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This a regarding a House Maid providing agency in Kerala. Its BOSS Consultancy Services in Kottayam, Kerala. It is also there in Ernakulam. We had registered in Sept'07 with this agency for getting full time house maid and had given 6 months service charge in advance of Rs. 3500/-. We stay in Bangalore. They gave a maid for 1 month. Afterwards whenever we ask them to send another maid they would say we don't have any right now, we'll send as soon as we get. This continued for some 3 to 4 months. Then we found that one of our neighbours had got a maid from the same agency, as they had registered newly. So we asked for refund of the 5 months service charge. We used to call them up over phone and again they started the same drama ... they wud say we'll refund next week for sure ... and this is continuing even now. Nowadays, they are not even picking up our phone calls. Meanwhile, our neighbours maid also left and they are also facing the same issue with this agency.

So, everyone Beware of this agency "BOSS CONSULTANCY SERVICES, Kottayam & Ernakulam, Kerala" . It seems they are cheating everybody by not giving maids and also not refunding.

If they were not doing fraud, then they should have atleast given the refund amount. BEWARE !! Don't fall in the trap of this agency.
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The similar situation has happened even to us through another Homenurse consultancy called 'SNEHITHA MANPOWER CONSULTANCY' in Kottayam. The agent named Suji informed us that the homenurse/maid is known to them for 4 yrs, but later came to know that she knew them only 4 hrs before sending to our house.The homenurse happens to be absconding from police & found our house as an hide out.

By gods grace we found out & send the lady back within a week & when we asked the agent Suji for a replacement of a known person or refund us the service charge of 4000/- back...she keeps giving excuses and now disconnect the calls.

So people please beaware of this agency called 'SNEHITHA MANPOWER CONSULTANCY' in Kottayam.
I am living with my husband in Bangalore. Husband is a senior police officer and I am working as software engineer.We have a 1 year aged baby also. We took one housemaid lady from SNEHITHA MANPOWER CONSULTANCY based in Kottayam. The service provided is excellent. The lady Vijaya supplied from this agency aged 45 whose native place Aleppey is still working with us even beyond the service period 1 year. Initially we paid service charge 5000 and one month salary of the servant 5500 in advance (towards the last month salary). Including train fare we gave total 11000. At the tenure of the service period 1 year, we renewed the contract for another 1 year by paying service charge 5000 again. We pay monthly salary to the maid directly. A decent lady named Suji is the MD of this agency. The attitude and behaviour of the lady is highly appreciated.
Many of my friends also availed service from SNEHITHA MANPOWER CONSULTANCY and they are also fully satisfied with the service of this agency. ID proofs and background of the maids are available with Suji and there is no risk in taking maids from this agency.
Some people take maids but do not give salary to the maid. When the maid is demanding salary then these people find enormous fault in the maid and they scold the agency.My advice is that you appoint maid in your house only if you can pay salary to the maid. To appoint maid from an agency, we have to pay service charge to the agency. After taking the maid, some families do not pay the salary to the maid, and ask the service charge back. This shows the heritage of such families and we can guess what type of people they are.
Above all, I appreciate the boldness of a lady agent Suji in conducting one consultancy service even amidst such aggressive rumours, and pray for her in the progress of her agency.
I had a horrifying experience with Snehitha manpower consultancy. (the above good comment as I understand is written by the agency and not a customer)

1. The agency hardly knows anything about the maids they send to prospective customers. The maids are almost send to customers on the same day they approach the agency for a job

2. They do not share the advance with the maids when they return

3. They are abusive and threatening over the phone, after you have paid all the money

4. Most of the maids return within a month

5. They do not return the starting fee or sixth month advance, in case the maid leaves or service is poor

If you value peace of mind and your hard earned money, Big NO NO to snehitha
I haven't taken maid from any agency.
But I think entire problem occurs when money is not paid to the girl engaged. Right? Har Har Har Har...
Above all, everything is related to money in this world.
Sorry if anybody is feeling is hurt.
I know SNEHITHA MANPOWER CONSULTANCY and I have taken one homenurse for GOA. The service provided is excellent ever known to me. The office manager suji is neatly doing all the office activities. The maids supplied are well known to her. Value for money. The office is situated at Nattakom in Kottayam District.
i am writing this msg for a confirmation of a house-maid.
we need a middle aged lady helper/housemaid for my mother staying in uzavour, kottayam, preferring a christian RC lady. nature of the job is - normal house duty (cooking. cleaning etc. ) mainly i am looking moral side and excellet behaviour. please let me know if you have any suitable person alongwith your terms and conditions. thanking you.

