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[Resolved]  Airtel — fraud

sir on 27th December 2012 i made a request from airtel digital tv customer care to install a dth to my home,they have deducted the amount of 2700 from my credit card and promised to install in few days but afterwards they didnt installed the tv by giving some excuses,i have called them so many times for refund but they r not entertaing.
and they r caliing me alltime for recharging the dth connection.i am paying a monthly 100 rupees fine when my airtel mobile bill payment is delayed.i made a accidnt when reciving there call by car,i need companciation of 50 thousand for this mental harrasment for 20 months,my airtel digital tv account ID is [protected].and order id is 932894.
pls help..
shiv shankar kumar
j-702,mantri tranquil appartment
gubbala gate,kanakpura road
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hi sir i am facing problem from 8 to 10 months due balance deduction as i had not activated my value added service called miss call alert since they deduct my balance an not even gave me the service and the monthly rental for this service is rupees 10 and i even called the customer service since they had not replied me properly and not even helped me and even sort my problem[protected]&start=1

airtel prepaid card no orkut
Complaint 01...
I would like to know, is their any action take by AIRTEL/BHARTI to solve this issue? I called on 121, two times. But they couldnt give me any details, and even they didn try to help. Ones my complaint is register, you should follow me. But people from AIRTEL asked me to call me on 121, next day or in the morning. And whenever I make called very easly AIRTEL answer machine fool us, by saying press 1, 2, 3, ... for this and that service. And at they end we didnt get any result/detail.
Amey Sheth..
till today i didnt received any reply..

Complaint 02..
>I am Amey Z.Sheth. First got airtel number, which suppose to have 20 days
>validity. But after three days card expired, then on request i got new
>number with ten days validity. And after few days on 25.07.06, my outgoing
>was blocked. On the same day in the evening around 8.00pm, i made last
>call to no. [protected]. Which charge me around 10.00 Rs. At that time my
>balance was around 290.00 Rs. After that my out goin was blocked. On next
>day Airtel deducted huge amount, somewhere around 280.00 Rs. And my
>balance came to 8.50Rs. I dont know, but when out going is blocked, and i
>didnt make any out goin calls too, how can you cut balance from my
>account. Because of this i face some problem.
>I wont reply and action from your side on the same within two working
>days, or else I am moving to cosumer court.
Never go for AIRTEL connetion...

And till date they have deducted several time 25rs. from my account. Dont know for what?
Just sheet service.

Airtel is fraud. — Airtel real fraud.

This is very serious issue. On 13 Aug. 2008. I have recharged my mobile with the amount 1947. in the service reply we are getting the message recharge with 1947 will

Get 1947 talk time and all STD should be 1Rs. But when I recharge I got 1947 talk time but the STD at 1 Rs. is not activated.

I had talk with customer care. She says offer ended but till even two days after when I press *123# I am getting message like. with 1947 will

Get 1947 talk time and all STD should be 1Rs. again speak with customer care another people says send message 1947 to 170 your std pack will activated within 72 hours . I did and I received reply

Thank you for choosing airtel std pack on easy recharge with Rs. 1947 . your free std pack will activated within 72 hours . STD call at re 1/Min valid for 30 days.

Any one help me to register this issue with consumer court against airtel.
Thanks & Regards
Shambhu Kr. Mehta

For past 3 days im asking airtel people to cancel my fixedline and broadband[protected], its in the name of M.R.Srinivasan.But nobody is giving me correct procedure to disconnect. They are fooling me by telling that my wife has asked them to retain the connection, its totally impossible b`coz she is out of station.

Next thing Airtel people are clever that they charge late payment fee though the bill is paid before the due and there are many hidden charges also.Im in the plan of 799 rental with 256kbps speed but they dont provide really that much only for two or three days after complaint they do.

So im really fed up of this and i want to move out.

