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[Resolved]  Air Arabia — Rude Ground Staff

Last week I returned from a family vacation in Amman, Jordan. We were flying Air Arabia which was fairly efficient and met expectations of a low budget airline. However we got a nasty surprise at the departure gate from a ground staff of AA. She announced that all Indians are to board the flight first. Though mildly surprised by the emphasis on Indians, I let it pass thinking that since there was a big pilgrimage group from India, she was referring to them in general. I stayed seated waiting for the initial rush to die down but immediately caught the attention of this very diligent lady. She insisted that I too board the flight with my family. I told her that I am not part of the group and will board once the crowd gets cleared. She became very persistent and then I asked why should I board against my wishes and why only Indians are being asked to go first. She responded that the rest were traveling (hold your breath), Business Class!!! Air Arabia has only class of flight and I pointed this out to her and explained that we are Indians yes but not free travelers. She threatened to call security if I did not stop arguing with her. I could not believe that she would have the gall to behave rudely and then pretend to be the aggrieved party. I was ready to continue but left the place more because my wife insisted that I do not escalate this any further. I put a complaint note to the flight purser doubting very much if anything much will come of it. I write this just to let all fellow Indian fliers know that we should not take this kind of racist behavior lightly and make a concerted effort to fight it and highlight it immediately. But first we have to have our house in order too!
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Aug 14, 2020
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Credit Card — Rude behaviour of the staff

I was late in paying my credit card bill and later i paid the minimun amount due but the concerned person who called me kept on calling me even after i made the payment...she called me 10-12 times in a day and her behaviour was so rude...i even told her that why is she calling me now as i had made the payment..then she used to disconnect the phone and then call again...disgusting on their part...
They are a bunch of thieves.

I received a call from my Bank telling me that someone was buying tickets in Air Arabia with my credit card. I tried to cancel the orders, but three of them passed through, even with the fact that I got the called the same day of the purchase.

I send a lot of emails to Air Arabia and I didn't receive any answer back. I even contacted them before the day the tickets were supposed to be used.

I understand the must check that the person that purchased and e-ticket presents the physical credit card.
How the hell was that possible when the credit card was in my possesion and almost 10, 000 miles away?!!
Air Arabia has got depressing staff. When i went for luggage check in, they told me that there was an excess of 14 kgs. I told them i'll take that bag of 8kgs as my hand bag, and then, unbelievable.. they weighed in my bagpack and my laptop. i told thm tht i dun carry purses and thts why i'm carrying a bagpack which is just 3kgs. But they're not at all cooperative. After sometime of arguments.. in which even the manager Mr. Rajesh was involved, an extremely rude fellow, we paid the excess of 3kgs.. Then after reaching my destination I found on the airport that the bag for which I had paid excess was missing. The next day i came to know that that particular bag was not even sent to the flight.. this was a horrible experience travelling by air arabia under the management of Mr. Rajesh in Mumbai, India. The previous manager (who was a female) was extremely kind and understanding, and even in case of excess, she told us kindly and not rudely. Atleast she never took out her revenge by not sending us the luggage. I request Air Arabia to appoint better people for management... especially the one in Mumbai International Airport.
This was my first journey by Air Arabia. Air Arabia has got depressing staff. When i went for luggage check in, they told me that there was an excess of 8 kgs. I told them i am coming from Udaipur and nobody with me to carry back that excess luggge. i requested to Executive Mr. Mohit Amin also but he refused and the lady sitting on counter Ms Naurin Thaiyani showed me very rude behaviour and also Mr. Jay Vaidya was there with the same attitude. Not only this, they were laughing on me and decided to harrass me anyhow so that they can enjoy with that.They even didnt allow me 2-3 kgs extra though i requested a lot. They are not at all cooperative. I was alone and being a single lady i was helpless. I took out my excess luggage and left in Canteen at airport. This was my first worst experience with this flight. I am also in customer service. I know how to serve customers. But this was really disappointing to see the Air Arabia staff at Ahmedabad airport. They are not eligible for such job profile. I request Air Arabia to appoint better people for management... especially the one in Ahmedabad International Airport. Especially the lady Ms Naurin Thaiyani should be taught how to interact with the customer. I will never fly with this flight in future. Better to spend more money on other flights.

