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I am 24 years old male from Chennai. I am here going to say about Chennai Plastic Surgery Clinic, 10, Mc Nichols Rd, Chetpet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600031.

Dr.Karthik who doing this business in the name of Chennai Plastic Surgery, you can find their website

Ok. Come to my experience with this Clinic.

I am basically lean guy until my teen age but after finished my college and when I started working in the BPO Company, I Started putting weight on my body. Specially I put weight on my chest and stomach area. Specially in my chest became like girls boobs which very pathetic to say, I didn’t remove shirt in front my friends and family members too. It was too bad. Some friend notice that and they started kalachifing me a lot. But I don’t care about my weight on my stomach area. Its bcoz I had a confident that I can reduce that by doing exercise and diet.

It had been very difficult to reduce weight on chest area (specially when it looks like boobs). in medical term it called “gynecomastia”.

I decided to go for surgery for my male boobs (gynecomastia) problem. Then, googled a lot about this and seen many videos in youtube also. Finally, I decided for surgery with Dr.Karthik, Chennai Plastic Surgery, Chetpet, Chennai. Reason behind I selected Dr.karthik his their clinic looks too good. They had nice interior and he also spoke very nice (before surgery). But one main problem with them is they are too costly. Other doctors in Chennai charging around Rs.40000 for Gynecomastia surgery, but Dr. Karthik charges around Rs.70000. (this is one of the reason I chosen him, I thought he will worth for that)

I am fresher and earning around Rs.20000. so, 70k was big money for me. So, I took 4 months to save this amount and went back to them for surgery. I was ready to do surgery even it was too costly for me its bcoz I have been suffered a lot on this problem.

After I paid Rs.70000 in the reception area they gave me a slip for that and asked me to come particular day in the morning…

I went for surgery in that day. Dr. karthik came one hour late. They started my surgery 2 hours delay. After surgery I felt some pain in the chest area. They kept me in the opposite hospital found in the same street.

No body from their clinic been with me for asking anything. After 2 or 4 hours I myself went to reception and asked them to know what next?. They simply said, your surgery was over, you can leave. They asked me to come 7 days later to remove stitches.

I reached home in the same day. I have seen my chest in the mirror it was pain and fully covered. After 7 days I went their clinic. They removed stitches.

I was shocking while seeing my chest. It was same like before surgery. They said “it will be ok after 1 month”.

After 1 month, they said it will be ok after 3 months.

After 3 month, they said it will be ok after 6 months.

But even after 6 months, its being like same as before surgery…I totally disappointed with their service. And they don’t care about the patient after patient paid money for the surgery.

Dr. karthik and his staff will care about you until you pay your surgery amount to them…
Dr.Karthik's response, Feb 04, 2015
Hi. This is Dr.Karthik Ram from Chennai Plastic Surgery. I was a little taken aback at this client's post on the web regarding how he was cheated etc. I would like to bring to your notice that this client was already operated by another senior surgeon in the city. He however seemed to have grave concerns over a mild defect which was almost unnoticeable. We tried to counsel him since he had a deep psychological issue due to the male breast. But he was very determined to undergo the surgery. If I had not operated to him, he would have gone elsewhere anyway. We religiously followed up with him over follow up calls and requested him to come over for a follow up. He never showed up. We can only address issues if a client turns up for regular follow up. We even tried to connect with him after the post. Our business is being disrupted heavily because of this. Request you consider this as an earnest request and please delete this comment.
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Hello Dr. Karthik,

Will u simply say, a person has psychological issue, since he had posted about your bad service.

It clearly shows that, your primary motive is money not customer satisfaction or perfect service.

And your comment seems to be udpated many times, which shows that, you want to say something to pepople, so that they will believe it.

I hope Kirana is your fake ID.( or some one belongs to ur hospital)

i was looking for a service from your hospital but after reading this complaint from that guy, how can i.

Basically I was very lean boy, but after I joined in IT firm. I started putting weight on my body especially in my chest area. Day by day it seems very bad and looks like breast (girl’s boobs). This is called Gynecomastia in medical term. I m very shy type guy who not used to tell anything to my relatives and friends. In later, everyone notice that I had more weight in my chest area and started to ask me on this. So I decided to go gym and tried but no use.

Finally, I decided to do Gynecomastia surgery to rectify this. I searched doctor for the same and got Dr.Karthik who himself called Gynecomastia Surgeon. He is running hospital named “Chennai Plastic Surgery” is located at New no 12, old no 10,
Mc Nichols road, 4th lane, Chetpet, Chennai - 600031, India.