I am not shocked by the incidents mentioned here as I had also my share of experience with these housemaid consultancies. As there are no regulations currently in Kerala to control these agencies, they are on the prowl upon innocent victims (whom we can call customers) who are in dire need of a domestic assistance due to various reasons. May be these agencies fall within the purview of the Consumer Protection Act. The proof of profitability (by cheating) of these agencies is evident in the mushrooming of agencies in every town, mostly in southern Kerala.

There is nothing which can be called a good agency in this field; as I say from the experience of many of my friends as well as that mine; all of us from Bangalore. The best thing we can do at present is to prepare a BLACK LIST which can be considered a sure No No. Let me add two agencies; (with whom I had repeated incidents of bad experience), to the above agencies mentioned in previous responses. So the black list can now include,

Boss Consultancy Services, Kottayam and Ernakulam
Snehitha Manpower Consultancy, Kottyam
Sunija Associated, Muvattupuzha
Edens Associates, Kottayam.

I hired the services of Sunija Associated, Muvattupuzha sometime around Nov 2008 by paying the service charge for six months. I got their service for about a month and half; and then the guy started the usual behaviour of not picking the phone, giving weird reasons etc. Fortunately what I lost was only the service charge for the remaining 4.5 months.

What I lost with Edens Associates, Kottayam was both service charge and the advance salary of one month which they collected while giving the first maid. The service continued for hardly a month eventhough it was supposed to be for 3 months. I wrote off the service charge part but followed up with the request to return the advance amount which was due to me (a little over Rs 4000 ). The same old story as mentioned by other respondents happened here as well.

The moral of the story is that we need to be extremely careful about dealing with these quacks. Let me note down a couple of guidelines regarding this.

1. The onus of protecting your money as well as property (while dealing with the agencies) is upon you, and be careful about it. Do not give large sums in the form of service charge or advance; try the agency for a small period and if you are comfortable, go ahead.

2. These agencies show a great deal of customer friendliness when you first sign up with them; because that is the time when you pay money. The behaviour during sign up is no indication of their actual intentions.

3. Do not believe the agent when they say the maid is known to them for a long period. They usually stretch an experience of one day into one year or one week into five years. Most of the maids are hit and run cases, whose primary intention in coming to Bangalore is just to see around the place for free and once they do that in a couple of weeks; they will invent some reasons to log off. I had the experience of getting even lunatics; who had to be packed off in a couple of days.

4. If somebody known to you is running an agency, then take the maid from them; atleast you will have some handle somewhere.

5. To the extent possible, use local maids available in Bangalore. Sit down and think; which all jobs can be entrusted to the local maids and if there is anything which cannot be done by locals. For baby sitting and all, I would prefer a reasonable creche than these mentally abnormal ladies who come from agencies.

With all what has been said above, you still have a, one in thousand chance to get a good maid; and if you get that, your life will be easier. But are you willing to go through the ordeal, to try out your luck ??

Lets have more responses, so that we can see whether we will be able to do something creative and useful about this.

