Bangalore Traffic Police — Harrasment by the cops.

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 Alfred H D
I am Alfred a Tech support engineer in a MNC.On Sunday morning ie 18/05/07, while returning from work after a stressful night in office on the way back home we had to pass through brigade road and go to frazer town in my companys cab, the road which we normally travel was totally blocked and we were asked to take a deviation towards East Parade Church and unfortunately even that road was blocked and we had to go to trinity church and take a left which leads to Ulsoor and the corps had blocked even that road and when we enquired about this to the corps and they were not giving any sorts of response and they were using abusive language and they were trying to scare people to move away without uttering a single word.The saddest scene happened there was a college girl literally begging the corps to let her go as she had to write her exams and they used the same kind of language to the girl as well(Rude enough).What are we suppose to do.I'm not posting any comments or personal feelings.I am writing this as a frustrated citizen and I dont know if this is going to be actioned or not but I think its my duty to do it.
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Can you Identify this place...Here are few hints to help you out...

Hint no .1 - This is a place where BMTC Buses stops in zig-zag way to board & un-board its passengers.

Hint no .2 - There is a Autorikshaw Stand, Where all Autorikshaw are parked haphazard manner waiting for customer.

Hint no .3 - At the same spot private mini-buses are parked waiting for its passengers.

Hint no .4 - Almost all MNC company buses and Cabs halts here to Pickup & Drops its employees.

Hint no .5 - This is the only crossing where pedestrian has to cross on the road.

Hint no .6 - Surprisingly even small hand pull carts called as mobile canteen do business by catering.

Hint no .7 - People who catches train from this station has to pick and drop their persons will park their cars & bikes on the roadside & wait.

Hint no .8 - Nearly 70, 000 (not sure) vehicles pass thought this subway everyday.

Hint no .9 - Only 4 traffic police are deployed during 8 am to 8 pm to watch Tamasha whole day.

Hint no .10 - In peak hours you need at least 15-30 min to travel ¼ kilometer. Better go by walk.

Hint no .11 - 4 lane road suddenly becomes one lane road. What a magic.

Hint no .12 - If you are in ambulance for emergency case passing this passage, only Yamaraj should have mercy on U, till you reach hospital.

Hint no .13 - Maximum number heavy loaded trucks passes by this subway from north Bangalore to south-east Bangalore.

Hint no .14 -This passage is only entry to Bangalore city.

Hint no .15 - The most prestigious structure is passing over this underpass.

Hint no .16 - There is a church school too, where small kids will be crossing road during peak hours.

Hint no .17 - There is a mosque here, people park theirs vehicles on roadside every Friday afternoon, can't help very difficult to educate them.

Hint no .18 - A major railway station is located here.

Hint no .19 - There is no alternate route, if any incident happens in this underpass.

Hint no .20 - Surly you will get all type of decease if you travel in this route for long time, Think about your family who is depend on you.

Still not sure which place it is..
Its Yell boss :-( /
(KR puram underpass)
Myself Chinari Mardaraj Subudhi, basically from Orissa, as I am doing my job(software engineer) in Bangalore I am leaving in Bangalore for last 4 yrs. I have seen here traffic problem, and corrupted traffic police. And I think most of had faced lots of problem due to some traffic police. I had two times bad experience with Bangalore traffic police.
1. Once I was travelling from my office to home, there was random checking for bike users. and they asked me my driving license, emission test and insurance. And while communication with I tried to use Hindi, then English but they were forcing to me tell in kanada, where I couldn’t. I showed to them my all document and still they played with me to get some money. But they failed. Their argument is as I am staying here for last 4yrs, how come I didn’t learnt Kanada. In reply I told sir used to speak in office English and Hindi, also outside most of people in Bangalore knows Hindi and English, and this way I am serving here in Bangalore.For this incident I didn’t remember the exact date.
2. It was happened last Saturday- 10/10/2009, I was travlling from my office to my uncle’s house. In between BTM signal on traffic police caught bike users for riding bike on foot path, but actually one of them is only in main road. He was just in front of me. He told to trafiic police, but police man is not listening him. Then that guy told sir ask this person might be he seen whether I used the footpath or not. Then police man asked me and I clearly told sir, he didn’t used the foot path. And that time suddenly that police man took my bike key and told you come also. I told I am getting late please leave me. But the traffic police (Srinivas shetty) called me and asked can you prove it (he asked in again kanada).I told I don’t know kanada, then in reply he tried to speak in Hindi. I told I can’t prove it. But I know he was in right. After 20 mins argument he is telling me for misbehaving to police you have to pay for 500/-. Then
that time tried to reach commissioner of traffic police[protected], but no one picked-up the call as the time was 9.15pm. Then there one local civil guy helped, not to pay for misbehave.
Don’t know how we can handle with this type situation. Please help us.
Thanks for your understanding.

