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on Oct 19th around 11 PM I came to bangalore city by train. I hired an auto ( KA05A-4478) & he asked me 1.5 times meter . I aggreed for that. When I started I found meter started after 1 KM. & it was jumping 1:50 at a time instead of 0:50 & comming back to :00. I informed about this then driver told meter is fine. There were no diver detailed in Auto. Some how I came to my home as I was with my family & didn't want to get in trouble in late night. From City jn to chikalasasandra max it comes to Rs85- Rs90. But that day it came to 125 & I paid Rs:190. Can bangalore police check auto & driver spesifically in night.

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Aug 13, 2020
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auto — meter problem

During the travel from National park to Gokeldham Temple, I board an auto with the Number of MH 02 SA 2211. The auto has meter problem as the auto driver has charged an amount of Rs.61 instead of Rs. 45- 48 which is reasonable for the distance.

Please look into the matter as this is creating lots of problem to the commuters.

Thanks for your co-operation
KA05-5498, Meter faulty. I commute from sahakarnagar to cv raman nagar everyday, the same route, 18.5km as per most of the autos/meru cabs. Today this auto charged me for 23 km !!! His electronic meter is faulty and the driver rowdy. Im really concerned over auto drivers deteriorating behavior, credibility and reliablilty
Out of 100 ...99 Auto drivers are ...they should be hanged... ...saale bhooke marenge tab akal aayegi inko...let the Metro start...i want to see these crying...They have no sense of charging thru meters...dropping you to exact destination and they are so hard skineed..that whatever you shout or tell them...just go above there head...bloody ...Cant we have a complaint cell for them ...which can actually take them to Toll...
KA05 C3529 's electronic meter is faulty & auto driver does not listens about it and asks customers to complaint directly.. think no one ever takes actions on complaints.
Today I took this auto from Residency road bangalore to Leela palace and the meter showed 12 km for this distance... I travel several times on this route on my motorcycle and I know it is around 7-8 km. Could some one check the meter of this auto and fine if some tempering is found with it
Auto Ka-02 AA2846 Driver Nagu Naik, Badge N0. 13354/2000 meter is faulty. Meter shows 7 kms for a distance of 5 kms. When asked how it is it shows so much distance and he says nothing wrong with his meter. Fed up of paying varying auto fares for the same route. Called up 22207750 to complain about the same. No one picks up the phone. Apparently it is a line set up specifically for Auto meter problems. If the police is like this, why should the auto drivers care.
I dont remember the exact nuber of the auto, it was something KA02- 289(the last 3 digit is correct). I hired him from Mittal Tower, MG road till Kumaraswami layout. The meter was too fast, i told him about the faulty meter, he replied no it is correct. When i reached to my destination the meter was 100 rs which 10-15 rs more. When i discussed with him, he just insulted me infront of all the auto drivers.
Auto number KA02 14013. very faulty meter. travelled from Malleswaram to sahakarnagar which is 10 kms which comes to Rs 70 everytime. his meter showed Rs108. when i threatened him that i will complain, he said he is ready to give his mobile numbers. they are all a bloody union of cheaters. they are not scared of anybody..let him go to hell...
KA-41 3762, DL# 945, Badge No. 3481 Driver name is Gopi ( He looks like Rowdy). I commute from RT Nagar to City Railway station, Actual distancei is 8 Km. Today this auto charged me for 11 km !!! His electronic meter is faulty and the driver is behaved like rowdy. Out of 100 ...99 Auto drivers are ...they should be hanged...I called 22207750 and register the complaint. I dont know what action they are taking.
Auto driver Bettaswamy (as driver license details) having registration number KA-05 C34 has tampered meter. Even though it is electronic meter, it shows at least 5.5 km for every 4km. That is 35% more than actual distance. The auto driver says his meter is absolutely perfect!!
KA 05 - D - 7409. The electronic meter is faultu and the driver and I got into a row. the distance between RT Ngr to bagmane tech park is 12.5/6 KM but the meter reflected 13.4...

1 way top tell a faulty electonic meter: when the meter is turned down for hire, it should display 4 Str or 2 Str. If it juest displayes 14.00 then the meter is faulty.

Is there any way in which these guys can be nabbed. or is the police also lining their pocket???
I’ve reached a point o[censored]tter frustration with the level of antagonism, physical threats and mental abuse that I regularly face when dealing with Auto drivers. I’ve had situations where I’ve had an auto driver try to run me over because I refused to pay over the meter, and other situations where they have gathered in groups to physically intimidate me whilst slandering insults. They physically force you to pay what they ask by intimidation and threat of violence.

