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Acculogix Software Solutions is one such company where I've suffered a lot working here as an employee. In short I term this company as ' '. I was given a strong belief that this company will touch those heights where you can aspire to become anything. But the truth is completely opposite to what we observe. I've never seen such an unethical company with unlawful practices, policies where employee's are treated like ' SLAVES ' & ' DONKEYS '. The promoter of this so called firm is Dr. Nanua Singh who is basically a and a monumental fool who preaches to thing BIG but knows nothing on the earth. He calls himself as an NRI but the fact is he is a Non Respectable Indian. One thing I can assure you is if you want yourselves to be HIGHLY criticized & ill-treated this is the right place to work where there is no peace of mind & ultimately it leads to frustration.

Moreover, his disciple who runs the show in India is Alok Purohit, another by designation. He treats every employee as his illegal son/ daughter & on the flip-side he literally masturbates with them.

My sincere urge to the forum I'm writing is to seal this company & teach the management a lesson who tries to go against the odd's/ policies to define business. Their license of registration has to be cancelled, thereby creating a general awareness among people in today's world not to get easily duped.
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Nanua Singh, His wife Bati Devi and daughter Sheeeno Sekhon : are all thieves..the Complaint written above is 100 % true..RGBSI and Acculogix are fraudulent companies..and Indian Sweat Shops..Please write as many Complaints to Department of Labor/USCIS so that their existence in USA is eliminated.. Indian Govt Should deny entry of Fraudulent Companies to set up base in India..

All the wealth generated by RGBSI and Acculogix has been based upon grants received by Nanua Singh to do research projects.. where as the money actually has gone in to generating a family business..
im rashmi [protected]. Dr.Nanua singh is a liar. He used me a lot by showing more career offers and that man alok purohit also same thing. I lost everything in acculogix. Its a prostitute business.
dr. Nanua singh is a big broker who can supply girls like rashmi [protected]
Regarding the Acculogix complaints raised by others are rumors. Some one posted un-ethically about that company and employees. If they dont like to work there its their wish, giving complaints in rubbish language is ridiculous.
I wont support the persons who raised complaints about Rashmi, Dr. Nanua Singh and Alok. If you dont like the company leave, why you have to write these type of languages.

Whoever posted these abusive complaints I am heartfully requesting you to remove please please.

The complaints which was posted on rl.reshma profile please remove, iam requesting you please
Is reshmi's vew are correct?
Every company has complaints...Losers always lose..Smart people always tackle

Acculogix — False complaints

Waiting for my Final had been weeks till now. other than this i have no issues :p. Acculogix is full service HR company with services in RPO, Staffing
RGBSI was great to work with.
Basicaly it is an hitler company. Hitler is Nanu singh. he abuse employees, he act as employees are his slave.
All are nonsense people working in top position.
Difficult to do negative comments, but I don't have choice.
INDIAN SWEAT shop and hiring process.
Calls and emails w/out any common sense related to job description. Phone registered in US Troy Mi.[protected].
Exactly located in India - How come US Government do not regulate GLOBO COMAPNIES who need only basic info and ...Social Security number. RBSI - you are scam of scams. I'm not sure, how somebody can make a positive feedback and reviews.
Well most family run businesses are always like this, there is this company I work for in Bangalore managed by Father and daughter and all employees are victims of the utopian ideas of the Daughter. The utopian daughter has costed the company in money and no Return On Investments and the employees have to take burnt of the wrong decisions when it comes to payment hikes and like. There is a funny aspect by this family management which they think has evaded employees attention, when targets are set for a financial year high values are planned for saying that we need to have an upper figure to strive and reach, inspite of clearly knowing that they are running a business driven by demand and that revenues cannot get any farther than what is set by the economy and demand. Funnier is the policy that achievement of this stupendous target ensures disbursal of incentives to employees and when the target is not achieved (which is the case most of the times) employees is deprived of the incentive for that year ! insidious intentions to keep earnings to themselves and enjoy. Family businesses are always shadowed by this curse from category of some not so worthy uneducated relatives who worked cheap during the formative days ( even if it was for their own sustenance) and figured all the way through times to remain in the company under the well wishes of the management as obedient stalwarts. The worst nightmare is that management takes counsel on about the professional worthy people in the company from these miscreants on matters of work, character and several other fronts and make work difficult for them and these people are deputed as the watch dogs on time keeping and expenses monitoring and hey life gets real difficult for few ... Not last but the daughters who have come up with a golden spoon has scorn for everything and anything that has build the company and wants to take apart the spirits of all those who have strived to make the company and wants to put systems in place thinking that revenues would double because of the reformations. Then there is another thing about this company I work for they get so irritated when it comes to giving back to the customers in gifts and pleasantries in thanks giving. All that does not cost like smile and handshake is all that they would want the guys in sales to offer to their returning customers ... There is a whole novel 400pgs to write about from the experiences with this company and I already have enough content already to publish this book "Many Many ways of how NOT to run a company"...

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