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[Resolved]  Auto Rickshaw — Auto Rickshaw refusal and Overcharging

I am a regular commuter from Govindpuram/Okhala Metro Station to Okhala Phase -2. There are no auto stand near by. The auto rickshaw driver standing there either refuse or overcharge. There are no other alternative to go but to accept what ever they are asking. I usually get late to office because of this. Mostly the commuters going to okhala ph-2, from these places are ladies and sometimes it becomes very difficult for them as these drivers have union and sometimes they even harrase them.
I request the kind authorities to kindly look in this regard and make proper arrangements so that women going to metro station get relieved from these auto drivers.

Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020
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auto rickshaw complaints — overcharging and not using digital meters

This is to bring to your notice that autorickshaws in gachibowli area do not have digital meters. If one has to hire autorickshaw in this area, he/she has to negotiate the fare. If any of autorickshaw has digital meter, the driver refuse to use by saying that the meter is not working. Getting public transport from this area is very difficult.So, I request to take appropriate action against these autorickshaw wallahs.

rickshaw drivers mumbai — difficulty to get rickshaw

it is very difficult to get rickshaws in mumbai as these rickshaw drivers through their silly tantrums. they select the passengers according to their own fancies. they are public mode of commuting and they have no right to pick and choose their passangers.

Auto Rickshaw Drivers — Over charging

There is auto stand outside East End Appartments, New Ashok Nagar, Mayur Vihar Phase 1, Delhi-110096.
None of the auto driver use meter and charge very high prices. For e.g. my office is in okhla phase 1 and by meter it takes around 70-80 rupees. The drivers charge around 150 rupees for the trip.
Furthermore they also refuse to go tocertain places.
This has been going on for couple of years now.
Please look into this.

Auto Rickshaw — Unfair practise


Yesterday (7th Dec 2008) I wanted to take auto to come back to my home at Vidyaranyapura from Big Bazzar ring road. One auto stopped by no. KA 17 3122 and the following happened :

--- He did not accept to go in meter.
--- He asked us to pay Rs.90, where as in meter it comes only Rs. 35.
--- On asking why so high he started abbusing
--- I told him I will complain if you dont do a fair practise, but looks like auto drivers are very close relatives of police as the driver had no threat of police.

It will be appreciated if a legal action is taken against this auto driver so that he is not harrasing other people.

MOREOVER, I would also like to add that none auto from Big Bazzar hebbal ring road comes in meter and they ask more than double charge for any area you go. The presence of traffic police have no affect on these auto drivers.

I hope a proper action will be taken against it !!!

Dibakar Roy

Auto Rickshaw Complaint — Auto Rickshaw No MH 02 SA 1315

Dear Sir,
The Auto Rickshaw owner refused to come to oshiwara depot from Goregoan SV road,
the meter was up on hire position, and he said u make any complain to police or the commissioner, i am not scared of any one,
so please see if such people are not spared
The meter of auto No.MH-02-SA-3210 is faulty and overcharged me. Please take action against it.
now a day auto rickshaw not ready to go for short distance.
ex .
Bandra ( kalanagar) to santacruz (vakola).
they just want more money for long disance .
why traffic police dont make any srtick rules for such auto driver.
plz take some fast action agianst such drivers.
people alot prolems plz do something.

auto — Overcharging

Date: Jan 18, 2010; Time: 19:00 to 19:30; Auto Driver' Name: Alla Bakash; ID:53115; Auto Num: KA 04 B 1842. The Auto was asked to take us from Market (near Kempegowda bus stand) to SP road. He told us that it is Rs.45 by meter, but he wants Rs.50. We agreed but requested him to switch on the meter. He gets infuriated and declines to do so. Reason: He'll take us not by the Rs45 route but a shorter route. We ask him why should we pay him Rs 50. His answer is because we do not know the shorter route. If we can tell him that short-cut route he'll charge whatever comes by the meter. Since, we are new to Bangalore, we hardly know any routes here. We manage to convince him to start the meter. The meter showed Rs 14 only for that shortcut route. We paid him Rs 50.
The last thing he said was unless we don't ourselves know the route, the auto drivers have the right to charge as much as they want.We are new to this place, and we were shocked to know that this is the way Bangalore's public transport system works. Kindly confirm what the driver said is true or not.

auto rickshaws — Refuse to go to Shorter Distance

Auto Rickshaws directly just say "NO" to go to the shorter distances.. Everyday morning when I leave for office from Shere-Punjab to JB Nagar or MIDC, I generally ask from atleast 20-25 rickshaw walas out of that one gets ready to go..Otherwise majority Rickshaws just refuse to travel for the short distances.... Kindly see to this matter..Public is getting suffered because of this issue..

