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 sudhir khanna
I was driving in my car from Silk board flyover towards electronics city. After madivala market a volvo BMTC bus route 356C bearing regn no. KA01FA 589 ( around 9.00 am, 25th May 2009) overtook me and suddenly came to the left to block me at the flyover. He wanted to overtake another bus. I immediately applied brakes or else I would have hit the flyover parapet wall. My car was scraped slightly at the front bumper. When the bus stopped at the rupena agrahara busstop I asked the driver why he is behaving in this manner. His bus service is for the help of the people and not to trouble other drivers. But he abused me and went away. If I had not applied brakes and if the bus would have hit my car, there were chances of my car falling off the bridge. Is this how BMTC has trained its drivers. Do they not have any road manners. I need a reply to this from the transport minister of Karnataka and the MD of BMTC. They are sitting on their chairs and not checking how the organisation is functioning. There is no complaint number. If you call the bmtc control room they say to call a BSNL toll free number. Most o[censored]s have mobile phones. At least a land line would help to put in a complaint. What an UNPROFESSIONAL ORGANISTION.
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Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation [BMTC] Customer Care's response, Aug 25, 2015
Dear Sir, We are getting updating pop-up message from this site from last few months back, so delay in reply. Sure action will be taken on your complaint. BMTC
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Fore Support Services — Rash Driving

This is in regards to BMTC BUS ka01 FA 1036 The person who was driving going in left of the road automatically he came to right to avoid pathhole. I was on the right with the headlights on and telling him not to come to right but he never saw that and drove the bus to right and I was inturn had to hit the divider and sufferred from injuries. I stopped the bus and asked him about it and he told me that he never saw the head light and things like that. This happened on the old madras road at around 6:30 in the morning the rout # of the bus is 307b

Could somebody help me in regards to this

Prashanth M

BMTC Bus — Rash Driving

I was traveling in my car on Old Madras road 300 mts (approx) before the NGEF junction towards KR PURAM. My car was on the extreme left lane while a BMTC bus with reg no: KA01 F2047 moved suddenly left after overtaking us almost hitting my car making us to apply brake with no room on the left. This happened around 9:30 to 9:45PM on 2-Dec-2008. Bus route was 317. I hope the authorities take note of this and set the drivers driving habits right.

BMTC Bus Service — Rude Drivers

Last Sunday (26th May) my brother and myself boarded a bus (Bus No 317) near KR Puram at around 2'O Clock. Since ISRO exams were conducted at Garden City College that day Many people boarded the bus. So the bus was terribly crowded. Still the driver wanted to get in as many people as possible. He was shouting at the passengers very badly to adjust and go in as much as possible. He even pointed out some girls and started scolding them in Hindi. Many were students and from out of stations and we can clearly see their dissatisfaction in their face. Later on the way he was about to hit an auto on his right and was fighting with the auto driver. Somehow the passenger from auto rickshaw convinced them and they started to move apart. After some time he was fighting with the same auto driver again. Since i cant follow Kannada i dint know the reason why he fought again. But from the co-passengers sitting in the nest seat i came to know that the bus driver was shouting at auto driver saying that "Every one in the road takes such turns and hits the other person at times. None of the drivers follows the rules. Why should i? Do what u can do.". I was really shocked by these words. We people travel in bus thinking that the drivers will drive safely. But if this is the mind set of the drivers then how can we travel in bus? Later When the bus reached ulsoor market the conductor shouted the stop name, we were sitting in the first seat and got up immediately. Since we are new to the place we were not aware of the bus stop. but as soon as the conductor announced the stop we dint delay much as we were sitting in the first seat. But the Driver started shouting at us for not being ready before the stop has reached. More over only we two o[censored]s (My brother and myself) got down at that stop. Cant he wait even for a minute or at least few seconds in a stop, for the passengers to get down. I would suggest the concerned persons to warn the drivers and advice them to treat the passengers properly. Even though they don't treat the passengers with at most respect they need not treat them rudely. because they may be people like us who are new to city or traveling to new destinations. They may even have some physical or mental problems, these kind of treatments will hurt them for sure.

