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[Resolved]  Airtel Postpaid Bill — Wrong information from Customer Care Executive.Without informing changed bill plan & wrongly charged.

Hi All,
My mobile number is - [protected].
I had called Customer Care on 6th March, 2008 to change my bill plan.But my request was not heeded & the Customer Care Executive informed me that the bill plan cannot be changed until next billing cycle.Then I had requested Airtel for the 'Hotline Plan' in which I had free service from my Cell Number to the new Sim card number I received in the plan.Without my prior notice the bill plan was changed on 11th March, 2008 & I have been wrongly charged for the calls I made to the new Sim card number.The amount which was charged for the calls made on this number is about Rs.1937.00 which should have been ideally free according to the "Hotline Plan".
I had been using Airtel Services since 2 years and had been paying the charges on time.Being an old customer, my request for compensation on the charges is not being granted.Inspite of calling the Customer Care Unit everyday regarding this matter, the Unit is not responding properly.Is this the kind of service Airtel gives to its Customer who has been paying bills regularly since 2 long years ?
I am ready to pay the bill for the other calls I made but I am just requesting compensation for the call charges to my new Sim Card number( got through new Hotline Plan).I dont want to change my number but I also wont pay the charges which are wrongly charged to me.
I hope my request will be considered and please reply me as soon as possible.Hope that you will take right steps within a small span of time and oblige me.

Thanks & Regards,
Vikas Shinde.
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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Airtel Postpaid Connection — Problem Regarding Incorrect Processes after the Application of Postpaid Connection.

Myself Jayesh Jayswal from Pune – India, having Prepaid Mobile Connection with more then 1 Year,

Recently I have applied for the Postpaid connection from the same Prepaid connection,

Let me clear each steps which I have followed for the same.

1) Got Contact of Airtel Postpaid Executive with the name as Prashant & Imran from following Number:[protected] / 30 ,[protected], Selected the Plan of Postpaid with 599/- INR Monthly Rent.

2) One of tose Executive named Prasanna having Number as +91 [protected] Came to my Office address for Collecting All required Documents. Dated by 12th October 2007.

3) On the 13th Oct 2007, I got Call Of Varification Officer asking me about my availiblity at the residential billing address.

4) On the 18th Oct 2007, I asked Prashant about the status of the applied Postpaid connection, as a result I found that Varification Officer has given Negative remarks to my residential billing address without doing actual Varification at the Address.

5) I asked to do varification again as this remarks was totally wrong. Based on this request Prashant has emailed Varification Department to Schedule this varification again on 19th October 2007.

6) As a Result today is 19th October 19, 2007, but yet no one came to varify the address.

7) Now whom can I ask for this schedule, as Airtel Executive says that they have sent mail for new schedule and more then this they can’t do anything.

Now main Question is that how can a Varification Officer Perform Varification without checking the actual address !!!.
Hi Jayesh,

I am Anand Shinde from pune.
I totally agree with you. as i am also the victim for the same case. In fact my registration is ok by still have not received the sim card. my total communication is blocked. I don't understand why did I took this step to convert my perpaid tp postpaid. i even didn't had the contact no. of those peoples. some how I pulled out[protected] no. from my received call. and trying to reach them but past 5 days no one is answering the call. so thought of searching for their postal address on google and reached on this page. what a luck. I request you to give their postal address if you have it ! I will take their case.

