Cits Recruiters, Hrdop, Canada Outsourcing It Setvice — cheating non-payment of working salary.

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Cits recruiters,HRDOP, Canada outsourcing it services,9302 100st.grande prairie, AB,T8V,2K9,canada, Bengalore,andhra, India
 160100598 on Apr 5, 2019
One nirosha from cits recruiters, sent me a mail xplaining i have been selected for their part time job, after collecting my number from quicker. They given 1t0 pages pdf file and asked me for typing in ms word. On 22.2 and i had done the work and submitted on 8.3.19 which they examined and approved by their letter dated 11.3 and agreed to give 733.44 doler. Indian rupees 51, 250. And collected 463 rupees for doller changing charge. Again they asked to remit 9800 rupees that is quite.7 percent of the total amount to her account. I had doubted her massage so i had not remitted such an amount. On verification it is seen that they had removed all email, watsapp and phone pnections. So i not able to contact them. The letters received from cits recruiters and canadaoutsoucing it service are kept in my hand and other massages. Thrir massages are from cits recrutersar gmail com. Nirosha. Recruiter1, at and phone[protected], [protected], [protected].

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hello friends... same happened to me..i paid 460 for the code and 4, 600 and 4, 100 as pac charges..from yesterday onwards their numbers are switched off.. what to do now??? i am shokced by your comments. i gave my hostel fees to them. now what to do?
Am the same
Nirosha had called me too. The same as you had told and also asked me to send to know my password. I send an amount of 450 to get my corrct password. She also had called me to say that the Pac amount was waivered. But i have to be paying half the amount. I tried calling them from yday morning. By evening the phone was switched off. And all the numbers they had given is also switched off.
Aneesha Shibu's reply, Apr 5, 2019
I also cheated by nirosha. She asked me to pay 8125 rupees for registration fees. I lost my money.
Well, here is my story. I was employed by CITS by one Jeevan IT Recruiter Co. Hyderabad (BW.HIREME is the messages name).
I was given 150 pages PDF to MS Word which I have finished in 20 days time. I was allocated one Nandini (to hell with her-the cheater having a God's name) as my Senior Recruiter.
I have paid to Rs 420 for correction and Rs 1, 500 for a laptop (8GB RAM 1TB HARD DISK). The same salary amount as mentioned by above (Rs 51, 250) was informed to be remitted to my GooglePay account. First the date was April 02nd, changed to April 03rd, and finally to April 04th. No salary has come and no laptop also.
Today (05.40.2019), I called all the numbers and all of them were taken out of whatsapp and switched off.
They have sent product information as CANADA OUTSOURCING IT SERVICES, 9302 100 st. Grande Prairie, AB, T8V, 2K9.
If some one has a hyderabad local contact, the CITS address could be found and all of them could be booked under Cyber Crime. Can We do that?
Revathiram's reply, Apr 5, 2019
If someone gets cyber crime police contact no, we all can form a watsapp group nd cal the police continuosly one after one.the police may look into it seeing the no. Of victims calling them
Mary acquiline annet's reply, Apr 8, 2019
If we can do that i am also with u.. becaz the same was happto me.. my salary is april 4and refund date is 6.. and then changed to april 2 as my salary date but.. nothing happened and all contacts are switched off
Hello friends. Same happened to me... I paid 482 for the code and 4815 and 4095 as pac charges... Yesterday onwards their numbers are switched off ... Now what we have to do guys??
Yeah me too...paid a total of 9000 in there a way to lodge any complaint against them nd teach them a lesson.
Same happened to me too.. paid 9000rs in total to those cheaters.cant we do something about these scammers.
Hema Pushpa's reply, Apr 5, 2019
Same thing happened to me also what we do now..
Revathiram's reply, Apr 5, 2019
May be lodging a complaint to cyber crime police may help...i hv lodged mine.all of us complaining together may highlight the issue nd dey may help
i am also one of the person who suffering from them by paying them amount of rs 477& 8523

same her guys. i also paid 9000 rupees. from my scholarship money.. even my mom don't know. i'm afraid of that
Usharani Valaparla's reply, Apr 7, 2019
me also paid 9000/- same happened to me. did any one get any mail from Arvindkumar, Hari Kiran which contain KYE DETAILS .DOC. Kindly check everyone if anyone get plz inform. Because i got doubt who cheated us they create new gmail and again asking for the work.
Guys there's no use in repenting on our loss now.lets make a effort to recover our lost money. I have lodged a complaint to cyber crime online.u too file ur own complaints under title scammer canada outsourcing it services.police may look into it if victims no. Is higher
Racma's reply, Apr 7, 2019
Could you send the site for complainjng online.
Mary acquiline annet's reply, Apr 8, 2019
Could you send me the site toregister my complain
i have made a whatsapp group and you guys join then we can go for legal action
msg me [protected]
Dear All,
It is very much disgusting to note more and more people have come out explaining their SCAM experience with CITS, Hyderabad.
Following Mobile numbers were used by the Scammers:
+[protected]for Acer Laptop)
[protected] -Phonepe number of Vemulavada Laxman

I came to know all these numbers were issued by Vodafone Co.Ltd. to the scammers. Can we report these numbers to cybercrime to trace out the Scammers.

2 - Whoever has paid their money through PhonePe or Googlepay, can contact their bankers, give them the UPI number, amount, Payment ID number, date etc.. so that your banker may try to trace out the payments and reverse them when the receiving bank agrees to do so. I have already complained to my ICICI bank (customer.[protected] about the two amounts I wrongly sent to Vemulavada Laxman to his Axis bank account. ICICI has also replied to me they will trace out and reverse the payments. God only knows I could get back the money or not.

The best and reliable part of this scam is, they do it more professionally. says not to pay any money to any Recruiter. So these scammers (hell with them), give you work first, evaluate your work, inform your salary amount and then they ask for all the monies to cheat you.

I am a retired person and don't have a job since 5 months and I have also lost Rs 10, 500 to this fradulent, evil monger.
Same thing happened me too
Hi friends,
The same thing happened to me . my Recruiter name is Vaigha I remitt the SMS fee and the security deposit but yesterday on words their phone number is switched off
Hi friends,
The same thing happened to me . my Recruiter name is Vaigha I remitt the SMS fee and the security deposit but yesterday on words their phone number is switched off

There are some proof of send money I paid for sms cost 490 and security amount 8500 laptop charge 1500

hello friends, same thing happened to me
even i paid 462+4500+4000
my recruiter was bindu
she was the email recruiter.[protected]
these many people cheated...
all the numbers are switched off and mails are blocked
even google pay and phone accounts are blocked
every place a complaint to online cybercrime
hello everyone
same thing happened to me
my recruiter was akruthi..with email recriuter.[protected]
and common mail was cits.[protected]
and the number used for payment are [protected]
even i paid 462+4000+4500
same problem guys I am also ready to cyber crime team complaint, and lot of money scam to CITS recruiters and Hire me iam also paid to amount 442+8558=9000 loss of money its very froud company friends
and one thing totaly one whats app group create any one add all numbers loss of candiates numbers please all guyes ok
I am Ravi bharothu
number :[protected]
from :vijayawada
krishna dt
I am also one among you guyz...but i jst paid 418 ...but These teams should be caught and further no one should be trapped...

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