[Resolved] 7 Drives The Multi Car Shop — Car Not Delivered on Time & Booking Amount Too not being Refunded

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 Mukund S Kale on Jan 29, 2013
I had booked a Maruti Suzuki Dzire car through a Multi Car Dealer - 7 Drives Multi Car Showroom on the 28th of Dec & had paid a booking amount of Rs.10,000/- for the same. I also got an email from the showroom salesperson - Vipul Naik, stating that the car would be delivered within 4 weeks. However, even after a month, there was no sight of the car & the salesperson was insistent on making the full payment towards the car. Moreover, the calls made for the enquiry of the delivery date were not answered. I therefore cancelled the booking, but the salesperson says that, the booking amount would not be returned, as the car has already landed in Mumbai. However, when asked for the Engine & Chasis no. there was again no response.
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Now there is no issue between us and it has already been resolved. That company i.e. 7 drive multi car shop, gave me approx 50% of money which was given by me at the time of car booking as well as they offered me car at a very lower EMI. These are the steps which were taken by the company to resolve this issue. So this was my misconception and was really want to show my anger and frustration on that particular car dealer company at any cost.
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Mr. Sandeep jha is giving tel. No. for feedback in case of Mr. Mukund kale.but let him clarify at any given time whether anybody can get any person in the company. The receptionist flatly refuses to connect to any concerned person. I have been cheated by these same people & incurred loss of about 15, 000. Also, they had provided me with fake registration which they changed after four days of delivery. Imagine if something happened during that period. I openly challenge Mr. Sandeep jha to come face to face if he denies these facts.
Please beware before dealing with such people.
third class service
if you want to increase ur blood pressure, deal with 7 drives the multi car showroom at andheri
people over there are very unprofessional and you wl just waste your time in pursuing with them once you book a vehicle with them.
be alert if you get a call from any unauthorized dealer.

they are just cheat and you will have to pursue with them for everything. its always better to deal with professional authorized dealers instead of going with such unprofessional unauthorized cheats.
they wont deliver the car in time and the customer will have to chase behind them for getting the delivery. so be alert if you get any call from any unauthorized car dealer.

dont get tempted with their offers. its always better to deal with authorized dealers.
It is strange that Mr.Mukund Kale has no audacty to visit 7 Drives and ask for his so called refund. The truth is he has been frivolously defamed our companies named just to harm our reputation. He was messaged by my person and he was also updated about everything. It seems that he was not financially equipped to buy a Brand new car hence forth he dropped the idea to buy and to recover money he tried to demean my companies name. Mr. Mukund Kale has been working for reputed company but I believe he is yet to understand the basic contracts and transactions system.

If any one wants to react on this, Kindly call[protected]. Your opinions are important to us but don't believe any incomplete truth, GET THE FULL DETAILS BEFORE YOU MAKE UP YOUR MIND.
Worst car buying experience. Worst dealing of my life. All the excitement of buying a new car went away. They are liars and never kept their words. Took 60 days to deliver what they promised to deliver in 20 days, that too after lot of perseverance .They They kept lying about the status of the car. They save the cost by ordering the car from some other cities(Pune, in my case). Never never never never never go to these people. Never trust them. You will never get your car without fighting with them. I lost my peace of mind in this process. Stay away from all these agents.
I agree with other customers. These people are frauds ! Sandeep Jha shame on you. How can you even dare to lie on a social platform ? People like you should be jailed for the extent of harassment.
Mr Rohan is right. they fools every time
Respected Sir,

This is regarding the fake commitments and mental harassment by ‘7 Drives Multi Car shop’ Authorized DSA of Mithila Hyundai Cars Pvt Ltd. located at Unit no. 144, 1st Floor,
Laxmi Plaza, Laxmi Indl. Estate, New Link Road, Andheri (W), Mumbai – 400053.

Contact persons :
Mr. Vikas Dongre Gauri Patil

I Amol Gadekar, have booked Hyudai Grand i10 Astra (o)
Petrol – Golden orange colour with ‘7 Drives Multi Car Shop’ on 27th
Jan 2014 with booking amount of 1 Lakh Rupees (Cheque no. 912113, HDFC Bank) on
the name of ‘7 DRIVES FINANCIAL SERVICES’. This check got cleared immediately
on next day. At the time of booking i was assured with delivery date as 6th Feb 2014. At the time of booking i
made them clear about all available documents which i can provide. They said
that, if i give them Adjustment charges there will not be any issue with my documentation.
And any how they were going to charge me the same amount under ‘RTO processing’
which i didn’t understand.

