Airtel — Airtel's Massive Fraud - Dumping goods on Gullible Customers without their consent

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Tamil Nadu, India
Dear friends,

I have an Airtel Broadband connection 42668209. Was shocked to find (after 3 months) that they have charged for PC Secure(An useless n unknown Antivirus software) and Online Desktop storage without any written or verbal confirmation whatsoever from my end.

This is sheer GREED and they don't have a clue of what's happening as they have stripped themselves fully (Incl their vests n brief to their outsourcing operators!) Absolutely no coordination between them.

When contacted, after so many different versions from diff people, they have waived the charges. The key Qs to the TRAI, Govt and the general public are as follows:

1.TRAI clearly states that a written confirmation has to be obtained from the customer regarding change of plan and same to be communicated to the customer vide email/sms. Neither of them happened in my case. CLEARLY VIOLATION OF THE LAWS OF LAND! Look how they care for the law! They simply break it!

2. I opened my mouth and they gave the waiver for DUMPING USELESS PRODUCTS WHICH I NEVER WANTED IN THE FIRST PLACE. How many millions of subscribers have been conveniently duped like this? ,esp. good natured rural folks. Can TRAI, after an audit, arrive at a figure of this humongous fraud???. What about other operators??

3.TRAI is supposed to make an audit of the billing system periodically. Are they hand-in-glove?? Otherwise how on earth can Airtel go ahead with scant regard of TRAI's laws?

Last but not the least. I have never had ANY billing issues with BSNL last two decades. Their response to service may be a lil' slow(Thanks to the Central Govt who are bent on killing them!) but they would ever and never do such a blatant violation.

NOW, WHO WILL BELL THE CAT?? I'm making all efforts with my disposal to see to it that this issue is raised in Parliament/other relevant forums like this, raising public awareness. It's not the Qs. of getting waiver for an individual for a couple of hundred rupees, but to expose the crores of rupees swindled from customers all over India since 1995!.

And without serving local customers, finding their feet-on-the-ground, obeying the rule of the land, they are flying for expansion in Africa and other countries! All Africans may not behave like we Indians, Mr.Mittal. I do care for your LIFE as you are no doubt a Telecom Czar.

Sincerely Yours,
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Airtel — Miserable service, no sales/cust-service coordination

I have following services from Airtel:

a. Landline and Broadband (starting January 2006)

b. Mobile (starting early 2007)

Following are my concerns on these:

* Sales promotes offers that do not exist
There seems to be no coordination between sales and cust-service groups as while taking the mobile connection I was told by the agent that I will be getting that as part of combo offer wherein I will be getting 5% discount on my landline bill. When I did not receive any intimation for that and I contacted cust-service I was told that there's no such offer.

* Miserable Cust-Service
Customer service is really miserable for a company like Airtel. It has happened on number of times that different cust-service reps tell different stories for the same service/product. For instance:

#1 Intl Roaming
- Agent 1: Intl. roaming will be activated free of charge/deposit within 4 hours.
- Agent 2: There will be deposit required and you can deposit online. It will take 12 hours for activation.
- Agent 3: Deposit has to be done at an Airtel outlet only.

#2 Broadband Plan Change
- Sales: Plan change will be effective with 8 hours. You will be intimated by cust-service. No intimation.
- Cust Serv Agent 1: Plan change will be effective with take atleast 5 days. You will be intimated. No intimation.
- Cust Serv Agent 2: Plan change will be effective within 48 hours. You will be intimated. No intimation.

#n Long chats with Cust Service
Everytime I have to chat nearly 30-45 mins with the cust service agents trying to clarify about pending requests/no intimations, et al.


Please do the needful.

(Mob: [protected])

Airtel India — charging customers without their consent and verbal confirmation

Refer Mobile Number [protected]

I got a message on my mobile in my inbox

You have been successfully subscribed to 1: Friends Voice Chat
and the money was deducted from my balance, by the company, without any consent or verbal confirmation Amount deducted Rs.30/- from my prepaid account.

Sir, We never subscribed to any such services

So we immediately send STOP 1: Friends Voice Chat sms to 121 and 1210
the reply was

Sorry we can not process your request try later

We do not want to receive any advertisements in our inbox via sms or phone call
We do not want to know about any Airtel India Offers by sms or phone call

Please do the needful
even though i have numerous connections i am being treated badly . i have decided the best way to teach irresponsible people a lesson is to disconnect all 15 connections

why pay them when others give better service

they simply dont care about customers
This is a real and big scam what I call the "Airtel Online Desktop Scam"in progress by Airtel, here is the modus operandi for Noida area (where I reside and have taken a 3-in-one connection):
1) A Customer Care executive will call you from Airtel and tell you that they have a new
FREE service from Airtel called "Online Desktop".
2) You are delighted to get some free space online and you are gullible enough to follow on when he guides you how to enable the "FREE" service.
3) You start using the service or perhaps forget about it and there are numerous "ACTUAL FREE" services online like DropBox.

At the end of the month you get disguised charges for Rs. 99 for "Airtel Online Desktop". If you are not careful in scanning your bill you can easily miss it and say that perhaps you have made more calls from telephone (I have Airtel IP TV + Phone + Internet).

You get enraged and call them to stop this service and reverse charges. The first tell you that nobody can enable the service from their end and that you are the one who enabled it. You are enraged further
and that makes them this month's charges.