Auto Rickshaw — Overcharging and trying to cheat


As usual, I took an auto Rikshaw from my home (near R.T Nagar Police Station) to my office (Manyata Tech Park, NagaWara). The driver looked a very gentle man, he offered his prayers to the meter before the journey begins, make it implicit that this was his trip today. However this nice story turned upside down before we reached 0.5 kms.. His meter already started showing 20 R.s. I mentioned this to him and he did revert back to the original charge (14 rs). On travelling another 2.5 kms, his meter was showing 30 r.s, for which i again complained to him. It was obvious that his meter was tampered and controlled by him somehow. What made me suspicious was his unnecessary honking before the meter started running like an athlete in 100m race.
Finally the journey ended. When i handed him 100 R.s ( as i didnt have the exact amount for his charge of 52 r.s), he said he dont have 48 Rs to pay me back, as this was his first trip of the day. I asked my 100 r.s back and called my colleague to get 50 r.s, so that I can pay the driver. To my surprise, the driver denied the very fact that I handed him over the 100 r.s note which i just given to him. I was sure that he didnt give it back to me. I threatened to call the police which he agreed and immediately he asked me to get out of the auto and he tried to search the 100 r.s note. I noticed him putting the 100 r.s note beneath my seat and taking it out.
The driver details ( to the best of my memory and as shown in his driver license badge)
Name: Rafeeq
Address.: Chamundi Nagar, R.T nagar, Bangalore.
Number: KA 05A 7748

Auto Rickshaw Complaint — Cheated by Auto Rickshaw Guy

I boarded an Auto from Bandra and told him that I want to go Inorbit Malad. I never knew it was a tour for me. It was not the first time I travelled so I know the charge usually varies between 100 to 110. This guy instead of taking me from Goregaon Flyover took me from Malad Subway when I asked from where you are taking. After asking he responded in a very rude u told Malad never told where in Malad you wanted to go. And started arguing and speaking in the worst manner as he could. Finally, told him that I am getting late plz drop me fast and wanted to end his cheap talks there itself. Finally I reached and he charged me 143 Rs. Auto Number: MH03 AK 2586. Please take some actions against such people as they are really torturing the public instead of supporting.

Autorickshaw — Cheated

This morning when i got into a rickshaw at goregaon he asked me to get down saying that he wanted to fill gas he went a little ahead and took another passanger i feel cheated

Auto Rickshaw Complaint — Unfair Fair Practices

Dear Colleagues,
I am resident of Seawoods, Navi Mumbai. From last couple of weeks there has been unfair autorikshaw fair practices being practised. For a distance of 2-3 Km we have to pay Rs 21as a autorikshaw fare (if sharing then we have to pay Rs.: 07 per head).

If autorikshaw driver uses there meter system for fare, then we don't have to pay more than Rs 11 (if autorikshaw is shared).

I expect against there practices strict action should be taken. And meter system should be applied, so it can be affordable to all people. As as responsible citizen i have highlighted the issue and expect some changes in our locality.



Dear Sir / Madam,

It has been a long time since I wanted to do this but things have gone out of control now and hence this complaint.
There are many autorickshaw drivers in the city who are cheating the passengers by overcharging and
using incorrect meters.
I had experienced this earlier as well but now this has started happening on daily basis.
I travel from Marol to Dahisar by rickshaw every evening and it generall costs Rs.150.00 to Rs.160.00.
I travel through Aarey Colony to avoid traffic.
Yesterday (18th April 2011), I was travelling with couple of my office collegues (both ladies) and while I was in the midst of Aarey I suddenly noticed that the meter was running very fast and I immediately informed that rickshaw driver about it. To my shock, he stopped the rickshaw and asked us to pay the fare and get down. I told him that it was very difficult to get another rickshaw in Aarey Colony but he was very rude and was not listening to us. I also threatened him to complaint with Police but he said that he was not bothered at all.
Finally I had to let go as I had to reach home early.
I paid him the fare and took another rickshaw which I got luckily.

I sincerely request that some action has to be taken against these dishonest rickshaw drivers as soon as possible. Cost of living has already increased so much and it will be very difficult for common man to survive with such kind of fraud.

Rickshaw Number is MH 02 TA 4251.

Yours Sincerely
Venkat Shivaram
A Auto driver named REVAANA, HOSKERHALLI, Cheats Passengers by asking Excess Amount. A Dangerous Guy, I warn Everybody not to board that particular Auto in any Circumstances. He will deny even after paying the Fare, Please be carefull and in case if you find him wherever, Just hand him over to Police.

Auto Rickshaw — Refusal

The auto numbered MH 03 M 1093 was standing near pratap nagar on the jogeshwari vikhroli ling road when i asked him to come to Majas Depo which is on a short distance from pratap nagar the auto driver refused to come.I complained to the traffic police who was there nereby but he didn't came to help. the auto driver was talking very rudely. this is not the first time that the auto standing there refuse to come to short distances it happens everyday. Even the traffic police are known about this but still there is 0% co operation from their side.The auto drivers stand there even if there is traffic.When you sit in the Auto here most of the auto drivers aks that "main road pe hi hai na?" if you say no then their reply is "fir app utar jao hame jana nahi hai". this is very irritating and also causes a lot of inconvenience specially during the monsoons. Kindly help me in this matter

Thank You

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