[Resolved]  Blue Star, Window Ac Wae181ya — AC drawing much more power than specified.

dear sir,
i worke in Bharat Electronics ltd ( Ministery of defence)as a testing manager.i purchased blue star windo AC from National refigeration, Daraya ganj, Delhi on 23 april 2008 after after considering the core cometency of blue star company in manufacturing ACs. i was told by dealer that this AC (model WAE 181YA)consume 1.79 KW power which is very less as comared to other AC of same capacity available in the market and the same rating was also mentioned in the product catalogue, brochure and packing box. after opening the product at home i found that power consumption rating mentioned on the name plate read as 1.95 Kw. i tried to enquire about this through dealer but he gave me a very cold and rude respone saying he is a non technical fellow so do not know anything about it.
i registered a complaint on blue star service center on 25 april08 (no 810905) but no body turned up to check iteven after two days.after that i continously tried at service center but to no avail. then i contacted head office in gurgaon and requested them many time to consider my case . it is after full one week thatthe company rep. came to my house and check the machine. on checking he found that my AC is drawing even more current than mention on the name plate (it was observed as 2.4KW or 11.5amp full load current). As per the specification it should be 9.6 amp max. so now i found that my machine is guzzling very high power which indicate that this machine is eigher faulty or company is over rating its product in the market. later on Mr Nathan, manager, okhla service center gave me an ensurance to replace the machine within two days. but till today i have not received the relacement. i m continously in touch with blue star senior officer but all of them are giving me only false promises. today they told me that there complany has run out of AC so it will take more time. in my openion they are doing nothing but making fool of me.later i came to know through customer reviews pasted on internet sites that blue star have worst after sale service.
dear sir pl advice what should i do. i feel that i have been ditched by this company. i want to return this machine and take back the refund. kindly tell me if it is possible.i will bw very gratefull to you if you can consider my case on priority.
ith regards
jitender nimbekar
mob [protected]
7, shivalik, plot n0
105, I.P ext, delhi
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Aug 13, 2020
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I am having a very similar problem from Bluestar. I bought 1.5 ton on 29th april 2008. It is drwaing more current (>12.5 amp.). BlueStar after sales service is worst service I have got for any product now.
Following is the complaints which i have lodged and have not got any response till date the service is hopeless.

Hi Viepul, (reference number Core S4/08/210)

Can we have an update on this case, as I received a call from Blue Star technician (Mr. Abid) on 31/08/2008 and I explained him the whole scenario and he told me that he would callback in next 10 minutes and now it has been 3 days and I am still waiting for response.

This case is hopeless. Dear Viepul, please let me know if you can help us taking some legal actions or not.

As the last option for me is to look for blue star head office address and log a complaint with them, so please update me on the situation.

Sandeep Gurnani.

-----Original Message-----
From: Gurnani, Sandeep
Sent: Friday, August 29, 2008 4:31 PM
To: 'Viepul (S4)'; '[protected]'
Cc: '[protected]'
Subject: RE: New Complaint Received from 27 March 2008 - CORE Centre

Hi Viepul, (reference number Core S4/08/210)

I would like to bring this case into your notice.

It has been 1 month now and I keep following Blue Star and Core and no action has been taken.

Dear Viepul, I would request you to please look into the matter and take corrective actions.

Sandeep Gurnani.

-----Original Message-----
From: Gurnani, Sandeep
Sent: Thursday, August 28, 2008 3:44 PM
To: 'Viepul (S4)'; [protected]
Cc: '[protected]'
Subject: RE: New Complaint Received from 27 March 2008 - CORE Centre

Dear Viepul,

Thank you for your help, which is much appreciated.

I would like to inform you that further to your Email there is no action taken by Blue star and I am still waiting and waiting for a long long time to get the issue resolved.

I hope you will take positive actions as you can already see that there is no update from Blue Star and now they are not even bothered to reply to our Emails.

Please take required actions and let me know whatever help is required from my end (to take legal actions).

Thank you for your time and help in advance.

Sandeep Gurnani.

-----Original Message-----
From: Viepul (S4) [mailto:[protected]]
Sent: Friday, August 22, 2008 9:38 AM
To: [protected]
Cc: Gurnani, Sandeep
Subject: Fw: New Complaint Received from 27 March 2008 - CORE Centre

Dear Sir/Madam,
We are in receipt of a complaint from Mr. Vikas Gurnani o[censored]ttar Pradesh, which is attached, and is self-explanatory.
We are the official agency of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution, Department of Consumer Affairs, Govt. of India, New Delhi, to facilitate such complaints promptly, to the entire satisfaction of both the parties. We are confident that you will realize the value of the consumer, and try your best to resolve this complaint amicably at the earliest.We would appreciate your reply, for the action taken by you, on this complaint.Thanking you for all your help and co-operation.Please take time to visit our website Kindly mention the reference number Core S4/08/210 for any future correspondence with us.

