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[Resolved]  Adith Multilingual — Non-payment

This company was not paying well to their project takers, simply avoiding or they will ask us to work whole project and not pay the money. For me I am a tamil translator, They called me set a dead-line, I set one dead line to them, before the deadline they insist to gimme the project, after a week I asked them about the money they simply said that the project was rejected, they doesn't paid about 13, 000 Rs. Not only for me they deceived lots of translators in this deed.

Be careful before working for this translation company.
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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I don't agree with Jonathan's complaint. As the work he did was not acceptable by the cilent. Clients feedback was
Thanks for supporting the translation work project. While appreciate your TAT and quality, I would like to mention few details
Day2 & 4 in RMM ACO modules are not translated effectively. Am finding difficulty to understand the content which are translated in Tamil".
The above mentioned work was done by Jonathan he was explained over the phone about the work what he has done and his mistakes when the quality was not approved how can some one expect a payment.
There was one work for 600.00 Rs which was approved and he was told to raise an invoice for that he never did that also.
I got the special notification from our Translation directory
"Dear Translator,

This is a special notification for you from

We would like to warn you about the company named Adith Multilingual, based in India.

This company doesn't pay for the work translators do for them. The agency has been blacklisted and has been several times asked to stop using

Nevertheless, the company continues writing to translators offering "jobs".

Please do not accept any work from Adith Multilingual otherwise you may end up not being paid.

You may also consider ordering the full list of 300+ blacklisted agencies here (47 euro only):


What was the answer for this???
And this complaint is not the only one. Here's other: and another

Jagadish, do you also not agree with these complaints? What kind of translators do you employ? Are they all so bad that they don't even deserve to be paid for their time? Or are you taking advantage of being overseas and nothing short from a visit to your office will solve the problem? C'mon, this "agency" is a ripoff.
Hi Friends,

I was contacted by Jagadish B from Adith Multilingual on April 29, 2009 regarding a big project. Although I was not aware of their payment issues, but I wanted to play safe(Thanks to TranslatorsCafe for their advice on BIG projects), and saved myself from being victimized. Below please find the email conversation. I have masked my email address,

RE: Message from Jagadish.B via's online formWednesday, April 29, 2009 4:37 AM
From: "Partha Sarathi" <XXXXXXXX>Add sender to ContactsTo: "jagadish" <[protected]>Hi Jagadish,

Thank you for replying. Unfortunately I will not be in a position to change my payment terms, owing to some bad experience in the recent past. Hence I decline the project.

Thank you,


--- On Wed, 4/29/09, jagadish <[protected]> wrote:

From: jagadish <[protected]>
Subject: RE: Message from Jagadish.B via's online form
Date: Wednesday, April 29, 2009, 4:30 AM


Thanks for the reply,

Good to know you are interested for a big project unfortunately we will not be able change our payment terms and conditions which is same for all the translators.

If you are ok with our payment terms I can definitely ask my production department to contact you regarding the project details



Procurement Executive

Adith Multilingual Services Pvt. Ltd.


P.R.I +[protected],


#124, Dooravaninagar, Old Madras Road, Bangalore-16


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This e-mail may contain confidential and/or privileged information. If you are not the intended recipient (or have received this e-mail in error) please notify the sender immediately and destroy this e-mail.

Any unauthorized copying, disclosure or distribution of the material in this e-mails strictly forbidden.

E-mail transmissions cannot be guaranteed to be secure or error-free as information could be intercepted, corrupted, lost, arrive late or contain viruses. Adith Multilingual Services Pvt. Ltd. do not guarantee the security and/or integrity of this information and shall not be liable for any errors or omissions in the contents of this message or any information leakage which arise as a result of email transmission.


From: Partha Sarathi [XXXXXXXXX]
Sent: Wednesday, April 29, 2009 4:50 PM
To: [protected]
Subject: Re: Message from Jagadish.B via's online form

Hi Jagadish,

I am available to take this project of 67, 000 words at INR 0.50 per word. It is a big project and seems pretty interesting. Below please find the terms and conditions.

