It is certainly amazing that you "stretch" the truth a little in your column.

How come you indicate that you have been attempting to get your claim paid for 2 months? The first documentation you submitted was on 5/9/08. Aflac received the necessary medical records on 5/28/08. Your claim was paid on 5/29/08 in the amount of $8000.00.

This is the funny thing ... people will come out to a website like this and spew any filth that they want ... They will not come back and say "Oh yeah, my claim was paid."
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Aug 14, 2020
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get mine paid and I WILL post that Aflac has taken care of what they should. But, until then AFLAC SUCKS!!! NOBODY SHOULD GET IT RUN IF THEY COME TO YOU JUST RUN AFLAC SUCKS!!!
You are an . This is a legitimate company that has been around over fifty years. I guarantee you either didn't read your policy, didn't submit appropriate documentation, or simply don't have a valid claim. Loser...
Going on our 5th week with no resolution here. Every time I call I'm given a different story and something else we need to get to AFLAC. I think they're trying to wear us down so we give up. We've gotten everything they've asked us to and jumped through every hoop they've asked us to but they keep moving the hoops. We thought my husband's 6 month disability would be okay because we were secure in our AFLAC policy. We've now had our utilities cut off and are facing eviction. I just don't know what to do so I'm contacting an attorney to try to get our claim paid. They really have no concience.
I agree that Aflac claims suck. I agree they keep moving the hoop every time you comply with yet another request. They have no trained claims staff, no claims adjusters that speak to customers. They have customer service representatives who will read you the form letter the computer sent.
Aflac is the most awful company i have ever delt with! There agent this piece of crap Jeremy Congo just told us anything to get us to buy there worthless policy! I canceled my policy after one year! It was worthless and I am glad i canceled. I really feel sorry for people that are paying or have been paying for years. They are going to be really shocked when they file a claim and get the run around, blown off asked for the same things over and over and than get nothing! This company is just NO GOOD! They are as bad a business as they come! There commercials are all BS! If you have this insurance you really need to cancel it and research other companies unless you like buring your money. Paying AFLAC premiums is like taking a match to your money!
All i can say is that i agree AFLAC is the worst! I would suggest like i am doing is file a complaint with your states insurance board to revoke the agents license or suspend it till a further investigation is done. Also take the scum bag agent to small claims and his boss! AFLAC is a god awful company, they are known for trying to give you the run around hoping you will say the hell with it! Also keep reporting AFLAC to the BBB. AFLAC is just no good! If anyone is thinking about taking there insurance DONT! You be better off burning your money than paying premiums that if something happens to you, you will never see anything!! Aflac is what gives insurance companies a bad name the very top of scum bag companies!!!
We filled a claim in early August...It is now mid November...No check. Oh, of course they are doing what they should...bull. We can't pay bills and may lose our house..Thanks to AFLAC
I am so disgusted with AFLAC, I just want to cancel my policy, but I have been told by the company that I can't even do that until certain times of the year... November is the next date allowable. Then they tell me that even though I may cancel in November, they will continue to charge me for coverage til next year... what a con-game.
I was denied on my accident policy after I hurt myself and had hernia surgery. The policy states they will pay 1250 dollars for open repair hernia surgery. They kept making me resend my Doctor's Statement to their office. They kept saying it needed to be more detailed. I had to drive about 30 miles to the doctor's office and sit their for half a day waiting til the doctor could fill it out... again, and again. Finally, they just said to get another Doctor's Statement, but this time have the doctor to describe how I hurt myself at home and give details of where and how. I laughed out loud! "My doctor can tell u what kind of surgery he did, and how he did it, but he is not going to explain how I hurt myself or all the details since he wasn't there... I did that in my statement." I said that he has a phone number and a fax number - and they needed to contact him with such silly questions... about a week later, they sent a letter saying they Denied my claim. I am through with those crooks. I realized if i had just put that money in a bank account instead of giving it to them, I would have had more than enough to help out when i was off work. Don't get ripped off.. stay away from AFLAC

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