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[Resolved]  Bagaria Builder , Rahul Estate — Poor Quality Management

This is to inform everyone that please don't buy flats at Rahul Estate.. Cause the builder out here Bagaria is the Biggest cheat of all.

The following are the problems of Entire Rahul Estate.

1.) There is no maintenance.

2.) There is no proper water supply..

3.) People have to fill water from the water pump dragging it all along the 4/5 floor inspite of paying the charges.

4.) All the construction is of 3rd grade . right from the road, parks

5.) Water seepage occurs in the rainy season..

6.) The Builder takes the money for Electricity, water and doesn't pay it to the municiapl ..

7, ) No proper earthing, electrical shortcut, Poor quality wires and layout of wires.

8.) In short it is a living hell..

9.) Just advise your friends / relatives who are planning to buy.

Complete Address :
Rahul Estate, Gut No:2, Part,
B-Cabin Road, Moriwali
Ambernath (E)
Mumbai – 421 501

Pushed against the wall: Rahul Estate teams up against builder

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Aug 14, 2020
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Bagaria builders is the biggest hole and fraud that I have seen in my life. He has just taken maintenance and is not providing any service..

Not only this project the Rahul Nagar Project near the Ambernath Station is also total failure. I am fed up of living out here.

Please don't flats here.. otherwise you will just get stucked up and your life will get screwed up .

If you don't believe me ask the people living out here, Rahul Nagar Peoples .. they will give the real picture..

Rahul Estate Real Picture..

1.) Water does come, But it doesn't come in Flats. Everyone has to carry water to their home

2.) Sewage line leaks every time.

3.) Maintenance has been taken but no bill has been paid.

4.) Advance payment has been taken for Swimming pool, gym etc. but nothing has been done till now

In short it is living hell.
non sence who d hell r u???????? Why do u want to spoil d good will of bagaria's...
Respected friends

I am seeing bagaria builders since 25 to 30 years... n have been at the projects of bagaria...

one of my friend stay in rahl estate...

more than 60% of the flat owners of estate has not paid the maintenance which just 300/- to 500/- a month in which the builder have to pay Rs 160/- p.m. to AMC towards water charges of each flat..

the lifts the waters from the pump room to the over head tank of th erespective's a large amount of light bills for the same...provides comman lights N many more...

It has heard that more than Rs 70 lacs is has to recovered by the flat owners towards the basic maintenance charges...

N when i contacted in the office of bagaria builders...they showed me more than 400 cheques bounced of the said maintence...

further when i asked my friend at what price have you bhought the flat...he told just Rs. 760/- psf in later 2007

& the current rate there is more than Rs. 1600/- psf i.e. returns more than 100 times in 3 years...

i have a trust in bagaria builders...
i completely disagree that bagaria builder is trustworthy. he is the biggest fraud i have ever seen in my life. i have seen his truth since i was in school till date my parents are suffring. there are many cases registered against bagaria builders.and i trust on the law and order of our country n am sure that one day he will have to pay for his sins. but for now i just want to inform all the readers that i[censored] dont wanna lose your peace of mind and make your life hell then pls don't get connected to bagaria builders in any way.

rahul estate — real estate

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I live in Rahul garden, Chiplun. A project developed by Bagaria builders in 1995/ 1996. When I was in my last years of school. They were the first builders to introduce swimming pool & extra lavish amenities to Chiplun, I remember even the Taj Hotels of Chiplun dint had the swimming pool with them & they use to use the swimming pool of Rahul Garden. The value of the apartment bought by us have gone up like anything. I don't know about the cases, I believe every builder has a lot of cases over him. So far as I know, Bagaria Builders are very good builders.

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