Airtel Mobile Phone — Balance and Recharge money lost without any reason

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 suresh76927 on Jul 16, 2011
In my cellphone with airtel number [protected], I was having balance of around Rs200/ before May 24th, I went abroad for 5 weeks, after I came back, all this money balance became zero, on 30th June, I had recharged with Rs. 222/( transaction Id is 424433391) and Rs 55/ (voucher no. is [protected]) and also I had got message of confirmation of recharge in my cell phone, balance shown Rs. 267, but calls were not processing and balance became zero again on next day without any reason. on 1st July, After I checked with local airtel, they said, the sim validity was over, then I increased validity with Rs. 27/ and recharged again with Rs 222(transaction id is 429389762). On same day 1st July, contacted airtel 121 customer care supervisor and enquired how come previous balance gone and how come the recharge was accepted if the sim is not in validity. What if I recharge Rs 1000/ also, is it same thing will happen?, the customer care supervisor, she accepted the problem and launched complaint with CBNRA[protected] and promised will be resolved by around 5th July. But nothing happend. Waited and I contacted them again on today 16th July, the airtel customer care, now they are saying totally different, one time customer care representative saying as the recharged amount was used and another time the customer care floor supervisor saying as nothing was rechanged on 30th June, even after I gave the transaction id information.
Here again my questions are,
1. I did the sim to lifetime validity with Rs. 999/ in around 2005, what happend to this lifetime validity?
2. How can Airtel deduct or null the balance without any actual calls made?
3. How the Airtel accepting recharge transaction, if the sim is not in validity period, and cannot be used to make any calls, even to 121 customer care to ask why? (I have still in my inbox a proof of trasaction successfull message)
4. How Airtel customer care representatives and floor supervisors giving different reasons for the money lost and not exactly telling to resolve the issue..? some times, after long conversation with customer care, the phone line gets disconnected suddenly, why?.
If 121 customer care cannot figureout the problem, who else can resolve the problem and explain what exactly happend..?
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Airtel Mobile Phone — My Cell Phone No 9818405692 - Stop all deduction on any value added service to this phone with immediate effect.

My Cell Phone No 9818405692, is pre-paid life time connection. It appears , daily some Rs 2 is getting deducted. I have spoken to customer cell several times and as per their guidence , I have sent SMS also. Some times , they say - it will be done in 96 hrs and some time they say - it will done in 30 days. I do not understand , why this service is so poor. Pl restore my connection without any deduction. I do not wish to subscribe to your any other value added service or so.
Amrendra K Jha
B - 251 - B , Rama Park ( MG ),
Uttam Nagar,
New Delhi - 110059,
Contact No - 9873251040.

Airtel — lost of money 1000

i kamla devi yadav 9981266542 . my mobile balance account contineu lost . my complain custumar care are not reply so are very unhappy

Airtel Mobile Phone — rs 49 were cut without my consent

My cell phone no is 9860383343 and I am in Nahik(Maharastra) Two days ago I had SMS from you that 49 Rs will be charged for music. I had neither opted for this kind of service or I have given any consent. My nearest tower is Ashwin Nagar. Please reverse my Rs 49. and remove this fascility if you have incorporated it by mistake.
Deval S.M.

Airtel — Sudden Disconnection of Phone for no valid reason

I have a airtel connection for the last 11 years, now 4 days back it suddenly got disconnected.
I approached the Airtel Centre, they said change the SIM card, and it will work in 4 hours.
Next day they tell me that as their new software does not have my name reflecting on it, so I have give my proof of residence and ID again, after 11 years !

Worst, NO call or SMS was received by me for the want of papers, simply disconnected my connection.

Now they say it may take upto 10 days for reconnection, is it fair to JUST disconnect and not even inform or ask for details which have been given at the time of taking a connection.

Were they sleeping for 11 years, where did TRAI security norms go, and if they wanted papers, they should have asked for them.

NOW my phone is DEAD, with NO hearing, nodal office, Harshi says she will call back, but does not do so, weekend it is off, so I am lost in this big telecom jungle.

mobile phone — balance recharge

my no.9560360016
balance check karne ka process change ho gaya hai kya or recharge bhi nhi ho raha hai. to kya plz mujhe bta skte ab mere phone recharge kaise hoga.
I had a balance of around rupees 10 on sunday morning(27.02.11), but wen i checked my balance on the same day evening my balance was only rupees 0.33 paise.During in between i have not made any cal to any one.I dont undersatnd how my balance reduced.My mobile no- 9840530202

Airtel Mobile — refund of security amount not received

I surrenderred my airtel post paid no. 9622303501 in may 2010 but the security amount has not bee refunded to me so far despite the fact that more than a year has since passed.
The General Manager
( Airtel Mobile)

Sub:-Why automatic activate many SMS Service & Deduct Rs.1/-day ?