Story is good. But next month again same charges are added and same story repeats.
Airtel is just hoping to dump forcibly these useless products and start charging from you. I wish they get pulled up by regulators for this.
just been duped by airtel broadband.

i came to know about it as i only use it for the net - so fixed bill everymonth.

this month its Rs 170 rupees more for a crappy PC Secure - something i cannot even use as i'm on an Apple!!!

they have agreed to waive off Rs 70. I have asked Rs 170+the vat charged to be reversed.

we must do something about this corporate fraud. take them...

i just mailed V.Ravichander ([protected] & [protected] -[protected].htm

we will take them to court for a fraud.

or what good is a democracy eh...if Modi can fall, where are these minimum wage incompetent customer care executives!!!
I agree this is a large scale fraud being perpetrated by Airtel. One executive called me and asked me to enable this service "Online Desktop Storage" service online as it is totally free of charge. I did so and then they began charging me Rs. 99 for this every month. When I called the customer care they asked me to disconnect this service online but they will not reverse charges. This is the plan of some perverted and desperate sales guy in Airtel office who must have been given this charge of selling this additional products.
Under pressure to execute he started this practice of fraud to sell this product forcefully by telling pure lie! He knew that there would be no accountability as you will never know the person calling you and you cant point to a single person.

Guys is there a regulatory body we can send our complaint to so that innocent users are spared the harassment? Meanwhile I have just given request to terminate my 3-in-1 connection of Airtel IP TV,
internet and landline, I dont want to deal with a dishonest company, I will also disconnect my Airtel mobile and go for some other service.

My disconnection request number is 33745874 given today i.e. 11 June.
I just noticed that I had posted about this same issue 40 days before also and at that time
I gave a request to disconnect. That time also I was assured of reversing of charges but nothing
happens. And I dont know if the reply by "Airtel Customer Care" here is official reply, it is just
some troll job.

Guys please email me regarding what action we can take, can we approach consumer court together?
It is funny that I got a call on the landline today and I thought it would be from the Airtel disconnection department (as I dont use the landline number much) and instead it was from someone asking me to
activate Airtel Games on Demand by logging into
Now that they could not get money from Online Desktop fraud they have started this gaming fraud.
I told the person that I am not interested as I know I will be charged later and he used the same language, "Sir this is absolutely free service which is already present on your unlimited connection, you just need to start using it". I just got his details and told him "Thank you, but no thank you"

Here are the details of the person calling:
Shamshir Singh
Airtel Head Office Bhopal
I finally got it cancelled only after I asked them to disconnect my service.
Still the money has not been adjusted and they ahve asked me to deduct
extra money from next bill. Will post what happens.
Airtel is a big cheater company. I took a broadband connection[protected] from Airtel, They started charging Rs.85/= for PC Secure, I have never used this scrap software and never activated it. I called the Customer care that have been charged for E.mail relay and PC secure, they said it can only be activated at my end.
So I decided to surrender the number as I realized that they are charging thousands of other customers of this PC secure without their consent.
I put a Request No.34885506 dated 9/July/2010 for disconnection. I kept on sending them e.mails and calling the customer care to tell that disconnection has not done.
To a big surprise I received a call today on 4th July 2010 that The disconnection has not been done because their representative came to my premises for disconnection and I told him that I am happy with Airtel and I wish to continue. I could not believe the amount of false and misleading statements they give to their customers. No body came to my premises and I am still waiting for the disconnection of this number.
Today I told them clearly that I am not going to pay any rent or charges for this delay in disconnection. Airtel is cheating its clients on their faces.
Last word : Keep Airtel out of your lives.
Correction on above post 24th July 2010 (not 4th July 2010)

The scam goes on -- here are the details:

Since March 2010 I have been asking for Online Desktop service to be removed from my account, as written in previous posts. But it is not being done and I am always charged Rs. 100 and then given a waiver when I complain. Latest status was that I did unsubscribe from the website itself for this service, still I am charged Rs. 100 in the bill.
People just remember dont opt for any service you dont need even if it is being offered for free by Airtel,
it can be a scam like this.
the misery continues even after repeated requests and back and forth with customer care over email and phone I am getting at my wits end, all my requests 37302988, 37263340,[protected] are unresolved.

So finally going ahead with disconnection of this service and looking at other alternative like reliance netconnect or bsnl.
I agree with you, Airtel is very good in cheating customers. I am facing billing related issue.
Airtel had voluntarily changed by Landline/Broadband plan and not even sent printed/soft copy of the Bills. I paid for 4 months the excess charges than I opted. Finally on 5th Month when contacted Airtel Bangalore @ 121, they said they will wavier for all of it and at least i spoke with 20 executives of Airtel and tonnes of email since 4 months. But, no reply. Landline/Broadband is inactive since 2 months and causing lot of inconvenience. Airtel need to pay me back the excess I paid, but instead Airtel is asking me to pay the bills for the months I have not used. There is no itemised billing in any of the recent bill sent since 2 months. Airtel is had become purely Customer Cheating company and causing lot of incovenience to Customer. And on top of it, Bill recovery team will be giving Threatening call.

landline :[protected]

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    Airtel - Airtel's Massive Fraud - Dumping goods on Gullible Customers without their consent