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 xxxxyyy on Aug 23, 2011
hai friends!!!!

dont go this 4w technologies.this is a fraud company.their hr and MD both are fraud people.they did not give proper salary for freshers.they treated employess as a slave.so freshers dont wast ur time and energy for these fraud company.
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Hi Dudes,
Am Balaji i Was working in 4W Technologies for 2 years. Am very much vexed by seeing all those stupid comments about this company. Really its good company for freshers and they can learn more in technically. I got more than 3 offers (3i infotech, Atlas CTS and FIS) now working in FIS. Its very difficult to get selected in fis but i got clear without any problem because 4W technologies. So please dont blame on company...

Balaji S
Yes I Agree with you

I have also been a part of their betrayal. they donot give proper salary and expect you to work a lot.

they will force you to sign a bond of two years and pay a deposit of 1 lakh.

even if you are not able to get a job, dont try this company, once you enter, theres no going back.

please wait and choose a better company.

a well wisher
Hai friends,

4wtechnologies a good and best company for freshers . They are giving a very good opportunity to freshers . Like other companies they are not putting tests on languages like (C, C++ ) its like a simple mathematical test, who ever good in mathematical they can clear the test easely ... yes, Now a days all most all of the companies has two years bond . But in 4wtechnologies they are not forcing you to sign a bond, If your willing you can get into that . Every employee is getting six months of training and they are becoming very good in technically so at that time the employee is quit the job without the company knowledge and they break rules without completing the two years bond it will be a very big loss to any company .
so friends why you can't in this way...
if you complete the two years bond why they won't provide experience certificate and so on...

Well Wisher

Hi, may be the above mentioned profile so called can be created from 4wtech itself tats y trying to cover up thier f****g stories or she must be ganesh'(<3 pet). it is not a company first of all . MD and HR are the big cheaters and operations head is another bast***. i request any one who has been betrayed as like me register an complaint against them for not giving the certificates.
Hi Dear friends,

My name is Sundara Moorthy Jeganathan, I worked in this company (4w Technologies) for More than 2 years. i really disappointed by seeing the above comments. Now i am working in HCL as Senior Software Engineer because of hard work with 4W only, this is sure.

From the comments above i noticed some words "Bond, Cheating and Proper salary".

Every company is having a bond. They will explain you about it before you joining there, choice is yours choosing the company or not. i too worked under bond in 4W technologies when i completed my bond period i didn't leave the company because they respect me any my knowledge. If you are not satisfied please check the history of 4W and their senior Employees.

All the companies are paying very less pay in their probation period. Till the company trust you they will not pay you more. this is applicable even for Microsoft. Hard work never fails and never cheat you.

Till i worked there i got good and proper salary for me and for all my friends depends on their ability.

If you want i will give my Contact number you can talk to me.

Please do not blame others for your mistake. you are responsible what is happening for you. you will blame others unless you work well.

I will forward this to all my senior employees who are in some good position all around the world. you will get comment from them too.

Sundara Moorthy Jeganathan
Hi Dear Friends,

My name is Sundara Moorthy Jeganathan i had been a part of 4W technologies for more than 2 year. I am feeling bad about the comments above. None of the above is true.

whomesoever wrote this should mind one point that is hard work never fails. Please work hard and the rewards will follow you. i kindly request you not to blame others.

4W is a very good company who produce you as a competition less product to the world please mind this. And please dont think you are smart to complain other. if you are a gold and you are worth every where.

Provide your comments with proper name. so that the points will be valid. I am working in an MNC now as a senior software engineer. i really feel bad to see this kind of worst activity. i trust all my past companies gave me good knowledge and the ablity to work any where in the world.

Sundara Moorthy Jeganathan.
if i gets selected in 4w tech.. how much salary they ll give as compensation...
i am in confused above comments.. pls tell its bad or not tell
hi buddies plz give the proper information about the company bcoz tmrw il i gonna to attend the interview in 4wtechnologies...
hey guys plz give correct information about this compny
I have the call for to attend the interview of 4w technologies.so plz provide the proper information to attend or not.
A good company does not require a advertisement, neither they will defend comments which defame them. Moreover a single bad review comment would mean, there is something wrong. Company integrity questions like proper salary payment, HR behaviours are serious things to probe, should not even raise in the first place.

You might argue that even big companies like TCS, HCL have such reviews, but there you can see no one defends the claims, neither there are integrity questions. That is the difference.
Hi Friends

I highly recommend for you don't loose your life with 4w technologies they are fraud they can't give you salary . once you have signed they blame you totally waste your career 2 years . that company like jail please don't go, , , 4w tech it's my request. they are fake plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz don't highly advice you .
Frnds comin saturday i have interview thr for java openings pls tell the truth frnds. im 2012 passed out searchin fr job still pls guide me correctly.. at present thy r fraud r nt tat doesnt matter.. just tell hw to and wt to prepare fr the interview to get thru successfully.. pls tell frnds...
If you look in to their history you will know who they are. They are someone who want to make profits and take advantage of the Indian work force.

If you are looking for a career- not a place to go
If you are looking for very minimal salary and to be treated like manual labour( may be worse- since you cannot leave and your months/years of work is wasted)
One reason for having company for them is to cover up illegal activities including cheating women - ( ganesh/ Andy)
Some people like Mohan and Jayaprabhu will talk highly given that they were paid a bit more than others and were given more opportunities, who does not want that?

Build your career on Trust and skills. Waste of time, they do not even have projects it is all internal development
I see that Sundaramurthyj compares with microsoft - he need to understand how others were treated and were paid[protected] while he was paid 28, 000. Money buys in recommendation.
me too agree all negative feed backs very very worst company
I dont know about the company's terms and condition i.e.) bond or salary will be less etc.

But I have attended interview. My experience was very bad. Since they conduct interview for 4 weeks if you got cleared in each and every rounds.
Actually i cleared all rounds but they haven't informed about the final result but i did the final round well.

My major worry in attending the interview is I wasted my one month in attending interview for this company.
I personally feel that they are conducting interview to get fame that there is company named 4W thats all not selecting any candidates.
www.smartsnipe.com and www.4wtech.com was hacked by ex-employee Ezhilarais and her boy friend Rajasekar.
Rajasekar was fired from the company due to bad performance, her GF Ezhil got upset and somehow got the access to systems, they both planned and brought down the systems. Ganesh Sir ..this is your well wisher, please be care full with your employees, some of them are really bad and will do anything to bring the company reputations.

i will call you sir and will explain you in more detail.
I am also proud that you got the website up so quickly, I know 4W is powerfull, examples are all the cache supports in India will trail back to 4W...

- Your well Wisher
Dear friends ...

Coming monday i have interview for 4w technologies. Please give me the proper information about that company. It is a good company or not. Pls reply me friends..

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