camera free air Tickets — didn't get


Your customer care called me from your Nevida Office I am from India Today Book Club (Company). By this No :[protected] and his Mob : [protected]. Named Suhail. From Bareli.We are providing from our company one offer in this festival Bakrid those who will pay 5298/- he will get one camera costly 10000/-, 3 Air tickets, bothside. and three 4 5 star Hotel. and i need your 3 Credit Card. but I told to your customer i have not credit card. So I am not ready to get this offer.often times your customer has being called from your company at last he give me one A/c No. Rahul Kumar SBI Bank .[protected]. and told i am advicer in this company and send message by his Mobile. your are requst accepted and your package send one camera and both side Airtiket and two days three Night Tiket Hotel. This message I got in this number : [protected] and after getting this message I called to his number and he told you will get this offer within three days then i was waiting three days after i called to his mob. i did'nt and he told you will get day after tomarrow. after i called to his mob. but he has switched off. now I am too sad and i petition to your company give me reply answer and reason in this matter. at last he got my mobile number from my brother my brother was member your company he was getting lot of magazine. Rahul Kumar holder in this A/c SBI Bank his Address : Near Laili Davi Temple, Rohile, Casgang, Etha, U.P
now pls give me answer thats your kindness and your passion.

My phone :[protected]

Abid Hussain
From Kerala
I had booked a ticket on air arabia for 1st april 2010 almost 1 month before the with reserved window seat by paying 10dhs extra...but on reaching the boarding pass counter i was informed that this seat was already reserved by some one else and they give me center seat instead of window...
and that was really worst guysnext time when you book ticket on airarabia and i[censored] are reserving andy seats check and reconfirm this before going to airport...anyways im going to lodge a formal complaint..
You better go home back to your India. All the world full of Indians. You are behaving like it's your country. If you don't like here just GO BACK to INDIA! Everybody sick and tired of You guys.
Dear, Sir, Madam

Refer to below reservation it done online successfully on 27/09/2010, for my son Mohamed M.Elhassan . before this reservation on 24/09/2010, I try to booking for my same son online, I did not received any confirmation in my email and Credit Card has been debit for AED.221.45 - Authenticate NO.04-1922 - Item NO.00356 dated 24/09/2010, the booking not done and my account deduct in the value of ticket in same time .

kindly be note the price of ticket for my first booking on 24/09/2010 is 221.45 DH, my second booking as below price was .324.45DH
Payment Ref. Authenticate No. 04.1922 - Item NO.00356 ( FGB Credit Card )
kindly consider my letter is complaint issue against the company .and this is not justice and not fair, we lost our time and money in same time, Am regular customer I deal with Air Arabia sine 2005
Am waiting your answer in this regards.


Mohamed Elhassan Elsharif Abd Alla Elgoul
traveled date[protected]
flight # G90166
Mode of complaint- misbehave from cabin crew (serious)
execpting your immediate responce in this regard

PP # E 3991202
MOBILE #[protected]
Email id abrahamthomas.[protected]
very dissapointed by the behaviour of the crew when i travelled from shj to ind via air arabia...being a indian me n my husband was treated bad by him...his namw was sahi kiran something...dint expect this to happen evn i tried callin the office but no actions taken will never fly in this airlines again...

I had made booking through Air arabia for my sister. She utilized one way ticket, but came through another flight for which she has one way air fare as credit. Now, I need to utilize this balance for my journey in the month of december. I went to air arabia office today, and they say its not possible. The reason is that her passport says our mother's name as 'Shameem Bano' and mine says 'Shameem Gaffar.' Shameem Bano is my mother's maid-in name and Gaffar Khan is my father. Its obvious that after marriage a woman's name is changed to her husband's. But the representative in air arabia office in Bangalore, India told me this is not possible, and also behaved quite rude.

My sister will not be travelling to UAE again. So, I need to utilize the remaining credit.