Dear Sir,

मेरा मोबाइल न.9560354168 है ओरमे पिछले छ साल से इस सेवा से जुड़ा हू मेभी नही चाहता हू कि आपकी सेवा को
अवरूध करू लेकिन मे क्या करू क्योकि आप लोग नचाहते हुए भी मजबूर करते हे आपका Customer care कभी भी इन सभी सेवाओ से मुक्त ही नही करता है
सर आपसे निवेदन है कि इस समस्या के समाधान हेतु तुरंत ही अपने अधीनसत अधिकारी को निर्देश देवे अन्यथा मे आपकी
सेवा के आगेस्ट कार्यवाही करते हुए कोर्ट मे ले जौऊगा सो कृपया इसे अन्यथा ना लेवे या आप अपनी सेवा से मुक्त करे
लेकिन आपको लिखित मे देना होगा आपकी वेवजह की सेवाओ से मे बहूतपरेशान हू
आप केवल मोबेल सेवा चाहिए न कि आपकी अन्या सेवा, मे आपके उत्तर् की पार्तिक्षा मे रहूगा .

Yudhbir Singh Ramola
70/C, Kalpna, Sector - 5th,
Vaishali, Ghaziabad, -U.P.

Airtel Mobile Phone — to deactivate spam messages

as i am divya using airtel connection my airtel number is 9632965005, i just want to deactivate the cricket alerts to my numbers & to deactivate the subservices- airtel services messages , i am getting extra charges in my bill for that , please deactivate the above messages . & oblige

Dear Sir'

Fist thanks for your prompt reply my mail dt.26.07.11. and Rs20 add my balance A/c
but unusual sms comming continue in my Mobile
So Please don't distrubed me again.

Yudhbir Singh Ramola
Mobile No.9560354168

Airtel Mobile Phone — Airtel's cheap tactics to retain customers by rejecting port-out request without any reason

I've applied to port out my 2 postpaid mobile connections with Airtel to Vodafone on August 4’11 (Porting ID: AD139822 and AD166862). After 7 days of standard waiting period when I contacted Airtel, they told me that I agreed to retain with Airtel, which I never did. Since then, I called Airtel complaint no. 198 almost on daily basis to know the status and filed various complaints (No. F910834789, 38835362, 39022110, 39030512 and 39030589) to port-out both of my mobile nos. to Vodafone. Every time I call Airtel I was told different story each time. And Airtel was not able to provide me any of the recorded conversation to cover up their white lies or my consent to retain with Airtel.
On August 19’11 even my Unique Porting code expired and also I got the message from Vodafone that my porting request has been rejected by Airtel. And Airtel executive was unable to explain the reason of rejection after contacting because I've already paid more than the bill due on me and the balance is in negative more than Rs.100 on both of my nos. Basically they don't have any reason to reject my port-out request and still they are harassing me for no reason.
I got terribly harassed without any fault of me and because of Airtel's callous attitude towards its customers. I doubt this cheap tactics of Airtel will do any good to Airtel's business. And maybe that's the reason why Airtel is nowhere near the top in the recent 'Hindustan Times-MaRS Mobile Operator Survey' ( and Vodafone despite being the late entrant grabbed the top rank across all the categories in all the states.
I hope Airtel start giving importance to the service they provide rather than harassing and playing cheap tricks to retain customers like me who are using Airtel from the past more than 10 years.
I want to know why Airtel is stopping Vodafone to Port in my number into their database, despite being paid more than the amount due on me. And want them to release both of my nos. to Vodafone immediately without any further delay and without giving vague excuses/reasons.

Airtel Mobile Phone — Not received Refund for 8 months

I had given an application at the Airtel Store on May 20, 2011, to refund the security deposit against my number for International Roaming. This amount was deposited to Airtel in 2004 when I first visited overseas. The amount is Rs 6000/-

It has been 8 months since then, today being December 14, 2011. Every month I get a call from Airtel executive stating that I will get the stated amount in the next 30-35 days. At the end of the mentioned time period, I get another call from another executive stating that there was an address problem and the cheque has been returned. THE SAME HAS BEEN HAPPENING WITH ME FOR THE PAST 8 MONTHS WHEREAS I CONTINUE TO RECEIVE OTHER COMMUNICATION FROM AIRTEL ON THE SAME ADDRESS (MY RESIDENCE ADDRESS)

ALSO, each time the executive calls and tells me that I amount is X, Y, Z. Each time a different amount is quoted, I spend close to 45 minutes each time explaining the whole issue and then they promise that I will get the complete Rs 6000/- within the next 30-35 days and the story continues.

No Supervisor is willing to talk on this issue and when I ask the executives to transfer my call to a Supervisor, either none is available or I end up being asked to wait endlessly.

I am deeply frustrated with this service from AIRTEL. For collection of funds they would send an executive within half a day however a refund of MY MONEY, WHICH I HAVE ALREADY PAID, WHICH IS TO BE REFUNDED, IT HAS BEEN 8 MONTHS AND I STILL DO NOT SEE A RESOLUTION TO THIS ISSUE.


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