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[Resolved]  BMTC, Bangalore — Misbehaviour by conductors

Respected Sir,

I am staying in Bangalore for the past 4 months and regularly commute by BMTC buses however the experience has been horrible so far.

Today, i boarded Volvo-356(Volvo2, ticket number[protected], near viswaraya college the conductor came to take fair and i asked him to give me ticket till 10th cross wilson garden. He said the bus wont stop there, i was surprised as for the past 4 months everyday, volvo stops there, this is the first time somebody said this. The conductor started abusing me in Kannada and asked me to get down at middle of the road. The bus driver also joined him and when i requested the conductor to speak in English or Hindi as i was unable to understand him. They started abusing me that they wont speak in Hindi or English as this is Karnataka, I quote " NO HINDI/ENGLISH, THIS IS KARNATAKA< ONLY KANNADA, GET DOWN".

My point is if the bus really doesnt stops there the he could have said politely but he abused me, he had no manners that he was talking to a lady.

The issue doesnt stops here as on 3/5/2008, i boarded a bus 365 from 10th cross till Majestic, Bus number FA-409 and the there were men seating at ladies section and when i requested them to get up as so many ladies were standing, none of them were getting up and when i requested the conductor, he started abusing me in kannada rather than telling the men to get up. Isnt it his duty to make sure that the men dont come at ladies section?

Also, most of the conductors dont give change and they keep it with them and if you protest they abuse in kannada if they come to know that you are from outside.

I have been reading a lot of complaints but i think no action is taken againt them and thats why the conductors misbehave on a regular basis.. Kindly take some action atleast as BMTC keeps telling people to commute by bus.

I have even gone to Companits section near platform number but they didnt help me.
I am requesting to take some serious action...

Thanks & Regards
Arpita Pal
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Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation [BMTC] Customer Care's response Aug 25, 2015 Dear Sir, We are getting updating pop-up message from this site from last few months back, so delay in reply. Sure action will be taken on your complaint. BMTC
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Just read the complaint posted on 4th May. Wondering if these complaints would be really addressed, and with least hope, I am posting this complaint.

As per your website, the ID card charges is only Rs. 50/-. But I have got a new ID card from BTM bus stand on 5th of May 2008., where they concerned officers charged Rs.100/- for the ID card. I would like to understand if the charges are revised for the ID card or if I have been charged in excess. Based on your reply I would like to register a complaint against the officer incharge of the Issuing office at BTM.

I am a pass holder of Rs.570. I was advised by the issuers that I would have concession in Volvo busses for any travel.

On an instance dated 5th May 2008, I boarded a VOLVO bus (KA 01 FA 368) in marathahalli to go to KR Puram at around 1930 hrs. It was very strange experience for me as the conductor of the bus didn’t bother to listen to me about the pass and charged Rs.15/- without giving a ticket. Despite telling him about my pass repeatedly, he was not bothered to answer me and started talking in native language (I am a native of Telugu). Please register this as a complaint against the conductor for 1. Charging over and above the prescribed charges, 2. Not providing a valid ticket for the journey performed.
Dear Shree,

Recently BMTC has revised IDcard charges to 100 Rs for limited time. Now its Rs. 200/- As they are issueing Smartcards and have validity of 3 years. They have informed public about it earlier itself. So you cant blame officials.

And another thing, you can use Rs.570 pass in all busses except Volvos. Who told you that you can use 570 pass in volvo. Its not allowed.

Ya, I agree, BMTC conductors behave rudely with passengers. We need to fight against it as their officials also support them only.
See even for me also today (08.07.2008) happened same thing...
I boarded the bus 306P(KR Market->Arasanahalli) bus around 7.45AM from TownHall bus stop.
Once he passed Corporation stop, there are Road humps...without applying the breaks he passed that hump. I told the conductor to go slow as there were some old aged peoples and also 2 kids aged around 15-17 age. He(bus conductor) simply told me "we Will go like this only, ...wt will u do?"..after that one more veteran also requested driver to go slow...but he also didn;t listen. Instead they went fast and for next Hump also same thing.
Then i got irretated...and called [protected](BMTC Complain No)..then one person from other end he received and I told him the things happened with me. Then he asked me to give it to conductor...but the junk fello conductor is not ready to speak..he started telling.."i wil not speak to him...*^*%$*^*". The person from the BMTC control room person also heard wt conductor said. then i finally requested BMTC control room person to look into this matter.

