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 ajay s.palav
i have been interviewed by Arfha international. I been selected after that i gone through medical which i paid 6250 Rs. Now again i have to pay almost 40,000 for visa and CDC. As well as again i will have to pay agent fees after joining that is Jan 2010 or Feb 2010. But still i am confuse now what to do?

Please guys guide me if you have any idea about it.
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Hello every one I believe that what other people are saying could be true or it can be false However, I will prefer that if you wish to invest in arfha international please invest and let me know if you got cheated coz I do wish to invest in arfha
Hi all,

Also i hav been interviwd by arpha & wish to invest into d still confuse afetr reading so many complaints about i already paid rs:6250 for medical & now realy dont know what to do afetr this?...pls help...!!!Sandy...[protected]
hallo sir
hi all, also i hav been intervewd by arfha int.i invest 6250 for medical.for panama cdc and ticket i paid i am wating for company call, they give me three months of time.i just want to know if it is true or not.i dont know what to do, i alrady paid mony in cash.pls friend seggest me.
What is our Navi Mumbai police doing in this case if this company Arfha International is a fraud playing games, cheating the inocent people who are really in found of their jobs, paying big amount in thousands to this agent. What I belive there is a commission for the police department also. That is the only reason this type of fraud companies are alive in Mumbai.
hiiiiiiiii guys,
I to applied in arfha international in before 3 1/2 months i was very much shocked to read all this comments . but atlast i m on my way to success and i m flying nxt month through arfha international. god bless them...
i hvnt paid any amount yet!but i am thinking of doing so, will this be right or wrong...please suggest and also if there are any earlier records of getting jobs or being cheated by this company...plz rply.
hi guys,
I feel that arfha is a fraud company, first thing i noticed when i reached there, is this an intl. recruitment agency, in such a shabby place, it is like in a slum, when i reached there i was told to go upstairs but remove your shoes here ( r u entering a religious place, , , have u ever heard this happening ever), never heard of this in proffessional world. then i was charged 100 rs for registration, , no receipt given.
I was told to go down and fill the form outside. When i was filling the form, , i was confused while filling one coloumn, , the guy who was working there, told me, sir leave rest of the coloumn, , we will do it, then i straight went upstairs. there were two cabins, , when my turn came i saw a lady in her late 20's taking interview. she didn't asked me much questions, and i was selected for 1800 dollars. for ship Magnificia or spledidia( these r real cruise ships..check them on google search). i was asked to pay 4750 for medical. they also keep the receipts of the said hospital with them but they dont write the amount on the receipt, they write it on the back of it.
It was just sheer luck that i came across a guy who has his business in the complex next to the office, i just enquired bout the company, , n he told me that there was same kind of office by same people with the name of SEVEN SEAS INTL. by some pandyan sea group. and u better check first?
I tried checking there govt. registration no. but couldn't find it out.They are smart people one day they will advertise by the name of ARFHA INTL. and the other day they will advertise by the name of SEVEN SEAS which is in chembur i feel. see the similarities between both the adds, , n u feel suspicious..they also charge 100 rupees as reg fee.
And bout complaining to police, , , do u think they don't know, , it is just next to the traffic signal.
For this i feel the newspaper are also responsible, , how can they publish such ads, , when they r supposed to be stopping such things,
I read somewhere..they invest this money in share market, , n people who r righting good comments bout them r there own employees as u know it is not very difficult to write these. they say people who are rejected are writing such things, but i think they dont reject a single person, even if one is rejected how will he know bout the medical fee, cdc charge and rest of the money.
I think this is a case like the doctor Munir Khan who is absconding from police, and it is our duty now to bring these people out...if we want a change, we better do it ourselve coz there wont be much help from other side..better contact people like Madam Kiran bedi
here i am same problem
hi i have seen this ad to and i stay in hyderabadand i am planning to leave to mumbai they were asking me the same amount i wanted to apply for the cruise job or the hotel job...please guide me do you think it is worth to go and apply and pay all that money i am waiting waiting for a genuine reply...
Hey Friends,

What i seen in below messages thats true because i am also planning to join but when i do the enquiry of these company they both companies are almost same so will not see any any difference they only taking out the adds and call guys for the interview and taking money from them.So, i will request you to guys.Nobody will waste the money in these two companies even a single 100 Rs.Its my advise.

This is a fraud company. Please do not apply any job. The above all complaint are true .
i am thinking to attend the interview but i am confused what to do pls suggest me as soon as possible and try to give me some positive consultant bye take care suggest me on
I would like join interest job in USA like in other categery
iam interviw on 19th iam selected to cannada for the pizza delivery boy at arfha they asked me 36000rups for goig to cannada so iam give to money or not give please rely me very urgent please sir...
iam interviw on 19th iam selected to cannada for the pizza delivery boy at arfha they asked me 36000rups for goig to cannada so iam give to money or not give please reply me very urgent please sir...
hi! i am totally confused abt arfha international. hello guys instead of this u should try for the vira international, this is trust company
arfha international all the staff just they are trained by there superiors because they making fools to the jobseekers or those who have applied and they are telling that 1st list of 90 people has come but they are not mentioning there names or list of selected candidates and simply they are telling that 2 nd list will come and afterwards they will return the money which we spend for medical and deposit in arfha international with a huge deduction of approximately Rs. 13500=00 and now they are giving advertisements and again making fools/frauds to jobseekers by giving advertisement as ARFHA INTERNATIONAL HOTELS for UK, CANADA etc. please all the job seekers don't believe them and make a complaint in police station demanding the previous list of candidates those who applied through arfha international.
Dear all jobseekers

This is with reference of all above complaints, that is true because ARFHA INTERNATIONAL owns SABANA Madam and she is not giving all the information to the jobseekers those already selected, but simply under SABABA there are all ARFHA STAFF like KHAN, AARTHI, SUVARNA, SNEHA, and other all staff simply they are not giving exact information as before explained by Ashish gupta
before one guy has already made arrangement with CBI branch to take action on ARFHA STAFF and as well as ARFHA owner and other guy has made arrangement with SHIVSENA PARTY and other has made arrangement with MNS party, sameway they will take legal action on staff and on owner also beacause once anybody has selected it means why they are not giving or showing list of selected candidates and simply by phone khan, sneha and other staff telling we cannot show the list of selected candidates and ofcourse many jobseekers shown there call recorded voice to the above mentioned political parties and as well as cbi branch then only they will speak truth.and finally ofcourse they should call everybody and informe the list of selected candidates names

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