Visit the website to lodge your complaints on the auto incidents and aggression you have faced from them. If anything is to come from this, we need to become united – we need to form a group who can be a voice of opposition against this injustice. I think the ‘I paid a bribe’ forum is the perfect place to start up such a group.

Forum link:

Recently I approached the Automation Enforcement Centre who gave me quite a bit of background into this issue. They explained to me that more than often the police are rendered helpless, because if they arrest an auto driver, the Auto Union immediately lands on the doorsteps of the Human Rights Commission, imploring that they are being unfairly treated. When such circumstances come up, the Auto Union gets their way because there is absolutely NO VOICE OF OPPOSITION. No voice of the people to notify the Human Rights Commission of the aggression and intimidation of Auto Drivers that we face regularly.

If there is a group of people as well organized as the Auto Union is, they wouldn’t have been able to get away with so much antagonism. After seeing the number of alarms raised on ‘Ipaidabribe’ by those who are explicitly offended by the state of Bangalore’s Auto menace, I am proposing that we form exactly the kind of group that can approach the Human Rights Commission to give them the other side of the story and empower the police where auto drivers are concerned.

The Automation Enforcement Centre further informed me that for issues regarding asking for more than the meter, or taking unnecessarily long routes, if we note down the license number of the auto and submit it to the AEC, they do take action. The first time, they penalize the driver 100 Rs. On the second offense, they penalize by double, and double again on the third. By the forth offense they can be penalized 800 Rs and so forth. This system can work IF we put it to use, but more than that, if we put pressure on the Traffic Police to enforce there laws.

That being said, any form o[censored]nwarranted aggression, rudeness, slandering, physical intimidation is a human rights issue and needs to be taken up with the Police and the Human Rights Commission.
I propose that we approach the Human Rights Commission as a united voice regarding this issue, and further discuss how else we can remove the unfair power the Auto Union is exercising to carry out an antagonistic form of transportation.
Ka02 Kc6559 overcharges me and misbehaved when I ask why you are charging such amount.

The driver used so many vulgar languages, I felt very bad to be in Bangalore. I want the driver to be punished
During the travel from cox town to Kasthuri nagar, I board an auto with driving licence Number 9770/96 and the drivers name is kumar. The auto has meter problem as the auto driver demanded an amount of Rs.62 instead of Rs.50 which is reasonable for the distance.

Please look into the matter as this is creating lots of problem to the commuters.

Thanks for your co-operation
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Today is the 2nd day I face this problem of excess fare from BTM 2nd stage till EGL, Koramangala.

The KA02 B1550 overcharged me for the 2nd day, He charged Rs.90 and normally it comes to Rs.65 or maximum Rs.70.

I wanted the authorities to take action on such kind of personnel.



auto — incorrect Meter Reading & Threats

Auto rickshaw number MH-04-AR-6525 had an incorrect meter reading 4.90 points while I travelled from Balkum to Balaji Motors via Highland, Dhokali, More Mall usually its 2.40 or 2.50 on top of that he got into arguement and took 50/- buck instead of 30/- bucks and also threatened me to go to police stn if I refuse to pay what he is demanding.

Please get back to me on [protected] as I want to bring to light this and many other issues that are happening and are not brought forward.You may also contact me on [protected]

Tushar B.

OMG, by any chance i[censored] r in MG road and wanted to go any location, u r gone case, u will see possible cases like

1) 200 Rs some random amount which will be more than double at any time
2) 20 Rs extra Sir !!!
3) Verabal Argument
4) Some abusive langauage
5) taunting on you

My humble request to all reader and commutor that
1) dont pay extra money to any auto wala
2) dont fight with any buddy, since they may harm you doesnt matter i[censored] r BLRian or outsiders
3) always look for digital metere
You dont be what they are ...we have to accept that they are asking/doing all this coz some o[censored]s has allowed them to do so ... be safe


On September 27th around 8:30 AM me and my other bus stop friend took an auto from Jayanagar to KH Road, the auto driver was driving recklessly and bypassing all the traffic signals. Also, we saw that after about 5 minutes the meter was reading 4 kilometers with 36 Rs instead of 2 kilometers. We asked him to stop and check the meter. He stopped and started arguing that it was a digital meter and it will not show wrong. My friend gave him the money while i noted down the auto number which is KA04 AB1023. The driver was wearing civilian clothes instead of the uniform.

Please all, request you to be aware of this auto driver because it has the digital meter, but, still it is wrong.

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