BMTC — Isssuing the same ticket once again

this is to bring to your notice that, the conductors issuing the same tickets (they get the ticket from passengers who are getting down).without giving new tickets.

i boarded the bus num as KA01-FA956 at 8.30AM from MARATHAHALLI to HAL ON 23 Oct i.e TODAY.The
actual Bus fare is 7/- he given me 10/- ticket(no: NV[protected] and asked me to collect 3/- by the time I reach destination, he did the same to some of the co-passengers their destination is HAL.BY the time we reach destination passengers thought of collecting the change given their tickets, he given the change and issued the same tickets to passengers who boarded at HAL. here the conductor benifit is Rs. 7/- on each passenger in this case.
Please check from your end the same issue.
I am a daily commuter of Volvo Bus.
Today morning at around 12:40 pm I took a Volvo bus from Manipal Hospital . I was travelling with my father, who was treated in tha manipal hospital Under Dr Niti S Shetty.
I bought two tickets from Manipal hospital to Kundanahalli gate. At Bagecha resturant which is just after Spice garden and before Kundanahalli gate, I requested the bus driver if he can stop since I am travelling with a patient(My father aged 76, last tuesday 26 th of November he was released from Manipal Hospital. 24th of November he had an Eye operation under the same doctor.)

He said he can't stop and we had a small argument. I request him saying my father is ill so please stop.

It is fine if he doesn't stop . But the bus driver had hit me on my face. Which is very humiliating. I travel in volvo bus almost every time i go out with my family. I was proud about the volvo bus of bangalore. But this incident has really shocked me. I am shocked and i will think 10 times from now onwards before getting in to a volvo bus with my family. If he doesn't stop no problem, but he has no right to hit me..

I have already launched a complain on this and send a mail with a copy of the ticket to "[protected]"

I hope they will take action against the driver. If they want they can easily keep track of the driver using the ticket.

BMTC — misbehavior of conductor & Isssuing the same ticket once again

misbehavior of conductor & Isssuing the same ticket once again
This happened on 1th dec 2008 night 8:30 PM.
I boarded a bus from magestic to goraguntaplya (the bus was from Majestic to lakshimdevi nagarBus NO 98F leave

magestic at 8.00PM)
I paid the amount for the ticket (10 Rs) and asked me to collect 1/- by the time I reach destination, when my stop

came i ask for change in the gorguntapalya bus stop he did not give the stop at bus stop. ASked me to handover the ticket to me which i refused to do it.He was issuing the same tickets to passengers who boarded at goraguntapalya
When I was about to get down he man handled me, and I would appreciate if porper action is taken against this


I had a similar experience, I am a regular user of Volvo buses and since I travel long istance evry day, I brought a Gold pass for Rs 1750, every evening I take the Volvo bus from Majestic to Airport Road, there is one bus which starts at 6:45 pm from Majestic, and the conductor of the bus really misbehaves very badly with the commuters, I never get in to the bus when I see, but today I needed to get back early since my baby was not keeping well. so I got into it, two days back when I showed him my pass he was not very happy about it and very rudely told me in front of people that If my card is not signed by me, he will not accept it again, I thought its my mistake and kept quiet, but today again he examined my card and says he will not accept it since, the ID card number is not mentioned in it started abusing me in front of other people, if its not mentioed he should have told me, that i need to get it done, I have paid around 1750 for it, he behaves as if I am travelling for free, I am feeling so bad, just not able to sleep thinking about, I want it to be reported to somebody who will take care of it but dont know whom to approch, the bus number was Ka 05 F A C34.can some body help me with this.Please I am mentally very disturbed,

