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Afni, Inc. — Fraudulent 11 year old verizon bill!

I completely agree!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Afni, Inc. — Rip off from Afni, Inc.!

I got a collection letter dated 1-11-07, for $446.and had NO IDEA what it could possibly be for! I've been FREAKING OUT ! Sorry it has happened to so many people, but I'm glad I found this site so at least now I have an idea of what's going on. Glad I found you guys! I guess the next step is the BBB and the FTC. Thanks. (And, Prospect, Ky is 15 mins from my house--kinda crazy!!)

Afni, Inc. — urgent demand!

Received demand for $2844.13 on Airtouch Cellular (out of business) for a closed account over 10+ years ago paid in full. Lots of Google hits regarding this scam. Looks like they bought up a bunch of bogus very old questionable closed accounts from national companies, added 10 yrs interest, and did a mass mailing hoping to victimize a few people.

Afni, Inc. — Afni, Inc. is A FRAUD

I just got a phone call from Afni stating my husband owes $3,623.80 for a GTE phone bill from 1996. My husband didn't even live in the state they said the phone bill was from at the time and when he did live there is lived with family. This is from 11 years ago and they are just now contacting us? I don't think so. Why would a phone company shut off a phone before it got to $3600.? This is crazy.

Afni, Inc. — mail fraud!

Yep. got one here in Atlanta. Probably mail fraud as well. I cant imagine them paying for all those stamps. they probably get you when you fill in your info on some wacky site. Love the power of the internet- im not calling anyone or doing anything- Great site

Afni, Inc. — how could they do this?!!!!!!!!!

I have received two collection letters from this company today. The only thing is they claim that I own Alltel two different amounts, and that they will settle for a lesser sum, provided that I pay it. I have never in my life had any account with Alltel. How can they do this? What can one do to correct or stop this?

Afni, Inc. — worst crime!

Oh yeah, and DO NOT give Afni Collections any additional personal information about yourselves! They will only use it to victimize you further.

Afni, Inc. — old bill dated from '02!

I just got one of these letters and I am STEAMING! I called up the number and gave the rep hell, told her I knew it was a fricking scam and I had my cancelled check as proof of payment, that I had a verizon account back in 02. She wanted me to send her the check, I told her no way in hell was she getting anything with my banking information on it. She asked me if I was working, wanted my phone number. HA fat chance you swindler!

The PO box # on mine is 3517 - interesting how none of them are the same isn't it?
I just wrote to Verizon and told them these type of antics are an abomination and they should be aware of it and do something. I am on a rampage they are going to regret messing with us folks. BBB & FTC next stop.

Afni, Inc. — These rip-offs must be punished for what they are doing!

I received a collections notice from Afni, Inc., also Afni Collections stating that I owed Verizon Communications a bill for an outrageous amount of $637.25. I only owe Verizon for my current phone service.

Verizon stated that I only owe for my current bill. I have never at anytime ever owed Verizon this amount. If I ever did, I seriously doubt if I would have any type of phone service available to me today.

When I went to their website, it is a fake too! These ripoff con artists need to be stopped and prevented from pulling this with anyone else. Also from causing Verizon a needless bad reputation.

The phone number they are using on the bill they sent to me is not even my correct phone number. These rip-offs need stopped and punished for what they are doing and trying to do!
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Afni, Inc. — Wrongful verizon bill!

Add another pissed off individual to the list of scammed by Afni. I did some research after I received a collection notice yesterday pertaining to a "so called" past due balance owed to Verizon Communications and found multiple complaints on this website in regards to fraudulent notices sent by Afni. We ALL must take the advice of Michelle & Jaymes and file complaints with the FTC (Federal Trade Commission)! Hopefully, if they get enough complaints, they will consider doing an investigation and stop them!!!

Afni, Inc. — Verizon Bill Claim

Same thing happened to me!!! The address on my collection notice was Bloomington, IL P.O. Box 3427. I am calling Verizon right now and I have already typed out my request for a DEBT VALIDATION. I read on some other sites that we should dispute the collection notice in writing and demand to see the original signed contract as well as a full account history and itemization of charges. I hope this works out for everyone.

By the way, I think the verizon number that they provided for me was from back when I was in college about 9 years ago. I just bought a house and would have thought that this would have come up before hand.

Ok, Just got off the phone with Verizon.... apparently Verizon recently sold all their delinquent accounts to AFNI and so AFNI has begun to send out these collection notices. Verizon confirmed that the account was real and that AFNI is legit. When I asked why it hadn't shown up on my credit beforehand the ice Verizon lady said that Verizon never used to report their delinquent accounts to the credit agencies.

I suggest you all call Verizon and find out for yourself!

Afni, Inc. — fraud payment!

I received a bogus complaint in the mail form Verizon Communication demanding a payment that I never owed. The letter form Afni said I have to comply within 30 days or suffer a judgment against my credit. Who is Afni and were do they get their information. If you call the 800 number the recording states call back another time all agents are busy. I f there is a way to stop this fraud from happening to other people I would be willing to help.

Afni, Inc. — help!

My mom has also received a collection notice from was dated 01/19/07 with the P.O. Box 3427. The amount due was $145.05 and to Verizon Communications. Every time I call the number on the notice, I always get a machine that either says it cannot connect me due to an overload or one that simply keeps asking me to choose between English or Spanish. I am only 17 years old, and my mom does not understand English. I have never had any experience in dealing with this. Can anyone please help me on disputing this claim? I have no clue on what or how to do this.