My mobile number is:-[protected]
on basis of a scheme, we paid for a sim card in which.the scheme applied offered three connections in which airtel to airtel was free .first 3000 airtel calls were absolutely free .the reciept given shows the address of of an airtel branch.

it was as follows -
[ 'd' wing ' gala number 1 and 2, gyan sagar apartment, kanderpada, dahisarWest, mumbai-68 ]
money given by us -Rs 2100 by cash
payment date -12/12/08
reciept number - 134
serial number - 0802099

we recieved no couriers, no sim card, no other notices regarding what we bought
phone number given to us : swati - [protected]
vicky - [protected]

other numbers given - [protected]

nobody has contacted us and we have not been able to contact anyone till now.
we hope that we shall be restored with our money rightflly.
To whomsoever it may concern,

I would like to file a case against Airtel for foul play and fraud which has been going on for about a month now. There are three incidents for which i have collected evidence to support my cause. Could you please guide me on what needs to be done next.

Thanking You,
Rakesh Krishnan H.
on 11.02.009 i received a call from a lady named miss shruti [protected] ...she told that they got a new offer for me as my number has been chosen lucky...the offer was that with recharge of 580 rs i will get full talk time + i will get 200 messages free +all A to A calls will be charged 30 paise per minute + A to other mobile and land line will be charged 50 paise per minute +sdt calls at 0.99 pasise per minute..this offer was for life time...
i told her call me back next day...she called me up and i was interested in the offer i gave her my home address...the she told me that she will be sending her executive to my place to collect the money and proof next day...on 13.02 .09 the executive came to my place to collect the money ...he asked me fill the form ...then after filling the form a gave him the money and he gave back the receipt...and he told me taht the offer will get activated within 12 hour..till now offer has not been plz help me ...
I got my voucher activated with lifetime scheme{rs 99} and recharged it with Rs 100 topup.
I received sms's regarding confirmation of the above activities but after a day all the amount and activation was gone and it said that your sim card is not activated.
I consulted the shop<Sheetal Communications, D park, Rohtak 124001, haryana> but they are doing nothing.
I also consulted the Airtel's relationships manager of our region and he is also doing nothing.
Please Help
Dear Sir,

I would like you to intervene as i am very upset by the way of working and customer service provided by Airtel.

I am an Airtel customer with a prepaid connection from past six years. Recently, on 19 th feb 2008 i received a call from a tele caller from airtel stating that being a vintage customer i`m being offered with a scheme wherein i would be charged with 30 paise for local Airtel to airtel calls and 50 paise on sms and calls to other numbers for which i will have to pay Rs.580/- towards subscription and the scheme would be activated within three hours of filling up the form and payment.I agreed to it and the executive visited my place on 23rd feb and asked me to fill up the enrollment form and collected the said amount from me.He also provided me with the contact number of the telecaller for further assistance.As the scheme was not activated i tried calling the numbers provided to me but the same is contactable.

Seeing this i forwarded the mail to their complaint redressal Email id but i received a reply on my reminder mail stating to visit the airtel relationship center for redressal.As instructed i visited the center but the executives out there refused to help and asked me to call their hotline number 999 from their ARC.I contacted them and a lady called Harshita attended me and was only reciting apology and refused to assist further.So i insisted to speak to their manager and Mr. Moshin came online. He too refused to provide me with the details of the numbers from which i received the call and advised me to go legally with the issue.

So i request you Sir, please intervene and help me resolve this issue and take strict action against this company as i suspect fraud due to following reasons:
1 - Disclosing the details of the customer to third party without consent of the customer, as the person called had all my details which i had provided with Airtel.
2 - The executive who visited had all the details i.e form, ID from airtel.
3 - The number from which i received the call is similar to the number from which i also receives voice recorded calls for the promotion of the new facility from airtel.
4 - Airtel, if was genuine and not a part of this fraud then would have definitely helped me in tracing the culprits who are disgracing the name of the company but instead they just tried to wave off by asking me to go legally and sowing their inability in taking action or providing the details of the number even though they had received many such complaints prior to mine.

I request you to take quick action against them and get me reverted with the amount i lost and an compensation for mental stress, wastage of time and money, due to their improper way of working and carelessness.

Details of the numbers from which they can trace the culprits which are alos provided to the manager Mr. moshin by me and other customers.