I am residing in Tubarahalli, Whitefied main road and I would like to bring to your notice that the bus no KA-09 FA 803 when stopped at Tubarahalli on 17Mar09 at 9:10am came via maratahalli didnt given time for me to step into the bus when someone was stepping into the bus and scolded me rudely to step in to bus fastly telling this is not my own car, so I fighted with him telling this bus is for public service, and when someone is stepping into the bus on 1st step how can I step into the bus. And he was driving rashly in that whitefield main road, may be out of speed limit, so all people who were standing in the bus were falling down.
Kindly look into the issue.
Respected officer,
On 29/03/2009 20:30 hrs, boarded myself with my spouse from Mathikere to BEL circle in bus 266G (It is from market to muthagada halli) Ticket number - 077227 & 077226 (Rs.3 each). I gave Rs.10 to conductor asked 2 tickets to BEL circle, but conductor asked me Rs.5. Then I gave Rs. 5. But he didn't gave ticket. then I insisted to give ticket. Then he asked me to give 1 rupee, there was no change with me.
(Except Rs.10, 5 &500 notes). Again i have insisted give ticket, but he abused me and he issued the tickets, Driver also joined him & Attempted to beat me. This is a high wrong steps taking by BMTC conductors. Your Conductors looting the public money & you are increasing the price of Tickets. this not fare to the public. For this reason also can be given, beacause checking is not happening regularly. (Some times checkers also mingle with conductors). This is not only my experience, experience of thousand people in Bengaluru.
Note: This not for all the staff, some are there with honesty.

Loook into it & see that your staff beahve like human beings.

I agree with you. I have been livingin bangalore for 7 yrs and have seen their rash behavior so many times especially if they come to know that you cann't speak Kannada. They won't behave the same way with locals. I think its high time BMTC took some inititive and organised some classes to literate them on how to deal with passengers especially ladies. Its India, it doesn't matter whether you speak Kannada, Tamil, Telugu or Hindi. Every language is respectable. There's no complaint redressal system with BMTC so we can't expect any action on our complaint.

I'm also BMTC traveller. I agree that it is absolutely true that conductors of BMTC often misbehave with passengers. Many times i don't understand, how come these people do all these bad things so daringly, being employee of an organization.

Another issue i want to make it clear here. I often read in the comments that people think conductor/ drivers misbehave because they(passengers) were from other state/not- speaking kannada. I don't agree with this. Me being a kannadiga, i don't get special treatment when i ask for change - money he has to return, OR ask them to stop at designated Bus stop instead of middle of the road near traffic signals, OR when i ask them to give me a valid ticket instead of some old ticket. People from other state/non-kannadigas may think that he is misbehaving because they are from other states. This is a wrong opinion. Being a kannadigas also we can't do anything. Yes, sometimes, some locals join with some conductors to support him. Those are local useless people. It is incorrect that these bad-behaviour supporting locals are always against non-locals. These people, behave badly with fellow good kannadigas also. As you are from other state, you(non-kannadigas) feel that way, thats it. Here these bad-people taking advantage of you people not knowing kannada as one of the factor. But there are many numerous factors, which affects all BMTC passangers.
To be truthful, as i have seen bad conductors/drivers same as bad auto drivers, i have also experienced the good manners of good-drivers/conductors, also good auto drivers. Unfortunately, this number is less than the other group.
is BMTC taking ang action for these complaints? If BMTC is taking any action, it should be in our knowledge. BMTC should take any action, that can set example for other drivers and conductors. I will hope, we will get any better response from BMTC.
Respected sir,

I am a regular BMTC commuter. I want to share a similar incident with you and request you to take serious action.

Its true that the fares are different for different classes of BMTC buses. But i dont understand how can it be different for the same bus, plying in the same route, from the same source to destination, charge me diferent rates on different days. I normally take bus from HAL to Basavanagar and vise versa as a part of my daily routine. The ticket charge is Rs 5.

Today (Friday - 22/05/2009), when i boarded the bus, from HAL to Basavanagar, (Bus route no - 335B, Bus number - KA01 F1442), the conductor who was a different person, demanded for Rs 7 from all the passengers. I just asked him if there was any hike in the bus fares as i could not find any news of that in the newspapers and since daily I travel by the same bus and I used to pay Rs 5. All of a sudden, the conductor started shouting at me in Kannada saying some slab rates. Though I am not a kannadiga, I could make out what he was saying in Kannada and when i responded back to him saying that the slabs that he mentioned is not correct, he grew very angry and started shouting many things to me in kannada. I was shocked to see that the people who commute by the same bus did not even bothered to question him. I didnt want to join as a helpless commuter and hence I refused to take Rs 7 ticket and told him that i would log a complaint. The conductor was not at all worried. I then decided that i ll get the Rs 7 ticket as a proof to log a complaint against him.