Afni, Inc. — Afni, Inc. is charging for payments people don't owe in the first place

On 1/22/07 I sent out two identical Debt Validation Letters to BOTH addresses found on our notice . I sent them registered mail with return receipt. I included both addresses in the letters I sent so they would know I sent it to both departments. I also wrote the registered mailing numbers right on the letters before I sealed and mailed them. I have yet to receive the receipts back yet. Just for this trouble it's cost me almost $10 in mailing fees for something I don't owe!

Copy of the letter I used can be found at

BTW: my notice did not say not to contact Verizon. I did not call either Verizon or AFNI, I'm not wasting my time calling when only things in writing are legal proof of anything.

Talking about a Class Action suit is well and good, but who is actually going to hire the attorney to get one going? I'm sure there are enough people to get one, but someone has to actually get the ball rolling.

Afni, Inc. — add me to the fraudulent bills' list

Hi, I also received a bill from Afni. I called Verizon as well and they said that they didn't have anything on me. But they also told me that Afni does do their collections. Verizon gave me the number to Afni, which was different than the one list, to see if it was legit. When I called I did have a very long wait, but eventually a person answered. I asked the dates on this, which was for 1994. I also asked the last known address, which was my parents. I was going through a divorce at that time, and that would have been the last forwarding address. Needless to say I paid it, and over the phone on my bank account. They only took out the amount $170.00, and have posted nothing further. So just as a precaution, has everyone looked at where they were at the time of the bills to see if they might be legit? Hopefully I won't get messed over, and will post if anything else is posted against my account. They said I would receive a receipt, but I only paid it 3 days ago so none have arrived yet. I could also log onto their web site and it brought up the account, but no dates.
yeah sure, like that helps the CRIME OF FRAUD THEY'RE DOING!


To all those that paid AFNI, I'm sorry for your loss. If you check your credit report you'll see that AFNI has made a soft inquiry of your credit report. To my knowledge, the credit report (for collection of debt purposes) shows past addresses. I called the number found on the AFNI site (after calling the # listed on the letter that was sent to me, interestingly also sent on the 16th) and spoke with a rep that told me the bill was some former phone company at an old address that I lived at for 2 months and was transferred over to Verizon). I told him to go "blank" himself and hung up. Later I got a call from another rep (I did not divulge my number so they must have traced the call) and he said that they made a mistake and gave me another address that was listed as a billing address and asked me if I had lived there. Basically I told him to go "blank" himself, as well. This is an obvious ploy to get your money - Just because they have your address and or previous address doesn't mean you owe them anything!trust me ive done it and been through it myself with this afni, inc. which is a bunch of fraud!

Afni, Inc. — Afni, Inc.:liars, liars, pants on fire!!

Yeah, so I just got one of these bills in the mail saying that I owed Afni for a Verizon account. But the problem is that I never even had a telephone in my name nor have I ever payed for an account from a relative. Best believe that I'm gonna give these punks a piece of my mind. I'm gonna follow everyone else's lead and go to the BBB and the FTC.
beware afni not only does collections for verizon but also they do customer care, e-services, tech (wdts) welcome call, and many more departments for dish network, verizon wireless, sprint/embarq, cingular, and who knows what else. i would know i used to work "soft collections" for dish network through afni. you wold know it as financial services. the debts i dealt with were valid and current for people who just had tv services shut off or ar in risk of being disconnected, but in the afni/dish contract it allowed any card used on the acct that made payment to be auto batched if any debt owed for services or equipment( which means if you had poor old grandma make payment one time for you and you fell behind on the bill the card or acct info she used to make payment will be debited the debt before you even have any time to make final payment so send back leased equipment. but i do not doubt the old debt letters i suspect afni sends out these letters to see who will pay them they are a company teetering on the edge of existence and if you have services with any of the providers above ask if they are afni employees before conducting any business with any dept. they have to tell you they are outsourced ( "upsourced", "vendor") and they have to get you to a direct agent if you request one.
i check my credit, saw a bill appear in my credit from vorizon in the address in merriland i never been in the place like that and i don't even kno where is merriland baltimore located i want this bill out of my credit now before i follow law suit agains your company afni the address been giving to me is the 2914 pright seat RD sbroke, merriland 20706 and i don't even kno anyone in merriland in my life i want this bill out of my credit with in 15 day and iam waiting for in answer this bill is$3241 dollars thats is going to be huge problem?
milien theogene. my address is 3777 46st apt#6 san diego ca 92105 thats where i leave.

Afni, Inc. — Letter

My grandmother is in tears because AFNI sent her a letter for an unpaid debt of 107.00 for a verizon cell phone. She has never had a cell phone and they want her to prove she did not own one. Furthermore, they have her address as a different state when she supposedly owned this cell phone. My grandmother has lived in the same house for over 50 years.

The worrisome aspect of the AFNI letter is her correct SS#, date of birth, and address is on the letter. I am very concerned becuase of identity theft. Did AFNI have the same level of detailed information on the letters other have received?

What did others do to get AFNI to correct the false claims against them? Any advice would be wonderful.
So was it legit or what? They sent me a "settlement offer" on an account I don't recognize for $160.00. I'm not buying this bull . I looked at their site and it doesn't look legit. It's like a site anyone could pay for, it's very basic and not helpful whatsoever.

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