[Resolved]  Amanora Park Town — violation of farmland

This is regarding Amanora Park Town. For this township farmer's land has been aquire by giving false promises like there will be co-operative bottling plan for villagers. the land owners who gave the land for township will be owners of the plant 7 profit will be shared. & once land has been aquired no such projects were done. many such promises were done at the time of aquiring land. One or two people who were not ready to give land they has been pressurised by one of the well known political leader & his party men. this polical leader reportedly having partnership in this township & many townships in pune & mumbai.

This developer has promised to give possestion for flats within 2yrs but after 4 yrs also flat has not been completed. he had taken advance money from flat buyers. another interesting thing is this buider has placed his tree logo made in gold & placed in pyramid. his marketing people you will find always in abroad to visit?? or enjoy?? with company money. I have also heard that this developer puchase land whichever he likes at first sight. even he has purchase some forest with the help of polital support.
& very surprisingly nobody talk against this manmani of such developers & that political leader who is passionately aquiring agreecultural lands for own bussinesses.
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Aug 13, 2020
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This is SHARAD PAWAR's township. He has also taken a govt land on lease for Amanora. Many times you can see his helicopter parked there in the town.
so what? he has lots of townships...that doesn't mean city corporation has right to do loot of custeme's & farmer's. sharad pawar may have helped this small builder bu i think buider is taking aavantage of his name & try to avoid his misdeeds
Let me clear first from my side that I am not criticizing amanora, I am just trying to put forward my points as a customer.
I have already purchased a 3BHK in amanora and its possession is after 3years(2013-end).
I booked this flat as I was amazed with the gardens which are built for “so called” amanora citizens.
The common gardens which are inside this township are supposed to be for “amanora citizens” this is what my common sense tells me and that’s why the owners of the flats inside amanora township are paying one time maintenance and as well as monthly maintenance. One for common gardens and roads and other for cluster specific gardens.
(the one time maintenance cost is almost 3.5 lacs and monthly maintenance per flat is 4K)

Now when I see the progress of the site after 6months, the common gardens are getting used for weddings, receptions, shows and similar events.
It seems that the garden is going to be used by “close relatives/contacts” of city group authorities or by the rich people who can afford 5 to 10 lacs per day.
There are at least 6K families are going to live in amanora township and if those many people don’t have access to a common garden even after paying for and which is actually built for them then it’s useless.
Yes i do agree your points. But the builder cannot give this lawn for commercial purpose legally. all residents can take legal action against developer/builder. the thing i wanted to put forward is almost all developers do many illegal things because they have hands of political leaders on their heades . Dont know reality but i know this builder is taking advantage of Mr. sharad pawar's name. He had helped him as well as other so many builders. But he don't have tome to see what he has done actuall

Stay away from this property rosy picture is shown costly catalogs are given away you will find advertisements everywhere but once you are in their trap you have had it .

They do not give in writing what they say and later deny what they said. check maintainence charges and take the opinion of one who have purchased you will keep yourselves miles away from Amanora.
So many builder's are taking advatage od sharad pawar's name.. If he is minister or anybody but nobady can cheat conumer's in such a way. Being cheated people should have take strong action against such builder's.
I booked a flat in Amanora 5 years back. They had promised possession after 2 years and for delay 9% interest per annum. Nothing of this has been fulfilled. Till date they have only completed the flats and the building is incomplete - gas connection is not working, parking has not been allocated, beautification work is not complete, they are using the garden area in the plan for concrete mixing. I have not seen any workers working in the building. Even after 5 years they have not completed the club house and they are using that space for marriages and earning money while they have taken huge maintenance from citizens.

Garden - They sold all the flats by showing the garden and now when you try to enter the garden a rude security gaurd will ask you where are you going? Then he will ask you to make an entry in the register. Once you are inside you will observe that there is no jogging track, there is no place to sit, no benches, you cannot walk on the lawn. When i asked the security incharge about this he said the lawn gets damaged by walking. Now what kind of excuse is this? Why are you taking such high maintenance for? The construction trucks are damaging the internal roads so will they stop further construction? When they rent the place for functions, marriages they allow those people to walk on the lawn. These are double standards.

Beware of this property!

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