Ticket taken on 22/05/2009 - Number - N[protected] Rs 7/-
Ticket taken on 21/05/2009 - Number - T[protected] Rs 5/-

Bus Route - 335B
Bus Number - KA01 F1442

It comes to HAL between 7.30 pm to 8.00 pm and goes towared Basavanagar.

Firstly, Its not correct charging extra from the commuters not just me but many in the bus as its mere cheating and secondly its humiliating the way these conductors respond.

I request you to take strict actions.

Thanks in advance

BMTC — First trip Bus not coming Regularly

Dear Sir,
Night halt bus 238U from Dr. B.R. Ambedkar college to KBS not running regularly, driver & conductor skipping morning first trip at 6:00 am. please take action
I also faced the similar problem today. I have raised an complaint to the below URL address.

Hope my complaints are taken care.
Dear Sir/Madam,

This complaint is in respect about the buses not running at correct time. bus route number is 273B ( Majestic to Shettyhalli ).
there are two scheduled buses at 7:00 am and 7:30 am from Shettyhalli to Majestic. but the bus that is scheduled at 7:00 am is not available daily
and the same bus instead of starting from Shettyhalli its start from Jalahallicross. and the bus that is scheduled to start at 7:30 start at improper
time that is some times at 7:00am sometimes 7:10, 7:15, 7:30, 7:45. this issue is causing lot of inconvenience to the working people.

I request you to please take a corrective action at the earliest. hope you will do the needful.


Why dont you learn Kannada? maybe they are trying to tell you something which you are telling it is as an abuse. Also, when you speak in Hindi or English, most of the people in BMTC dont know that language. So, its good to pick up few basic word which can help you in day to day life in Bangalore.


BMTC conductors, charge more money to outsiders. one local person gave less money to conductor from the same destination from same place and the conductor charged more money from me .when i told why this difference.Then scolded in kanadda using slangs and told u bloddy north indians. These BMTC conductors need to punished by GOVT .
I want to share a similar incident with you and request you to take serious action. Late-night I came in a BMTC bus from Majestic to st John.I gave 100 rs to the conductor and asked for a ticket till st Jhon stop, the conductor asked me to give the change.I dint have the change hence he gave me a 10rs ticket on top of it, he wrote 90 and asked me to collect the change later.When the bus arrived near Forum, he asked me to get down, I said I am getting down near St John, he replied saying its 12rs for St Jhon and asked me to give 2rs extra.he took my 100 Rs and took 16rs instead of 12 and he told me that I have to take 6rs ticket from Forum to St John, when I asked him the reason as to why I need to pay extra for his mistake, he started raising his voice.He started shouting at me saying it was my fault.I have seen conductors abusing women's and shouting at them, when they does not have change. Can somebody take proper action on these confuters.
Respected Sir,
More than last 5 year I resides in Bangalore and daily commute by BMTC buses from Madiwala Checkpost ( near to forum Mall) to Bellandure gate ( Surjapura road) and vise versa.Today have an terrible experience with one conductor.

Today on 3/12/2010 I get in to Bus from Madiwala Checkpost ( near to forum Mall) around 6.50 bus No. 341. With registration No KA F122 to Harlor route, I was holding the bus fare and due to huge rush I could not give the money immediately as I entered to bus….even then conductor did not approach me. When bus passed some stops I rendered then money and I informed my bus stop source and destination and the conductor hold the money RS 10.( it is the actual bus fare) after a while he left without giving the ticket, immediately I asked for the ticket But he hesitate to give ticket. So I informed him I will complained BMTC for the same, but the response from him was so terrible and fearful, he abuse me with nasty words and asked to complained me and challenged with very much hurting way. I get down at mud estimation bellandur.
I kindly request you sir please take nessasory action against such problem and stop hurting regular commuters who are stake holder of BMTC and travel honestly.

Thank you

Yours faithfully

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