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Almost all the auto-drivers in Whitefield, Marathahalli and Yamalur area, dont go by the meter-reading. They charge exorbitant amount (e.g. for 3.5 kms distance from Marathahalli to Yamalur, the normal meter reading would be 27-28, but they ask for 60/-) and they dont have the display system for auto-driver's name and DL details. If asked for, they start arguing and threatening.

This practice has been on for more than 2 years and I assume that Police would be aware of this. If the govt feels that auto-meter rates are low and considering recent fuel rates hike, the money that these auto-drivers are getting is less, then the Govt should increase the meter rates, rather than quietly supporting such mal-practices.

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Aug 14, 2020
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It's true that Auto guys taking a very high amount for coming to Yamalur from Domlur or Indiranagar area. Meter will also jump like anything manytimes. Most untolerable thing is their character. Sometimes even if we are ready to pay for whatever comes in the meter, he will demand 20-30 rs extra at the time of getting down and if we denied, the auto guy will blast like anything. He will utter all the badwords...One of my colleague had a very bad experience like this. This is very pathetic. Somebody should do something to control this. They are thinking that they can do whatever they want and nobody will question them.

Almost all the auto-drivers in Kaikondandenehalli bus stop(sarjapur outer ring road area), dont go by the meter-reading. They charge exorbitant amount and they dont have the display system for auto-driver's name and DL details and also so many of those autos dont have meter at all. They used to threaten the cabs which goes on the way for not to take the people.
This practice has been on for more than 2 years. If the govt feels that auto-meter rates are low and considering recent fuel rates hike, the money that these auto-drivers are getting is less, then the Govt should increase the meter rates, rather than quietly supporting such mal-practices.

In old madras road there is a place Beniganahalli bus stop. From Beniganahalli to Kaggadaspura main road, by auto meter it will be Rs.20. But the auto drivers take Rs.30+ and dont come on meters.
They behave rudely with the people who ask to put on meter and dont come on meter. This practise is going on for a long time. I hope even the traffic police/responsible authorities are aware of that. But still no police tell auto people to go on meter. You all know why they will not tell them to go on meter.
Please any responsible authority/people tell these auto drivers to go on meter from Beniganahalli to Kaggadasapura mail road.
I also had a similar experience with an auto KA02B8500 whose meter is exorbitantly high and for a distance from Maruti Seva Nagar to Ulsoor on Old Madras Road where the meter reading always comes to Rs.30 where I was charged Rs.40 and forced to give as he was a very rude driver. Pl. see if necessary action could be taken
Take a stand

Dont travel by them
Put your foot down

Before boarding
1. Ask him if his meter is correct
2. You generally have a fair idea of what your fare should be (if you know your destination), so ask him something like "kitna hota hai??" if you find it excessive simply walk off (better still note down the auto guys details, and mail it to the authorities) and dont board it
3. You find someone with tampered meter or misbehaving, spread a word about the auto clearly citing the Auto number, so that other dont even go to him
4. For women folk - Dont get into an altercation, quietly follow steps 1-3.

We may still have some hope of redeeming ourselves
@ above : Great, will watch out for that fella.. Thanks
Hi, I totally agree with Shipra as I live in the Kadubeesanahalli, Yamlur Rd. area. We face a lot of problem to go out/get back home; many auto drivers say that they do not get any passengers on the ORR (!) & so demand excess priceto bring us to Yamlur Road. I request & suggest that the all autos shd. be allowed on roads only with the digital meters & the auto drivers shd. be told to mind their language/manners when talking to the passengers.

I have same kind of problem in Vijaya Enclave bannergatta road, those guys who are standing near EK retail they behave very rudely, many times I had a problem with auto guys, my home from EK retails is 0.5 KM, they were asking Rs.50. Who will control these guys?
Dear friends;
Why you are posting the complaints.? Is anybody is there to listen you.. Actually we want a complaint site where we can give the Auto taxi no and the govt should check him by calling him and should fine a lot as well as jail for cheating normal citizen.. Is Govt is taking care about this..?