BMTC — Transportation facility

Dear sir,

This is in reference to BMTC services from Bommanahalli to Begur, kindly note that we are facing lot of problems to travell from to this area.

Reasons being very few buses fly between these areas at all time.

I can reach bommanahalli from Bhansankari by bus, but my time gets wasted in bommanahalli waiting for bus for about 1 to 2 hrs max everyday. wont be able to reach home early for this sake.Due to non-availability of public transportation for this area if even one bus comes that will be full to full rush. people will be almost to the door standing including ladies.

There are many autoriksha business in these areas, where in they fill as many as 5 ~ 6 people in an auto posing dangerous situation to both trafffic & person travel inside these rikshaws. and that too gents & ladies both wil be seated which is again uneasy to travel for ladies.

I, on behalf of all those suffering the same, reqeust you to consider this request and arrange for better transportation and convenient way of travel taking special care for ladies atleast to stand comfortably in the bus.

Thank you
I was driving on my two wheeler on the KR Puram hanging bridge (5th Juanuary 2010 at around evening 8.35 PM). A BMTC Bus Route No. 317, vehicle No. KA00 - - 722 overtook my vehicle from left side and the driving was really rash. The overtaking happend at Tin Factory, right near the entrace of the hanging bridge. There was another KSRTC Bus which was passing from the right side and I was in a very danger situation. Kindly request the authorities to take proper action against such rash driving and careless attitude. Your organisation can never take up the responsibility of compensating if something happens to an individual. Atleast try to take up the responsibility to train your drivers in a proper manner. This might save several lives. Why don't you people adopt some cc cameras to know the way how rashly and carelessly they drive.

Your organisation reacts immediately whenever there is an hike in petrol and diesel and revise the ticket fares. Why don't you show the same kind of interest when your drivers are driving the buses in such a bad manner - who does not even know from which side to overtake. They also use dirty language when they speak. I request you to kindly take some action.
I am an Passenger of BMTC from K.H.B------to---- Prasanna in root No-86E (K.H.B--- 6th Block--Sujatha---K.B.Station, Summanahalli Depot) at KA-01 F-3494 Date-18/01/2010 (arround 5.30----6.30) one of the Lady Conductor dont give Proper Ticket for this Journey and issue another 3 + 5 Rs Tickets From Toll gate (magadi Rd)Stop and Dont Returns another 02 Rs Change, she was behave like as an uneducated also, I will Request to Your Conductor for give an Stop in Prasanna and Need 07 rs Change but she was told This stop is Postponed till 6th Block after that this Bus is stopped in Prasanna Stop (opp Mayura Hotel) I went to BMTC Control Room in K.B.S and Registered in Arrival and Departure Book at Same Day 6.40 p.m But the Control officer guide to me for Also Register the Complaints in Summanahalli Bus Depo also then I will wen to Summanahalli Depo at Same Day 7.45 p.M But this depo Canot have any Compaint Register Process, one of the Lady Gate Supervisor Hearing my Complaints also but she Was say this depo Dont have any Complaints Register Procedure, all BMTC Staffs are Misguided to me, they are distroye ths Good Name of BMTC

