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[Resolved]  Aishwarya Projects — Big cheat - aishwarya/presedency projects


I am stuck with them from last 2 years.I booked a site around 2 years ago and paid more than 5 lakhs as initial amount.They haven t got any approval and now they are not returing money.They had buy back policy with decent interest rate. I know at least 10 people who has not got back their money. Please join me in filing a consumer court case against these big land mafias.
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Aug 14, 2020
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i agree with the comment. Basically i think they are running fraud company. i am also the victim. We should unite and fight against them
same case for me also..
I am a victim, in the sense that, the MyCITI layout has not yet got an approval from any district or city governance body. Without this, the plot will continue to be registered under the Village/Gram Panchayat. Owing to this, IFF I want electricity OR Bank Loan to construct a house there, I cannot avail these facilities at all! But, the quality of development in the layout is really satisfactory for me and I would not mind building a house there... but NOT UNDER GRAM PANCHAYAT!!
I have payed him 7.5 lakhs for Aiswarya projects Bhaskar Reddy for Aerozona project 3 years back. I cancelled the booking 1 year 4 months back. He has given me cheque which bounced. I ran around him for the past 1 year 4 months but he always gave some silly reasons and not returned the money. He has been rude and dishonest. He is a number one cheat in Bangalore real estate. He runs business in the name of Aiswarya projects, presidnency group. The are number of cases pending against him in the police station. Yesterday i lodged a complaint on him in West off cord road, modi hospital area local police. This kind of people must be put in Jail immediately so that no innocent people get cheated.
I am also one among the victim released very late. please share your contact so that we can share the details
I have filed a police complaint on Mr. Bhaskar Reddy of Aiswarya projects and his team for not returning the money. . Basaveswaranagar have registerd an FIR on Bhaskar Reddy for cheating (420). Request the rest of the victims to spare a few hours of their time and lodge a formal police complaint at Basaveswara nagar policestation, so that police can take it forward from that. I know that some of you have already filed cases in court to recover your money. At the same it is important to register with the police as well, as Mr. Bhaskar reddy is involved in major real estate fraud and cheating, my contact number [protected]

Can any one of you update on the complaints status. I also want to join on this as i am also fooled by this company
Inspector general of Police of Bangalore has issued an order to seize the properities of V.Bhaskar reddy of Aiswarya projects ( alias Presidency group) and also to arrest him. Hoping now at least local police wll take some action on this man who caused so much pain to so many people.
Bhasaveswar nagar police say that they have filed charge sheet on Aiswarya project MD V.Bhaskar reddy and his team Rukh madhan and Prabakar rao for cheating. Aiswarya project people are calling us now, aftter 1.5 years, offering to give 1 or 2 lakh to avoid police case, whereas they have to pay me 14 lakh. Even now, Aiswarya project people does not seem to understand doing fraud business and cheating innocent customers does not pay in the end. Request all the victims to file police complaint and give a written complaint to IG of police near Vidhanasoudha and get rid of this kind of cheater from Bangalore.
Dear Friends,

I am one of the victim of aishwarya projects (c/o Bhaskar Reddy) as well. What do you think of a joint representation to IG and CM's Office. We should request formally the authorities that this cheater and his associates should be put behind bars in Bangalore so that these buggers cannot further cheat others in any part of India. Also, why don't we take the help of Media and share with them our copies of sale agreements and the focal points at aishwarya who also were equally responsible as Bhaskar Reddy in giving us the wrong stories about their approval process and so on.

Shall we create a forum where we join and fight legally against these characters. If some of you have already taken this lead, will you please give your contacts so that we can join you.

Thanks and regards,

Today Evening, around 4 PM, Basaveswar Nagar Police have closed down the Aiswarya projects office in Modi hospital road, Basaveswar Nagar. On orders from Deputy Inspector General of Police, Basaveswar Nagar police went to Aiswarya projects office in Modi hospital road and closed it as V.Bhaskar reddy and T.R Reddy are invloved in major realestate fraud in Bangalore. These two Reddy brothers from A.P have collected money from innocent Customers promising sites near International Airport and promising buyback schemes. They also issued cheques to customers, without sufficient funds in their account. Police will track down V.Bhaskar reddy and his associates soon and arrest them under section 420. If you are one of the victims, please goahead and file complaints in Police station and then report the same to higher ups in police department.
yes, I am also one of the victim, who has paid the money and waiting for the registration. kindly advise.

Hi All,
This is Anand and I'm one of the victim invested with Aishwarya. I'm part of another group of people who are also victims of fraud by Aishwarya.
We have grouped together and submitted complaint to cimmissioner of police. The Commissioner has handed over the case to Central Crime Branch.
We are currently taking this case forward with crime branch and also thinking about approaching the media. In fact I'm already in touch with the media.
If you all can join us things can move faster.
My no. is [protected]. Pls. free to call me.
Srinivas Shobha's reply, Feb 21, 2019
Hi sir
Even I have invested 12 yrs ago in this project can u pls call me to this no asap (9964422969) it would be a great help if you respond to it
Thank you
i am also the victim. i am feeling helpless .please give me advice .
I have purchased 2 Plots from aishwarya, one in my name and one in my husband's name, on Presidency Royal, Amount paid 3, 00, 000.The other Plot is in my name, purchased on 27/11/07, the details are Presidency Elite, Amount paid 2, 16, 000.

