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[Resolved]  Alies Language Solutions Pvt. Ltd., — Non-payment for the Service

Dear Sir,

Good day to you. This is Ramesh from Chennai - Freelance Translator. I work with several translation companies and agencies, who pay me on project basis. I have quite good clients with me, with whom I never had any problem.

Recently I worked with a company called "Alies Language Solutions Pvt. Ltd" based in Bangalore. The project was for NIFT website. The company gave me a small portion of the content to be translated into Tamil. The company offered me the job on August 7, 2009 and wanted that be delivered back on Monday, the August 10, 2009. I did as per the request and they acknowledged me for the same and requested me to submit the invoice. They had earlier agreed to pay within 30 days of the invoice date. On the same day[protected] and waited till september 3rd week. The person who was in touch with me was Mr. Raj and he had responded to me and said that he will make the payment by[protected]. But I didn't receive the payment and I called them again on 23rd September 2009. Somebody told that they will make the payment on the same day and asked me to wait till the afternoon, so that they can confirm the payment. I didn't disturb them till next day morning. But I didn't receive any payment from them. When I tried next day nobody was responding. I again tried calling them on 31st of September, somebody attended the call and told me Mr. Raj has taken money to deposit in the bank. I was wondering, how they can make payment on Bank Holiday. When I asked that, the person (he told his name as Kumar, I think it is a fake name) in Bangalore, their bank is not having any holiday. He asked to call him at 1.30, so that he can confirm the payment, when I called again at 1.40 p.m. the calls were intentionally disconnected for several times. I shooted a mail to them on October 1, 2009. The next day, when I called Mr. Raj picked up the call and he is about to deposit the cheque. I again sent a reminder asking for the cheque particulars, if he depositing it. Suddenly, anothe person (Mr. Khan) came in line and sent a mail with a scanned copy of a cheque and said, that the cheque is waiting for the MD to be signed. Later I came to know that Mr. Khan is the MD of the company. I asked them again for a tentative date to make the payment. But they didn't reply to that after that. Until now they haven't made any payment.

The above mentioned is the link for their client list. But they are not ethical.

When I tried to check for the genuinity, I came to know that has blacklisted them in August 2004 itself. Several translation sites have blacklisted them. And I also came to know that, they were functioning on a different name SGP translations from Bangalore, which was blacklisted and they started a new company Alies Language Solutions.

I would request you to help me out. I wish that I can get my payment soon, atleast, this will alert other translators who may be victimised by this company in future.

Thank you,

With best regards,

Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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Hello everyone,
My name is Rachid Bouderka, I regret that I saw all of your messages only too late, I worked for Alies language solutions and I have the same problems as you all here, I worked for them on several projects, they did not pay and said that I have to gather all the work done for them in one and unique invoice, I did and send it to them, no reply for two months, I contacted them and they said that I have to apply a discount of 10, 3% and send them the invoice by PayPal, we never talked about this discount before and it never was in our agreements, but I accepted because I wanted to be paid anyway, again two weeks and no reply, I contacted them and Mr Khan replied and said that they have problems to send money with bank transfer, and that for PayPal it's not possible from India, I asked them to do it by MoneyBookers by still they "discovered" some problems that they "unfortunately" can't pay this way as well, Mr Khan tried to persuade me to send the payment by check but as their reputation and behavior isn't the best I logically decided to refuse this method because anyway I'm 100% sure that their checks are as worthless as their promises. Well, now I am here to expose my problem about this agency and their methods, now Mr Khan hang up my calls and do not answer to me at all.
I have contacted one of their customers to explain the situation with this agency that never pays anyone, if you're interested to have the contact information of this customer don't hesitate to send a mail to me, and if you have contact of others of their customers send them to me as well.
They are not professional, I was in contact with Mr Khan, he reply politely (when he accept to pick up the phone) but he don't stop lying, and does it happen that they pay their translators? bank transfer they have troubles, Paypal impossible, Moneybookers impossible, so how do they do to pay (if they ever do) ?
Well, as I said in the beginning, I wish I read all of this before to work with them, so we have to spread information about them and their behavior to all professional websites and institutions, and not only name of the company because they'll change it probably, but also name of the personal of this company so they can not steal the hard work of other of our colleagues.
thank you everyone for reading
Dear All

We are very sorry to notice the ads in the website, firstly the translators don’t have patience for their payment. We give project to the translators and the translation will be to client, till the process of approval we will wait for feedback form the client, we don’t know how much time client will take to check the translated file, after the client satisfaction then client will pay us.

