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[Resolved]  Athipathi Hospital, Taramani Road, Chennai — Worst Services

Horrible would be a word that may not even describe the services you get from this hospital. I had an horrible experience on 6th August. I had a friend who got admitted to this hospital, running high temperature. The duty doctor saw him and asked him to get admitted. He never saw the patient thoroughly and ordered for all blood tests available, 5 pencillin(artesunate) injection with others costing around Rs 1700. Apart from that, the most funny part was that he ordered for a chest x-ray. He got admitted there for the night, where no doctor attended him until morning. We got suspicious and asked the doctor to give discharge. He gave a bill (that too in a piece of paper) worth Rs. 2500. So, in total, for treating fever the cost at this hospital is worth more than Rs 5000.
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Aug 14, 2020
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The worst hospital ever I have encountered in Chennai. I thought Chennai has decent hospitals and has very good facilites unlike this one. I took my grandparent who had a fracture in her leg, The ortho doctor came at arund 10:00 P.M whereas his visiting hours is at 7:30 P.M. And he is only available on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Once he came he looked at only for 2 mins and sent us off, and asked us to wait. We waited for about 5 hours. At around 12:00 in the midnight the doctor came to palce a plaster. The injury was in the feet. And Plaster was to be applied on it. They made us sit in an area where there is no fan nor a.c. And then they took a fees of around 400(hospital fees) + 750 (doctor fees) for nothing.The bill book got over so the staffs did not handle me the bill. Also when you go to reception to enquire, the person sitting there will just go away without responding, The hospital staff are so negligent about any patient. They do not take care of emergency patient nor the other ones. And doctors come and go there to do time pass. This hospital should be Banned. Broken down and also some good hopsital should be in place. I advise all of you not to go to this hospital and pay a price for your pain.
Above said were true, which happened same to me. I took my wife yesterday 16th to this hospital as she was suffering from dysentery. Seeing her, doctor (Duty doc) asked me "Would you take treatment here". I said yes, without thinking. but only later i understood his what he tried to ask me. Anyway I admitted her, by 10 a.m. As preliminary treatment they gave her drips, though I expected the same. After 2 hours, a lady came and asked to pay for 850 rupees, for blood test. I was shocked, I asked her, why are asking for blood test. She replied that doctor has given her his report and showed me some paper, where it was written for all test. I told her I want to meet the doctor and discuss the same, then I went to doctor @ down stairs and inquired about this. This is the funny part, He said that he didn't gave any report or never asked for blood test. Hearing like this, really what you will do about this mis-communication (Either doctors is telling lies to me or the hospital blind protocol is to take all the test from patient i.e money making)., I said to him, give me discharge for my wife, I don't think this hospital is no more safe, then he said, 'no don't think hospital about this., This not the hospital what you think and we don't for anyone to take treatment'. He said all this like he's and his hospital is good on. You know people I got discharge by 11 P.M. nearing fighting for 10 hours.,

In this 10 hours, one duty doc(another person @ 6.30pm) and another one by 8.30 (Who introduced himself from ad MD of this hospital) came. No one has given any proper treatment to my wife, all my wife was getting drips., First 900 ml by 10 Am, Second 500ml by 3 pm, third once again 900 ml by 5.15 pm. There is no antibiotic were ever given. I was asking these docs, about discharge they are saying that Chief doctor should attest the patient and then he will decide to discharge.

I told them, that I am asking them discharge, I want to discontinue your treatment since your treatment not seems to satisfying.

Following are the facts I have faced and the same asking you not have any kind of treatment here:

1. There is no nurse or sisters or attenders available in the floor., from 8 pm to 8.30 pm I was search for a sister (in the same floor and ground floor) since the third drips should be dis-mantle.
Finally I did it, since i have some experience while changing this drips for my father who took treatment at home.

2. At the beginning I was took I have to buy some medicine, one nurse gave some tablets to my wife. Later no nurse came to give any tablets or injection. By accidentally when i saw the prescription their its has written like M, A, E, N means (Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night which I assumed) and gave the appropriate tables to her.

3. After first and second drips got over, I have to search for the nurse, even when I meet and inform them that it has finished, they will point me to some other girl to inform the same. Finally someone will come half an hour later, say that they are busy., I don't know other than serving the patient what else business they have.

4. As I said earlier (blood test) there's a lot communication gap between doctors and other working staff.

5. Finally chief Doctor part, he came by 10.45 for his rounds to him only we have request for discharge. I have never ever seen a doctor coming for rounds after 10 PM in any other hospital. Its remembered me roll-call made by warden in my college days. I had a question, patients really has to wait for this doctor who comes by 10 or 10.30 or even 11 pm.

6. In the last 10 hours, except MRI scan(I think they don't have this facility till now), they have asked to take all the scans and tests.

7. While discharge also we weren't told about the results of test or even the cause of infection. We are asked to pay the amount, there is no bill, no discharge letter, nothing...

While at the discharge my wife was in the same condition as I have admitted her in the morning.
I am working in a private sector, my wife and my self are educated, though we faced this worst experience. Think about the other (uneducated or unaware)people. My humble request please don't take and don't guide anyone to take treatment in this hospital.
The worst hospital ever I have encountered in Chennai. I met an accident, small fracture in hand and leg finger.I was admitted in kumaran hospital kolathur. At the same day ortho doctor told me immediately operation to be carried out. Operation was done on the same day, after one week they discharged and collected RS 42000. Ortho informed to come after one month, ( During the operation they fix some metal inside the hand and leg like that they told) . After one month he remove the metals from the body and collect Rs.3000 and informed every thing is fine you will normal after few days. After few days i can't able to do anything with my hand again i went the another hospital and scan my hand and leg. Doctor compare the scan with first day taken when i was met an accident. Small fracture increases to major born displacement and the doctor said for this accident no need operation just a PO is enough. Again i went the kumaran hospital kolathur the proprietor of the hospital said operation was wrongly done, need one operation to rectify the problem.It will cost around 35000. I informed to the proprietor, No i will take care, you just give my discharge summary to claim the medical insurance. They given the statement, they fixed inside the body is not metal, just a k-wire...Please don't go to this hospital in case of emergency also..

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