First call recived from:[protected] from a telecaller named Ms.Dipti from Bhyander branch what was informed to me dated 19/02/2008, again on 21/02/2008 and 23/02/2008
Second call received from:[protected] from the executive to verify the address, the number is sitll contactable but they are not picking up the phone.
Third numbers provided to me for assisstance which are now not contactable:[protected] and [protected].
Dear sir

I am using Airtel mobile (prepaid) Recently (daily offer of the day*123*2# )at the time I have received a message from Airtel that is Megar star special movies Like rowdy alludu, gang leader Free RT, HT dail 5432124 at Rs.0 .. i called above number per minute they charged 6 rs its fraud statement.

finnaly I called them they were tell only download free but call charges apply its big fraud
please action to them
Due to financial constraints and problematic FWP handset I lodged a request with the Airtel 121 helpline to have my 'FWP' Postpaid number [protected] converted into 'MOBILE' prepaid with the condition of retaining the same number, which they have been doing already for many of their customers as per the information given by their relationship center in Sector 12 Noida.

With rigorous follow ups with them in person at the relationship center In Noida, then over calls and over e-mails for the last more than 10 days I have not yet got resolution on my issue. Seek your kind intervention to help resolve my issue the soonest as with each passing day I am incurring their rental amount which I am unable to afford currently.

Look forward to your kind consideration and help.

Ashu Bhat
Airtel tie-up with ICICI online Mobile Prepaid recharging is fraud, peoples stay away from online mobile recharges.
ya i think the airtel customer care have un appropiately behaved towars u...n u shoul lodge a complaint in the consumer court forum
I am a landline and Internet service user of Airtel.

I must say, in the pursuit of maximising their revenue from each subscriber Airtel has have fallen to the lowest of cheapster-tricks.

I want to ask the following from AIRTEL:

The Pc Secure antivirus, that you apparently provide to your subscriber is a big fraud. and it does make good money for you, doesn't it? Random, unspesific actions of your subscriber activate this service. Whether the antivirus software has actually been isntalled on the poor subscriber's system is not at all required for you to charge him the money. And you continue to do so, every month, till the person actually finds out the fraud and questions you back. But by then you have made enough from one customer! Isn't it you frauds?

How can you charge indefintely for a service that you have no proof is actually being used by your customer? Allocatino of activation key cannot be a reason for charging indefintely. And where in the cluster of your agreement with end-user does it mention that it is the subscriber's responsiblity to actually call you up and ask to de activate the service (whereas activation can happen without any actino of his!).

I as a cusomter of airtel want to know:
1. where is it mentioned that I will be ifnormed about this PS Secue antivurs activation? Even in the bill you cleverly hide it udner DSL Usage section.

2. How can you put a subscription service under that sectino? DSL is for digital Subscriber Line. a networking term. How is that related to Antivirus? specially when there is not data flowing from ur DSL regarding that service?

3. Why is the subscriber informed about this service in adequate detail? No one ever told me it is an antivirus. Everybody has an antivirus in their system. No one wants you stupid Pc Secure antivirus. If I were informed that an antivirus is being subscribed i would never have doen that. I feel cheated. Kindly explain whats your respone on this.

60 Rs, for me is the value for which Airtel is willing to cheat its customers. and I am preparing to take my complaint to consumer court and other platforms of consumer greiveances.
Kind Attn : Mr Sanjay Bhutani

My name is Sheryl Fernandes.
Please go through my letter as it is very urgent to catch this fraudster who is cheating people around.
My mobile number is [protected].


To 26/October/2009
The Manager
Bharti Airtel Ltd.

