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[Resolved]  Bmtc — Misbehaviour of BIG 10 Bus driver and conductor


Every day i travel by bmtc buses. On 19th March i travelled by BIG 10 (The new Air suspension BMTC bus), however i have few concerns here :-

1) Improper Fares : Intially i travelled in this bus and they donot charge more than 5 rupees, however this time the conductor told me that fare is Rs 8/-, i gave him a 20 rupee note, instead he gave me 10 rupee ticket and returned me 5 rupees. When i asked for balance and argued that you have told it will cost Rs 8/-, instead he didnt listen to me as if i have to beg him to return me the money and they started abusing me.

As i was all alone in the bus, i was little scared, since they started abusing me and were showing rude behaviour. To add on to this when i reached the bus stop where i had to get down, the driver did not stopped bus, when i asked him to stop, again he started yelling / abusing me.

2) Rude and Vulgar behaviour : On 20th March 2009, again i was waiting for the bus, and same BIG 10 bus came which i boarded yesterday with same set of driver and conductor. Although there was no other bus at that moment, but still i didnt step into it. Both driver and conductor were staring at me badly and they abused me again and displayed vulgar actions as the bus moved.

I was highly frustated with there behviour and decided never to travel by BIG10 buses, even i suggest my friends not to travel on BIG 10 buses.

Please note the BUS No: KA 01 FA 2169

Expecting BMTC to take strict action against such drivers and conductors.

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Aug 25, 2015
Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation [BMTC] Customer Care's response
Dear Sir, We are getting updating pop-up message from this site from last few months back, so delay in reply. Sure action will be taken on your complaint. BMTC
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BMTC Rude behaviour — Misbehaviour of BMTC bus Drivers and Conductors

BMTC Bus Drivers and conductors think themselves as the drivers of this nation. Please teach them to behave properly with women. My stop is near Monotype and everytime I travel from Kumaraswamy layout, most of the buses, especially Vasanthapura bus which takes Right turn near Hunisemara stop is not giving stop near hunisemara and they are issuing tickets when getting into the bus. This is misleading. The buses are not owned are run with their personal money and they are not doing any favour also. This is there duty. If they can't do that why is this BMTC existing. They speak singularly when we ask for the Stop and throw us near KR Road from there we need to walk and come. Daily I am travelling and the Vasanthapura bus driver No.210R behaves very rudely speaks in singular.

This hurts a lot. We are also working women and please teach them how to behave with people and then allow them to sit in that place. Teach them manners. They are not the only persons working so hard (behaving as if), we are also coming and working and facing all kinds of people but keeping patience when behaving. Atleast try to do you duty first. We are asking for the stop where the Bus stop is there. If we are wrong tell that politely and don't issue the ticket and guide us. And some drivers doesn't even open their mouth when we ask if the stop is there or not. This is not owned by them . They are living because we are paying for bus ticket. Try to learn this and provide us the good service. Twice or thrice I have faced this problem and getting into this BMTC bus in the morning and spoiling our early morning has become daily routine. WHEN WILL THIS BMTC LEARNS LESSON???
You could have send a complaint to the Bus Depot marking a copy to the head office. I think medias should look into that. Why cant you send this complaint to any Bangalore Newspaper..?

BMTC bus - BIG 10 — Not stopping in the Bus stop

BIG10 bus from Brigade road to Madiwala has not stopped in the Brigade road stop even it was raining and the passengers were about to get into the bus since the bus came late. Bus number is KA01 2121.

BMTC — Driver refusing to give ticket even when we demand

3/06/2009 - 9.00 PM; Route: 335; travelled from murugesh palya to Kodihalli. KA 01, FA 1493
it is abus in which driver is the conductor also
Gave 5 rupees asked for ticket and he said in an abusive tone that no tickect can be given
I was stuborn demanding tickect again he abused and asked me 6 rupees(for hardly one kilometer)
again he abused abused... he did the same with another passenger...
for soem of the pessenger he said there is no change, though he had...
what to say?????????????????????????????

bmtc buses — Extremely rude behaviour

Today i boarded the BMTC volvo No.360 at around 9am at the bus stop opposite to christ college. Since I dint have change for the ticket I gave him a 100rs. note. He actually asked me to get down from the bus if I dont have change.I got extremely angry, and started shouting at him. I saw that he had change with him still he dint listen to me. Thankfully the driver intervened and offered me change. This is not the first incidence of misbehaviour by these public transport people here in bangalore. The auto drivers are equally rude, especially towards girls.
I really want that some strict rule should be made, or at least we should have complaint numbers where we can go n promptly lodge our complaints.

