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Dear Sir,

With respect to above subject I want to inform you that the above company has sent me mail that I have been won the lottery from yahoo/msn worth 750000.00 pound. and the cheque for the same amount they want to deliver at my residence. Hence for delivery charge they send me different option to pay the payment before delivery starting from 392 pound to about 512 pound for different kinds of delivery system. But I know they are going to cheat me, hence I have not paid any amount. Though I request you to take some strictly actions against this organization.

Aug 14, 2020
Complaint marked as Resolved 
dear sir i have got a mail from yahoo/msn lottery about the same winner of the 750000gbp . i think its clearly a cheating case as they want a courier payment from my side a amount of more than 31000 rupee i have'nt pay this but ther may be some people who will stuck in this and will pay. so dear sir/ mam or the concerned authorities should take action againest the fraud case.
dont think U are cleaver in my openion U are dullest person, U dont even know how to cheet people, i[censored] want to learn, email on my address
i would like to inform you that i have not received a parcel which was came from london, and my parcel no. is (parcel/num/1405).
Batch No. is-(4W/08872/PY)

can u response me as soon as possible.
please tel me all details about it. and when i could get my parcel.

hey buddies
i too recd the same mail..
its totally a Fraud mail.. If the company was real then wouldn't they have a public domain...why they are using a gmail or yahoo account..
check out the youtube video for "Internet Lottery Scams". The video would give a better idea of the level at which this fraud is taking place . There are victims even in US
its completely fake.. and don't pay the amount...
indian it is fraud and chiiting do not agree that msn and yahoo winning prize. it is fraud don't pay any cost of transfer money. do not send any money.
i too got same mails mentioned above the severe actions should be made over them
i have also recv the same mail i had give all information than they call me on my number and tell me to make payment of 31000 but i know it is fraud company plz any one dont make such a payment
They just want to make money by fooling people, they are claiming amount of 750, 000 pound for the winner but can not they pay small amount for dispatch.This is just way to take money from the people .
They are cheater, so do not ever believe in such type fake mail
Hi there,
i received the same mail, also gave them a call as both the winning and derivery cost amt are humungus, there might me innocent and ignorant ppl who would for sure go ahead and pay, its a request, please take strict actions against such organisations
Hi There,

Even I have received the same mail. What kind of nonsense tricks are these US ppl playing...???

Is this being played by the "Transworld Courier Dispatch Ltd" or the "MSN/Yahoo"...????

If its "MSN/Yahoo" ... then its really shameless...!!!

Any comment guys...?

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    Dear Valuable Customer Sanjeev Niranjan
    Greetings to you, from Transworld Courier Dispatch Ltd.
    We are proud to inform you that, your certified winning parcel containning a cheque of (750, 000.00 ) and a prize winning certificate has been registered with this company, which is to be delivered to your residence, as instructed by our affiliated.(Yahoo/Msn & Microsoft Windows lottery Board Organization).

    Transworld Courier Dispatch Service has gone through a transformation from a mere quoting method to becoming an essential tool for shippers, entities who perform projections and inspections, and the general public We make it simple. By standardizing the Transworld Courier Dispatch Ltd of rates, hence Transworld Courier Dispatch Ltd has put the world in your fingertips. We are not a broker, we are licensed by the Federal Maritime Commission as a non-vessel operating common carrier ( N.V.O.C.C.) to produce original shipping documents, and we are licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration under the TSA as an indirect air carrier (I.A.C.) to engage in air cargo worldwide, therefore we can leverage our technology with our experience to save your money and serve you on a global basis.

    The Transworld Courier Dispatch Ltd, iyutems are priced according to the tariff zone of the destination country, volumetric weight (1m?= 250kg) of the item, additional services selected and in accordance with the value of the parcel.

    We want to inform you that you are to mail us who will sign to collect the parcel upon delivery? include a phone number of this person to enable us call him/her when we gets close to your area.With this information, we would be able to dispatch your parcel immediately. We will only deliver the parcel to the address you have given us and we will only hand over the parcel to the person you will assign to sign for its collection. This individual must have a valid identification of him/herself as proof.Also we do not allow customers to send their friends or relatives to pickup their parcel ls on their behalf, due to security reasons.

