[Resolved]  Affairs o[censored]r Lobby Manager of Baroda — Affairs o[censored]r Lobby Manager of Baroda

Dear Sir/Madam,

Good Evening. Being an airtel genuine customers, i am making you aware of certain matters, pls take it seriously either your Baroda Lobby Manager Ms. Payal Lamba has to reply your company with apolise letter and reply to media by facing their questions which related to profession in which she included her personal life affair.

Payal had an affair with summit and purvesh is doing job of postman for both of them.

Payal always mentally heras to the lobby staff especially to the 3 boys and 2 lady who sit over there.

If payal will include her personal affair into profession responsibilities then an individual customers also rite to make you aware without any hesitation.

The following points will make you aware regarding payal irresponsibility,

1. Being lobby manager always favoring to the Summit and purvesh why not other staff.

2. Why always leave granted to summit and purvesh during any festival or occasions without any mail, only approve by telephonic conversations. Why other staff are not getting leave if his/her child suffering from 103 degree fever, or if he/she get fever, somebody get personal issue in a family.

3.While summit handling cash, before few months ago their was shortage of Rs.1 lac come and that was solve by payal, while taking that Rs.1 lac from the market with rate of interest, then what is Mr. Shekhar is doing while being collections head, why not he ask payal to reply what is reasons behind shortage of Rs.1 lac, what kind of care taken by her as a lobby manager.

4. Why she always helps purvesh and summit if any problems occurred during office hours by any customers? Why not others ask payal.

5. Being lobby manager she is not aware that when picnic is arrangement and what was the procedure to fulfill it for employee.

6.Recently your company conduct training at ahmedabad, that time ur Baroda lobby manager is not aware that which kind of facilities provide by company for the employees who come for training then what is used of her, when an individual employee has to find out his/her staying & food facilities own way.

7. One o[censored]r employee daughter is suffering from 103* degree fever, then also payal lamba calling her to come at office at any how, why she dot’s understand if something happen to her child payal will able to give her child back.

8. Married for 6 times then also she is not satisfied so now she started to use lobby male for her satisfaction its really valgour and if you need proof you will get from summit parent's only call them if you want & ask what is reality of payal and summit how she is using summit.

9. I am requesting you take action against payal lamba otherwise very soon you will read all this thing in newspapers with photographs and recordings too.

This copy is also sending to the Baroda HRD for acknowlegement
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Aug 14, 2020
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Hello All,

My name is Punkil Patel and I am an Airtel Customer since 5 years. I have certain queries to point out!

Consumers Complaint is meant for Consumers only. I see that this matter has nothing to do with a consumer. Reason being the person who has posted this complaint has not mentioned as how his/her service from Airtel has been affected by the affair of Payal and Summit, besides I do not agree that its any of our business (when I say OUR I mean by and large all Airtel Cusotmers and Indian Citizens). Because as long as the services of Airtel is not getting affected and we are getting the service from the Baroda Lobby employees properly I don't think we should peep into some ones personal lives. And the way I see this matter it has not been posted from any customer. Because of the points below.

1 - How does a customer know about an affair of someone and also who is a post man in that relationship?
2 - How does a customer know that Summit did a goo[censored]p of 1 lac in billing & how a customer would know the name of the billing department head?
3 - How does a customer know that all leaves of Summit and Purvish has been approved over the phone and no email?

Frankly speaking I think this some employee of the same Baroda Lobby who is not happy or has bad terms with these 3 employees of Airtel and has posted this complaint out of frustration.

I request to all the users of this website not to involve and entertain this sort of act. As an graduate adults and citizens of India we are here to solve problems and complain about bad services of some company. Airtel's Image is getting hurt here and as a satisfied customer I'd like to support Airtel if this sort of wrong messages are being spread. I don't even know who these three people are and I don't even need to know.

Anyways, I took all this time to type this message is because I wanted to make sure that no Junk issues are posted on this site.

Thanks for your time!

Jai Hind

Punkil Patel
I would like to agree with Punkil here!

Poor Purvish, Sumeet & Payal are being tosted in here for no reason...

It totally looks like a Fake story to me, from a customer point of view how can a customer know about all the bla bla bla story of a consumer/customer service center facility of Airtel. Its all worked up story that some jelous employee of that office has come up with.

Its very bad to spread roumers for some person or a company. Punkil's evaluation of the situation is rite and people should not do this kind of acts on a consumer complaints site.

Hope this helps!
Well, this is quite a shame for you for posting such kind of complain on internet.Just to make you aware that as a Indian we dont put personal things for show to the rest of the world and remember that you are putting on a blame for which you dont have any proof/data or even any mail for support.
I am a ex-employee of Airtel before i moved out of India and i still think that it is a good company to work.

Just a piece of advice :
1. You would had got the mails/proof and discussed it with your Area Manager or Retail Head.
2. You have no right to publish personal life of anyone on net this way.
3. If you dont think that you can change the suituation then the best you could have done is excalated the issue to seniours and if it does not work then you would have left and joined any different company.
4. As a junior employee of a company, it is NOT the responsibility of manager to share everything with you even if the manager knows the stuff.It depends on correct time availability.


Please grow up with the time and start winning trust of the members so that you can be remembered for long by good all company employees.Also remember that Telecom industry in india is new and everyone knows everyone both proffessionally and personally.
yes i was part of airtel and at that point of time also same story was there. I am not blaming anybody...but yes if something such sort things airtel should take action. Its show bad image of Airtel which is really very very good company to work with. Payal also got transfer now...from lobby...but anyway stop all this...Payal my suggestion pls stop and do something better for airtle.
i think complainer is right as sumit and payal are still in affair

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