The translators are loosing their patience till the approval of their translation. Earlier we used to pay them without the feedback or approval from the client and after few days the clients have send back the translation and have rejected the project wherein the company has suffered a huge lose. When the same is brought to the notice of the translator to set right and rectification of the translation, they never respond nor do they come back to us. So we have sought time to pay the translator. In the mean time, some of the translators become ferocious and have gone to the extent of give complaints to the police stations and websites as in the present case. We would like to inform Mr. Mr. Sundararaj Suresh who has taken the payment as per Cheque bearing No.198858, dt : 5-10-09, and has drawn the amount on 27-11-09, to kindly take back the words and also Ms. Uma.

We have done the German to English translation few months back the translator had send the translation to us, we have forwarded to client, we have done the payment as well to translator, then after 3 months client came back complaining the quality is not good…..we were shocked, then we informed to translator and the was proofread for the second time, again we have send the files to client, after few days again client came back and informed us that they are not happy with the work and cancelled the job, due to this we have sustained heavy loss and also lost our client apart from money.

The translation is rejected from translators
1. Ms. Neha
2. Ms. Sonal
3. Mr. Detlef Mähne: this person has done the translation for some one catching o[censored]s for the payment, how can we open his mail or use his mails?
4. Ms. Deepa
5. Francisco Joao Lopes, we don’t know who is this person?

Because of all this we are waiting for the client’s feedback. It is not that we are cheater or frauds. In fact the payment is made to our translators and in some events it may be late due to unavoidable circumstance. We sincerely request our translator to be patient till the release of the payment from our side.

Kindly note SGP Language Services is not our company, we are working only for Alies Language Solutions and we are not responsible for ant other company /s payment or any such other activities whatsoever.

Kindly do not contact us anymore for any company like SGP etc.

Alies Language Solutions Pvt Ltd
I don't know if ALS or Alies Language Solutions is the same as American Language Solutions. The Alies Language Solutions has also been blacklisted from the company I'm working with online for failure to pay the translators. The post made by Mr. Khadar of ALS has nothing to do with the valid complaint of the translator above. The issue is the non-payment of a legitimate company to online/freelance worker.
Alies is not worthy enough. They made a part payment after several phone calls and unanswered mails. I have a pending of rsRs.2256/-.They never care about payment. So translators beware of this agency
Alies is now running business under the name of KK Enterprises. KK means Kader Khan (and is now operating under the name of Pasha Kader Khan) on various websites.

Kader Pasha.

Whom do they think they are fooling?
SGP is the full form for SG Pasha. Why don't you guys do the math? :-)
Mr. Khadar Pasha Khan
+[protected], 25630112, [protected], [protected]
711, 9 Mn, 4 Blk, Koramangala, B-34, Bangalore - 560034

Residential address of Khadar Pasha Khan?

Alies Language Solutions's Profile
First Name:
Alies Language
Last Name:
November 7 1979
(30 years old)
Your Role in Translation Industry:
Translation Agency – Project Manager
Alies Language Solutions Pvt Ltd
Native Language:

November 7, 1979 - Birthdate of Mr. Khadar Khan
May Allah never forgive these people for enjoying life in Hindustan at the cost of our people.
Did you get the payment? I was duped for Rs.60000/- plus by Mr.Khan. Several letters, reminders, telephone calls, even legal notices have not made any difference. I have lodged a police complaint online with Karnataka Police station but I don't know what they have done. Four of my friends are also cheated by him for about 1 lac rupees. Let us get together and recover our money. How long can he cheat sincere and honest translators?
Hi Khadar

