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[Resolved]  arkensoft — arkensoft is a fake company

arkensft...a fake company of kumar shivam and pushpanjal kumar...2 bihari people have taken 50k from freshers and cheated with them...this company has no registration.....they have threatened their employee of their life.these ppl have high muscle power in the society ...and have good rapport with ministers.....i appeal to the thousands of freshers not to apply to this company
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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they have cheated me...police didn't lodge complain against them...plz help e
my father has suffered a major heart attack aftr i was forcefully sacked y dis company...its a fake company
i was not onl cheated, was also sexually harassed by director pushpanjal...not only me, also receptionists have to negotiate wid thm
its a complteeeeeeeee fake
police should arrest shivam and pushpanjal...he iis a motherhod
here is kumar shivam's number [protected]
now there r planning to shift jamshepur...catch dis
my father is a farmer, i got through in this company by ALB consultancy. they have taken 50 thousand as double sided bond where i can nt quit and they can not sack me...but the reality is i was forcelly resigned by thm, i tried to contact lake town police station, but they just kiked me people c my father has broken down completely...
If the police is nt helping why dn't u go to the PRESS ??
u thnk u havn' tried o far?management has gvn money to d press ppl...and udon't hve contacts of national level news cannel, if anyone has...plz do informdem

Read the whole Story here...


Arken soft, Kolkata, is a company which has been running on Students'/Candidates' money. For the year 2009, they recruited around 110 people with a service agreement that each individual need to pay 50 thousand rupees in two installments and this money is refundable with terms and conditions applied. Lets point out what all they promised..
1. Joining will be given on 15th June, 2009 for the batch completing their B.E/B.Tech/MCA in year 2009.
2. Company will pay a stipend amount of Rs. 10, 000/- during training period, and once after the successful completion of training a total sum of Rs. 15, 000/- will be given.
3.The training period will be for first 6 months.

This was an old story, and see what happened once the joining date came.
1. Students got a mail from the HR Dept that their joining would be delayed due to market conditions. Students kept on asking about the joining date and finally they announced that joining would be given in different slots and the period would be from July to September.
This is something that was kept hidden from Students.

2. First batch got their joining on 20th July. Now the actual condition of company came into picture. All the previous employees has left the company, and a new training center has been opened in Jamshedpur which is not currently functional and in under-construction.

3. The training started but they did not have good trainers, so they started with Communication training and the trainer belongs to the family of director itself. Now the condition is that the first batch has not received salary since they joined and it's more than 3 and half months. The candidates (Employee would not be a good word here) were kept on so called PAID LEAVE for approx 2 months, for which they have not been paid.
This is what first batch has been suffering. They are out of home since 4months and do not have any source of income.

Now it's about 2nd batch..

4. In between, they called 2nd batch to report on 10th sept. What candidates thought, this would be their joining, but the company said the purpose was to complete some formalities and their actual day of joining would be on 5th Oct. But again, as expected people came from different locations and returned back as company announced holidays for 15 days on the occasion of Diwali.

The new joining date for 2nd batch was decided to be on 2nd Nov and up to now (10th Nov) their training is not started. First batch has not received their salary. Even the company has not opened Salary accounts for their employees.

This is just for the information of other people who may be joining in near future as the company keeps on scheduling Walk-ins. I don't know what they would do with the new comers if they do not have fund to continue with their previous employees. They collected around 50 lac from Students in last year and nobody knows where these money gone, if no one has got salary.
Hello All,
I know I'm not a part of this company, but still if you want to stop this bloody business.. be active. I came to know that you people are not telling truth to the new comers. This is not good!! I[censored]'ve suffered, this does not mean that others too.
They are not your relative, If they are not doing good for first batch thay can do it with you. And by taking 50 thousand from others, they are not going to pay you. And by chance if they do so, you should not let them do so.

Dont tell others to write a mail to press. You only can do this and each individual should do this. Go ahead!!
before the joining of new bath i had wrtn the reality of ours in the orkut community, that time new comers din't listen to me, they were excited to join this company, they have dug up their own grave, i advised dem not tojoin...only we ppl knew the reality, but...all are suffering now
Arken soft is totally a fake company. i am 2009 batch pass out student. i have joined this company .puspanjal is the director of the company.If you will talk to puspanjal about this then he will give u excuse that I will do something against them, , but the real thingh is that he cant do anything against to anyone because its true.
I am frankly speaking that there are so many student who will trust in puspanjal more than me, , i did also the same.If you have any doubt that it is not fraud then mail me in my emailid, i will show you proof.
EMAIL [protected]
Hi Friends I m Anil Patnaik frm Jamshedpur. Yes, I m agreed with above comments...i m also the ex-employee of ARKENSOFT, Jamshedpur, forces his every emloyee to give resignation. here some lines are says my director Puspanjal (mc)------->" If you were give resignation then company will issues the experiance latter as per ur demand...ha ha ha...i[censored] not resine then company will play vth ur career...'jo ukhaadna hai ukhaad le' mostly employees are do so.
I m pay the Bond ammount Rs. 50, 000 in cash. I m only the person tht request to do terminate me within training period. Becoze, my term & Conditions are If i leave the company then i lost that money, i m company will terminate me, i will recieve the partially/nonpartially refundable i.e. Rs.25000. I joined nov 31st 2009 and resin the company in 2nd of Feb 2010. company issue me the experiance latter for 2months and salary will exjust at the time of refundable... and the latter has written that all the dues will sattlement after the duretion of 60 working days...I m waiting for that 60 days...when i was go to the company I see the Big Lock, at Asiyana Trade Centre, Adityapur Jamshedpur.
I f anybody have any idea for me wht to then plz help me.
Hi Guys,
I was recruited by Arkensoft by a big campussing in techno India college kolkata. We were very happy .Though doubtful about committing to a brand new company & against my relative's wise advice I paid the initial 30, 000.
After 15 th june which was to be our joining date I was shocked to see the company condition, on meeting the aggressive Pushpanjal I decided there was no question of joining now to loose 20, 000 more & stay away from home in Jamshedpur .I see I had made the right choice then.
Advice for u guys- If the police wont help go to the press there is enough proof on the net posted by sufferers like us .Pushpanjal stays in jamshedpur .U all are young guys, how come u can't go to his house & demand .Don't u see hw even for 1000/- people fight so much .Alas u only complain but dn't do anything, puspanjal knows this well & will go on cheatin till he is put behind bars, he ran away fr. kolkata to start his buisness now in bihar .Let me tell u the comp. has not kept their part of the contract so it does nt hold for the candidates either, u can do anything u want to.
HI Guys...
I m completely Agree with Sagarika and i m also such lucky guy who get his money return back...
i had not join that after meet personaly with pushpanjal his attitude is like robber and badmas type...
Thx god and my powerfull brother...

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