    NOTE :below are the mandatory charges that you are required to pay to enable us courier your certified parcel to you. You are allowed to choose one of our three specified shipment options for your location and send your option back to us. for us to provide you with payment information on our you are to make payment for the delivery of your parcel.

    The policy of this company do not allow payment after delivery

    Please find below our charges:

    Normal class delivery: in 96 hours
    Mailing GBP £149 00.00
    Insurance GBP £133.00 00.00
    Vat (+) GBP £110.00 00.00
    TOTAL GBP £ 392.00 00.00


    Premium class delivery: in 72 hours

    Mailing GBP £189 00.00
    Insurance GBP £200.00 00.00
    Vat (+) GBP £142.00 00.00
    TOTAL GBP £531.00 00.00


    First class delivery: in 48 hours
    Mailing GBP £350.00 00.00
    Insurance GBP £300.00 00.00
    Vat (+) GBP £200 .00 00.00
    TOTAL GBP £850.00 00.00


    Note:The charges are a little high because of the insurance cover we have undertaken incase of loss, damage or theft of your highly sensitive consignment content.We assume all responsibilities incase of any eventualities...Transworld Courier Dispatch Ltd . do not allow Cash on delivery{C.O..D} as all payment must be made in this office before shipment can commence

    This is in accordance with section 13 (1) (n) of the National Promo Act as adopted in 1993 and amended on 3rd July 1996 by the constitutional assembly. This is to protect winnings and to avoid misappropriation of funds.


    Do confirm indicate your specified shipment option and send it to this office via, email. All orders not delivered within three {3} working days from this communication, will lead to the return of the parcel.

    Kindly send your option within 24hrs of receipt of this email, and you shall be informed on how to make payment for the cost of delivery. As soon as payment of Insurance is made, your parcel shall immediately be insured and dispatched via any of your delivery option.

    Thanks for using the Transworld Courier Dispatch Ltd

    Your satisfaction is our priority and we look foraward to providing you the best of our quality service.

    Do have a wonderful day in anticipation of hearing from you ASAP.

    Please do call customer line for confirmation:
    Yours Sincerely,
    Dispatch Officer Mr. Rox Kings
    Tell: [protected] [protected]
    Transworld Courier Dispatch LtdWe wish to congratulate you once again on this note, for being part of the people that are active online, among the millions that subscribed to Yahoo, Hotmail and various Microsoft window users, we only select five people every year as our winners, through electronic balloting System without the winner applying for the Annual Lottery Prmotions.The Microsoft Windows Live felicitate with you and your family.This promotion was set-up to encourage the active users of the Internet Microsoft Windows.

    Hence we do believe with your winning prize, you will continue to be active and patronage to the Yahoo/Msn & Microsoft Windows.I wish to formally announce to you that you have successfully pass the requirements, statutory obligations, verifications, validations and satisfactory report Test conducted for all on line winners.

    A winning cheque has been issued in your name by the Yahoo/Msn Lottery Incoperation board and also a certificate of prize claims will be sent along side your winnings cheque.
    You are therefore expected to contact our affiliated delivery company(Transworld Courier Dispatch Ltd) department in which your winnings cheque of Seven Hundred And Fifty Thousand Great Britain Pound Sterlings {750, 000.00GBP} has been sent to for delivery to your residence.
    Do contact the Transworld Courier Dispatch Ltd company with the contact information below for further instructions on how to send the consignment to your location and the amount to be charged for the delivery.

    Please you should fill your verification form below this mail and also send it down to the courier company for reference and verification purpose.


    1.FULL NAMES:..
    5.AMOUNT WON:..
    7.COUNTRY: ...

    COMPANY EMAIL: [protected]
    Tell: [protected] [protected]

    The Yahoo/Msn & Microsoft Windows lottery has discovered a huge number of double claims due to winners informing close friends relatives and third parties about their winning and also sharing their pin numbers. As a result of this, this friends try to claim the lottery on behalf of the real winners. The Microsoft lottery has reached a decision from headquarters that any double claim discovered by the Lottery Board will result to the cancelling of that particular winning, making a loss for both the double claimer and the real winner, as it is taken that the real winner was the informer to the double claimer about the lottery. So you are hereby strongly advised once more to keep your winnings strictly confidential until you claim your prize.

    This office will not be responsible for any outstanding fees. Services rendered by Transworld Courier Dispatch Ltd are to be paid by you and not the lottery board, for the fact that the lottery organisers didn't make any provision for any upcoming expenses, regarding delivery of parcel or any such.