Further on 8th Feb 2014, I got my Car loan disbursed in favor of ‘MITHILA CARS PVT. LTD ’ from State Bank of India (Chandivali Branch). While asked about name discrepancy for loan disbursement they said SBI won’t disburse loan to ‘7 Drives Multi Car Shop’ and they have tie up with ‘MITHILA CARS PVT LTD’ so nothing to worry about. They gave written commitment on delivery date as 12th to 14th Feb 2014 to me (via email) and confirmed the same to SBI person when they called them for delivery confirmation date with regards to loan disbursement. Further i come to know that till now they have not provided proper receipts / documents to SBI.

On same day i.e. 8th Feb 2014 i made remaining payment of Rs. 63, 500/- (Cheque No. 912124, HDFC Bank) on the name of ‘MITHILA CARS PVT LTD’ along with Form 20 and trade certificate (Loan disbursement docs from SBI).

As of 8th Feb 2014 all required documentation and payment is done from my end.

Below is overall verbal communication happened so far :Right from the booking date 27th Jan 2014 i was misguided on documents and my car delivery status. They never bothered to call me on their own. Even though my 1 Lakh check got cleared on next day they
were saying that your whole process is stucked up as this check is not cleared. When i called them on 6th Feb 2014, after
10-15 attempts they picked up my call and gave me further excuse of Loan disbursement for delay in my car booking. I was shocked by this statement, as i have already paid booking amount of 1 Lakh against it and till now they have not booked car against my name.

When asked, for what purpose booking amount of 1 Lakh is taken, then they replied in very arrogant way saying that until and unless your loan is disbursed we are not going to proceed further. When my loan got disbursed on 8th Feb 2014 they further asked me to pay remaining balance of Rs.63500/- and make 100 % payment along with few documents. They gave me further commitment of 12th
to 14th Feb 2014 for delivery.

After 8th Feb 2014, when i call them to get the status, they neither bother to attain my call nor give me call back. Further i tried to escalate this issue to their Senior / Owner Mr. Vikas Dongre and in reply i got threatening response by showing how powerful man he is. He started threatening me by his Father’s name who is in Police department. Also he is saying they cant give me my car before 20 to 25 days more.

The way i am being threaten by Mr. Vikas Dongre representative of 7 DRIVES MULTI CAR SHOP i found myself trapped economically. Needles to mention about my mental harassment and emotional sufferings am going through.When i called Mithila Cars Pvt. Ltd. Mira Road they started giving me other excuses and always put my call on hold around 10-15 min and rotating my call from this person to another. One time they replied your car might be registered with the name of 7 DRIVES MULTI CAR SHOP. I was shocked by this answer because car has to be on my name and when i asked them fine tell me my car status and VIN number
they cut my call.

I have already declared them that i don't want buy a car from you just cancel my car and refund my amount. Further they continuously asking me your car is landed in showroom so do i want buy or not. But i knew if they have my car with them they should provide me my VIN / Chassis Number where they have till yet no response. Even SBI person asked they for the same and payment receipt of there loan amount which they yet not provided. They are hiding so many things and lying always even misguiding SBI persons and me.

Being a salaried middle class person its difficult for me to fight against bullies like this. Am hereby requesting you to help me on this
issue and also stop repeating this with other persons dreaming for car like me. I can provide all detailed documents / Receipts mentioned above.

NOTE : When i try to complain about this issue in Consumer court portal and on social network sites, I found lots of complains against ‘7 Drives Multi Car shop’ Authorized DSA of Mithila Hyundai Cars Pvt Ltd. ( www.7drivesmulticar.com ) below are couple of links which i found.

Sir, I just wanted to ask you one thing. Is it that difficult
to buy a car from Hyundai? Where other dealers do it with ease and lot
of respect.

Please contact me on [protected] Amol G or email me amolg.network@gmail.com
Even other guys who also got suffered and harassed by these guys please contact me so we can do further procedure together.