BOSS Consultancy Services are big CHEATS. I have also faced the issue where the maid returns after taking advance and they do not return the amount or send another maid.
We also had Similar type of experiences from EDENS Associates Kottayam, etc. We are filing a case against them shortly. Please do communicate to . We shall all try for a better world. Our plans include sending complains to Home Minister, Chief Minister, Home Secretary, DGP, and press meets at Ernakulam and Kottayam
I also had a very bad experience with an agency called Karunya from vayanadu area..They have a lady their called Geetha.. Very clever and cunning female..
they claim to have office in kottarakara.. I have filed a court order against them..they took an advance of 10k including their fee agency fee etc.. maid didnt even stay for 10 days.. and no replacement also done
Karunya at kottarakkara is a fraud institution.kripa near kollam busstand is another rules to limit them they are their masters a growing mafia ofcourse.will our govt see this anytime
We do have a bad experience from Angel Enterprise, Thiruvalla. We were having a one year contract with the agency and first they provided a good lady. Due to her personal reason she went back for 2 months vaccation and another one came. To the second one they were not giving salary. Even if we pay in time, they never gave the lady salary in time. When she, her husband and we enquired the reply was simply rubbish. Last week they told to send her back and will give another one. We send that lady and was waiting for new one. Then the agency person named Abey Mathew vs Mathew called me and told like our agreement will complete in 2 months and the amount is not refundable. Anyway he is sending a new person and it is his mercy towards us. The lady he send after reaching here told that agency agreed for a higher salary than our agreement. When she called the Mathew, he told us to send her back and he will pay the travel expense. Till date I've not received the amount back. When I call the staff at his office, Mini tells as sir is taking food. Will update u once he is back. Not sure what he is taking. Anyway I stopped calling these people. Y to waste phone charge.
Don't ever go to Angel Enterprise, Thiruvalla.
To the Black list, add SEVANA Home maid agency, Pathanamthitta l
They have branches in Chengannur as well.
I had a similar experience with Snehita Manpower consultancy. There must be a a way out and such services must be removed from appearing in the internet. The lady concerned was very rude and sent 2 maids one after the other and both of them were glued to mobile and left after taking the consultancy charges.
Uma J
I had enlisted the service of New India Job Consultancy – Vaikom. I had specifically mentioned the criteria that I am looking for in the maid. I had asked for someone above 40 yrs. They made me speak to lady who claimed over the phone to be 45 . Once she came here, I got to know that she is only 33 yrs. The agency had also said the sent maid is for 6 months. As soon as she reached here, she said she wanted to go back in 2 months.

She did not wanted to do any work and used to eat a ton. Any work is given she will immediately start questioning as to why she has to do it.

I think the agency is sending maids just for making money for them and no responsibility.

Don't go for this India Job Consultancy – Vaikom. Big time cheating.
To the blacklist add CARE CONSULTANCY Thiruvalla and KARUNYA AGENCY Eraviperoor (sister consultancy). I lost 13k as 1 month salary advance and 1 year service charge. The maid left after 5 months (on 22nd March 2012) and they were not giving the new maid. They made false promises and excuses and later after couple of weeks I realized they are not going to give me a new maid as promised. When I asked for refund, their started showing their real face. They shouts at you, use bad languages.Customer (or victims) dont have to pay huge amount to waste our time and energy in dealing with such rude people. May be the law in Kerala is not strict to control such fraud agencies. But I am doing my bit to spread this as much as possible so that people can do a though research before hiring maids from agencies. I would really recommend to STAY AWAY from CARE CONSULTANCY Thiruvalla.
Please stay away from New India Job consultancy agency. They are big cheats. The maids leave within a month or so. The maid at my place left saying that there is some emergency at home taking money from us. Post this we decided to not continue with this agency. It has been more than a month and I call them everyday for my salary advance. They say they will transfer it by the end of the day but that never happens.

I am sick of these cheats. It is not so much about the money which is less than 10k. I am willing to take any recourse that is legal, if some one has any idea do help / suggest.
I had taken maid from New India Job Consultancy – Vaikom. They are big cheats. The maid who came would not do any work. She would just sit and eat or will be on her cellphone all the time. Shameless people who just come to eat on others money and who does not want to do any work.
I feel begging is more respectable for these maids.
I took a 'HOME NURSE' from New India Job Consultancy - Vaikom. Paid 8000 as service charges for ONE YEAR and 10, 000/- as advance. Within 3 days the home nurse vanished from our house!!! Second one was sent with our money (with charges of 1000 again along with ticket and food charges). She left in 16 days. Not because we havent paid money, we provided a very good room, food and made them feel a member of family. The fellows TOM is a fraud, he is a cheat. He is not returning any money now!!! PLS BE AWARE OF THIS AGENCY CALLED 'New India Job Consultancy'. FRAUDS.. FRAUDS.. FRAUDS.. I'M GOING TO THE POLICE.
I had similar experience with an agency at Mallappally. The agency has taken 24k from us as safety deposit. When requesting for refunds, they are coming up all kind of excuses. They say, if the patient dies, they will
keep the money! How can it be? Who made such rules in India that is the patient dies, we have to pay to the local labor supply? My only option is to go to the police and the court! Atleast I can prevent the agency from cheating others!

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