Airtel — Wrong Bill And Deficiency in Service And Wrong Charge Bill

I afraid from your service as well as your unjustified billing system. My mobile no.-[protected].i am getting lots of problem in your service but no body of your customer executive are going to handled with the problems of subscriber. Last month my service bared by the you. Despite the several request to your executive for copy of bill but I am continuously paying the bill without the bill. My regret information as follows:
1. In the Month of September i did not received your bill.
2. In the moth of October you never sent me bill but I received on 07/11/2007 for the month of September bill.
3. Without sent me copy of bill I paid you Rs. 800 on 06/10/2007 and Rs.1000/ on 12/10/2007.
4. Your bill was Rs.1765/ but i paid you Rs.1800/
5. On 06/10/2007 my out going call was bared by you without giving any reason for barred.
6. on 12/10/2007 out going and incoming bared by you.
7. I resumed your service on 16/10/2007 at 14:35 pm.
7A. during period of disconnection more than hundred times called to your chief Manager Supervisor and Executive.
8. Still i am facing problem in your connection.
9. On 12/11/2007 you bared my out going service despite m8y due date is 17/11/2007.
10. I talked to ms. Jyoti at about, 7.55 Pm she transferred call to supervisor Ms.Neha but I requested to her for complaint request no. but She refuse to give me CR no.
11.I request to Mr. Ashif At about 9:10 Pm for request No. regarding bill and Resume service still waiting for his complaint request no.
I WANT to Know More About Airtel TO Airtel STD free wheather it should be prepaid/ postpaid. at any cost it will be fine.
i trust in Air tel to Airtel Only Std

Rakesh gupta

Airtel — False reporting by local executive

Dear Sir,
I am an old custmer of airtel and by profession a Chartered Accountant at Durg(C.G.). My telephone no. is[protected].
On date 25th December i received a call from your bhopal office that a scheme is started to provide caller id instruments to customers at cost of Rs. 300.00 to be deducted from bill. Then I said yes and confirmed the offer. After 2-3 days one local executive called me and told that he would be coming in 1-2 hours to install/deliver the aforesaid instrument. But since then when i didn't received the instrument i reverted to local Durg Airtel office where we were told that the scheme is over. Then on date 17th January when i called to your bhopal office (Complaint No.[protected] Miss Harshita at your bhopal office told that since you have one confirmed on telephone but later on spot you have refused for the instrument and now the scheme is closed and you can not receive the instrument. When i asked her to lodge complaint against the aforesaid local executive for giving wrong comment , she refused and said that you are not going to receive the instrument further.
Sir I request you to kindly look after the matter and take necessary action against the false reporting

Airtel Services — Bad and illliterate customer care representative and bad postpad services

My Incoming call were barred as amt of 256 was not paid but as creditibility is upto 800 which is taken in advance.
Secondly when in called airtel call center at 10;30 dated 22/01/08 i talked to rajesh shah i told him about my problem but main problem was that he was not able to get what is my problem because he was not able to speak in english and not even to answers my question as i am sure he was not able to understand english.
Than again i called at 10:45 talked to alwin same thing happened.
so i insisted to talked to seniors or manager or any responsible person who can understand english and can try to solve my concern.
But both customer care representative answer were that their is no senior,managers,team leaders or floor walkers around them so they cant transfer their calls.
Plz look into it and hire atleast who can solve customers concern
and who can understand english.

AirTel — giving wrong information.

i am customer of airtel since last 4 years I have discuss to customer care and he had promice to me i am giving waveoff after passing some time i am not geting any waveoff from youe componey.

Now I have no amount to paid my bill of airtel pl guide me what will hapen

thanks and regards


Airtel — Billing Issues since One Year


After one year discussion and fight between Airtel and me due miss understanding as per last cases are concerned that finally i have to pay Rs 2000 but still it is showing me that i have to pay Rs 2400 and before that i was Rs 3400
I already lost One year rent and now airtel is charging me near about Rs 1000 saying that it is Balance from last account which i am unable to Pay and my pocket does nott allow me to do so
I have paind all bills on time and i don't know where from this pending amount to my account that after one year.