1. Maximum number of words can be translated per week is 5000.

2. Invoice will be created by end of every week for each set of 5000 words and will be sent accross to you along with the translated text.

3. Part payment for each 5000 words must be made on a weekly basis.

4. Work on next set of 5000 words will start only after the realization of the current part payment at any point of time.

Look forward to hear from you.

Thank you,



--- On Wed, 4/29/09, <[protected]> wrote:

From: <[protected]>
Subject: Message from Jagadish.B via's online form
Date: Wednesday, April 29, 2009, 1:54 AM

Message from: Jagadish.B ([protected]

We have a project for English to Hindi Translation consisting of 67, 000 words with enough time to complete the project.
We can offer you INR 0.50 per word for this project.
Please let us know your availability for this project ASAP
Payment will be done within 45 days after you raise the invoice against the purchase order sent by us.


(Use the email address given above to respond to the author)

[IP: (; Country: IN]

Your GlobTra team
unable to add anyone as a friend. they are able but i am. whom i send message.
I have done a lot of work for Adith Multilingual and have only recieved paymet for one job. I have sent my invoices via e-mail and regular mail, but nothing happens. I have never been told that their client's have not accepted the translation because it was not good enough. On the other hand, if my work is not good enough why would Adith keep offering me work?

After reading these complaints and talking to some other freelance translators who have worked for Adith with the same result, I've come to the conclusion that this is how they operate because they know there is very little we as freelance translators can do. I really wish there was some way to force them to pay! This sort of behaviour makes me furious. Systematically using people who are just trying to make a living.

I strongly advice you not to take on any work from Adith if they don't pay at least half the amount in advance or some other arrangement.
Dear Partha,
You can contact the translators who have worked for us. We have paid every one. i agree in some cases there was a delay, but we have paid them. We are also releasing a large payment to all the translators in the coming days. So we can have the issue resolved.
For translators like Jonathan who is not ready to understand his mistake and trying to just spoil the reputation is not acceptable we have decided to take a legal action against him.
You personally tell me will you pay for a shoddy work which was not at all acceptable by the end user. The same work was done by other translator which was accepted and we have paid that translator also.
We are also in touch with the other forums whoo have sent email regarding the non payment. you can contact translation directory as we are keeping them in the loop to make sure every translator who has worked for us will get there money.
Dear Jagadish,

Since I have not worked with Adith Multilingual till date, my comment was completely neutral and I just shared my thoughts with my fellow freelance translators.

I agree with you, I definitely will NOT pay for a shoddy work, at the same time, I will not give any (more) work to the translator if the work is shoddy. I wonder how Jonathan kept on getting projects after projects, despite of his (supposed) shoddy work. I will fire the quality people first before dealing with the translator if they are unable to detect a shoddy work in a sample of 200-300 words.

I also want to clarify that my declination to accept project from Adith Multilingual has no connection with the complaints against you in various forums, rather it has more to do with MY rate and policy.

If there is any complaints against Adith Multilingual, then not only your reputation is at stake, but all other Indian agencies and freelancers have a negative impact. It is good to know and I appreciate that your company is taking care to resolve the disputes. I hope your company regains the lost reputation very soon and becomes one among the most demanding agencies.

Good luck.
Dear Partha,
I understood your point in the previous comments.
Jonathan was given only two work first one was a small bill worth 600 Rs. which we have to pay and we haven't received any invoice. The second work which was given was a big project and the work was not appreciated.
I respect your policy and hopefully we will have all the issues resolved in the coming months.

Dear Jagadish,

I regret your offence on me, the first work was offered to me is the powerpoint presentation sample, the next one also the presentation, in between the presentations the small work for Rs. 600 offered. Please clarify with your concern departments. If the 1st and 2nd presentation was good means, then why the all the presentations are rejected by your client. Is there any proof reader and review worker was missing in your institution.

The work will done by translators -> proof reader -> translator -> reviewer -> translator.

This is the mode you have to work, for the mistake you have done, till now I am sufferring. Please know the business handling.