    Have it in mind that your won prize cannot be deducted from your winning amount, this is because the total amount has been insured to the real value .This is to protect winners and to avoid misappropriation of funds..

    Its is Expected that you add your IDENTIFICATION NUMBERS {PARCEL/NUM/1405}as the subject of any correspondence with the courier company to ensure they respond in a timely manner.

    I will require a concise update on proceedings with the firm as soon as you are in contact with them.If you need any assistance whatsoever,

    Name: Mr. Johnson David

    Once again congratulations...
    Mrs. Monica Williems
    Tell:[protected] / [protected]
    Online Co-coordinator
    (Msn/Yahoo Lottery Games/Lottery Coordinator).
    Aug 14, 2020
    Complaint marked as Resolved 
    Is this true??

    Please confirm.

    please pay attention

    yahoo doesnt organise such lottery

    There is no YAHOO & MSN Lotteries, UK (United Kingdom) Lottery, Netherlands Lottery, British Lottery, Thunderball Online Lottery in the UK, Australian Lottery, Spanish Lottery, Yahoo Lottery, Microsoft Lottery (emmulating from the UK or anywhere else) or any other form of lottery you can win without buying a ticket. While some people might only copy and paste such email to their answer with a brief take on it, I will go into detail because I'm tired of this trash, as several of my friends have lost their a$$es to this scam. This is about as far away from legitimate as anything can get, whether it be a contest, promotion, or whatever.

    There exists a certain form of immoral degenerate that trolls the internet searching for suckers who believe that they have gotten very lucky and won a lottery which they have never entered. They will probably entice you to send an advance fee to claim your non-existant winnings and if you do send this money, you can kiss it goodbye. The money will likely be en-route to Nigeria, a cesspool of fraud that has been the center of these types of fraud over the last few decades.

    The best thing to do is to delete such emails immediately and to never reply to them. If you even reply, you risk having your email inbox flooded. If you call these people, expect to be harrassed over the phone at all hours of the night! In some cases, people who travel to claim their winnings in Nigeria are taken hostage, and in worse-case scenarios are killed when whoever is paying ransom payments exhausts their money supply. If anything online sounds to good to be true it always is buddy.

    By the way, I have kind of become an anti-scam activists due to the fact that I have many friends who have had their identities and life savings stolen from them via these methods.

    This is simply advance fee fraud (a prevalent type of fraud which continously asks for money to cover unforseen expenses) and is intended to drain your bank account, promising money that simply does not exist. Hopefully, this answers your question.

    If you have any more questions, do a yahoo search on lottery scams, nigeria 419 scams, internet fraud, or advance fee fraud. You can also read more about this at and!

    If you have lost money you should report it to the U.S. Secret Service at

    Now you know the basics of Advance Fee Fraud, a multi-million dollar industry that costs honest people their life savings everyday. Be happy you weren't duped by this scam!

    I hope this is helpful, because I could sure use a best answer! I would appreciate it!
    thank you very much for your post Preeti Nayak... am very to happy to see atleast some people are fighting against this kind of fraud...may join you for this fight and make people aware of this nonsense mails.. thank u...

    with regards

    I have also got the same kind of mail on yesterday.
    It is all fraud so guys never ever reply such mails just delete them .
    Lets fight against these kinds of fraud by spreding the awairness among ourselfs.

    Thank you very much for help to identify the fraud
    This is all money making stuff .
    Please Avoid this Emails .
    Be safe.
    I am anil patle I also got this types of emails from yahoo msn lottry & also from transworld corier service

    thanks allot you save me & my money
    thank a lot to save me from these stupid frauds.
    By writing all these details all gaand me dallo.Coz instead of writing here could have written in the news paper and other areas or news channel also.

    By giving all these advertisements in news channels and media persons.All the other ones will get known about it will not repeat the mistake what we all did fooooollllllly.

