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Auto-rickshaw — About Auto-rickshaw MH-12 CT7179

Hello Sir/Madam,

Everyday I need to travel from Pune Rly stn. to Shankarshet Road
by rickshaw. Many times I face problem about reading on meter of rickshaw.
Actual reading should be 4.10 & Rs 27/- but I consider it up to 4.50 & Rs 30/-
And if reading is more than that also then I negotiate with driver & generally
they accept the fault

But today on 07/09/07 in morning 8am I taken one rickshaw no: MH-12 CT7179.
whose meter shown reading of, near about 5 & he asked me to pay for that
reading but I refused & I gave him Rs.27/- & started for my work but
the person has followed me for little distance (as I entered in my office) & he was shouting & was using bad words for me.
Please check his meter.

I will be thankful if such issues will be taken care seriously coz that really very
disturbing & may coz risk for any person.

Generally there is no source for such complaints & people are not sure that
there complaints will be considered seriously. I came to know about this site
& I think it is very comfortable medium if taken seriously.

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I want to raise the following complaint against Auto Rickshaw "MTQ 5478" on very serious note as today’s incidence could have caused serious casualty. I was returning home from Shivaji Nagar, Pune at 8:45 PM after a long day. I was carrying a suitcase of my friend. On the way towards home I noticed the rickshaw man broke very first signal, when I asked him the same he didnt talk. Next time when he again broke the signal after asking the person started using bad words. He broke every signal and when I got down at Chandni Chowk he asked for full return (i.e. double fare). When I asked about the tariff card he denied and started abusing and threatening me when I denied to give the fare Rs 170 (meter reading was 13.40) demanded by him. I realized the person was drunk and couldnt do much except giving him the money he wanted.
I want to raise this complaint against a auto rickshaw man who drove all the way drunk and broke every signal in traffic. This kind of act should be considered as criminal offence and person must be punished. Its no longer safe riding auto rickshaw in Pune, people like these needs to be punished. I will be thankful if this matter is considered seriously.

Thanks and regards,
Abhinandan Pal
Financial Service Consultant,
ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company,
Pune rikshaw drivers are world famous for their rude behavior and dishonesty. we can do nothing about them as they are protected by the rikshaw unions and most important, by the traffic police of Pune. Some time back the leading news papers published the monthly rates (aka 'Hafta') given by the unions to traffic police for the protection they receive. (Min hafta is per rikshaw 100 Rs per month)
Have you ever seen police taking action against illegal rikshaw stands or checking their licenses or PUC certificates?
We can raise our voice only if we stand together in form of some forum or a activity group. I can think of the SPTM activity (Save Pune Traffic Movement) from which we can have some hopes in near future, only if we participate in large numbers to make the difference.
here is the link:
Auto-rickshaw MH-12 DT-8412

Meter is running fast by 20%(approx). RTO can you please check the same.

Auto-rickshaw — Over charged by Auto Rickshaw driver

Ths is to bring to your notice about the auto rickshaws in Delhi who inspite of installing meters are asking for higher amount of money and disagree to use the meter. I would like to ask the autorities why the digital meter is installed when they are not using it. I tried to board an auto rickshaw (DL1RK 3679) from AIIMS (Ring Road Side) to Jungpura Bus Stand and the driver asked Rs. 60/-. However if he had used the meter, the amount would not have exceeded Rs. 30/-. And this is not the case with one or two auto rickshaw drivers, but with majority of them. This is sheer corruption on the part of the auto rickshaw drivers and it is really become nuissance for us consumers as we are the ones who are suffering .

I would request to take notice and stricter laws be imposed on the auto rickshaw drivers who are failing to to use the meter and are asking for double or even three times more amount of money than the usual fare. My suggestion would be that there should be a seperate wing which takes up the complaints and matter of such auto rickshaw drivers so that they dont break laws. Thanking you.

Anika Singh
recently in front of Central Mall at university road, i asked auto if he wants to go to Baner and then a next one too.Finally we boarded the second auto after this the first auto guy came to us n started shouting and abusing us for not taking his auto, when i shouted back he started to threatened me in Marathi,
since i was with a lady friend i dint peruse the matter and drove off in the second auto.
request authorities to curb this misbehavior of auto walla's n make Pune a really a pleasant place to stay which is spoiling to some extent cos of this fool
I dont have his auto no. so its just a neutral appeal to authorities.

Auto-rickshaw — Auto-rickshaw drivers charging extremely high fare for too small distance.

the Auto-rickshaw drivers charge too much for just small distance travel.
Most of the time the charge double the meter fare or even thrice.If one needs every day its not at all possible
Every day i have this problem and really fed up with this.I really spend half of my salary on transport.
Please take some actions.

Auto-rickshaw — Refusal to go to the destination

Auto Registration number- MH02SA 5029

Place where the auto was stopped- Amboli, Mhatrapada Road, Andheri (w), Mumbai- 400058
Destination- MIDC, Andheri East, Mumbai 93

Reason- Auto Person refused to go to the above mentioned address and was rude and arrogant in his behaviour. My colleague was physically handicapped and yet the auto person refused to take us to the said address.
I am residing at khandacolony, new panvel, at here auto rikshaw fare taken on driver's own decision and that's why they are taken high rate fare, pls you are requested to pls arrange here a meter auto for alose of money of normal people

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