If we Educated people not take action and think of Justice how it will happen.Tomorrow some another guy may became victim of this.
We Hyundai i10 on 15th April 2014, and done loan disbursement through
SBI didn't get the car still now have not received the car waiting since 3months, neither giving the money back nor the car. New buyers please be aware of this and don't invest your money and time in such kind of organisations they are cheaters.
This is regarding the fake commitments and mental harassment by ‘7 Drives Multi Car shop’ Authorized DSA of Mithila Hyundai Cars Pvt Ltd. located at Unit no. 144, 1st Floor,
Laxmi Plaza, Laxmi Indl. Estate, New Link Road, Andheri (W), Mumbai – 400053.

frod dealer..
I, Sonia D'Mello purchased Hyundai Xcent SX petrol Blue color from 7 Drives MultiCar Shop. I had booked the car on 21st May '14. 7 Drives got my loan done from ICICI bank and although I was promised delivery within 20-25 days, I got the delivery of my car within one month. I'm overall happy with 7 Drives service. Good Service from 7 Drives. Thank u guys!
They are worst fellows. Don't believe 7 drives'guys. They will trap you and cheat you. They are the no 1 cheaters. Don't believe Amit Mishra who will be prompt on taking money but after that he will not bother about the delivery of your car.

Don't believe them. I have already hired professional for complaints in Consumer forum.

I booked Hyundai xcent through 7 drives multicar .They have cheated like anything. Details are as below:
1) Cheated with Rs 6000/- for the insurance charges
2) Cheated with Rs 3000/- more with RTO charges
3) Cheated with promise of giving accessories which they are not giving
4) Charging extra at the time of delivery after getting full payment ( Rs 7000/- more), otherwise not ready to deliver the car
5) Without passing the car, they delivered and not bothered about that for 20 days
6) Not bothered about my car no plate. I got this after more than 1 month
7) Not bothered to reply my call
8) Don't believe Amit Mishra of 7 Drives Multi car. He is a no 1 lier.
9) Infact you should not believe any 7 drives guys
10) They delivered my car on 11th Oct 2014 after lot of rigorous effort, till now they didnot settle my issues.


Dear Amol G,

You can take the service of AKOSHA, thru online. They will work on behalf of you. Just google with Akosha.

Prakash Mandal
We had purchased a Hyundai- i20 from 7 Drives The Multi Car Shop at
Andheri, Mumbai. They are one of the biggest cheats you might come
across. Firstly, the car was not delivered on time. When we opted to
cancel the booking and complied with all the formalities, no refund was
given stating that since our car has arrived, they cannot refund the
amount to us unless the car is sold to someone else. When we spoke to
the dealer's sales exec- Mr. Sandeep Jha he said that, "Do you know our
owner's father is a ACP with the Mumbai police branch?" To cut short our
trauma, we re-negotiated the deals and took the delivery of the car.

When we did not receive the RC book for more than 6 months, we started
calling the dealer's sales exec- Mr. Sandeep Jha for it. Eventually we
came to know that our car was delivered to us on a fake number plate.
The car was not registered and delivered to us on FAKE NUMBER PLATE by
the dealer!

We were so tired of them and scared. If anything had happened we would
have been in a big problem. Hence rather than going to the police
station, we started our rounds with the RTO. This time since they were
cornered, the dealer assisted us to a certain extent and we got the
registration formalities done.

Coming to the existing problem:
When we sent our car for the service, we came to know that our car's
extended warranty has not been punched in the system. We had paid for an
extended warranty along with our car's payment. Now it has been more
than 4 months since we are trying to contact the dealer's sales exec Mr
Zishan Shaikh (sandeep jha's replacement) for our extended warranty
certificate. He is always pushing us with " it will be done within 2-3
days, its ready with the company..' and other such excuses.

We are really tired of them. We would advise each and everyone out there
not to be enticed with their lucrative offers. We were lucky enough not
to fall in any problem with the fake number-plate. Imagine if a dealer
has the audacity to threaten you with the owner's connections to the
police and delivering you an unregistered car with fake number plate!

We would be more than happy to get our extended warranty certificate and
snap all contacts with these cheaters once and for all..
I suggest one should buy from authorised dealers only. 7 drives might manage some extra discount but their whole buying process is painful and you get to deal with a bunch of immature and unprofessional people. They are totally ignorant of customer satisfaction.
I wish they hire a professional who would teach them how to sustain with credibility.
Booked two cars in April 2015. Its July 13, 2015, yet to get even one car with registration and number. Have cancelled one on June 27, 2015, was assured refund by June 29, 2015, and it is July 13, 2015 today, no idea where is the refund. These guys are 100% fraud. Please do not fall for these guys and there cheap offers, as you will only loose out on your money. I will be initiating a criminal proceeding for fraud against the following of the Company: Guari, Zeeshan and Amit.

Save your time and money. Do not fall for these guys and their hollow and fraudulent promises.
Fraud dealer he is..do not by any vehicles frm 7Drives multi cars..1number ka cheater hai..

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