I paid around Rs. 80, 000 for this surgery.

They asked me to come on empty stomach in the morning for the surgery. Dr. Karthik have done surgery for me. With in a day I came to home..

After that, they not even calling and gave any medicine. And they don’t even care about what about me.

After all, still I am having the same size boobs are which look more bigger than earlier.

No use of paid Rs.80000.. No support given by them. Not care about the patient after received the payment from them. Even not getting cure..

Please don’t believe Chennai Plastic Surgery
@thespecial Is this after you or before your automobile company?? is a genuine forum to post real complaints, not the fake ones that you make up to bring bad reputation to others.
I am disgusted by such activity.

@ Kindly have a method to validate such fake complaint posters, I know this is a bit difficult but such posters are effortlessly misusing the media to spoil other's reputation.
I had my gynecomastia surgery with Dr. Karthik Ram on Nevember 2015, it is 6 months since I had the surgery and I am extremely happy with the results.

Before I called up their hospital to fix the surgery date I did my research to find information and experience of others, I found this link and felt concerned if Dr. Karthik is the right person to treat my condition. But I went ahead because they had the simplest process for the surgery - Had a pre-op by 9AM and few hrs later my surgery was done. Which means I had to spend only about 6-7 hrs in the hospital. I was alone, they arranged for a male assistant to takecare of me after surgery. I took an auto back to my hotel room and stayed there until 3rd day for a basic checkup. Since that day I have been seeing my chest getting better and better. I decided to write here after complete recovery as a gesture of thanks to Dr. Karthik Ram and his team.

From what I have seen in the hospital, this gynecomastia surgery is a no big deal surgery for Dr.Karthik and his team. They do around 2-3 or even more surgeries each day, the only regret I have is I should have taken the decision to undergo surgery much before because I can truely feel the freedom and confidence when I walk. I dont have to shrink my shoulder and hide the gland protrusion, I can happily wear tight T-shirts, swim with friends.

For others who are researching to find out if this condition can be corrected without surgery - No, I have done a 8 yr research and have tried all the weight loss and bodybuilding techniques, I even had a six pack but the gland will always show up. Surgery is the only way to correct gynecomastia.
Worst doctor Please don't risk your life like me.I have had 2 surgeries performed by Dr Ram which costed me about costed me a bit but in exchange i got multiple heath problems and wasting about 3 years of my life and paying AUD$60, 000 to get my nose fixed by a well known Australian doctor. Over past years i have been though a lot because DR Karthik Ram and if you want to go through the same problematic situations and risk your life then its your choice . BE AWARE OF Dr KARTHIK RAM WORST SURGEON.
Hi !
I underwent multiple lipoma surgery recently and I am really satisfied with the result with less pain. Here I would like to extend my thanks to Dr. Karthik Ram and all the staffs of Chennai Plastic Surgery.
Hi !
I underwent multiple lipoma surgery recently and I am really satisfied with the result with less pain. Here I would like to extend my thanks to Dr. Karthik Ram and all the staffs of Chennai Plastic Surgery.
Worst clinic.not only this.Dr.Jayanthi in tamira clinic gopalapuram is same.I had little issue with double chin.she said hve to pay 130000.her junior Dr.tilaka made my double chin like fourble face cheek muscle everything went to different shape one side is deviated.I luk worse now.wen questioned Dr.jayanthi said I'm psycho.she said u only came in search of us.she said its bcz of lipo done to ur neck 10yrs ago.they tuk before and after pics still she said its's been six month .these people spoiled my life.her manager blocked my numbers.beware of this clinic.nvr met worse doctor like jayanthi .she mite say lies and escape now.I wish God teaches her a lesson for taking a girl life for granted.Dr.tilaka too.
Hello cindrellam,

This is Dr Jayanthy. Yes we did “ Thermage “ on you . This is purely non surgical. You had undergone surgical procedure on face before with a displaced implant in the nose and asymmetric face and came to us for correction. We wanted to do the minimum and thus suggested Thermage. We cannot post your before and after pictures without your consent. However I would suggest to post your before and after pictures for others to see. If you do so we could post from our side too to clarify that your concern is addressed partially as we promised.
I was planning to visit the clinic due to hair fall. After reading all the comments and posts. How can I take a risk?. Thanks to everyone from the bottom of my heart for sharing your real time experience.

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