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Bidjeeto is not doing a real bid.. They are cheating the customer by not having the timer work as per wht is mentioned there. I have a feeling that the Bidding is made by different ids created by the bidjeeto company. I have been a bakra for this website. Pl. do not enrol for this website and waste your money on the bid package. I have done this blunder and will request the other members not to do that.
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I am from the customer support team at Bidjeeto and if you do not mind, please can you provide us your Bidjeeto user name so that we can look into the matter and get back to you asap.

I am also having the same feeling. The time management is not correct. The countdown timer goes upto 1 then it stops there. So i think they are keeping some settings which won't allow the down counter to goto zero. And in some other time they are removing the settings.So at that time people who are bidding will get it

Following are my observations on the count down time.
The user browser will be sending request to the bidjeeto server in a periodic time manner.
Whenever the time is going to end, they are not giving the exact time means after reaching 'one' next second it should be zero(Means last bidder win).but it is not happening.I will post more details later.
yes good news is that cyber crime branch is investigating and started taking actions against these bidding website
yes thats ture ..they are doing fraud i do agreee wit u ... but this is purely a business tacticks ...just think of item that is palced for bid ...and they starting price of the bid is 10 paise... intersting thing is that u have to bid 10 paise more than the previous it goes on like this ..think that it has reached a final amount of rs comes the matter of the bids that u purchase from them the least amount is 14rs per bid (this is when u buy 500 bids for 7000rs) ... so the amount they earn is 300*10 *14rs= 42000. this is the sum that the receive for one bid and at max the product cost is around 20000rs ... so they gain a profit of 22K on one single bid...
and last but not the least they say that they are going to donate the money to an organisation of u r preference..tat is a huge sum of 300rs ...and wat about the 22000 rs that they gain...this is just a business tactic and they still fraud u by pausing the timer...

now u guys just think for a moment before u register and start biding ...
Hi All there is a method to reveal the fraud work they are doing. i was closely watching the site for last 3 month. what i understood is that the most of the time the count down timer is going beyond zero.some time it is reaching up to 4 seconds after zero.u can easily observe it by installing any HTTP analyzing software like "HTTP Debugger pro". In every 2 second the site which is loaded in your browser is requesting data from the bidjeeto server. the response data contains all the information related to all the product. you simply check the fileld "time_left" and "serverTimeString". Up to 1 second the time_left value is decrementing properly. after that the time left value will stay at one but still the server time use to increment properly and the site which is loaded in your browser will show "checking".So the last fool who done the bid is thinking that i got the product but the server is waiting for the next bid to come to update the data. so you will be thinking that the connection is slow or you are not getting the data properly etc.I will update you all with proper proof in a couple of days.
Hi All I have collected the data fro the response stream for the product TOSHIBA L640-I4010 ( ID no 1149). In set1 the time left becomes 1 after that even though the server time is increasing, the time left is not decrementing.Some time this time left they are keeping for 4 or 5 seconds. after zero.yesterday, this product crossed zero mark 32 times.
Set 1
"Auction":{"id":"1149", "product_id":"339", "start_time":"[protected]:00:00", "end_time":[protected], "price":"Rs. 295.70", "peak_only":"1", "peak_start_time":"05:00 pm", "peak_end_time":"11:30 pm", "bid_free":"0", "cherry_auction":"0", "closed":"0", "fixed":"0", "fixed_price":"0", "closes_on":"Today, 22:12:03", "element":"auction_1149", "savings":{"percentage":"99.04 %", "price":"INR30, 593.30"}, "serverTimestamp":[protected], "serverTimeString":"10:12:02 pm", "time_left":1

Set 2
"Auction":{"id":"1149", "product_id":"339", "start_time":"[protected]:00:00", "end_time":[protected], "price":"Rs. 295.70", "peak_only":"1", "peak_start_time":"05:00 pm", "peak_end_time":"11:30 pm", "bid_free":"0", "cherry_auction":"0", "closed":"0", "fixed":"0", "fixed_price":"0", "closes_on":"Today, 22:12:03", "element":"auction_1149", "savings":{"percentage":"99.04 %", "price":"INR30, 593.30"}, "serverTimestamp":[protected], "serverTimeString":"10:12:03 pm", "time_left":1