I strongly agree to this.
bangalores traffic police is so rude that wt to say..if they tow away bike then if we speak to d policemen in hindi or english then they will charge 300 to 500 rs. but if we speak to them in kannada then they will will return d bike either without taking money or by charging just 50 rupees...wt d bloody hell is that...who d f*** gave them right to differentiate between south indians and north they think that bangalore is their dad's place...
Bangalore Traffic Police is the Worst and so arrogant. They are the role model for Indian Corruption. Every month starting and ending in all streets of Bangalore you can see them. For the sake for getting money, they are daily changing the two-way to one-way and viz. One of the fun with them is - they are standing somewhere behind the Tree or any place which we dont' know and suddenly appears in front of us. If they come to know we are in afraid, they will get us minimum 100 RS. We cannot debate them eventhough we have not done any mistakes. I have not seen anywhere like this. Traffic Police are Good in Kerala. Since all people are educated and unity, the arrogancy and rude of any Government Dictators will not work with Keralites. I recently affected by the Bangalore Traffic Police for Jumping the Signal. I have not done so. We cannot explain the fact and debate with them. God Almighty can only punish the People who is harrassing public with the help of power in hand especially the traffic police in Bangalore.
I want to address this to Commissioner, Traffic.

As just going through the complaint one major hiccup going thro' all message is bribe/corruption.
Instead of making too many rules, rules, rules sir why cant you guys create a awareness in the citizens mind.
May be its difficult during scratch by as the time passes everyone will get accustomed to it.

As i have seen most of the 2 wheeler owners wear helmet for the sake that they should not be caught by police antha, if you guys create a awareness all the citizen will mentally bind to the fact.
I Hate Bangalore Police, , , , Really they need to change there Rude Behavior other wise once all civilian defenately Against ur Police Rowdiusm n Bangalore
I dont know whether my writing over here is going to make any difference and i dont whether any body is going to read this...but its a shame that we boast that we are so developed and look at the bangalore traffice police ... they are corrupt they take the fine collected from people and put it into their pockets, do they feel that taking 100 rs is going to make them rich...they will be deep fried in hell whomsoever they are troubling and giving them fine they are not giving them thinking good...they are giving them with pain and misery..the most effected people are middle class people...this money they charge will not be fruitful for them and they will die in road accidents or due to cancer, misery for sure...because GOD is seeing it all...
i dont know were they come from they talk only dirty words if only i had a chance to hit them i would have really done that . i also like to share a incident with all of u . a traffic police man from sadhashivanagar one Mr. krishnamurthy really torched us hit me and pushed me and caught my collars just because we asked him he is pulled our vehicle were ther is no parking board he started abusing us saying that we are talking rule and we have to pay him fine of Rs. 1500/- as punishment because we have spoke law to him. People here should be dare enough to speak to these they think only they can hit us we respect only for thier uniforms . in front of us i saw him taking bribe without writing the receipt he just collected cash. but we took the receipt and payed only Rs. 300

Bangalore Traffic Police — SMS alerts

Dear Sir / Madam,
I had requested my mobile number to be removed from mailing list of Bangalore traffic police sms alerts, by sending LEAVE BTP to 567678 several times.Inspite of this I continue to get sms alerts.kindly stop them.
Thanking you,
People in Bangalore whether outsider or insider are so remorseful that they will hit the cops one day. But the worst fact is that they wont consider whether the person they are hitting is good / bad.

There are really good and helpful people in the department. But those who are bad in the department are causing real shame to Bangalore and this department. I believe Praveen will work with and educate his team to ensure basic civic decency and respect. Else I am sure that there will definitely be a big tragedy on its way.
I do feel the same. After sending so many SMS to stop messaging nothing works .To subscribe we can use the web page but un subscribe it is not possible.I am fed up this alerts
Please post your complain here
Please mail your concern to all the ids listed in this link.
Servilence camera's are very big newsense. Since I am a responsible Citizen and Journalist (Repoter) of a Kannada daily. How can I ignore the traffice rules. Might be my vehicle wheel had been touched the Pedestrian cross, in the same time CC camera turned towards my side and it captured the image. Is it a great mistake? Now a day's it is very scarry to pass through circles, cross roads and junctions because of Cameras and the police men.
These police men must and should stand near circles or junctions or mainroads instead of hiding near the cross road or behind the trees or faraway from the circle. This is not fair and is this is the duty of them. If they are standing at the right place which is fixed for them, then no body would be voilet the rules.

I think this the kind of harassment to the public. first of all they to catch those who are creating non sense in public places like "smoking in public places, spitting on the roads, footpath encrochment, not wearing helmets, non sense horns and LED lights etc., " not like silly mistakes.

Gopal Thimmaiah
Reporter, Kannada Daily

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