Thanking you,


Jonathan Justus S
Dear Jonathan,
Two projects were assigned to you. The work which was rejected was of one single client. The mails were forwaded to you. The other project we did not receive any feed back from the client. Hope that is fine for them. If the client is ready to accept the work delivered we have no issues in paying you for the same.
Thanks for informing us how to work hope you know we are operating in the same field and we are aware of that.
Dear translators,

Please read comments on 'Go Translators' and Pro Z. com and others!

Adith Multilingual is ripping off people all over the world. I got paid after 7 months..., and this only because I kept annoying them with emails. This seems the only way to get your money. It means that as a translator you have to put all your effort and energy into obtaining your well-deserved money! This is time-consuming and utterly disrespectful. I worked at a very low rate of 0, 04 USD and was NEVER asked for a resume!

Complaints have been filed against them at the embassies all over the world and the Indian embassy, even the president of India has been warned! We wrote to every enduser and hundreds of translation agencies all over the world. There are HUNDREDS of translators (or more) who haven't been paid!
This is a serious warning!
Translators all over Europe are now uniting and considering a worldwide legal action against this malafide, unreliable company.
are we are talking of this company?

Adith Multilingual Services Pvt Ltd.

(Total Language Solutions Provider)

#124, 1st Floor, Dooravaninagar,

Old Madras Road, Bangalore-560 016, India

|Tel (Board): '+[protected]/ 28532052/53/54| | Fax: +[protected]|

Email: [protected]

Mob: [protected]

have worked for them although it is anyone's guess if I will be paid.
they are asking for stamp papers to be signed on top of that for NDA's, which might be alright, is it?
what is the deal here?
Hi there,

I agree with Kristin. It seems like Adith Multilingual is a complete fraud. They contacted me on November 2008, through, and haven´t been paid yet, not even for a single job! They have given me several excuses, but have done nothing.

Mr. Jagadish, if you are reading this...I hope you do answer, since last time you told me that my payment will be a priority for you. Let´s see what´s your excuse now...
Dear Translators all over the world,

I am a Greek translator and I have made the same experience translating for Adith Multilingual. I translated for this Indian 'agency' in April (pharmaceutical text) but never got paid. Two months later, after I contaced them for the unpaid invoice (500 USD), they told me that the client had made changes. That was the reason they gave after two months. If I wanted to be paid for the old translation project, they said, I should please translate the new attached translation project, whithout even bothering asking me if I was available to do this. They contacted me many times since then. I told them I couldn't accept a new project without being paid for the old one, that I would file a complaint to the Indian embassy about them, but they weren't listening to what I was saying, they just wanted the work to be done.

but, Mr. Jagadish, I know you don't care at all...
And where is Jagadish now? :-)
Hi all,

As far as I am concerned, I have never been paid whereas the company owes me more than 3000 USD!
I worked for very low rates (0.02 to 0.03) and the deadlines were so tight I had to work during the night.
And the quality was not a problem, as I was always told that the quality of my translation was very good!

So this is really unfair and Adith Multilingual is a con.
I am warning them a last time and will start a legal action against them if nothing is done to pay me.
...same here, over 2, 800 USD at 0.04 rate, and right now they even have the guts to ask me to sign a new NDA in order to clear my payment!!!

Do not take any "job" from them, once I told them about all these translators' complaints and warnings I've found on the internet, but they totally tricked me, I trusted, at the end guess what happened???? I haven't been paid at all, not even a single dollar since November 2008.

I'm wondering if they understand English, since for me is clear:

1.They specify their terms and conditions.
2.We accept and take the job (of course, first we have to sign the NDA form and PO)
3.They say: thank you, translation received!!!
4.then, no complaints about our translation
and finally...
4.Payment time!

Did you understand the process or not?
Hmm, I am experincing same now. I think we translators need to cooerate each other in order to prevent same from recurring.
Any feedback on the following?

Mumbai, India

Contact Name(s)- KeSen, Keith
email: [protected]

New Delhi, India

Name: Maswood Zafar
email: [protected]

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