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely,

Viepul Dayaal

Manager Complaints
Tele No[protected]

Cc: The Under Secretary

Ministry of Consumer Affairs,

Food & Public Distribution,

Krishi Bhawan, New Delhi
----- Original Message -----
From: <[protected]>
To: <[protected]>
Cc: <core.[protected]>
Sent: Thursday, August 21, 2008 12:54 AM
Subject: New Complaint Received from 27 March 2008 - CORE Centre

> Dear Complaint Team, CORE Centre
> There is a complaint updated.
> Title : Blue Star
> Complaint ID : 5115
> Name : Vikas Gurnani
> Email : [protected]
> Adddress : H.No.11 Gandhi Gram, G.T. Road
> City : kanpur (U.P.)
> State :
> Zip : 208007
> Phone :[protected]
> Subject : 26
> Business :
> Individual : Pranav
> Address : Bluestar Limited
> City : New Delhi
> State :
> Zip : 110092
> Phone :[protected]
> Complaint: First day when I opened the AC I informed Dealer that it was
> not new and seems like a second hand and dealer assured that he would be
> taking care of any issues (and till now dealer has not given us the bill
> for the AC and it was delivered on Challan).
> Within 10 days 4 stabilizers were blown off and dealer did not take the
> ownership and kept saying there, is no issues with the Unit.
> Within next 7 days ac was not working and I logged a complaint and
> engineer came and took the AC away and was returned after 4 days and he
> said the gas leaked and they have refilled it(and I was not satisfied)as I
> have paid for a new and working unit.
> Then from the very next day whenever we start the AC and turn it off we
> get a BLAST sound and we are scared of it and we have complained dealer
> and the company (Blue Star) directly and I got a call from them on
> 11/08/2008 that an engineer will visit and they will get the unit replaced
> and since then I have been writing mails and calling Pranav Customer
> Co-ordination Officer - Northern Region, Bluestar Limited
> [protected] and there is no response from him (complaint
> 488043).
> Now I had enough and decided to log a formal complaint as there is no
> response from the company so I was not left with any option than logging a
> formal complaint.
> Regards
> Sandeep Gurnani
> Consequences : Lot of mental trouble and spent lot of time and money on
> getting in touch of company and dealer. But to no success.
> Industry :
> Want to contact : No
Can someone send me the head office number or email ID so that i can lodge a formal complaint
I totally agree with bad (worse) BlueStar service. I purchased 1.5 ton Split AC in HYD, I used it for only 1 month or so, then problem started. Since that time I almost made 6 complaints. Every time one new service person comes and tells same story that "gas is leaking", and fills the gas. It runs for 1 or 2 days again problem starts. And especially their turn-around time for service is worse that i ever seen.

In all this mess i continuously followed and called twice in a day to HYD Customer Care, finally they came for visit (6th time) and they said initial setup piece is having defect and not properly installed, thats why gas is leaking, now they asking for warranty, its 13 or 14 month so not sure whether my warranty is still valid.

But problem exists from since Day 1 i purchased this AC, all the time they misguided me and now finally saying need to check warranty and again they started same way of response. I need to continuously need to call them and need to check whether they are turning up or not.

The most pathetic and most worse part is I used my AC for only initial 1 month of purchase, after that whenever I tried to switch it ON thats set. Same cycle continued (Complaint --> do continuously followups --> [After month or so (if you are very very lucky then only)] Service Person Visits --> Fills Gas --> Gone).

I dont know what to do, I am very unhappy that I purchased atleast not even fan kind of thing with 26, 000/- that i spend on BLUESTAR AC.

Worth to Note, I made a complaint on BlueStar Site, still no response.
I registered a complaint on blue star service center on May 9, (no 5375) . but nobody turned up to check it even after two days. after that I continuously tried at service center some person visited at my place on May 13 2009 and he said problem with compressor and it will installed in 2 days.