Set 3
"Auction":{"id":"1149", "product_id":"339", "start_time":"[protected]:00:00", "end_time":[protected], "price":"Rs. 295.70", "peak_only":"1", "peak_start_time":"05:00 pm", "peak_end_time":"11:30 pm", "bid_free":"0", "cherry_auction":"0", "closed":"0", "fixed":"0", "fixed_price":"0", "closes_on":"Today, 22:12:03", "element":"auction_1149", "savings":{"percentage":"99.04 %", "price":"INR30, 593.30"}, "serverTimestamp":[protected], "serverTimeString":"10:12:04 pm", "time_left":1

also i found that they have created lot of fake id's. I am listing a few id's here.

jhakariyagajen, jamesmathew, mohseen, ASLAM, Vijays, MADAN, sumaiya, malavikapilay, fatimashaikh, juhi, yamintiwari, ramashankar, mohit, jayantkhemu, firdozkhan, shrikantdebhu, pravin1984, sangeeta45, sheyayedave, NIL, ANGADH, juiponkshe, gangurderaj, mohmmedshafi, badiuzzaman, udit, joshisujata, ketanjain, sejaltiwari, dhirendra, vikas002, balvisingh, ritesh123, sejalchedda, bajpaijitesh, patilsania etc...

Please inform you friends about this fraud. also please send a mail to my mail id. we will register a complaint in the consumer court.
i am crating a tool which will show the time of all the products and the last bidder name and the time at which the product is crossing zero. will upload it soon.
todays statistics: ...

product no. 1149 name : TOSHIBA L640-I4010, crossed zero : 47 times
product no. 1139 name : Samsung Galaxy Tab, crossed zero : 51 times
product no. 1207 name : HTC Desire HD, crossed zero : 55 times
product no. 1149 name : Nokia E63, crossed zero : 47 times

One simple thought ... nobody is going to do any business without any profit. so you can see the bid closed amounts. most of the products closed when they got amounts which is 3 times or 4 times the actual price.So those who are bidding on the starting are born on April first only. no doubt about that. Once they are satisfied with the profit they got in the auction, they are closing the bidding for that. the lucky person who done the bid at that time will get that product. Even i don't know how many people got the products...
i m not trying to defend the site but it is true about the timer wat evrybdy s saying...

it happens with me every now & then...

but wat i thnk is tht ths timer malfunction happens due 2 d heavy sie of the site, bco i hav observed tht evrytim i open ths site my net & whole system slows down...

secondly, abt the timer not goin beyond 1 or 0, i thnk ths happens bcoz they might have kept a policy of waiting for next bid when a timer reaches 0 or 1, though they have nowhere mentioned anythng lik tht anywhre on their site...ts might also b due to d reason that the server respons late ...

regarding the users, i have closely checked almost every bid n i never thought anythng fishy abt any user, but there s one user that i m suspicious of-SAMBIT1...this bidded almost every second bid 4 d recently closed acer d question is why wud anybody spend 7000 into i dont know how many times...bcoz d laptop closed at rs. 1122 n as i said ths guy bidded almost every second bid 4 it tht means almost half d amount...tht means rs 561 that is 5610 bids n same he did 4 sony xperia fone which he won at rs 870...

anyways m stil waiting 2 win a bid 2 believe them...n right now d only way 2 check d site`s genuiness is that any one of d winners wil hav 2 cum frwd & prove his identity n share his winning experience...

til then lets wait & watch...

P.S. - went down about an year ago...n yesterday also went down...