Bus conductors are not givin tickets by taking money from publics even if we demand for the tickets. Today I travelled from varthur kodi to tubarahalli in pushpak bus at 1.30 pm in the bus no.KA01-F-3852. I given 10re for the conductor, he returned me back 5re without ticket. The ticket cost 6re. When i asked him for the ticket he opened his mouth with bad words, I told him if checking officer comes means what i have to do. He told me to keep quite without talking, So i told him i want ticket, so that time he is asking for the change, and my bad luck today i didnt had proper change. Daily I travel in the same route. And I given him 2 re and he given me 6re ticket. And he didnt given 1 re change. Its not the matter of 1 re. but The way he talks without giving ticket. If I didnt quarreled with him i was not getting ticket and govt was not getting money.Note that 5re was getting tto his pocket.And he was not giving change for many publics. So The question: Is BMTC buses are for public service.Will higher officers take proper action on them.

And one more thing gents come and sit in ladies seat and stand in front, how we girls have to stand with them.Why conductor/driver wont as anything.And it is not possible to quarrell with them daily.

I have posted complaint before also and I didnt got any solution. Then what is the use to post our complaint.

Looking forward proper support from BMTC.

I would like to register a complaint against the conductor of the KSRTC bus FA - 457, KA 01. I was travelling from Residency Road to RMZ Millenia Ulsoor stop. Date of travelling 20/07/2009. I gave Rs.5 to the conductor and asked for the ticket. He refused to give saying that there is no stop near RMZ Millenia and I have to get down at the signal before the stop. I didn't had a problem getting down at the signal but the money which i gave for the ticket went to his pocket. Kindly take necessary action.

BIG 10 Bus — Mis-Behaviour of Condustor

I am a regular travellor in the BIG 10 bus from Brigade road to Singasandra. On 13th Oct 09 when a got into a BIG 10 at Singasandra at around 5.10pm, bus regn No. KA01-FA-2150, there were three gents sitting in a ladies seat.

As it is a known fact the first 8*2 seats is alloted to ladies, I gently asked the gents to vacate the ladies seat. But they refused.

When I seeked the help of the conductor, instead of asking the gents to vacate the ladies seat, he starting arguing with me.

Kindly request the concern authority to take necessary action regarding this issue.

In case of any quirey please do contact at the below mention email ID.

email ID : [protected]

I am also a regular person who travels from Brigade road to singasandra in the BIG 10 bus. On 13th Oct 09, when I got into a BIG 10 bus in Singasandra at around 5.10pm bus regn No. KA01-FA-2150, there were three gents sitting in the Lady's seat. As it is a known fact that the first 8*2 seats is been alloted to ladies, I gently asked the gents to get up from the ladies seat. But they refused. When I seeked the help of the conductor, instead of asking the gents to vacate the seat, He starting arguing with me.

I kindly request the senior authorities to take necessary action to the concerned conductor regarding this issue. In case of any clarification you can contact me to the email ID given.
Route 600D
Bus No:KA01 F 4738

Conductor of the bus is refusing to give ticket.If I demand him he is commanding me to get down from the bus.If i tell him there might be checking, he says I will speak to the checking person.So is there an understanding between the BMTC ticket checkers and conductors.

If the same public dosent buy the ticket you'll ask the public to pay fine.If the conductor is refusing to give the public the ticketI request you'll to take some action against the conductor.He dosent have any rights to ask the public to get down from the bus, if the public hasnt made any indescent behaviour in the bus.
H A L buses which goes from manipal centre way that 330 buses which are very rude through passengers because they have monthly passes, and there don't stop at manipal centre while coming from marathahalli

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