My name is Sheryl Fernandes. I stay in Mumbai (Andheri – West).
A few days ago, I put an ad online for adoption of dogs (pups) and a person named Amit Kumar from Chandhigarh contacted me from mobile number [protected] (AIRTEL NUMBER).
He said he has a pug pup (free) for adoption and having shared more details asked me to pay Rs.3000/- as air/cargo charges for delivery of the pup to me, and I agreed to the same and made the payment today morning into his account holding name Mr. K Vijaya, in State Bank of India, Account number [protected] .
I waited quite long at the airport and was continuously calling this person, WHO NEVER ANSWERED MY CALL AGAIN.
As I visited my Bank again, the Manager informed me this account is in the name of Mr. K Narashima Reddy and K Vijaya.
I have made a Police complain and went to the SBI Bank, Goregaon (west) Mumbai where I deposited the cash into his account, and the Manager of the Bank has gone ahead and blocked his account.
The Police and the Bank Manager have asked me to contact as many people as I can to get details of this fraudster.
I would like your help for more information of this person as he is using an Airtel Mobile number.
I will be coming personally to your head office in Interface bldg, Malad Mumbai along with my papers of the Police complain and Bank Manager’s letter.
My mobile number is [protected]. Please call me or email me at sheryl.[protected] and let me know if you know this person who has cheated several others of money on the pretext of selling a dog to them.
He has contacted me through these email ids
goutham goutham = [protected]

Waiting for your reply ASAP.

I got the bloody connection 5 months back. I have asked them to disconnect my number. Those said that there is some bloody safe custody mode, in which there will be no rental and we can activate if needed by paying Rs. 300 in advance for 3 months. But i started receiving bills saying that u need to pay even if you are in safe custody mode. This is a real fraud. I just want to sue those people.
Re: Complaint against- AIRTEL DTH- I will get down to consumer court tomorrow if not resolved today. AIRTEL takes advantage of common people.
Government should ban AIRTEL to do business in India as they cheat common people. Jai Hind!! NEWS Channels- please focus it in india as AIRTEL cheats middle class people!


Dear Sunil Bharthi Mittal, Manoj Kohli, Ajay Lal and Rakesh bharthi mittal-

I am fed up with the services of AIRTEL DTH. I have no option but to beg in front of you to service my request as I have nowhere to go!
There has been a big fraud from AIRTEL DTH. I have been robbed Rs 4350.
I have faced a deep emotional harassment caused to me for the last 2 weeks from AIRTEL DTH.
My AIRTEL DTH connection is suspended and my Balance is showing negative -3300. And all my connection and channels are stopped and blocked inspite of paying Rs4350 for Ultra Pack- 12 months subscription free.

I have taken a fresh AIRTEL DTH connection on 22nd December 2009 by Phone through IVR paying Rs 4350 through my icici credit card.

• My Customer ID: [protected]
• Package: New connection taken with Ultra Pack- 12 months subscription free
• Order No,: 6449009
• My Transaction Id: 982103
• Amount Paid: Rs 4350 Payment made through Icici Bank credit card master card( bank account statement attached)
• Payment Date: 22nd December 2009
• Payment Time: 4:27 pm
• a/c credited to Navi Mumbai, Airtel DTH

I have placed numerous complaints as stated below with no response in reference to my compliant id: 1701072 and 1688523 and 1660375

Also, Please find attached my latest credit card e-statement, where it shows that I have paid Rs 4350 to AIRTEL DTH.

You have 2 options in front of you,

1. First option is either you activate my connection with my required facilities- Ultra Pack
2. Refund my hard earned money of Rs 4350.

I am very serious now, I will take LEGAL ACTION and go to the police and press/ TV Channels, and I will be taking Tata sky today too, if you are not able to resolve my issue.

I have written to you as AIRTEL DTH customer care people are unprofessional people and they do not know how to service a request. I am fed up of them. This intern will hamper you as I have a postpaid connection from AIRTEL: [protected] and landline and broadband:[protected]

For escalation , Even I tried to contact Arun kumar with no response at the below address:
Aarti telemedia ltd
No. 56/4, sarada tower
Nandi durga rd
Benson town

And local in bangalore Direct Services--[protected] . I could not get any issue resolved.

I am fed up of airtel as a whole and I would recommend all not to go for airtel as it is an unprofessional company and should not do business in India as they cheat people. I hope the government of India is looking into it.
I am purchase airtel dth tv, but it produced electric shock, kindly help me.
all customer care number not responding, The local office number not answar me.
My contact no [protected], Bhubaneswar

Airtel — fraud face




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