Then 24th April 09, they gave a letter, saying they will refund an amount 3, 90, 000 and 2, 80, 800 (including interest) by 29th July 09.After that several times we have called them, The agent who sold the plot to us Narsimha Reddy, the the manager Harshasimha, Arun, The manager Arun abused my Husband over the phone. In Between a letter came saying that by feb10 they will get approval, still the story did not changed.

I personally went to their office and met one of the directors Radha, the story remains the same, she clearly said we don't have money to pay you back, you have to wait till we get the approval. She said that The government has changed so we are not getting approval, meanwhile we shifted out of bangalore. Infact I told her we are shifting and we want the money, whole day I had spend in their office with my infant, 3 months old baby, but all invain.

Anand add me to ur group

Deepa Patel

The email id is [protected]
My Father too has invested in 2 plots and a principal amount of Rs6lacs is locked. We have made many phone calls to the representatives but they only give false promises and now it has been over 3 years and does not seem to resolve.
Has someone filed a case against them and won in the court of law? If so that would help the other victims.
Anand, count us in.
Vandana - [protected]
There are several customers who own the cases in consumer court, sheshadripuram, bangalore against Aiswarya projects V.Bhaskar reddy and T.R reddy. . You can go and check with the court by mentioning Aiswarya projects/Presidency group. There is also arrest warrant issued by a consumer court on V.Bhskar reddy and T.R Reddy and the police are looking for them. Both are absconding at the momet. But V.Bhaskar reddy and T.R Reddy are conducting meetings in hotels in Jayanagar 4th block as he is operating offices now in different names with the money grabbed from innocent customers. The case is given to CCB, but read about what happened with the "Orange Properties" fraud in Bangalore in this same website. The customers (nearly 600) had gone through the same torturous procedure that we all are now discovering and going through. They had also complained to police and finally to CCB. If you read orange properties case, finally they got away by absconding and not paying the refunds, even CCB could not do anything. So we need to follow Aiswarya projects case seriously without any distractions, follow up quickly before V.Bhaskar reddy and T.R Reddy vanish from the scene. we must aim to put them behind bars using polie and courts, Whether we get our money in the end or not, V.Bhaskar reddy and T.R Redy have already put all o[censored]s through great mental agony. They abused us, they harassed us, they disrespcted us, they threatened us, they played with our trust, they wasted our time, they destroyed our investments and dreams, so they must be punished for what they did to us. we must all aim to put V.Bhaskar reddy / T.R Reddy behind bars so that justice is done and prevent further cheating by these fraudesters . Irony is Times of India newspaper shamelessly still filling its pages with real estate advertizements without checking the credentials. They do not write about Aiswarya projects/Presidency group fraud, nor they sorry for putting such adverts, what a shame on them.
Sapthagiri G:
Friends Myself and Sangamesh have taken 2 sites from Aishwarya Projects developer at Wellington 2nd phase near Bidadi in may 2008 and total amount invested is approximately 9 lakhs.WE have been roaming to Aishwarya Projects Office from last 1 year and we didn't even get a single pie also. Last week we along with group of five poeple filed a complaint against cheater Bhaskar Reddy at Central Crime Branch (CCB) Chamarajpet, Bangalore and also got acknowledgement for the property documents that we surrendered during filing a complaint. Next we are planning to go to HIGH court and take serious action against Bhaskar Reddy. As far as we know Bhaskar Reddy is doing bribe to local private people to hide the cheating noise but friends We sincerely request you people to go as early as possible in bulk to file a chesting case against Bhaskar Reddy so that High court can take immediate actions against Bhaskar Reddy.
To be frankly speaking we are not going to get our money easily since he has cheated so many people in huge amounts and these cheating case had also come in Andhra Jyothi News paper that he had cheated people and amount is of worth 200crores. Also we heard that he has a very good own house near konakunta cross, Kanakpura road. We had been their yesterday morning september 22 and found that we can see only 2 watchman giving false statements about his owner.
Friends please please first of all go and complaint against big cheater Bhaskar Reddy.
I have filed a criminal case on V.Bhaskar reddy and T.R Reddy for cheque bounce. V.Bhaskar reddy gave me a cheque for 13 lakhs. In my case, V.Bhaskar reddy of Aiswarya projects, failed to appear before court, and hence court issued arrest warrant on V.Bhaskar Reddy and T.R reddy. How do you approach high court? Will CCB be able to do something? It seems, V.Bhaskar reddy told CCB that he will return the money or give sites. But he has been telling the same story for the past 2.5 years again and again, which amounts to cheating. This is his tactic, keep telling the same story to everyone and as soon as he gets some respite from police, he forgets the fact that he took money from all o[censored]s. He goes on with his business as usual as though he never took any money from any o[censored]s. we are no longer his customers, he is chasing new customers to cheat.
I am also the victim of the same Project. Is there any way that we are all come together & do something against Mr. Bhaskar Reddy? Is is possible to write it in any main news paper? If we all come together, our strength will be more.

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