Sending you the bill for job done

Details of HDFC in the bill

Thanks and best regards

shukla dutta

bill sent on 9/3/07, No payment till date. Wasim, Khan Khadar, Alll cheats of the first order
Please do not take any job from this company. thet owe me over Rs.15000

From Shukla Dutta
the same thing has happened to me. i am a free translator living in Coimbatore. they asked me todo a translation job in march 2010. they didn't pay me. then again they asked to translate for the same clientt promisi ng me they will pay together. i was foolish enough to believe them and didi the translation in july. since then everytime i call them they are saying the check in the post. can you help me get my pay?
malliga j m
Hello, this cheats do only one business, thats cheating translators... i have worked with them 6 months ago ... they did not pay a single rupee... now they do not pick up calls ... i think we all should unite .. bcoz they dont care ph calls, tough words, mails, leagal notices .. i have tried everyting ... let us try to unite and think about an action plan, regardlessly whereever we are ... lets combine .. lets collect all the complaints together and then apprach the police .. please mail me on sankha.[protected] if you have any idea... let us talk it out .. i think it's being enaough
I agree with the above complains against Alies Language Solutions Pvt.Ltd.
Mr. Khan and Mr. Khadar is the same person of the company. Since 8 months have already been passed and no payment is made to me even Mr. Khan and company is not receiving any of my calls. Before he always saying that ur cheque is waiting for the signature of the MD and no information to me whether any MD is there or not.
I completely agree . I have also suffered. I am to get Rs. 5960/- from them. I have been sending them reminders since October 2010 but of no avail.Earlier they used to reply that they have not received money and as soon as they receive me they will make payment and every time they ask me to be patient. But how long ?Now they are not even replying to my mail.These people are fraud cheaters and they should be punishec by Law. I request all to be careful and do not have any dealing with them I am going to register Police complaint against them . I have enough proof. If anybody who has suffered similarly and wishes to join me he/she is welcome. Tushar [protected]

Alies language Solutions Bangalore — Non -payment

Dear Sir, I have worked as a translator ( work from home )for the above mentioned company in the year 2010 from July to October 2010. I have not received any payment for the work done.I have to get rs. 5926/- from them. Earlier when i used to send reminder they used to reply me that they have not received payment from the vendors and they will make payment and they asked me to be patient. But now six months have passed but still no payment. Now they are not replying to my mail either. Though their website is working.Through your medium i wish to inform all my colleagues that this company is a fraud these people are cheats and they will not make any payment howsoever they may say so.they just make fool o[censored]s. Now my patience is over. If I do not receive my full payment then I am going to register Police complaint as well as to Consumer Redressal Forum. I have enough proof to nab them.
Dear Sir/Madam,

We are from Alies Language Solutions

This is to inform you that some people have posted very bad comment in the websites, and we are receiving daily all rubbish mails from translators, kindly keep in mind for translator whoever posted in the website you will not get any payment form our end.

Ramesh Kulandaivelu
Sharmila Not happy with your work client rejected your file
Meheksarani Unknown person
Velasquez Unknown person
Shukla dutta
Seema Panda We are not a
Tushar (Not happy with your work client rejected your file)

Kindly don’t write Email’s or posting in website if you need payment come face to face we can discuss what you have done will show you simply righting Emails this go longer then.

If you really done good jobs come face to face, we are not a cheater keep in mind we are also human being I can’t take your payment became big person

We are working so many translators in different languages I have never seen like this type of translator, if you need to talk our translator you are welcome we will connect for the translator working since more then 5 years, and it will be delay for some time if you people don’t have patents we can’t do any think.
These people from Alies Translators are crooks &cheats. I appeal to all persons not to accept any work from them. They will not rpt not pay u. Whatever they say about our work being rejected is all false. I have cross checked from the companies whose work was given to us by these fellows they have made payment to these crooks and are enjoying at our cost.

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