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      I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


      my certified winning parcel containning a cheque of (, 1000, 000.00 ) and a prize winning certificate has been registered with this company, but to deliver the parcel company want to pay me

      MailingGBP £14900.00
      InsuranceGBP £133.0000.00
      Vat (+)GBP £110.0000.00
      TOTALGBP £ 392.0000.00

      TOTAL: 392 POUNDS STERLINGS ( IN INDIA RUPEES ( 31, 640 INR ) charges, i want gurantee from this company, how do i belive on this company.
      Aug 14, 2020
      Complaint marked as Resolved 
      even the same thing happened with me... i also won the same amount and how can i believe upon this company and i think they just want to take out some money and i m very much sure that if we give 96000 also then also they cant give us the parcel in 1 day... this company is befooling us... so thank god i come to know about the reality b4 i gave them the money...
      i got an lottery of 750, 00.00GBP from The Msn/Yahoo Lottery Incorporation. i am in Odisha state of of india. Here i want to know that how much money i will be charged for the delivery.

      Sabyasachi Rath
      i got an lottery of 750, 00.00GBP from The Msn/Yahoo Lottery Incorporation. i am in Maharashtra state of of india. Here i want to know that how much money i will be charged for the delivery.
      i got an lottery of 750, 00.00GBP from The Msn/Yahoo Lottery Incorporation. i am in Utter pradesh ( UP ) Ghaziabad state of india. Here i want to know that how much money i will be charged for the delivery.
      lot many people received mail from Transworld Courier Dispatch Ltd about lottery. As per him they choose only five people but here lot many people approch for the same.can you just guide us about this company.

      if this company is not [censored] than why they want advance charges for the courier
      i got the same message of 750, 00, 000gbp lottery prize from msn/yahoolottery incorporation .i am from odisha, dhenkanal.. sir i want to know truth about the company.sir can you just guide us in this regard.
      (whether the company is fake or not).
      thank you
      Even I got the same message of 750, 00, 000gbp lottery prize from msn/yahoolottery incorporation . I am from Maharashtra, India I want to know truth about the company as they are charging 31, 640 INR for dilevery of the winning prize courier.
      Respectd Sir,
      Good morning,

      I m Deepak Kumar Goyal and i want to know about ur company and their branches is it in jamshedpur or not, because i m a student and ur service charge is too much for me.
      i am send email to you but do"not send please send your mail regarding yahoo msn lottery winning prize my name vikramkhera A501 plotno22 sector 19 kharghar navimumbai india410210 mobilno [protected].
      pls help me sir
      i cant find your courier brbch addre in ahmedabad
      pls give me a full address of your branch in ahmdbad
      or any person contact no if leave in ahmedabad from your office staff
      my identification no is-parcel/num/1405
      pls give me a positive reply for how i found it
      pls help me sir
      i wait for your reply
      hi dis is manjunath i reside in blore, recently i got a msg from transworld dispatch courier cmpny dat i hv won dis company fake r true plz let me knw abt dis matter...if it is really true den y dey r asking the courier charges before the delivery of the parcel...m so confused plz do any help me regarding this issue...thank u...
      please dont get fool by this company. this company is completely fake... i hv enquire each and every thing ... even u can enquire, if you dont believe me
      Please stop this kind of Lottery or frauding companies,

      Anil sharma
      Sir plz inform me about Transworld Courier dispatch Company. Is it certified.
      i got an lottery of 750, 00.00GBP from The Msn/Yahoo Lottery Incorporation. i am from ujjain MP state of india. Here i want to know that how much money i will be charged for the delivery.
      Hey people.. even i got the same mail and i am awaiting for the courier copmanys mail.. i am confused.. Without any guarantee and proof we cant pay to the courier company.. These coments realy helped me.. thank yu all..

      Transworld Courier Dispatch Ltd — complain against the Transworld Courier Dispatch Service be fooling all people

      Respected sir,
      I am Biswarup Saha s/o Ashok Saha,
      Acharya Prafulla Pally, Agarpara, 24 parganas(N)

      Sir yahoo/msn send me a email because you have win a some money by yahoo i fill up all information to this company. Then they again send me mail although they claim that they only chose 5 winner.But by search I'm seeing these many people also gate same things.
      I am writing here mail of this Courier company:-Mention Below

      DUDE, thats a spam.. avoid involving in all those stuffs. They will fool you - snatch your money and give you NOTHING in return.. So, be careful. Such emails are dangerous, be smart and don't give your details.

      Take care and have a nice time...
      Hi, Even i believe this is fake... i also received this email and wanted to first confirm if such a courier company exists :) Thank god i did a google search and found you guys... useful comments friends... thank you very much... ;) Regards, Amutha

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