P.S.-sometimes i also doubt that is d new name of evrythng s same except that they were pffering 700 bids 4 rs 7k, n they r offering only 500...
Hi nakulbhambhoria,

If it is a malfunctioning of the time then why it is happing only when the time left value reaches 1.Again if it is a malfunctioning then it won't be there for 3 or 4 seconds. but most of the time the time left which i specified above is continuously showing 1 for 3 or 4 seconds and the interesting thing is that the server time in working properly at that time also. So what i am saying is that they are purposefully keeping that in 1. they will change it to zero only when they got enough money.and i personally saw that the product is ending exactly at zero.

regarding winning a product i wish you all the best.If you are very lucky then you will get one.I think very few people got products from then.but for that they have spend double or tipple amount of the mrp of the product.
If you are interested in the data coming from the server then goto the C:Documents and Settings"Here your user name will come"Local SettingsTemporary Internet Files and search for the file starting with gutter.html? and open that in Internet explorer. you will get all the data related to the current auctions. If you have good patients then you will be able to see the trick related to the time left parameter mentioned in my previous post.
i think the forum is not allowing for slash character... C:-Documents and Settings-xxxxxxxxx-Local Settings-Temporary Internet Files

Replace - with backslash and xxxxxxxxx with your user name
most of the products are crossing zero. yesterday itself the laptop crossed zero 15 times, nokia phone 34 times etc.
Where is the customer care people from bidjeeto..In between they updated here.. SO i am challenging the bidjeeto.If you are not doing a genuine bidding(we will be giving clear proof for that) are you ready to return the money that you received from all the people???. i will try to capture todays status and will update it here...
This is kind of lottery where in you get a product(incase you are lucky enough) at the cost of others(Who are not lucky enough as you) money. For example take a Xbox with a retail price of Rs. 14690 which ends at high bid price of Rs 510.8 - This means 5108 bids has been placed on this item and considering 1 bid to be Rs 15(Minimum Price, thing about the maximum price Rs.30) total bid fee they will be getting is Rs. 76620. So they are getting almost 500% profit and still charge you the bid amount Rs. 510.8 and shipping Rs. 500.

Don't you think this is a kind of cheating where in they loot money from so many people and give the product to only one person?

P.S.: This is not SPAM. I am just posting this to educate people about the reality of this bidding site. I personally don't have anything against that site.
the time problem is only due to server on heavy load. website ping to there main server every second. lets consider you open there website for 1 hr it means there server get pinged 3, 600 times. now only you are not the visitor if they have 500 users then in an hour 18, 00, 000 ping will be there to server. and ignoring the server side script they are running to synchronize all the users.

you can think of server side load. well there server is 'liteSpeed' yet load on such website is too much.

P.S. one thing is also there if your browser unable to connect to bidjeeto server then browser again give it a try after 5sec. that moment time may get 'checking...' or -ve time. and you think server is waiting for new bidder you can't say like this. well every one have right to put there view.
i have explained you technical part of bid jeeto. and of course business is only for profit. but ya taking 500% is cheating.
I'm Gangaraju from Bangalore. yes dear friends obsolutely its a cheating a bid site. I have been also cheated. my question is why the consumer court is not investigating about this fraud?
Why not you stop investing on such sites.every business is for profit.

If 100 user bid on a product and obviously product will only be won by a user. then 99 user will have the same view "cheating cheating cheating".

Why not you stop investing on such websites, rather than calling for consumer court.
Dear friend I know & you know about their frauds. but so many innocents are cheating from them (new users). all of us have to fight through social networks. all peoples should know about their frauds.

Gangaraju T C


dear friend u heard about that online portal is most trusted bid portal. I'm using more than 1 year. open that site & you can get the winners photo & product delivery details & you can interact with other users. you can see active bids, bid history, your bid account statement, you can open according to products wise statement & you will get a mail for bid status update. after 5 hours of ur winning you will get a confirmation mail from customer care.

but recently I registered to the timer stops when it comes 1. but other bidder start his bidding. it doesn't cross 0. I think most fake user id's created on behalf of site. they charging bid cost Rs.15 to Rs.30. it is very high.

For Rs.550 you will buy only 25 bids- in (but there is no choice in bidding)

For Rs.550 you will buy 110 & more bids in (you can bid according to your choice)

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