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Tamil Nadu, India
This is regarding the Bharatmatrimony autorenewal fraud. We have been a sincere customer of Bharatmatrimony and I am totally dissappointed about their attitude towards us. We had been looking for a girl for my brother and recently we finalised on an alliance. We dint get time to close down the account and was about to do when we noticed that they have auto renewed the account without our permission. There has been absolutely no indication on the Bharatmatrimony website about the expiry or renewal. They have adopted such a shady business practice that they just allow you to access the website as though it never expired and then backstab saying they can refund the renewal cost since you have utilised the services.

They did not request any kind of acceptance for auto renewal at the time of registering nor in any other form. All they have is a tactical fineprint saying autorenewal is on when you register with currency other than indian rupee and they slide in a Autorenewal option in the account information. You would miss it by all means unless you are lucky. All they claim is they send an email to your gmail account which again is bogus since we get loads of emails from Bharatmatrimony every day. If you're checking the website regularly, your tendency will be to ignore the mails. Moreover anything could have happened to my email account and who are they to mandate me to check it every day!!!

When called within the first day of autorenewal they say they cannot refund since we have used our services (this is about they shadily allowing us to use their services and claiming customer service) This is absolute breach of trust and misuse of the card information. I have used other matrimony services like shaadi and have never faced this problem. They are much more straightforward.

It is the customer who has to decide whether they want to renew their account or not. Atleast they should have that much integrity to ask us before taking money from our account or state that clearly in their website. Or bear minimum have the decency to refund when we call them the very next day and state very clearly that we dont need their services.

- An extremely dissapointed and dissatisfied customer.
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Its another case with me too. I'd used the paid membership of worth 91 US$. Followed by which i'd never asked for any renewal as i was disappointed with the paid membership too. On 16-Apr-2013 my account shows a Debit transaction of 91 US$ again. At first place how dare(Bharatmatrimony) use my card details to debit 91 US$ with out the Holders consent. Another thing, on you website, no where can an end user see about the fishy Auto renewal thing which is definitely a CRUCIAL information for an end user & i am sure that no user would like to subscribe for auto renewal unless having used the service multiple times and given the satisfaction.

Its very much disappointing & brings a sense of insecurity to use Bharatmatrimony. Rather i'd never use it.

Today they have deducted 91 US $ and claim that its as per the terms. What if tomorrow they debit some few hundred dollars from the account and claim another TERMS.

I agree that Bharatmatrimony is looting the NRI customers in the name of providing auto renewal service which is just a crap!

Bhupendra S
Dear customer,

Thanks for your feedback. We would like to assure you that our policy on auto-renewal is transparent and clear to ensure your complete satisfaction with our service.

We sent an e-mail to the customer’s registered email ID seven days before the account is renewed. After the renewal, we sent a confirmatory mail along with details to reach our customer care executives.

Apart from the mails, we provide a link on the ‘In My Home’ section for the benefit of customers who wish to switch off ‘auto-renewal’. We also have a refund policy in case the service is not used during the renewal period.

You can also find details about our auto-renewal policy in the Terms and Conditions page. We had introduced auto-renewal to ensure that members have uninterrupted access to our services.

You are requested to send your Matri ID/Email ID so that we can further investigate your feedback. Thank you once again for choosing BharatMatrimony.

Best Regards,

Customer Care - Team BharatMatrimony
mrbazzinga's reply, Apr 23, 2017
No your policy is not clear. You guys play shenanigans and biggest fraud online till todays date. You have not send any recipt for autorenwal and neither their was any disclamiar that shows up on your site stating it will be auto renewal. The big websites like and never would do such things. They are much better then you thief. You ppl are looting hard earned money of NRIs
I agree with this complaint and it is smiliar case with mee too. I had requested to stop the auto renewal option when they auto renewed first time. However they did it second time too.

If you have faith on your website you should not have terms and conditions of auto renewal option for NRI. How you are treating NRI seperate and Indian users sperate. This shows the attidude of looting the money from customers.

Really i had very good image on you guys. Now god shake i never recommend any one to use this service. It is really paining because it is small amount no one will take action. But i am sure 9 out 10 people you are cheating in the name of auto renewal.

If you really have business strength you should market it with proper team rather looting the money.

Stalin G

Bharath matrinony is a fraud website...because when they want customers the sales guy will call and ask for the registration and payment.when its a renewal time why the sales guy didnt call and ask for renewal? I didn't enable auto renewal option, why its by default auto renewal is enabled? .I totally dis appoint with ur service.If its continues u will loose all ur customers.

This happened to me couple of days back. When I inquire customer care member, he says I can cancel the auto renewal and get the full amount credited (Complaint number: BM[protected] and cancellation must be done within 7 days from the date of renewal.

First of all, There has to be some kind of acceptance from the customer end about the renewal. I don't know why they can't call and inform us. This is the fraudulent behavior. I am very much disappointed as these things happened WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE. I am going to close my bank account soon to avoid such things in future.

I didn't even get my full amount. They should stop this. I started to educate my friends about this silly behavior.

Exactly same thing happened with me. They renewed with additional features on my account without notifying me. Cheap buggers and cheap tricks to loot money from NRIs

The same thing happened with me.Here comes the email I got from them.

Dear Ms. ...,

Thank you for contacting

This is with reference to your e-mail dated 20/09/2013, expressing concern over the auto-renewal of your profile "XXXXXXX

We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.

Besides, we have checked your profile and found that you used the paid membership benifits on or after the date o[censored]pgrading-11/09/2013.

Please be informed that as part of our Auto-renewal Process, you have got a Profile Highlighter offer worth USD 10 for 15 days (USD 14 for 20 days/ USD 17 for 25 days). We strongly recommend you to continue with the paid services and contact your interested members. If the auto-renewal is cancelled, you will lose the access to paid membership benefits.

In order to provide uninterrupted service, all International members have the privilege of auto- renewal once the membership expires.

However, we had intimated about this charging a week ago and had also sent a link in the intimation mailer to switch off the auto renewal option.

Since you have not switched off this facility, it has been renewed automatically.

Should you require any further clarifications or assistance, please reply to us via email to [protected]

We value your association with

Warm regards,
Alan George,
Customer Care Team,
A division of Consim Info Pvt Ltd.

I will not leave things here. I will do everything to make you pay me back the 91 USD you robbed!

I agree with this complaint as the same thing happened on me. Bharatmatrimony is a fraud site. They are here for taking money from the customers. I sumbitted my bankstatement to the customer service to prove that i didn't get any refund.
I just turned off my auto renewal last week (I didn't even setup auto renewal, it was done without my consent) but still got charged today for auto renewal. This is the second time this happened to me.

The moment I turned off auto renewal, I kept getting calls from Bharat Matrimony to renew my membership, which I declined but still got charged. This is a fraudulent business - please do not subscribe.
The above message from Customer Care is not true. The renewal message they send is an offer and does not mention that the membership will be auto-renewed. And I did turn off the auto renewal 'In My Home' section but still got charged.
Auto-renewal with out customer knowledge and permission is very bad practice

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