned money immediately. We received a huge applaud by crowd. Feeling embarrassed towing team flew away from spot with no delay.

      In a second I realized that officer didn’t gave me my driving license back, I followed truck in my car but knowingly they were not stopping truck not even giving me side to overtake them. Truck was driven horribly, resulting striking out 2 bike riders on road and damaging divider. Finally after following them for 5 KM (with full dipper and continuous horn), one 2 wheeler came in middle at crossing forcing them to stop their truck, officer immediately thrown my lic. When I was picking my Lic. from road, they vanished from Spot.

      I manage to capture photographs of whole event and showed them to PSI Mr. Thorat (Shastri Nagar Choky). He shown no interest in this matter and just ask me to forget it.

      Not sure what should I do and where should I put my complaint for redressal.
      I have all proofs & photos with me if required. I have also sent this matter to Times Of India. This will help me putting pressure over senior officers.
      Corrupt word is too small for Pune's Trafic Police.ISN'T IT.
      the supier of the police
      respectedd sir

      i m veerapattabhi i have take new bike with this month 11-nov-08 and the bike will be stop by trafic CI He wants for the Bike c book i can tell that one week before i take this bike but the respected officer is not to satisfied with my words he give an punishment to me rs 200/- and he use unparlimentary words so this please take my complaint as return cosider and i wants to justies to as u r rules
      one thing I notice every time, is that when ever there is Traffic police on signals controlling, there is lot of traffic jam, conjuction, and unnecessary delays in reaching our destination, Or other wise the traffic moves soomthly,
      have u ever noticed it, what would be the reason?
      Fully agree. Similar experience today.

      All I will say is that many people within Pune Traffic Police are arrogant, corrupt and racist lawbreakers themselves. It is clear to me why India is still in the dark ages in so many regards, when it has the potential to be a respected society globally. Until such corrupt practises are removed, India will continue to struggle in its real battles against terrorism, poverty, sanitation, education and other important requirements.
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