But since May 15 2009 We are trying to contact customer care for an update and they are asking us to contact some person name called Sandeep Rathor ([protected]) but he is not picking up the phone and I am trying customer care number around 4 time ever day and always they said contact to Sandeep Rathor and he is not picking up the phone

I am not sure how Blue Star is depend on only one person name called Sandeep Rathor

The worst service I have seen from Bluestar .
I have registered a complaint with Blue Star Customer service center on June 1st 2009, Complain No 13374 against my 1.5 Ton Split AC. Nobody turned up to check it, even after four days. To be on reality, I never seen such a worst response from any other branded Product...The trust on BlueStar reduces to me. BlueStar don't have the primary goal to provide good service to there customers. If this is goanna to happen, Do they think we recommend BlueStart product to others??????
When every I call the Customer Care, I get an updated stating "The Technician Will Call me ASAP". But I did not get call from any one nor the technician visited to attend the problem.
BlueStar has to ensure that manufacturing the product alone doesn’t worth enough to sell it. They get high reputation on market only if you provide good service to your products… To conclude I have decided not to go for Bluestar product and not to recommend any one! Finally after many escalation the technician attended the problem and reported Compressed has been fault and need to be replaced. Also they charge 1750 + tax to refill the gas. I don’t understand here..The fault is with compressor and if it need to be replaced they need to eject the gas and refill it.. How comes it will not cover under warrantee.. Compressor is dependent on the gas, So of they replace the compressor, they charge extra for gas which is irrelevant.

I have buy a blue star ac before 2 months back now i have registered a complaint (Swing is not working)in Blue Star Customer service center in chennai on May 5th 2009, my Complain No :M2550 one person came and he told motor need to be change after that there is no response from there side.Daily i am calling to the customer service they are giving me the reply as today engineer will are tomorrow they will come but there is no response simply they are acting.Its better to stop the product in India.

Useless Product
From: Jagat Kathiar <[protected]>
To: [protected]
Cc: [protected]
Date: Sunday, 14 June, 2009, 3:29 PM

Its very unfortunate that even after several remindes over the phone and through email status of the complain is same.

LLoyd has promised yesterday(13th June 2009) that his area manager will get back to us through email or phone within in 30 mins(However its been more than 30 hrs).No Response received rather we called up customer service department.

1.Today On 14th June 2009 had a word with Russel Knight Emp Id:117772 .Who in tern spoke to Dealer and called us back with the information that dealer will send a technician.

2.Set the expectation to Russel immediately that since technitian doesn't have authority to replace the AC nor refunding money, so i want to speak to his manager who have authority and can really do something about the issue rather than beating around bushes.

3.Russle gave us his Area Manager name:Yogesh Ahuja, as there was no body in the office, told him to arrange a callback.

4.Russle said his boss (Yogesh Ahuja) told him that since office is locked he will call us back tommorow.

I am speechless how you guys are running your business !!!

By the way Tommorow i am going to consumer court and launch a complain against Bluestar, Dealer (Modern Business System, Sect - 10 Dwarka) and the Area manager (Yogesh Ahuja) who didn't even bother to look into the matter and get back to customer for nonperformance and escalations of the product and services.

Jagat Singh Kathiar

--- On Sat, 13/6/09, Jagat Kathiar <[protected]> wrote:

From: Jagat Kathiar <[protected]>
To: [protected]
Date: Saturday, 13 June, 2009, 2:41 PM

This mail is with reference to complain no:16268.Details of the complain are as follows:

1.On 6th June 2009 AC from Bluestar Dealer:Modern Business System, Sector -10, Dwarka Near Manish Plaza, was ordered .

2.The Service Engineer fixed the Ac at home directly on the power supply, without using MCB, his blunder could have had made our house burnt on the same day if immediate action was not taken from my side.

3.It burnt our Stablizer which was associated with inverter (costing Rs 2000) and special wiring was done from local tech to get this fixed (Which again costed us Rs 2000).

4.Apart from that AC was not fixed properly we are still facing Display problem.

5.The temperature never goes down below 29 dgree celcius, no matter how long we use AC.Overall there is no cooling.

6.I called up customer service department and complianed to get this replaced he promised for replacement and send an engineer, who did not do anything problem still remains same.Now they are denying for replacement.

7.I had a word with dealer several times regarding replacement, did not get convincing response infact he was abusive last time.

I have a simple question for you, if after the purchase of Rs 28000, if you have to spent extra Rs 4000 and you get such a pathetic service, what would be your response.


Last discussion happened with LLYOD.Looking for your immediate response.

Jagat Singh Kathiar
We are from a export oriented unit in Chennai. We have bought 6 ACs in total from Blue Star 4 window and 2 split.