Plese Register my this Complaits and give Good Justise for me

I'am Harish the bus no-343-G, Depot-25 HSR Layout, KA01-F-1995, has no time sense.The bus goes from Yelenahalli at 8.15am to K.R Market & one driver will come 3 times in a week he will leave the bus before 8 o'clock other Driver Are Leave the Bus at correct time so plz Change The Bus Driver(Name )RAJU
These complaints by drivers and commuters - against rash and negligent driving of Public Transport - seriously jeopardising safety of life and property, don't seem to be fictitious figs of imagination. This negligent act is punishable under Indian Penal Code. Before such drastic action is perhaps conceived, Redessal sought by aggrieved Shri Sudhir Khanna is very justifiable. Hon'ble Transport Minister ought to answer and assure him and people at large of corrective action taken and preventive measures instituted to rein in the grave indiscipline. Its futile later to express sympathy on loss of cheap Indian life - in sovereign territory and overseas alike - and shed crocodile tears. Aren't all countrymen brothers and sisters as pledged in our contitution ?
There apparently appears to be no hope so far dear Sudhir or do you?. Today, it was my turn to scare for my life. On 27 May 2010, at 0745 hrs, I was jogging along in front of Ejipura T Junction Bus Stop (adjacent ASC Land). On sight of people waiting there for a bus, I moved a little away from the side in order not to become hindrance to them. Within matter of a few seconds, G3 Big 10 Bus Regd No KA-01 F 4329 ( KA - 01 F 4329) almost over ran me from behind. On my enquiring from the bus driver ( a young man aged about 30, sporting stubble) that he scared me to death, he argued why I was moving in center of the road. When asked what stopped him from sounding a horn in time - to warn me -even if I was so called in 'center of the road, he had no answer.
May MD BMTC be requested to train their drivers to show more respect to human life and inform the complainant?
They are trying to improve their services, recently.
I have tried to write to them, by way of e-mailing, for which they have given their replies. Also, they have acted upon the issues raised.
If you want to try sending the e-mails - [protected]@gmail.com.
I completely agree with these kind of issues. I saw a similar incident with the volvo bus hitting a cart damaging the person who was pushing it & also damaging the plants/pots he was carrying in the cart. I called up[protected] & have registered a complaint.

DATE 21/10/2010 TIME 6.30 PM

B M T C — rash driving and damaging the car

K. Balaji Chetty
No. 14/a, 3rd Main Road
Amarjyothi Layout
Bangalore – 560094

Dear Sir,

Ruthless Driving

Today (7th Jan) Morning on my way to office at Nagashetty halli Bus Stand I was subjected to a rutheless agression by the driver of a BMTC bus # KA01 F 3638.. The driver rammed upon my Car KA 04 MH 9324 while we were waiting in the busy traffic. Shocking, this was done not by mistake and the driver was not ready to accept the same and my car got damaged expensively.
I kindly request you to register the complaint and take necessary action.
Thanking you,
Yours Sincerely

(K Balaji Chetty)
Mob: [protected]
Dear sir

On 22/05 evg around 5.15P.m In Bannargatta bus stand(National park bus stand) got accident for my father leg was totally damaged becuase of driver negligence in back wheel..

bus no i din, t noted down but it is AC Volvo red color bus time between 5.15 to 5.30

after accident immly i called auto and gone to police station from there i catches 108-ambulance admitted in Reddy hospital now

I need help to take care my father

in that time i missed 16 grams gold chain also

i need compensation from BMTC

pls advise..
Today morning ( sept 22nd 2011) in the airport road junction turning at 10.15am I was waiting for a car in front my car to move, at that time suddenly a BMTC bus 335E ( KA01 F 8564) banged behind my car and this casused a huge scratch in my bumper and the lights in back were broken... How can claim the compensation from BMTC

I informed the police standing in the junction., they mention go give complaint to Airport rd junction police... Is there any punshiment for the rude driving of the BMTC bus?

With insurance i will not be able calim for th palstics and glass items?
Dear sir,

Even i agree to the above complaint. There are only few buses for JALAHALLI to BANSHANKARI route that too in the morning peak hours btwn 9 to 10am. Due to this all the buses will be fully loaded or over crowded, Ladies also stand on foot boards. Please arrange for extra 410 buses in the morning peak hours.

I request you to arrange for more buses and better transportation. As ladies atleast can stand comfortably in the bus.

Thank you.
BMTC Volvo conductors are not aware of the ticket rates. From[protected] onwards, the volvo rates are revised for those having the premium Bus pass. It has been revised from Rs 25/- to Rs 20/-. But conductors are not aware of this. Some conductors are collecting 30/-, some are taking 25/- (telling that it is not implemented) and some are even charging 50/-. I have a cut out of the revised rates which has come in newspaper. Even though i show them this, they are telling its not right and all. Some are just ignoring and asking me to get down from the bus.
Dear sir,
The bus route from Yelahanka to Shivajinagar No: 291D busses are not coming on time, for more than 30minutes people should wait for the busses, from so many years we are facing this problem, So we can't reach on time to the office/schools/college ...and people standing in the bus stop are trying for some other transport facility, everyday we are facing these kind of problems . so we kindly request you to take an immediate & strong action towards BMTC bus drivers as well conductors to maintain the time sense .

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