AirTel disconnected my Serivces three times from last three months without any information and i lost my important phone calls and fault is yours

Last time
Please activate my services and correct my bill issue ASAP else I request you to Please D I S C O N N E CT my services ASAP because i am not going to use this nonsence service any more

there are n no of Telecome Operator in market who offer best services without any cheating

I am getting fake bills everymonth and everytime i am paying huge amount to you but i never used that much

i am not running public telephone booth
i am using it for personal use but i don't know how you generate bills which are showing me huge amount

Please discountinue my servies as soon as possible
AirTel is crap and is making public crap as well

hai this is kadharjaml from salem, my mobile no : [protected] the matter is last march 17 i had get corperat connectin in airtel from B.KCELL response saravanan.i was get 249 scheme with 5000 sms back..he was filled the forms&throw it.i agree the sceme with sms i didn't care...i was send offer sms further..later 19/march some one calling in airtel cuscomer care.his told u didn't activate 5000sms pack.. i was affrait.. repeatly i told i was activate 5000 sms on my sim activate date onwards.. his told ok&no promblem v r activate this& give some suggestion..that's u send to cc sms pack msg, i was able& on the second i idid send sms pack activation msg to cc..the next second airtel was reply ur sms pack activate in 24 hours., i agree on airtel service., then i was send sms's..22/march was airtel cc called me for thanks for get my connectiin & he told ur sms pack already activately.., then i was very agreely... but i was very very affrait on april/10..this date was billing date..bill was reflict u r unbilled usage amount rs.3950... i can't under stand.. what did go on... i was call to cc...his told ur sms pack not activate & u r sms usuage rs.2950.. i was totaly confused..i have this msg i unable to further...i was complaing to cc, his get my complaint& till on never response my qurries...anotherly main matter i am a sales manager in mnc... i had in very response position., last april/11 was my outgoing call bored.. i totally unable to my offcial communication..when am a authority position in my totally loss my offical& in offical..i was qurrie to correct my scheme bill ., but still on any one response my words.. am ready to pay my promt bill... totay another big issue in ur service from me INCOMING BORED... STILL I NEED PROMT BILL.., I[censored] GET THIS WAY CONTINUE.. I WILL TAKE LEGALLY&MAY U WILL PAY MY TOTAL LOSS

Airtel Post Paid Mobile Connection — Cheated by a Airtel Customer Care Executive

Hi All,

I had put in a request for a Airtel post paid connection by calling on their customer care number: [protected], service request no: 11696. Since I wanted a corporate connection, I was told that their executive will get in touch with me in 4 hrs. Mr Mahesh (the AIRTEL executive) called and came down to my office wherein I gave him all the required documents and Rs 299 as first month's advance rental instead of a security deposit. He said he would after 2 days to give me the new number, which he didnt so I called him to get the number.

When the number didn't get activated even after 4 days, I called him (and his boss Mr Waseem) but both didn't take my calls. Finally Mahesh picked up on the 6th day and said my application has been rejected as the address proof I'd given him was not accepted. This address was issued by my company on a company letter head, used by all other new joinees wanting a new connection. I told him I want my money back which he said he will return but still hasn't even after almost 2 weeks after I'd applied for the connection. He and his manager both have stopped taking my calls now and when I call on the AIRTEL customer care number, the executive says he cann't help me.

For Grievance Redressal I tried the AIRTEL the Nodal and Appellate officers' numbers but both are either busy or no one picks up.

I have now finally settled down with Vodafone which has not only offered me a better plan but also better service!

AIRTEL has not only cheated me with money but also truly disappointed me enough to never use AIRTEL products or services in future.

Airtel India — Incorrect Information given.

I purchased a datacard and the salesman in the Airtel shop told me that it would be up and running in 1 hrs - 4hrs.Its been like more than 12 but its still not activated.trying to contact the customer service and the tech support is useless as they have already told to go and contact the salesman.

What is the customer servcie deptt doing if i have to drive 15 kms to go back to the place where i purchased it from?Was the promise of activating the datacard made only to procure the sale?

First dealing with Airtel and that too a disaster.