All wa going well when all of a sudden in one of the Split unit there was malfunction and the display lights were blinking and unit was not switching on. We lodged a complaint with the number provided . The complaint number is 18699. We were told that it will be attended to in 24 hrs.
Next day when no one turned up, we called up again and again same reply.This continued for 4 days and finally we could get the number of their rea service engineer Mr Arun Kumar. He expressed regret as usual took my number and said that his service engineer will call in next 2 hrs. No one called!!!
It is fifth day today, I just spoke to their Corporate incharge for service Mr Anup at Mumbai. Lets see what happens next.

Despite having bought 6 units if there is no service, what can the consumers buying one unit expect from them.

Dont buy Blue Star products, you wont get Service. This company should be stopped from doing business into India.

Bhavneet Ahuja
we had bought a 1.5 ton window ac which hasnt been working since the month we had taken
Hello All,

I am a new customer of Blue Star and facing smae problem decribe by you all. In my case they are atleast replying but i am not satisfied at all. Will anyone of your guide me in this early stage.

Thanks & Regards,


Blue Star 1.0 TonAC - Splitss — installation- subject of payment

It is to inform you that i have booked for an AC on 27 Dec 2009 from your dealer i.e AIR SOLUTIONS 01 Ashirwad Apt., Murbad Road, Kalyan (w) Dist.Thane by a cheque payment no.239453(Bank of Maharashtra, dt.27 Dec.2009) for which we received a receipt., in the mean time some enquiries were made from your website related to your product, for which we received immediate response and from the company we got a call asking us whether the AC can be installed or not, thinking that the dealer is going through the process. we permitted to do the same for which the AC was installed in my address 712 F4 Girnar Phase II Golden Park, Kalyan (w) on 10 January 2010. On 17 January 2010 the person who has installed i.e. National Refrigeration, Ulhasnagar asked us for the payment for which we responded that it has already been given without knowing that the company has directly installed the same. When we enquired it was found that Air Solutions (Mr. Nilesh Ambre) has not communicated with us till date as our cheque got cleared on 05 Jan. 2010. At present National Refrigeration is asking for the payment to which Mr. Nilesh Ambre is taking us for granted and is delaying in giving us a proper response and in refunding the cheque (payment of 23000/-) .Please cooperate with us and solve the matter as early as possible.

Thanking you.
Sumali Bose( w/o Mr.Swapan Bal)
[protected], [protected]

bluestar/3 star 2 ton split — leakage/and switching off

useless service from the distributors almost from past three days we are struggling to get them to repair no one was caring about us if any body lifts the phone they say that they are very busy in fix problem with ACs
"Customer Service" <[protected]>, [protected], [protected], [protected], core.[protected], [protected]
Customer Care,
Blue Star.

Blue Star dealer service person would fix the gas leakage problem from the compressor
and within just a week on 30.06.10 again the same cooling problem has appeared.

Your Mr. Nazim - Mumbai CCO has forwarded letter to concern department but I don't receive any reply till date.

I now request you to please take back Blue Star Split AC and give me the full amount back with interest or provide the fresh piece for fault free performance at the earliest.

Kindly provide me contact number and email ID of Mr. P. Venkat Rao / Vice President for requesting him regarding the fault and poor performance of Blue Star Split AC.

Expect prompt reply from Blue Star India.

Valued Customer.
Customer care,

I surprised to know that after charging very handsome amount for the product customer is getting this much of poor quality product from BLUE STAR that within a very short period of time (i.e. 3 months) its "Compressor leakage" and "copper pipe damaged and leakage in it".

As a customer can I know the what is the quality standards follow by the BLUE STAR ???? And what quality they assured to the valued customer ????

Frankly speaking I recommend to my group mates also to buy the BLUE STAR split AC and they are also facing the same problem. In future I must think to recommend such a POOR QUALITY product.

BLUE STAR - Being a senior and celebrated products provider is now "Once upon a time".. not now to gain handsome profit and for facing competition they produce and use very cheap and low quality materials to CHEAT the customers it seems that BLUE STAR is now not maintaining QUALITY STANDARDS and CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.
I inform that I am a owner of one bluestar spilit AC model no B13HW18VARU16A00392. My mobile no - [protected] which was parches on 14:04:17 from Akash Electronic ; Dakbanglow; Murshidabad but few days leter the display light of the spilit hasbeen damage and after complain one technician replace the light. In that time the technician had broken one cabinet lock but he did not any inform to me regarding the broken lock in that time. Now I came to know that one lock has been broken by the technician.
Hence I reques you that kindly reparing the cabinet lock and action willbe taken against the technician.

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