Now what should I do?
I traveled from Istanbul to Ahmedabad via Sharjah on 28th/29th June 2012, and they "lost" my bag -- when they found it and returned it after 3 days (they sent it by a private bus carrier and I had to go to their office yo claim my bag, but the Cambata Aviation people gave me the locket/docket number only after 3 phone calls) all wrapped up in plastic, I opened it only to find the following items missing:
* a 8 GB flash drive with all the most recent files I had been working on for months before and during my conference in Istanbul, which was given to me by my son as a birthday gift (how the flipping hell am I going to recover these files?!);
* 3 cans of Turkish and Russian beer (out of 5 cans which I had bought for an old pre-diabetic uncle of mine who loves these exotic beer cans I bring back when I visit India -- he is allowed to cheat on his strict diet only when I visit once a year or so);
* about 5-10 USD in loose change in tenge, lira, etc.
The Cambata Aviation ground staff in Ahmedabad are very lax, incompetent and complacent and downright rude when asked for information or to act. While I am not 100% sure that they stole stuff from my bag, I have no other explanation forthcoming from them, besides the utter rot that they trot out. For instance, they tell me I cannot bring beer into Gujarat because it is a "dry state" (nonsense -- I am in transit and due to leave for Bangalore 3-4 days after my arrival and the beer is not meant for consumption in Gujarat).
Who in Air Arabia cares enough to act on this and the above complaints remains to be seen.
Till then I will pursue every channel or option open to me as an aggrieved and really aggravated passenger.
Ramesh Kini
I have not received my baggage in Mumbai on my travel from Sharjah to Mumbai on 26thNov2012
File number given to me is BOMG9079186
Tag Number of Bag - G9933145
Travelled - Sharjah-Mumbai on 26thNov G90407.
My bag is a Black color soft bag, with zipper, wheels weighing 30kgs only.
Contents - - Important Document and all my Credit Cards. - Clothes for myself, Children, women. - Shoes for myself Children, women. - Game PS2 with controllers and 15 CDs - Perfume bottles - Camera - Sunglasses - Business Suit. - Perishable food articles (Cheese)
Noone from sharjah or Mumbai calls me to tell me what is happening on my bag since 05 days now.
I have made hundreds of calls and emails but get no reponse.
Only reponse on calls after wait for an hour is bag is missing and still under tracing.
If someone from Airarabia is listening please help me.
Last week I was travelling from sharjah to Bangalore, and a flight attendant of Air Arabia dropped coffee on me . This has caused blisters and a big wound.
The flight number is G9497, the air hostess did not have a proper first aid, and I had to bear the pain for 3 hours.
Please advise as to how can I bring this in the notice of Air Arabia staff.
Attached is a picture of my wound.

the worst service provider I ever seen is the air Arabia, they demand money for everything i[censored] want to avoid a passenger line you find the person begging for 50aed to avoid the line, which is appointed by air Arabia. surprisingly i[censored] book online ticket we need to be careful they count for only 20kg and demand for addition baggage weight, i[censored] pay for that u see the staff crew standing far from duty free to weight the baggage and just they rob the money i[censored] have dutyfree item, telling the baggage should be 10kg including duty free item. why these people wont tell us before purchasing. they demand as they wish and trouble too much before entering in to the flight.
as I have decieded and tell others also not to travel in such a dirty service giving by air Arabia.
I was disappointed to hear from the crew that the airline did not supply them with any copies of the on board sky café menu or food menu. The only thing we've been offered to buy or eat was a choice of disgusting chicken or cheese sandwiches!
During our return and only 20 minutes before landing that my daughter found a copy of the menu under her seat full of delicious hot and cold meals, snacks, pastries, candies and drinks that were all available but hidden from passengers!
How do you explain that and why?
Worst Airline ever dealt with.
Worst Airline every dealt with and unruly ground staff
This a horrible airline, your travel bag will never reach on time. My wife and kid travel on 22/06/2014 in G9517 flight, they did not get baggage. I called their help line several times nobody pick up the call.

More than 85 passengers did not receive their baggage. We had frozen baby food on the baggage. During the baggage drop, we asked will it reach on the same time, they promised but they did not keep their promise.

I think it is useless airlines.

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