"Jago grahak Jao"
I hate bangalore for its sloppy public transport and the government for not having the autowallas in control. There is no place/site to complain even though this is the IT capital.
Autowalas give this city a bad name but obviously, the authorities aren't too bothered to do anything about this menace. Today two consecutive autos demanded 30 Rs for a 1 km distance (on Sarjapur Road from St. Peters School to Total Mall) and when we pointed out that it is a minimum fare distance, they both shrugged and turned their back to us. Isn't there a forum for lodging complaints against them and their rudeness?
Please do let me know if there is any govering body which looks after complaints against auto drivers.

In this incidence, I was travelling a distance of 6 KM. I got into this auto (No.KA[protected] which had electronic meter. The meter was so tampered that by the end of the joerney it showed 15 KM as distance travelled.

This is regular rout which I always take

auto bangalore — excess fare demands and rude behaviour

My complaint is against auto driver of KA 05 B 7193.
On[protected] i hired this auto for travelling from Jaydeva hospital to BTM 2 nd stage(1.5 kms),for which the driver demanded 20 rs(which is 6 rs extra fare).I agreed on the fare and when we reached the destination he demanded 30 rs,shouting that he had asked for 30 rs and not 20.
I was travelling alone and when i told him i will be taking up this matter with the police,he said complain to whoever you want,i do not care.
I was appalled at the behaviour of this auto driver and i urge the police to take action against him.

I travel everyday morning on this route and the auto drivers everywhere have become a menace,so much so that i have started taking bus for which i have to walk a few kms extra.

I am sure i am not the only one who has been cheated out of money this way by this particular auto driver.
In general all auto driver seem to have adopted these tricks

1)demand excess fare2)tamper the meter3)cheating by telling i had asked for more fare(as above)4)acting to start the meter,whereas the meter would have been running from before we got in(i realised this when i got in to an auto,the driver did a good act of turning the meter,but within a few seconds it had crossed the min distance fare.)

I also want to question the decision why license display which was mandatory earlier has now been removed?Is there a rationale behind it or is it just bucking under auto mafia.
Today we boarded an auto from maruthi nagar to Oxford engg college(Bommanahalli).
The driver demanded a fare of rs 50..we asked him whether he wil take U-turn and drop us at oxford engg clg, he agreed.
But once we reached Sasken, he demanded an extra 10 rs for dropping us till Oxford.
when we told him that we had told him that he will have to take U-Turn, he said that he meant the Bommanahalli junction.
We had no other go and had come upto Oxford for 60rs.
The auto number KZ 05 B 9359. Please rry to avoid this auto. This driver comes on meter but that meter runs like jet atelast 2-1/2 (two and half) of normal.

Please share the auto numbers that runs abnormal.

Please try to get those atuos which are having DIGITA meters (and have a look at the meter).


Do we have any solution for such fraudulent activities?

Yesterday I took an auto from ORR Ramamurthy Nagar signal to Akshaya Nagar 10th Cross (T.C Palya Road). While getting in, the auto driver accepted for Rs. 30. When I got down from auto, I gave him 50 rupees as I dint have change. But he took 40 rupees instead of 30 and gave back 10 rupees to me. When I argued, he threatened me that he cannot give the money back and I can complain to anyone. Auto number is KA-03-9667. Some action should be taken against such rude and cheating auto drivers.
@ kumar, thanks for sharing the auto numbr..even the same case had happened to me but since i was in a hurry to attend some meetings cudnt fight with him but i somehow managed to capture the auto number thru my mobile cam.. You can note down this no. KA 05 5929.
Some of the Auto Complain Unit phone no (Bangalore), please note these -
On 2nd January, 2010 at 2:00 AM I hired an auto from Marathally Bridge to Hoodi Circle. I agreed to the demands of auto wala to pay him twice of whatever charges are by meter. Since, I was knowing the route, I was sure that the distance is not more than 7 Kms. But the meter reading showed Rs. 63. I was shocked. As per the meter, it covered 9 Kms. Autowala was admant in taking Rs 126 as per the agreement. When I tried to check the DL related information, I did not find in his auto. But, I could note his registration number. Registration number is- KA05-9638. Hope the concerned authority can take some action against him.
I personally do not mind to wait for another 5 - 10 minutes looking for an Auto which has got a digital meter and never go for the ones with old non-digital meters. Anyway all are "thugs", but still a digital meter (if you are lucky enough) can save 20 % of fare.

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