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Williamstag — fraud company williamstag

 Vinay Masina on Jan 17, 2018
First they gave me free project of 160 pages. After completing the project they told me that i have 94% accuracy and i am eligible for 27340 rs salary. For that i have to pay 3850 as gst amount. Ithey gave me account details for send money to their account, i have their account details. An executive named arpitha called me and told that i will get salary on nov 18. Later when i contacted them they told that it has delay and i will get it on nov 20. They didn't sent me work files also. What can i do now sir. Now all their phone numbers are switched off. Their site is also vanished. Everyone should...
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Williamstag — online fraud

 Nived Shibu on Dec 1, 2017
On the promises and assurances that were given to me by bindiya, the representative of williamstag (The company), i was misled to transfer an amount of seven thousand rupees.
The person who used to contact me regarding my work and the cash transfers, bindiya cannot be contacted now because the numbers are switched off.
The following numbers were given to me for contacting them and the same cant be reached anymore.
The email address they have contacted me from was bindiya. Ws@gmail.com
I had sent a copy of...
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Williamstag — offline data entry cheating

 Dogood1102 on Nov 27, 2017
I was taking a data entry project from this company williams tag (www.Williamstag.Com) situated in hyderabad.
Last month they provided 160 images and what we have to do is to type it in ms word and send back.
I have submitted the completed project on nov 1st, they requested me to do so.
On nov 6th i recieved a message telliing, my project has been approved and validated.
So i will get an amount of rs. 27500 as salary, but before that i have to pay an amount of rs. 3850/- as gst clearance (14% of salary amount).
I have paid the amount via paytm. They told me...
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Williamstag — online data provider and cheated everyone by making them to pay rs 3850 rupees as gst

 jrl on Nov 23, 2017
They are a online data entry provider and ask us to retype 160 pages of article in 1 5 days time ans ask to submit by november 1st after that they informed that you are article is selected and and u will get further articles for a year. They demanded to pay 3850 to the them through paytm or to the following bank
Account holder sashikala a/c no [protected] ifsc code sbin0020096 sb account mouliali branch telngana. After receiving the amount they promised they will pay the salary by 20th of november. From 20th onwards their mobile numbers and the website were vanished....
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Williamstag — it's really fake

 shafi811 on Nov 22, 2017
Sir, they provide me a offfline data project, they tell after complete the project to pay gst 14% then after i will get salary, i am pay 10000rs sir after that they did not response any email or ph call sir pl help sir to get my money sir pl sir we are poor sir we hope to get money and we willl borrow money and pay to them sir but now they did not response any thing sir pl help sir pls...
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Williamstag — data entry project - free registration

 Raj0516 on Nov 22, 2017
We have received a message from williamstag on data entry project as free of registeration.. We had registered and completed the project by nov1st and got an confirmation message as well.. Post that, we had received a message as your project has been successfully completed and payment will be credited by 20th (Monday) as sat and sun is holiday before that to clear the gist charge of rs 3850/- accordingly we had cleared the same through paytm. While checking on 20th, these # gangs numbers were switched off and the website was totally down. Guys please don't do such things in future as it was...
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Williamstag — money cheat

 Abhiiiii on Nov 21, 2017
They cheat me by offering an online ad view job and ask me to transfer 2000 rs.
I transfer the amount because it feel all like genuine, especially the bank account is sbi, so i think it's genuine and provide a number which is always available. I call regularly to ensure and an e mail by them.
But after the day of money transfer i don't get any call and i try to call by the number. But it is switched off and the e-mail does not exist now.
I am totally # up had no way to trace..
The screenshots of their bank account and the number is given in the photos.
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Williamstag — payment not received

 Abinaya Devaraj on Nov 21, 2017
They have given about 160 pages as a project that is to be completed within nov 1. We have submitted the project on date. They said there will be a quality checking for 3 days and after that the amount will be fixed w. R. T the quality we achieved. After fixing the amount, they said to pay rs.3850 as gst. We all had a double mind to pay, but some people posted as this is a reputed company, i am working in it and i have no issues like. So we also proceeded with their words. And at last all their mobile numbers, websites and email id's were not reachable. All were vanished. Please help us. Nearly...
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Williamstag — I am complaining it is a fraud company

 Pradeepkumar1978 on Nov 21, 2017
I am pradeep kumar on nov 21, 2017 submit a complaint
Yes, william stag is really fake. At starting they don't ask money simply give project and told us to clear gst to get salary after submitting the project they ask u to clear gst after clearing gst they don't pay salary
So guys don't believe it. I fooled by them by paying money in name of clearing gst.
My request to everyone. Please don't believe like this fake company (William stags).
Sending screenshot of that fraud mails...
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Williamstag — offline data entry work

 warehouse on Nov 20, 2017
They asked me to work on a data entry job with 200 pages and submit later, they said i have to pay rs.5000/- for gst charges. They said salary of 28000/- will be deposited on 4th december. But now they have switched off their phone numbers and mail id is also inactive. Please help. Even the website is not inactive. The phone number was [protected], [protected]. Active mail id was
Aswathy. Ws@gmail.com...
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