Airtel Postpaid Connection — wrong information by customer care executive

Dear Sir,

I was mis-guided by one of the executive of airtel post paid customer care. He suggest me to opt a Rs. 444/- per month commitment plan, in which u will get full talk time of Rs. 444/- in local and STD call and your tariff plan will be all local call is .50 paisa per minute and STD will be Rs. 1/- per minute. They have told me that u will get full discount up to Rs. 444/- . But I was shocked to see my bill. In the bill they have given me half discount on my local calls, when i spoke to customer care they told upto Rs. 444/- your call charges will be Rs. 1/- in local and STD Call and you will be get half discount on local bill, when i said at the time of opting the scheme your executive had not told me all these thing. He did not listen to me and he said you are not telling truth, then i told him before conversation your systems infome that this call may be recorded for the internal training purpose and than please check the recording otherwise you write my complaint for not clearing me your plan but he refuse to write the complaint but again and again my request he write my complaint but no body has taken the action as yet complaint no. is[protected]

Airtel — Billing information not updated and wrongly charged

Hi All
My mobile number is [protected]
I had made a payment of Rs1400 in cash to a Airetl Retailer who made the payment on my behalf through his mobile on May 23 2008. Immediately after the payment I got a sucessful message with a transaction id ([protected]). I called up the customer care executive to check whether it was credited aganist my account. The executive said that the server was down and the bill will be updated within the next 24 hours.
After 10 days I got a call from Airtel stating that I have not paid the bill. To my surprise I found that my bill was not updated. Now the customer care is asking for a printed receipt, kowing fully that a SMS cannot have a receipt. I have made at least 10 calls to the customer care, but till date I have not got any replies. I have been using Airtel for more than 1.5 years and have never made any late payement till date.

airtel/postpaid — deactive of india one std pack

Dear sir,

As per telephonic talk with your customer executive i here by want to remind you to please cancelled my india one std pack.
For last 7 months i had already given 5 complaint. my number is [protected].

Post Paid — cheat with me and i will not be responsible in future

this is vinod my no is [protected] I applied for Rs. 450 plan But by your executive mistake I got 99 plan and I did STD calls according to 450 plan in which TATA to TATA free and I got A Bill of Rs 2500. I have complained in customer care two times (complaign no. are[protected] on 29th june and[protected] on 3rd july) but till now i did not get any solution related to previous bill amount, yes plan has changed now but due to privious bill amount i am not able to call anywhere.
I have call to customer care lots of time but they are not able to solve this problem.
I have visited to TATA office on Richmond road but they are also not behaving well.
Now your executive Dileep and sarvana also not picking phone their numbers are [protected]. Once they have told that its their mistake and they will pay me only Rs. 1800 out of Rs. 2500 bill.
Now after waiting many days I am mailing you If I will not get Any responce I will not pay this bill and I will not be responsible for it.
vinod kajla

Airtel Postpaid Connection — Wrong Billing

My father a Customer of AirTel in UP East Circle (Mob No-[protected]) is facing continously problems from AirTel.

Despite the disconnection of his No on 03/05/08(Verified by the Customer Care Executive of airtel) batill getting bills and forced to pay.

He was also served a legal notice on 9/08/08 for the same.
Please help me out.
I can confirm these statements by Airtel staff at the customer relationship center at Jagatpuri, East Delhi. This was exactly what was told to my mother when she went to get a new connection - Rs. 444 plan, which includes 444 minutes of talk time and sms, and beyond that, 50p/m for local calls and Re1/m for STD calls.

Airtel Postpaid — Wrong information given about Airtel Postpaid Scheme

Hi Myself Hardik K Bhatt!
I took Airtel postpaid connection from last month and from where I took they told me the wrong schemes about this postpaid connection.
They told me that in this scheme first 200 mins Airtel to Any connection is free but I got recent bill in which they mentioned 200 mins Airtel to Airtel free.
So please took some strict steps for them and I want each and every information about this complaint that I put up into this.
So please took action as early as possible.

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